This is my first attempt at a crossover story - I've only written due South before. It is set very early on in Season 1 of due South and I realise that this is still some years after The A Team was set, but just imagine that Season 5 never happened and things carried on just the same as in the first four seasons for a few more years! Please submit a review, good or bad. Thank you kindly!

Different Ways Of Doing Things


"I'm telling you BA, it was a Mountie!" Captain H M Murdock leaned forward and stuck his head between the two front seats of the van as he spoke.

"There ain't no Mounties in Chicago you crazy fool!" B A Baracus bellowed in response, not taking his eyes of the road ahead.

"It was a Mountie," insisted Murdock, "he had the hat, the red tunic, the Sam Browne..."

"Sam who?" BA interrupted.

"C'mon Colonel, you saw him too?" Murdock looked to his commanding officer for some back up.

Colonel John Hannibal Smith was preoccupied with trying to remove a fake moustache from his upper lip. He had a small hand held mirror and was picking at the glue. "Maybe he was on his way to a costume party Murdock?" he suggested, then he turned round and grinned to the fourth man in the van, who had chosen to stay out of the Mountie discussion. "How do you think it went, Face?"

"Perfect Hannibal," grinned Face, "you had them eating out of the palm of your hand."

"It was fun," replied Hannibal, breaking into a laugh.

"Face, back me up here!" Murdock sat back down in his seat. "You saw him at the gas station, getting out of that green Buick Riviera."

"Maybe the Musical Ride's in town?" suggested Face.

"The what?" snarled BA.

"You must have heard of the Musical Ride BA," replied Face. BA shook his head.

"It's the most wonderful sight," Murdock smiled, "a beautiful fusion of man and beast, moving in perfect unison to the music."

"Dancin' horses?" exclaimed BA. Murdock shook his head in dismay. BA just didn't appreciate the finer things in life, he sighed to himself.

"Murdock, did you say a green Buick Riviera?" enquired Hannibal, glancing in the wing mirror.

"Yes, why?" replied Murdock.

"Because it's following us," explained Hannibal, squinting slightly in the mirror, "and I think you were right about the Mountie."


"I've got a pile of cases on my desk already Benny, I don't have time for this!" Detective Ray Vecchio was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel of his beloved 1972 green Buick Riviera as he spoke.

"I'm sorry Ray," replied his new friend, Constable Benton Fraser of the RCMP, "but that black van in front clearly went straight through a Stop sign with little or no regard for other road users. That is a traffic violation under the Illinois Criminal Code, Section..."

"Stop quoting the Criminal Code Fraser," scolded Ray.

"Sorry Ray," apologised Fraser.

Ray sighed and reached under the dashboard for his red light, switching it on and placing it on the dashboard. "OK Benny," he sighed, "let's get this over with."


"Pull over BA," instructed Hannibal. "We don't want to upset the local PD. We need to keep a low profile while we're in this city." BA growled under his breath and duly brought the van to a stop at the side of the road. He wound down the window as Ray and Fraser approached them.

"Chicago PD," said Ray, flashing his badge, "my friend here informs me that you went through a Stop sign back there. Can I please see your licence and registration." BA growled at him. Ray's hand went for his gun, but Fraser put a firm hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police," Fraser introduced himself, with a smile. "We're very sorry to have stopped you Sir," he continued, "but traffic violations of that nature resulted in fifty seven deaths or serious injuries on the roads of Chicago in the first quarter of this year alone. We need to ensure that you are aware of the possible consequences of your actions." BA growled again.

Face slid open the rear door of the van. "We're so sorry officer...oh, nice suit," he stopped for a moment as he admired Ray's choice of apparel.

"Thanks, it's Armani," said Ray, slightly taken aback at the compliment.

Face nodded approvingly, before getting back to the original subject. "My friend here doesn't speak English very well," he lied, "he's very sorry for his actions, you have my word that it won't happen again."

"Well that's alright then," beamed Ray and turned to go, but Fraser was blocking his path.

"Ray, I still believe you are obliged to insist on seeing his licence and registration," Fraser pointed out.

"Have you seen the size of that guy?" hissed Ray.

"But Ray..." Fraser began.

"But nothing Benny," Ray interrupted him. He turned back around to address the occupants of the van. "Have a nice day," he said, flashing his smarmiest smile, before walking as fast as he could back towards the Riv, dragging Fraser along by the arm.

They got back into the car and set off in silence in the direction of the twenty seventh precinct. After a minute, Fraser spoke. "Ray, that man was wearing a poorly fitting wig."

"What?" snapped Ray, still annoyed with his friend.

"The front passenger in that van Ray," explained Fraser, "he was wearing a wig."

"Don't tell me," began Ray, sarcastically, "that's against the law in Canada."

"That's just silly Ray," retorted Fraser. "It is, however, a little suspicious."

"No it isn't," Ray responded, shaking his head. "A lot of people wear wigs, it's no big deal."

"It's just that I saw them at the gas station Ray," continued Fraser, rubbing his thumb across his left eyebrow, "there are four men in total and one of them opened the rear door of the van to retrieve a sweater."

"Don't tell me," said Ray, "sweaters are illegal in Canada too."

"Remind me, Ray, to furnish you with a copy of the Canadian Criminal Code one day," Fraser smiled at his friend, "reading it may avoid all of these unnecessary misunderstandings."

"I was being sarcastic Benny," Ray shook his head.

"Ah," said Fraser. "As I was saying, I noticed in the back of the van there was a can of silicone based spray lubricant which, as you know, is commonly used for the cleaning and maintenance of firearms."

"Fraser, you can use that stuff for all sorts of things," replied Ray, pulling over the the side of the road. "I think I've even got some in my garage. I think you're being a little over cautious this time."

"Ordinarily I would agree with you Ray," nodded Fraser, "but you have to admit, coupled with the fact that one of the men was clearly trying to disguise his appearance, it is a little suspicious." Ray sighed. He had a feeling that he was going to lose this one. Again. "I'm sure you feel it's your duty to investigate," continued Fraser, "if only to eliminate the possibility of any criminal activity. I know you couldn't live with the thought that you passed over the opportunity to prevent a serious crime taking place," he paused and let Ray absorb his words, before continuing, "particularly if it were to result in person or persons unknown coming to any harm."

Ray sighed again. "OK Benny," he said, spinning the Riv around and driving back down the road in the direction they'd just come from, "but you can explain to Welsh why I haven't got any reports written this afternoon."

"Right you are."