In keeping with movieverse canon, Gambit's eyes alter colour when he's using his powers. In keeping with comicverse canon, both iris and sclera change colour, not just iris. In hindsight I wish I hadn't gone there, but I did so I'm stuck with it for this series now, haha.

Also in keeping with movieverse canon, Rogue has not been adopted by Mystique in this series.

Previously in Don't Ruin The Upholstery...

In But What a Way to Go,Rogue had been attempting to reconcile with her family when the news came out that the Cure was wearing off. She decided to get out before they kicked her out and met Gambit at a local bar. He found out about her plans to return to Xaviers and - having no particular plans himself – decided to go with her. This was convenient for Rogue as she was a little short of resources.

They didn't get far when they were abducted by someone whom Gambit had recently stolen from, who wanted to get his property back. Being the awesome people that they are, Rogue and Gambit escaped captivity. They decided to lay low in a hotel room for a couple of nights, during which Gambit acquired a new motorcycle.

The second day back on the road, Gambit's enemy caught up with them on the highway. This was evidenced by the fact that they started shooting at them on said highway. The chase ended once and for all when Gambit's charged cards forced them off the road: permanently.

That evening, Rogue was attacked by the Professor, who was still alive as he transferred his mind to the body of his identical twin brother at Muir Island when Jean destroyed his original body. The Professor attempted to torment Rogue with her fears, but was foiled by her many psyches, who confused the issue. Gambit was also able to help by talking to her and Rogue succeeded in driving the Professor away.

Rogue and Gambit finally arrived at Xavier's the next day and when they got there, they discovered that everyone had been disabled by the Professor, who also attacked them as soon as he sensed their arrival. He was only able penetrate Gambit's mind briefly, but he did get into Rogue's again with little trouble. Rogue was fortunately able to expel him long enough to absorb Kurt and teleport into Cerebro, where she also absorbed the Professor. It was then that she realised that it was in fact the Professor's dark side who was responsible for everyone's state. Together they drove his dark side back into his cage.

Rogue, Gambit and the Professor then set about the task of restoring their friends back to new, after suffering at the Professor's dark side for two days. Rogue introduced Gambit to everyone and he and Storm caught up. Gambit decided to stay for awhile.

Logan returned to Xaviers in This is a Battle not a Tango, and was reunited with Rogue after they returned from battling the Brotherhood. He also caught up with Gambit, whom he only vaguely remembered. He was initially concerned about Rogue and Gambit's relationship, which involved "dates as friends" and a good deal of flirting, but he was confident in Rogue's ability to look after herself.

Rogue, Gambit, Bobby, Logan and Storm got involved in another fight with the Brotherhood, during which Rogue absorbed Pyro and picked up a sole clue: "Genosha". There were rumours that mutants there were being used as slaves. The flirting between Rogue and Gambit got heavier as Rogue became more daring.

The X-men had another confrontation with the Brotherhood during a Christmas parade. They tried to piece together what the Brotherhood were up to, but with no results until yet another attack shortly after Christmas. Unfortunately, this attack led to Rogue, Gambit, Bobby and Jubilee being abducted by Genoshan slavers.

Rogue, Gambit, Bobby and Jubilee woke up in flight to Genosha. They were able to free themselves from the shackles thanks to Gambit's lock picking skills, however, they also discovered their powers were shut off by the Genoshan Slave collars about their necks. Rogue took advantage of the situation to kiss Gambit and - having nothing else to do until the plane landed - decided to continue making out, much to Jubilee and Bobby's discomfort. Unfortunately, when the plane did land, their escape attempt was foiled by their captors and they found themselves being assessed and doing hard labour.

That night, Gambit assessed what he learned during the day about their situation, which included the presence of a mutant collaborator named Trans. In the morning he kissed Rogue just as their powers were switched back on. In addition to his memories and powers, Rogue also absorbed his diabolical not-so-evil scheme.

The man in charge of the mutants, Wilson, accepted Rogue's defection. He also arranged for a certain mutant, Ms Marvel, to be transported to his keeping so that Rogue could borrow her powers in order to speed up production. Satisfied with her day's work, Wilson allowed Rogue to take Gambit to her room that night, where she passed on the key to the collars, which she stole from Wilson when he exchanged her standard collar to her new collaborator collar. Rogue and Gambit both finally admitted that they loved each other.

The following morning Gambit organised to get the key passed around so that they could unlock as many collars as possible. Unfortunately, Wilson discovered his missing key before all the collars could be unlocked and those still with locked collars were being attacked by the pain setting while the X-men and the other freed slaves were fighting. The X-men succeed in taking out the guards and the officials, but not before Wilson destroyed the main controls for the collars.

Rogue headed to a nearby signal tower in order to take it out and cut the collar communications line. She was almost there when she was intercepted by Trans. Trans activated the pain setting on Rogue's collar, and only Ms Marvel's invulnerability - which was unaffected by the collar - kept her alive. She succeeded in taking out both the tower and Trans by triggering the tamper control on the collar, which set off an explosion.

The other slaves were finally freed from their collars, while Gambit and Bobby rescued Rogue from the rubble. She was naked and hairless on account of the explosion, but otherwise unharmed thanks to Ms Marval's invulnerability. Upon return to base, the three discovered that the rest of the X-men and the Brotherhood have arrived. Thanks to Ms Marvel's prior investigations, Rogue was able to provide Magneto with information about the collars. The Brotherhood stayed to help free the rest of Genosha, while the X-men returned home, promising to send volunteers to help them once they had taken care of Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Bobby. Ms Marvel was comatose and Rogue permanently retained her powers.

Bobby, Jubilee, Kitty, Pete and Logan returned from assisting the liberation of Genosha in I Mock Your Shiny Toothpicks. They learned about a string of mutant murders that had been happening while they were away.

Rogue and Gambit's make out session was interrupted by an intruder who turned out to be Pulse. Pulse was offered the opportunity to stay at the mansion (as long as he behaved himself). As he was instantly attracted to Rogue, he decided to stay. After he learned that Rogue couldn't control her powers, Pulse took up turning them off occasionally and touching her skin. Rogue misinterpreted this as being taunted until Gambit (much to his amusement) pointed out that Pulse was attracted to her. Suffice to say Gambit and Pulse did not get along.

Rogue, Gambit, Bobby, Kitty, Pete, Jubilee and Pulse decided to have a game of poker where they gambled with truths, dares and chores. The next day they cashed in their winnings, which included:
- Rogue being forced to admit that Gambit charges up her clothes when they make out (Bobby)
- Jubilee and Bobby kissing (Rogue)
- Jubilee and Gambit kissing (Pulse)
- Rogue and Pulse kissing (Pulse)
- Pulse being forced to do something that really should never be done in public, but did make for an amusing list of descriptions for it (Gambit)
- Pulse having to turn Rogue's powers off for ten minutes, most of which she spent kissing Gambit (Kitty)

Rogue told Pulse off for turning her powers off all the time. Gambit, on the other hand, was approached by a telekinetic by the name of Jessica, whom had met him at a casino and had taken a liking to him. Naturally he rejected her advances.

Gambit and Logan decided to check out a bar that was rumoured to be mutant-friendly. While they were there, they found out a new drug on the market called "Overdrive", which was designed to be used by those with healing factors, enhanced metabolisms and endurance or durability and invulnerability, etc. It was fatal to anyone with a less than adequate physiology.

During a game of Capture the Flag in the Danger Room, Pulse turned off Rogue's powers and then - after landing on top of her - kissed her. Rogue was understandably ticked off about this and handed his butt to him, figuratively speaking. After a girls night out, Rogue and Gambit had a good long chat, which culminated in Rogue revealing the one good thing about Pulse fiddling with her powers: being able to tell the difference between how they felt when they were turn off as compared to how they feel when they're turned on. Rogue even succeeded in touching Gambit for a few seconds before her powers kicked in.

The following day, Rogue and Gambit decided to celebrate. During the day, they narrowly avoid Jessica whom Gambit described as being a female version of Pulse. Gambit also bought Rogue a new dress to wear when she has her powers under control. When Rogue practised on Gambit later on, she absorbed a memory of Jessica using her telekinesis on Gambit to force her suit. They decided to get some of their own back at the casino. Rogue absorbed Jessica and then used her own telekinesis against her at the craps table. Rogue also learned that Jessica was a little obsessed with Gambit.

Rogue and Gambit went to Europe for two months, most of which was spent in France, although the last couple of weeks was spent in Monte Carlo. In between sight-seeing, Gambit did a job for the Guild, Rogue learned about Gambit's first meeting with Sabretooth and they made significant progress on Rogue's power control. They also met up with Henri, Mercy and their daughter Gigi (they were busy pulling a con) and discussed Gambit's exile, Marius' heart attacks, Bella Donna practically running the Assassins Guild, and the idea of Jean-Luc actually retiring. Henri was also rather impressed to learn that Gambit and Rogue had been together for months and that Gambit had been celibate.

Back at Xaviers, the X-men managed to apprehend an Overdrive junkie by the name of Blockbuster. When Gambit and Rogue returned, Gambit recognised him as one of the Marauders involved with the Morlock Massacre and was understandably upset by his presence. After pumping him for information, the X-men sent Blockbuster to Genosha, where they had been dealing with their own Overdrive problem. Notably, Sabretooth had become an addict.

Their investigation led them to the von Struckers. Kitty and Pulse broke into their office the same night that the Professor, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee and Bobby attended a charity dinner which the von Struckers were hosting. When the Professor realised that there was a psionic dampening field in place, Gambit succeeded in getting Rogue to the twins and she managed to absorb Andreas von Strucker.

In addition to the lab floor layout and information about their team of addicts, Rogue also learned from Andreas the whole truth about Overdrive. After Andreas had walked in on his twin sister Andrea (whom he loved just a little too much) having a one-night stand with Gambit, he had him fired. Unfortunately, the thieves they hired after Gambit were not of his high standard, and seeking both revenge and to regain Gambit's skills, Andreas came up with Overdrive as a way to control him. When Andreas saw Gambit at the dinner, he called in his team of addicts, but the X-men left before they could arrive.

Logan found out about Rogue learning to control her powers. Later, when Bobby and Jubilee started arguing again, everyone decided that they should start dating despite Bobby and Jubilee's protests that they weren't interested in each other like that. In the following conversation, Logan suggested that they get together the day that Rogue gets her powers under control, to which Bobby and Jubilee agreed.

Pulse and Kitty were able to learn the locations of all the Overdrive manufacturing plants, data backup location and the lab where it was developed from the information they secured from the von Strucker's office. They combined forces with the Genoshans and took down all the plants and the lab simultaneously.

After that, the X-men invaded the home of the von Struckers team of addicts, of which there were five. In the inevitable fight, Bobby was shattered in ice form, Jubilee was critically injured and Gambit was captured by Jessica, who turned out to be one of the supervisors. Bobby was fortunately able to reform himself. Gambit, however, was force-fed Overdrive by Jessica who wanted to take advantage of its aphrodisiac properties to have her way with him. Gambit killed her and was able to keep Overdrive from properly releasing into his system by charging the tablet.

Back at the med lab, Kitty was able to phase the Overdrive tablet out of Gambit's body. Jubilee's life was also saved when she received a donation of Logan's blood, which healed her. The five Overdrive addicts were sent to Genosha for rehabilitation.

The manufacture of Overdrive was finally put to an end when Gambit informed Andrea that Andreas was responsible for her husband's death and provided her with proof of the matter.

Rogue finally succeeded in gaining complete control over her power. This was proved when she and Gambit are finally able to have sex. They told - or rather showed – everyone at the party the X-men held to celebrate their success over Overdrive when Rogue walked into the room wearing the new dress that Gambit had bought her all those months ago and bearing more skin than anyone had ever seen her bare before. Bobby and Jubilee were forced to concede and start dating.

In We Probably Should Have Locked the Door, Gambit received an urgent call for help from Marrow, whom he originally rescued from the Morlock Massacre. Gambit felt some responsibility for Marrow's current situation and his response was to immediately join her and her friends in Illinois. What was left of "Gene Nation" however, was reduced from over thirty to only four people: Marrow, Erg, Psylocke and recovering Overdrive junkie, Anole.

Gene Nation had been investigating the Purifiers who were working on some sort of attack involving missiles being used against Genosha. Gambit was able to destroy the manufacturing plant, but not before putting a tracking device on one of the missiles before it was taken to the second base where the 'delivery system' was being built. Although he lost the signal initially, he was later able to track it to the Florida Keys.

Gene Nation, the X-men and the Brotherhood (Pietro, Havok, Domino, Skids and Pyro) investigated Florida Keys, and the island where the Purifiers had set up their base. Unfortunately, the Purifiers recognised Gambit from what security footage they had been able to pull from their plant in Illinois. They had also discovered that his mutant powers could amplify the explosive potential of the missiles. This in mind, they arranged to have Gene Nation captured. Psylocke was able to escape, but Gambit was bound to the delivery system, which included a power amplifier. Their plan was to have Gambit supercharge the missiles and disburse them over the capital city of Genosha, Hammer Bay. Marrow and Erg succeeded in freeing themselves and they took out the Purifiers responsible for the launch. However, instead of freeing Gambit as well, Marrow decided to use the opportunity to wipe out Chicago instead. She told Gambit that she knew of his involvement with the Morlock Massacre.

Psylocke succeeded in rousing the X-men and the Brotherhood and the teams invaded the Purifier base but they didn't get to the launch bay in time to stop the delivery system from leaving. Rogue absorbed Pietro and flew after Gambit. Gambit had succeeded in escaping his prison and was in free fall when Rogue arrived. Rogue threw the delivery system into space and rescued Gambit from plummeting to his death. Gambit had suffered some burns from using his powers in too-close range.

Erg decided to go to Genosha with the Brotherhood. Marrow, Psylocke and Anole chose to stay with the X-men.

After an attempt on his life, which was nullified by Rogue, Warren decided to work on improving mutant opinion by getting the X-men involved in charity work, specifically building homes for the homeless. Warren also talked to Psylocke about restoring her modelling career. Both the attempt on his life and the charity work led to Warren and Rogue being picked as a couple by the media, much to the displeasure of both parties.

Gambit received the news that his exile from New Orleans had been revoked. In his excitement, he proposed to Rogue, who refused to answer on the grounds that he was high on excitement and she wanted him to actually think about it first. Suffice to say that things were a little awkward between them afterwards, but they came to an understanding and agreed to start talking about getting married, which they hadn't done before.

Gambit and Rogue went to New Orleans to celebrate the lifting of his exile and Rogue finally got to meet Jean-Luc. During this time, both of them decided on their own that they really wanted to marry the other and when they finally sat down to have a real talk about it, Gambit proposed again. This time, Rogue accepted.

And now for I Was Unconscious Most of the Time...