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Chapter 1

Lily's fingers twitched from blood loss. The metal chains were painfully tight around her wrist, holding her off the ground a few inches. The cuts along her body burned as if someone had just rubbed salt all over them. The black and blue bruises also hurt. She cried silently, hoping that someone or something would rescue her from her horrible and gruesome fate, though she knew nothing would.

She had been here for only three days and they had tortured her with some amount of kindness, only beating and cutting her with sharp instruments, but she knew that only meant more suffering was meant to come.

She only knew a few things about what was going on. She was in one of the dungeon cells of Brennenburg castle, the person holding her was named Alexander, and she was being tortured so this Alexander man could collect this stuff called vitae from her body.

She heard movement outside her cell. She slowly looked up to see a one of the monsters looking back at her. It reminded her of a mummy. Its loose jaw hung down on its chest, long metal claws replaced its fingers on its left hand, and its retile like eyes frightened her. She looked down at the dirt and blood stained floor. She called these monsters Flop Jaws, because of the disconnected jaw flopping around.

This Flop Jaw had come to her cell and watched her multiple times in the short three day time period. She had even named him Watcher, but she never called him that out loud. The only time she talked or made noise is when they were torturing her.

There was only one other kind of monster that she had seen, those she called Faceless, because where their face should be was only a giant bloody hole and long knifes on sticks connected to their left arm. She looked up to see if it was still there. It was.

The Flop Jaw she called Watcher in her head stared at her curiously, fascinated by her.

She became embarrassed suddenly. She wasn't naked but her clothes were in tatters and soaking wet, it could probably make out some of the general shapes and sizes of some parts of her body.

She had heard that they were once mercenaries for Alexander but he had poisoned them for some reason with wine from the wine cellar and turned them into these things, and if some of those human male feelings still lingered inside of them, she didn't know what she would do.

Luckily this one didn't have the key. She let her head drop again and returned to trying to block out the pain.


He stared at her, looking at her body with deep interest. It had been a while since such a lovely shaped young woman had been brought here. He shouldn't have been thinking like this. He was merciless killer, no longer a man. But this prisoner made him wonder and remember what it was like to be a human again.

He wanted her. He shouldn't have. But he did.

Suddenly he heard someone coming. He backed away hiding in the darkness and shadows of the long archway filled hallway. He watch as a brute came walking down the hallway, carrying a bucket of some kind of nasty mess to feed the girl. He watched in interest as the brute pulled out a key and unlocked the cell door.

So HE has the key…well then I guess I'll just have to persuade him to hand it over. The very tips of his mouth rose up in a demented smile. It had been a long time since he had killed something and he would greatly enjoy ripping open an unsuspecting 'college'. He would have this woman. One way or another.


Lily opened her mouth and the Faceless shoved in another spoonful of the gruel. It was nasty, vomit inducing, mush but she ate it anyway. It was the only thing she got to eat down here. As she took another bite her eyes searched for Watcher, who had been standing there just a second earlier. He was nowhere to be found.

Wonder what it's doing. She thought. She ate some more of the bucket mush. Finally after about twenty-five spoonfuls the Faceless left, locking the door behind him. As she stared into the darkness she saw Watcher walk back into the dim light from behind an archway.

He looked at her and for a moment they made eye contact. She watched as he stopped for a moment and then kept on walking, following the Faceless.

After he left she looked to the ceiling, and begun to pray.


She was a very lovely woman. Well worth the criticism he would get for living out his fantasies on her. Besides, it was only the Master he had to worry about, and the thing he would do to her could be considered a kind of torture, and as long as it was painful to the prisoner, he didn't care what went on.

He slowed down his pace and glimpsed around the corner of the bend in the hallway. He didn't want the brute to know he was following him; it would only make it harder for him when he attacked.

He thought about the plan he had thought up in a moment's notice.

Sneak up behind him, kill him, grab the key, and go back to the woman's cell, enjoy.

It was a simple plan but hopefully it would work.

He moved silently around the corner, closer to his prey. It would only be a few short minutes and it would all be over and then it was off to enjoy a nice long night with the woman.

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