I can always tell where you are.

Their is a song that only you can sing.

Its a symphony on beauty, an orchestra of grace, a mesmirizing piece that is played over and over in my head.

I never heard anything so delicate and strong.

One thumps starts the next and it continues like a beautiful melody.

When I hear it coming closer towards me, my own heartbeat picks up.

Your heartbeat is the best sound I ever heard.

You stand out from all the others, I can say your heart beats to its own drum.

I hear it thump in fear, hurt, pain, happiness, and love.

What I love most about your heart, is that it speeds up and beats faster when you see me, just as mine does when I see you.

I love hearing your heart at night, its so peaceful and quiet.

Seeing at how at rest you are leads me into a peacful slumber.

The beating of your heart will forever beat with my own.