Oh my God, I am so sorry for waiting all this time to post again. I just got lazy and then I started getting into one shots on the side, and I'm trying to write and erotic novel. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. I'm also sorry if I messed anything up in this chapter because it's been awhile since I've looked at this story.

Chapter 9

Lily awoke gradually, feeling unnaturally cold. She shifted a bit in her space on the small bed and shivered. Patronus was pressed against her and she knew that he produced no body heat, but this… this particular level of coldness was something rather strange. Suddenly she felt the sensation of something poking her in the back quite harshly. Her eyes widened and the young woman was about to roll over until she felt warm, comforting breath on the back of her neck. Lily smiled to herself and snuggled backwards into the warm body behind her, letting out a contented sigh. As she laid there, she still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. And the more she thought about it, she more it began to dawn on her.

Patronus is a cold being. If he is cold… why is it so warm?

Her eyes shot open and she rolled over quickly to be face to face with a man. She screamed loudly as a rough, calloused hand clasped hers. "Justine?" The man called out, looking up to her face. Dried blood was smeared around empty, black holes that were his eye sockets, contracting with the pale flesh it was on. His face was covered in cuts, bruises and scars, his lips cracked and both fresh and dried blood was speckled on his chin. She tried to tear her gaze away from the battered looking man lying next to her but she couldn't. It was as if her eyes were glued to him.

"I-I-I-I" Was all Lily could say. She couldn't move, shocked by the sudden, horrendous sight in front of her.

"You bitch!" The man abruptly tightened his grip on wrist and slammed his other hand into her throat. She gasped as his fist came into contact with her neck, her choking on air. "How dare you do this to us; to me?! We loved you, God dammit! And you… you sick… How dare you. You said you loved me. And this is how you show it?! You blinded me, you sick bitch. And Alois… he was just a child… the things he did to himself just to show you how much you meant to him. And Malo, well, he was always a bit off-kilter, but no one deserved what you did you him! You are lower than a human, Justine, and you deserve to be treated at such!" He slapped Lily brutally, his large hand making a loud smacking sound as it came into contact. She gasped at the harsh sensation, feeling her lip slip and tasting the coppery taste of her own blood.

"P-Please, I'm not this Justine person! My name is- Ahh!" He hit her again, harder this time.

"Don't try that with me; I know it's you! All you do is lie, you crazy woman! Lie to get people close to you, then you-" He hit her again. "Tie them down-" And again. "And abuse them to your heart's content." Lily was sobbing now, only opening her mouth to cry out with each violent hit of the man's hand. "You-" Slap. "Sick-" Slap. "Bitch!" He raised his hand again and Lily screamed.

"Please, just please stop! I don't know what this woman did to you but I'm not her! Just please STOP!"

Two hands grabbed her arms and, as suddenly as it all had begun, it ended. The fragile woman blinked a few times and the image of the man was gone. The pain, taste of blood, and the gory man. All gone. Patronus was now sitting up, holding her a few inches off the mattress as if he was about to begin shaking her. He had a look of worry in his eyes and she soon found herself sharing that same worry.

What just happened to me?

"I-I'm sorry Patronus. I'm not sure what just happened. There… There was a man and he… he was hitting me and he-" She stopped, noticing the look of fury flash across the Flop Jaw's face. She only smiled softly and patted him on the shoulder. "It's ok, I don't think he was really hitting me… or was really there at all. But he kept calling me this weird name… Justine." Lily shrugged. "I don't know who the woman is, but I hope I never run into her, heheh." A shiver went down her spine as she remembered the eyeless man's face. "But it was so weird… It was like a dream but I know I was awake. This place; I think it's driving me crazy." Her odd friend only shrugged at that. "So, what were you doing all night? There's no way you've slept this whole time, haha."

A swift look of fear crossed his features and he began to make a gurgled sound as if he was trying to talk. She stopped him once she noticed that his face had begun to turn a light pinkish color. "You know what, never mind." She interrupted with a nervous laugh. "But we should get going, hm?" The Flop Jaw nodded and slid off the bed, Lily following closely behind him. All she wanted was to get out of here, this room, this castle, and run. As far away as possible, and hopefully, with Patronus.

Well I hoped you liked it. I rather enjoyed writing it myself. And the man that Lily was hallucinating, was Basile, in case you didn't figure that one out. And I also don't really know if Alois was the youngest out of the three, but he always looked the youngest too me so that what I'm going with. Anyway, review and whatnot.