This is utterly random and I don't know why but I felt like writing this story. I haven't come up with a name yet but the plot is forming in my head which I guess is good otherwise this woulda been left hanging -.-'

Grimmjow looked up at the gloomy building and chewed his bottom lip anxiously. This was so weird. Why were they here? Why were they in this country? He didn't want to be. He wanted to go home. He didn't like it. He didn't like it one bit. It was too foreign and different and bizarre. And it frightened him.

He jumped as a large hand was placed on his thin shoulder. He looked up and saw, with a wave of relief, the kind brown eyes that had been watching him since the day he was born.

'Vater,' he murmured and glanced back at the looming, drab apartment building before them. 'Why must we live here? Is there nowhere else we can go?'

'Grimmjow,' his father rumbled and ruffled the hair of his beloved son. 'You know I only do things for you. To keep you safe and sound and loved. Japan is going to be different from Germany, I know. But I have visited this place on business. It is a wonderful and cultural place! You will love it!'

The 16 year old pouted and crossed his arms.

'Germany is also a very cultural place,' he sulked. His father chuckled and pulled his son closer, wrapping both arms around him.

'You are so precious to me, my little Liebling,' he whispered lovingly and kissed the top of Grimmjow's head. 'I don't want to lose you. Please, understand why we are here and why I must do this. Please, please try to enjoy it here? Please?'

Grimmjow glanced at him in worry at his father. His voice had never shaken with so much emotion before. It was slightly frightening. He hugged his father back fiercely.

'I will, Vater,' he murmured back. 'It isn't so bad! It will be warmer than Germany so that's a bonus!'

He smiled encouragingly. His father let out a sigh of relief and glanced back up at the building.

'A new life requires a new setting after all,' he thought hopefully.

'Oi!' the taxi driver grunted. 'Where do I place the luggage, Sousuke-san?'

'Just place them here on the curb,' Aizen Sousuke instructed and left his son to help the man. 'Thank you so much for your help. It's nice to see people are so helpful towards foreigners!'

Ichigo winced as he heard something smash against a wall. That would be the china vase his mother had been holding when he left the room. He had a feeling its life would come to an end today. Nothing escaped his mother's grasp when she was pissed like right now.

He heard more shouting and curled up on his bed, hugging his pillow and pressing it fiercely against his ears. He wanted to block everything out. The fighting, the screaming, the crying. Especially the crying. Hearing his mother cry was the most heart wrenching sound Ichigo had ever heard. Whenever she would cry he wanted to barge into that room, thrash the monster he called his father to the ground and whisk his mother and sisters away to safety. But he knew he couldn't. His father wouldn't hesitate in beating him. And when he had voiced to his mother that he didn't care if he was beaten, she had scolded him saying that she would care and she would be abandoning her duty as a mother to protect her children. No, it was best if he beat her instead when he was angry.

He sat bolt upright in his bed when he heard the hysterical sobbing. He scrunched his hands into tight fists; his pillow lay forgotten on his floor. Whatever he must do, he must not go out. He must not leave his room. He must stay put until he heard the door slam, indicating that the monster had left their apartment and he could safely scramble out to help his poor bruised mother.

He blinked back tears threatening to spill and distracted himself by looking out the window. He raised an eyebrow. That was peculiar.

His bed was right under the window that peeped out onto the main street. So he could easily spy on the outside world whenever he felt like it. What he saw was, perhaps not strange, but to him it was pretty much not your average day to day sight.

There was a boy.

A foreign boy actually. Pretty tall hence he could be any age but Ichigo guessed the boy was probably his height. And it was pretty hard to tell if Ichigo was 16 or not. Adults were always trying to guess.

What was so unusual about the boy was his mane of bright, sky blue hair till his shoulders. They barely brushed the brown hoodie he wore over a pair of worn out stone-washed jeans. And his face was so serious as he surveyed the building. Like he would rather be anywhere else but here.

Well, at least they had something in common. Ichigo wondered if he was moving into the building. It would be nice to have someone remotely close to his age. Not that he minded having Uryu, Chad and Tatsuki living in the same building as him but Uryu was a stuck-up prick, Chad barely talked and Tatsuki…well, he couldn't hang out with a girl all the time or else he'd be subjected to the awful taunting of 'Ichigo and Tatsuki sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-' and well, you can guess the rest.

Suddenly, the boy looked straight at him. Ichigo froze. Sad thing about his window was that people on the outside could see if people on the inside were staring at them. Actually, it depended if the blinds were drawn or not so that all Ichigo had to do was peek through them without the fear of being watched back. But this time, the blinds were thrown wide open for all the world to see what Ichigo was doing which was currently watching the strange foreigner boy loitering on his street corner.

Ichigo gulped, refusing or perhaps unable to look away, his gaze being held by those intense aquamarine eyes. Those eyes were so mesmerizing. They looked like tiny gemstones embedded into the boy's sharply featured face. Ichigo knew that even if he looked away, he would still be able to feel the piercing gaze of those fierce blues. He shivered. How frightening.

The boy's gaze was diverted by a man who comes up behind him with two suitcases, his brown wavy hair all about his face and his thick black-framed glasses sitting askew on his face. The boy smiled benignly as he fixed the glasses on the man's face and took a suitcase from his hand. The man smiled graciously and kissed the top of the boy's blue head before ruffling it.

Ichigo squirmed uncomfortably in his place and shifted to the side of the window so that he was hidden from view. He pulled the blinds together before peeking through them. The boy was now chatting animatedly with the man, who he supposed was related to him but they looked nothing alike. They were probably distantly related or perhaps knew each other as family friends. Ichigo couldn't tell from this far off distance. He lived on the fifth floor after all. But he didn't like the looks of the brown-haired man. There was something wrong about him. Something he just couldn't put his finger on. To put it simply, he didn't detest the man but he didn't trust him either. Though the boy…the boy was interesting.

The two were now making their way towards his building. So they were moving in here. Great! Ichigo would now be able to occupy himself with something to do and someone to hang out with. Who knows? They might just become close friends.


The sound of a door closing echoed in his apartment, making him jump out of his thoughts before realizing this was his cue to go aid his mother. His heart clenched.

As he scrambled off the bed, he missed noticing how the boy glanced in the direction of his window, lingering there for a while before entering the apartment building.

Yes, I have other stories to complete but I had this story in my head just last night after watching the foreign film 'Let the Right One In' and I wanted to write a story about a foreigner REAL BAD! XD

So blame my overzealous mind! But I do hope you enjoy the story and I will put translations of German words at the bottom and you can always refer to them!

P.S. I don't know how long this story will be but I don't think it'll be long. Like maybe a little more than ten chapters but that's about it. I want to write all of this from the top of my head. It's always fun that way! ^_^

Oh, and to understand Grimmjow's hair, for all those who watch Devil May Cry, his hair is like Dante's. For those of you who DON'T watch it WATCH IT and also Google the hairstyle XD



-Vater: father

-Liebling: darling

P.P.S: Grimmjow and his dad are conversing in German, in case you're wondering…