So this is pretty much my first Chloe King fic even if it only some kind of poetry I wrote. Teehee any way just review and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Always there when I least expect it.

Always there to catch me fall.

Always there to take the pain thats meant for me.

I always ask "Why do you do it?"

You say "It my job."

We both know theirs more to it than that.

You see me in danger and the first thing you do is go after the person causing me harm without even thinking.

You get hurt, badly. Seeing you take whats meant for me breaks my heart.

A cut on your lip, a bruise on your eye, a huge bump on your head, all of its meant for me and you took it.

Their is nothing I can do to repay you, not even a kiss. What you did was honorable and I hate it.

I hate seeing you bruised and bloody, I hate seeing you wince in pain and clutch your side in agony.

Again I ask "Why do you do it?"

You look at me, tenderly caress my cheek with your fingers and then gently you grab my hand tight and say "Because I care."

That put my heart back together again.

You are my friend, my ally, maybe even a lover but no matter what you will always be my protector.