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Summary: The fates had always loved meddling in affairs they deem important to do so. Such a thing has always happened to Kagome, time traveler to the past era of Feudal Japan. After she had arrived, she had brought with her the Shikon No Tama; thus causing chaos to follow her and her group everywhere. Now, after the demise of Naraku, a new foe slowly rises to the top of the enemies lines. With the jewel whole and in her possession, there were several events that had came to pass before Kagome could go into her powers fully. She is now forced to go on a quest for answers to questions she never dreamed of asking. Who was she? Who IS she? Where does she truly belong?

Falling Petals


It had been a few days since she had came back home and to say that she was exhausted, was an understatement. For the past three weeks, Inuyasha had been pushing them harder then normal to find the last of the jewel shards even though Naraku was long gone from the picture now. They had the chance to relax, to celebrate; but Inuyasha had other plans. For three days straight, he would force them to run all day and night with no breaks in between for meals or anything.

The group had just about enough of his impatience to get things done, however, they had no idea of how to control him as the subjugating necklace he wore had been broken. It had happened in the last battle against Naraku, when Kagura the wind witch had thrown Dance of the Dragon toward Kagome and he had thrown himself in the path; thus catching the necklace somehow.

Kagome had no idea of how to repair the necklace or how to make one; but it had been for the best she believed. He could no longer pass through the well when he wished. It gave her a peace of mind and space. She sighed, she had been laying in bed for the most part since being home; recovering from the battle and such. Her mother was downstairs, cooking lunch she believed. Even then, when the smell of food came wafting up to her door, she didn't budge from her spot.

As much as she loved Inuyasha, she didn't know how much longer she could hold herself together around him.

Kagome sighed as she sat up on her bed finally, running a hand through her long black locks of hair; she looked around her room. An odd feeling enveloped her, a sense of dread filled her. She paused, unsure of what to think as she stretched her aura out to cover the house in search of anything out of place. Finding nothing, she brushed it off; but the unease remained at the back of her mind.

Getting out of bed, she went into her private bathroom and started the shower. She sighed in bliss, closing her eyes as her hands ran over inch of her body; massaging sore muscles as she cleaned herself. As she finished her body and started on her hair -as the minutes passed- so did the feeling of dread from earlier. She pushed it to the back of her mind again, intent on relaxing under the hot water of the shower.

But the feeling only became worse.

The feeling, which had only been emotional, was now becoming physical pain; causing shocks of pain to shoot up and down her spine. She fell against the wall as the tips of her fingers became numb and when she looked, she gasped quietly to find claws instead of the dull human nails there. She closed her eyes tightly as she clenched her hands; accidentally digging the new claws into her palms and causing them to bleed.

Tears escaped her eyes as she bit her lip, confused as to what was happening to her as she slid down the wall to the floor. Opening her eyes, she looked to her hand to find the claws gone; as if she had imagined them.

"What is happening to me?" Kagome whispered to herself, watching as the blood was washed off by the water.

Once the last of the blood was gone, she sighed and pushed herself off the floor to finish her hair. Getting out a few minutes later to dry herself off, a knock on her door was heard and her mother's voice on the other side.

"Kagome! Lunch is ready, come down when you're ready!" her mother called.

Smiling, Kagome made her way into her room and got dressed quickly. Moving toward her door and stopping, the ominous feeling came back; causing her to look at her room as if it would be the last time she would ever see it again.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she left the room and headed downstairs; unaware of the storm that was slowly starting up outside.

Walking down the stairs, she came to a stop as she realized just how quite the house was. It was unusual and very unlike her mother to leave without saying a word to her. Kagome frowned, unease causing chills to run down her spine as she forced herself to take another step into the living room.

It was empty, as if she was the only one who lived there.

Pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear, she swallowed the lump in her throat before she slowly made her way to the kitchen. It was also empty, as if no one else had been in there except for her.

She was confused, had she mistaken her mother's earlier words? Had she thought it happened when it didn't? Looking around the kitchen, she noticed that there was no food left out on the table or the counters; everything was in its proper place.

None of the chairs had been moved from their place by the table. The unease from earlier slowly grew into panic as she rushed to the door in the kitchen and went out onto the porch.

The wind was blowing harshly, the rain was just about to start when there was a flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder that followed it. The wind whipped her blue and white miko robes about her forms, tearing her hair free of the band that had been holding it.

The jewel on the chain around her neck started to hum with power suddenly.

Looking down at the jewel that was hidden under the top, Kagome reached in to pull it out; seeing that it was glowing a fierce pink with blue and purple swirling in the depths. She gasped out in surprise and pain as a numbing shock went up her arm; causing her to release the jewel to fall against her breast innocently.

The rain started then, coming down in torrents that made it hard to see a few feet in front of you. It also blocked out all other sounds, but the one sound she could hear clearly was the sound of an explosion in the sky.

Looking up to the sky her eyes widened in fear as what looked to be a ball of light raced toward the earth; more specifically her.

Time slowed down for Kagome as she stood straight, her hands up as if ready to stop the light herself; but it would do nothing.

Raising a barrier around herself, Kagome concentrated on the light; hoping to disperse it before it was too late.

No such luck.

Suddenly the light hit her barrier, sending off an explosion of light that knocked Kagome off her feet; a scream was ripped from her throat as she connected with the wall of the house. Cracks were heard and seen moving away from where she had impacted it hard.

A dust cloud had surrounded her as time resumed itself, allowing her fading hearing to register her mother's frantic calls.

"Kagome! Oh my kami! Please stay awake baby! Please! PLEASE!" her mother's voice was fading out of her focus.

Her vision was fading, as she watched herself try to reach out to her mother; faintly placing her weak hand on her mother's cheek. Kagome smiled weakly, realizing that she had been lost in her own mind to have not notice her.

Her hand fell limply to the wooden porch, causing her mother's frantic cries to increase; catching the attention of the neighborhood.

Her mother was getting even more frantic as the neighbor's showed up, some calling for help while others tried to calm the worried mother. Tears were escaping her eyes as she was forcibly pulled away from Kagome by three older men while paramedics moved in on Kagome.

She got away from the three men and tried to rush to Kagome's side to only be stopped Souta and a police officer.

With Souta wrapped around her waist crying, she answered the questions the officer asked her as well as she could. While all this was going on, the rain kept on pouring and still no one noticed that Kagome had yet to wake.

Mrs. Hiragushi rode in the back with Souta by Kagome's side; hoping to find the answers to their unspoken questions to what may have happened.

To Be Continued

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