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Summary: The fates had always loved meddling in affairs they deem important to do so. Such a thing has always happened to Kagome, time traveler to the past era of Feudal Japan. After she had arrived, she had brought with her the Shikon No Tama; thus causing chaos to follow her and her group everywhere. Now, after the demise of Naraku, a new foe slowly rises to the top of the enemies lines. With the jewel whole and in her possession, there were several events that had came to pass before Kagome could go into her powers fully. She is now forced to go on a quest for answers to questions she never dreamed of asking. Who was she? Who IS she? Where does she truly belong?

Author's Note: Please note that this story is going to be a bit different to how the first one had been. There will be more violence and action in the first part of this story for a bit before it starts to slow down and there's time for the romance to come along. By the way, to those of you who read my other stories, they are now put on hold for the time being while I work on this story. Why? Because I can't seem to work on them without thinking of this story. So, please continue to read and enjoy this one as I update when I can.

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Falling Petals

Chapter Four

Confrontation Nightmares and Zonbis

Kagome woke with a start.

Her chest was heaving, her body trembling from the aftershocks of the nightmare she just had. Reaching a hand up to push back the hair from her face as she wiped her brow, she gathered her thoughts as her racing heart calmed. Closing her eyes, she relived the nightmare once more; forcing herself to reopen her eyes or else she would start crying any second.

Why did it have to happen to their mother? Or their grandfather for that matter?

Was she doomed to loose those she loved?

'At least I have Souta and Shippo. Without them, I don't know what I would do.' she thought sadly with a sigh.

She sighed as her silver eyes looked around the hut she recognize to be Keade's home. She wasn't alone she realized as she just now noticed two forms cuddled into her sides. A soft smile curved her lips up as her eyes were gentle and caring as she took in the small body of Shippo and the slightly bigger form of her brother. She was glad to see they were alright.

Moving slowly, she reached a hand out to Souta's forehead to lovingly brush his hair back as her eyes traveled over to Shippo. Doing the same thing, she watched with motherly eyes as Shippo snuggled into her side more; causing her to smile.

Finally, she looked around the hut to notice that it was dark inside as well as outside. She had no way to tell how long she had slept for or where the others were. Then she slowly pushed herself up without disturbing the two boys and made her way to the covered door. Stepping outside the cooler air brushed against her first before the sparks of a fire was felt against her exposed skin. Looking around the village first before her eyes sought out the fire, she found her remaining friends there. Not far from them, the demon lord leaned against a nearby tree with his eyes closed.

The wind blew gently around her, making her realize that she was still naked as the day she was born when her hair tickled the exposed skin of her thigh. She was glad to see that her hair was thick enough to cover her form to keep her modesty.

Going back inside quickly she grabbed one of the blankets she had kept in the hut from before and wrapped it around her shoulders before going back outside; this time moving closer to the fire her friends sat around.

"How long was I out?" she asked, startling everyone.

They looked to her, Sesshomaru opened his eyes to look in her direction; his face never betraying his thoughts when he saw her.

Her legs were bare to the air, her red hair was ruffled from sleep and her eyes were slightly dark from just waking. It was quite a sight to see indeed. One that Miroku just couldn't resist as he stood up quickly and before anyone could say or do anything, he had Kagome in his arms and his hands on her rear.

Seconds ticked by before anyone moved.

Sango stood up slowly, her face flushed in her anger as her hands clenched into fists at her side. Kagome sighed as her eyes closed, hiding the amusement from them as a growl escaped her. Moving her hands up his chest almost seductively, her right hand was suddenly around his throat and squeezing tightly.

"Monk. You should know better." Kagome said nonchalantly as if she did this all the time.

Sango stopped as she watched them, noticing that Kagome's subtle movements had distracted Miroku as it was intended to do; thus catching him off guard. Kagome squeezed his throat tighter before letting him fall to the ground harshly.

Walking around him, Kagome went to Sango and pulled her into an embrace. "Though I know that I've been back for a bit, I still missed you the most besides Shippo." Kagome whispered.

Returning the embrace quickly Sango said "I know Kagome. We all missed you dearly. We're glad to have you back." They pulled away from each other, Kagome fixing her blanket to keep herself covered while Sango stared into her eyes trying to read her mind.

An emotion flickered behind the silver eyes but Sango couldn't for the life of her figure out what it was. Sesshomaru stepped away from the tree, catching their attention easily.

"Miko. This Sesshomaru wishes to speak to you." he said coldly, his molten eyes watched Sango carefully.

"Alone." he added, noticing how Kagome stood near the slayer.

She sighed as she walked toward him, causing Sesshomaru to turn and lead the way into the forest a bit.


They were silent as they walked from the village, Kagome followed closely behind and yet kept her distance all the same. She was wary as she had no idea as to where Inuyasha had gone off too.

Once they were far enough away they stopped in a clearing which had a good size lake with a waterfall rushing down from some cliffs. With the moon half way up to the high point in the sky, the place was peaceful to be in.

Kagome moved to one of the large boulders near the waters edge and jumped onto it to sit down on quietly. Sesshomaru watched her, eyes calculating as always. He finally moved to stand on the boulder that was next to the one she sat on comfortably; his molten eyes moving to stare out over the water.

Out of the corner of her eyes Kagome watched him; wondering what it was he wanted. "What did you wish to speak to me about Lord Sesshomaru?" she asked curiously.

His ear twitched at her question, showing he had heard her.

They sat in silence for another few minutes until he finally said "How did this change happen?"

She blinked in surprise, not expecting this type of question from one such as him. Then she just shrugged her shoulders as she replied "I do not know. It had happened a few weeks after I woke from being in a coma for six months."

He said nothing, her words circulating around in his mind as he processed what she had said. He had never heard of anyone who was a human first change into a demon out of nowhere in order to protect others.

Just when Kagome thought he wouldn't reply at all, he finally said "So, you are a Changeling with the true form of a Kitsune. It seems as if your inner beast knows what she is doing."

His words -for some odd reason or another- caused her hair to stand on end. Her beast seemed to think there was some hidden insult beneath the statement. Her silver eyes had a hint of red to them as her beast suddenly surfaced to face Sesshomaru.

"What do you mean by that Sesshomaru?" she asked.

Seeing that it was the beast speaking by the low tone and the slight growl to the voice, Sesshomaru turned to her to find her staring at him intently as if to figure him out.

Finally, "This Sesshomaru means that you had been asleep for who knows how long. With you being locked away, your mistress' power had been locked away thus turning her human in order to hide her identity from others. It also means that you are not just a natural three-tailed Kitsune, but you are also a little bit of everything. Human, Kitsune, Inu, Ookami." he finished with a growl that silenced her own.

Kagome watched him with sharp eyes, getting a distinct feeling that he was calling her a hanyou when she knew she wasn't. Her breed of youkai are true breeds, they will always be a little bit of everything. The females are the only ones with the hearts that choose their true forms; as well as those of what their pups would be.

All of this she knew from her beast.

An uncomfortable silence fell around them as unease settled in Kagome's heart. It felt almost as if the world may end before they even knew it and there was nothing they could do to stop it. She had no idea where the feeling came from and try as she might to ignore it, it just got stronger.

Closing her eyes as her breathing slowly became erratic by the second, her heart picked up in her chest alerting Sesshomaru to her sudden change in attitude. Narrowing his eyes upon her, he tried to figure out what was wrong.

The jewel around her neck glowed a light purple, giving off a warning pulse to both that danger was near that they could not sense.

Not immediately at least.

Kagome looked up as her eyes slowly opened to look straight across the lake at a shadow that stood unmoving. Her throat tightened at the familiar feel of rage building up that is until she caught the scent of the body before them.

It wasn't alive nor was it dead.

Kagome knew what it was well enough to not make a sound however Sesshomaru did not as he noticed the form as well. He growled low in his throat as he called out to it "Who's there that dares to spy on this Sesshomaru?"

It was a mistake on his half and Kagome stood up quickly to silence him but it was too late. The form moved into the dull light of the moon, revealing itself as a body that was rotten beyond recognition. The hair had thinned out long ago, the skin was a sickly pale yellow as its eyes were hollow. Quickly covering her mouth to stop the gasp from escaping her at the sight before them, causing her to stumble backwards off the boulder.

She didn't hit the ground however as Sesshomaru caught her in his arms as their eyes were trained on the being before them.

What shocked Kagome to the core was that this was one of the many demons they had killed a while back. The dislocated shoulders, the snapped neck and right broken leg what made her realize it quicker then anything.

"It can't be...it's...impossible..." she whispered so low that even Sesshomaru had trouble hearing it.

Sadly, the being before heard it just fine as it twisted its mangled face toward her. The scraping sounds of the bones moving unnerved both the demon lord and the changeling as Sesshomaru took a slow step back; Kagome still in his arms protectively.

"Miko, what is this thing before us?" Sesshomaru demanded quietly.

"Its...a walking dead...also known as zonbi from where I'm from." she replied calmly, but inside she was afraid.

'So, the stories they told in the books at school were true...this was how the population was almost wiped out...' Kagome thought as her eyes watched the movements of the zonbi before them.

The zonbi was moving very slowly, its moaning and soft growls easily heard in the clearing as it was silent otherwise. With them not making much noise for it to follow, the zonbi turned to the left and started to move away from them.

They watched as it left their sight as he went into the forest around them. Sighing in relief, Kagome turned to Sesshomaru who still held her protectively as she said "You can let me down now you know." She smiled slightly, the fear still there in her silver eyes that were mesmerizing to Sesshomaru. Finally, he set her down gently, his hand slowly pulling away from her waist almost as if to tease her.

Chills went down her spine from the contact but she didn't dare make a sound for fear of attracting attention of the zonbi as they had no way of knowing how far it was. Finally they started to make their way back to the village slowly.


They made it back to the village without problem, the fire was still going and her friends were still up and waiting for her to return. Sango stood up quickly upon seeing the look of fear in Kagome's eyes still when they returned and was by her side immediately.

"Please sit down and I will explain." Kagome said with a sigh, clutching the blanket around her still naked form.

Sango's brow furrowed in worry but sat down next to Miroku none the less. Her Miroku and Keade sat patiently as Kagome's silver eyes traveled over each of them before they looked to the hut to make sure the children were asleep. Sensing that they were, she started to explain.

She went over what they had seen, leaving out her conversation with Sesshomaru which he was pleased about as he sat a bit a ways from the group. Then she went on to tell them what she knew of these zonbi's as she knew them to be.

"So...the only way to kill one of these things is a plain out strike to the brain itself?" Miroku asked skeptically.

"Yes. However, since this is not my time I have no way of knowing for sure if there is another way of killing them." Kagome said with a sigh.

"What do you mean by that?" Sango asked confused.

With a sigh, Kagome said "I mean is that in this time there are both youkai and humans that could be turned. Meaning, they could possibly be destroyed by purification as well."

With that said, the group became silent as they each thought over the sudden turn of events. A small breeze swept through the area, causing a chill to go down Kagome's spine as it heightened her awareness of how cold she was. And she was still wrapped in a blanket.

Movement sounded from the hut they sat outside of, attracting the groups attention as Souta walked out rubbing his eyes of the sleep. Kagome smiled at him slightly as he walked over to her and sat down; curling into her side tiredly.

"Sleep well little brother?" Kagome asked.

He shook his head in the negative as he mumbled "Nightmares" as he relaxed against her. Her brow furrowing, she sighed. She knew this would happen but she knew there was nothing she could do about it either.

Smiling sadly, she said softly "Me too Souta."

"Really?" he asked.

Nodding, she said "Yes. Don't worry, we'll get through this together. I promise."

Souta sighed tiredly as he snuggled into her side more comfortably; closing his tired blue eyes as he relaxed. Kagome looked to Sango and Miroku, unsure of where to go from here on out now. They were unaware of Sesshomaru watching them from where he still leaned against the tree; his molten gold eyes locked on Kagome's form.

To Be Continued...

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