Final chapter! Here's the epilogue which I'm guessing will be kind of short but it's kind of straight forwards anyways.

"Are you even sure about this Buford?" Baljeet asked as he watched his boyfriend (wearing one of those muscle shirts with the sides cut off and gym pants with sneaks, the ultimate in sexiness that Baljeet has ever seen Buford in) bench press.

"I've got this 'Jeet." Buford replied, glancing over to look at the younger, skinny jean, v-neck-shirt wearing teen.

"That is not to what I am referring to."

Buford docked the nearly two hundred pound bench press and sat up. "Then what?" Baljeet handed Buford a towel to dry off the sweat and shrugged. "C'mon Baljeet. You can't keep shit hidden away from me."

It was both a warning and a reminder. Since Baljeet was nearly Broken by Bartholomew a week and half ago, he has been far more sensitive and only recently starting to officially date Buford. Though the Indian teen felt that he could have used more time to recuperate, he understood that he needed Buford's help more than anything which in turn meant he needed to spend a lot more time with him and what better way to do that than to date him? "I am talking about Guillermo and Krysta over there." Baljeet tipped his head over to point at the two on the other side of the weightlifting room at their high school. Buford glanced back to see the two watching them in return. "I mean you ended their friendship they had with you and now they are not even popular anymore without you. They are extremely pissed at you and in return me."

The stockier teen looked back at his boyfriend. "Hey 'Jeet, don't fret shit or nothin'. They won't do anythin' an' if they do, they'll have to answer to me as well as the rest of the footballers and our friends."

"Yes well…"

Buford sighed and stood, tossing the towel over one shoulder and placing his hands on the tinier teen's waist. "Look, if it's also 'bout being out an' all… Don't worry about that too okay? We're seniors now. You should be focusin' on getting into one of those fancy schools and me just graduatin'."

"Do not even joke about that Buford." Baljeet retaliated.

The ex-bully chuckled and dipped his head down to peck his boyfriend's lips. From across the room the two teens could feel the glare and the disgust radiating from Guillermo and Krysta. "Alright now, we've got to move onto a different exercise… Do ya want to try the next one?"

"No thank you. I am fine being a twig."

Buford laughed in response and wrapped one thick around his boyfriend's tiny shoulders. "I love ya 'Jeet."

"I love you too Buford."

Well that's the end. I told you it was short. Sorry about that but as I said it is pretty straight forward. I probably could have put this in the last chapter but it was something completely different from that chapter and I just though it deserved its own chapter.

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