Chapter 1

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Rose sighed and rested her head on her fist, squinting at the globs of tea leaves in her cup. She supposed that lump of leaves could be a Grim... if she really squinted and tilted her head to the right.

Another quiet sigh escaped her lips. Divination was the most boring subject offered at Hogwarts and the barmy professor didn't make it any more enjoyable. She should have listened to her mum when she told her that nothing even remotely useful ever came from that class – except, possibly, a headache from all the incense swirling around in the air. Professor Trelawney wasn't big on moderation in both incense and insanity.

A pale hand reached into her line of vision and snagged her teacup.

"You're either going to die a slow and painful death in the near future..." his voice paused as he flipped through his textbook, "or you're having an affair with your boss."

Her head snapped up and she glared at her friend. "There's no way that's in the textbook!"

Scorpius just smirked and flipped the book around so she could read it as well, his finger indicating the passage he'd read. The textbook really did say that. What kind of class told school children that they were having affairs with their bosses? She attended boarding school; Rose didn't even have a boss.

"This class is ridiculous," she muttered, earning a chuckle from her friend.

"You're the one who insisted on proving to the world that you're not your mother and dragged me into this class from hell with you," he said. His tone was snide, but his eyes were sparkling with mirth, their mercurial depths lit from behind.

Ignoring him, Rose snatched his teacup out of his hand. He watched with amusement as she squinted at the dregs in the bottom of his cup in much the same way she'd done with her own. The pictures in his were just as unclear as hers had been. It was all soggy blobs of leaves to her.

There was one glob that was vaguely tree shaped... and a crown? Or could it be a peacock? There was another one that could pass for a heart if she really squinted and didn't look directly at it.

The blond at her side waited patiently as she flipped through her textbook. A heart for love, the tree for a close friend, and a crown for unfulfilled desires. Merlin, Divination was a pointless subject. She tried to piece the scraps together into a picture that made sense.

"Okay," she said with false confidence, ignoring his mockingly expectant expression. "You're secretly harbouring an unrequited love for a close friend," her gaze darted back down to her textbook. A second examination made the crown look more like a peacock.

Her eyes, busy with scanning her textbook, failed to notice that her already pale friend had lost what little colour he'd possessed.

By the time she looked back up at him to return his cup, he had managed to compose himself once again. "Is there something you and Albus are keeping from me?" she asked with a grin.

At the glare she received, Rose went back to her second interpretation. That lump probably was a peacock, it made more sense that way.

"Or you're a hopeless narcissist with some sort of obsession with yourself," she declared triumphantly. "That one seems much more likely."

"You're rubbish at this," he scoffed, not quite meeting her eyes.

She bumped his shin with her foot under the table. "You're just as bad, if not worse."

They both watched as Professor Trelawney dramatically predicted the gruesome death of a student on the other side of the room. Her necklaces clacking together as she waved her arms dramatically. The woman thought enthusiasm could make up for her complete lack of an actual gift.

Scorpius leaned close to whisper, "she's rubbish at this as well. She just likes to think she's good."

"She's accurately made a few predictions. I've read that some seers only ever have a handful of true glimpses into the future over the course of their lifetime. It's why true prophesies and visions of the future are so rare," Rose defended their Professor. It was more from habit than anything else, everyone knew Trelawney was barmy.

He scoffed, but didn't bother disagreement with her. They'd been having the same argument about Trelawney's credibility since she'd first insisted they both take the elective in third year. Refusing to admit she may have a hatred of the subject in common with her mum, Rose had determinedly attended the class for the next three years, and Scorpius had joined her, despite his protests. He may have complained about going, but Scorpius was a good friend – he also liked the fact that he could take a nap and she'd cover for him because she was the reason he attended the class in the first place.

"You never know, I could be a gifted seer and we wouldn't even know it because I haven't had one of my visions yet," she said.

Scorpius' answer was to burst into loud laughter that made Trelawney frown disapprovingly at him from the other side of the room. Luckily their flighty teacher was distracted by yet another death portent in the form of clumpy leaves before she could reprimand the blond.

They shared a few snickers and poured themselves new glasses of the unpleasant brew so they could start all over again.

"Don't see how a beverage could tell the future," Scorpius muttered under his breath. "I'm going to keep a close eye on my mashed potatoes at dinner in case they have some tidbit of information that could be helpful."

Her head bent over her textbook, Rose didn't hear his mumblings. She was used to ignoring him while he muttered in Divination and rarely listened to what he actually said anymore.

"Rose?" Scorpius asked while they were packing their things. His serious tone made her look up from the large textbook she was trying to shove into her satchel.

"What is it?"

His tone told her he had something important to say, so the redhead gave him her whole attention. She even stopped wrestling with her satchel to listen.

"Remember in second year when I stayed up all night helping you write that essay you forgot about?"

Rose eyed her friend warily. He may have been sorted into Ravenclaw, but that didn't mean he couldn't still have some noticeably Slytherin traits. She vaguely remembered that night, and was hoping she was wrong about what he wanted.

"Yes..." she answered hesitantly. The grin that spread across his face at her answer made her start to worry. She was almost certain that she wasn't going to like where he was going with his line of questioning.

"And you said you owed me huge, but I told you I'd call in the favour at a later date?"

Though she'd been glad back when he said he'd call in his favour at an undetermined, later date, Rose was now seriously regretting her agreement to an open-ended favour.


Scorpius picked up his bag and followed her as the class filed out of the classroom and down the ladder. The rungs were just an accident waiting to happen, and prefects were always chasing away the younger year boys who gathered near the bottom in hopes of a glimpse up one of the girl's skirts. She disliked the trip to the classroom just as much as she disliked the class.

"Let me guess," she said when they were once again able to walk side-by-side. "You're calling in the favour now?"

He nodded his blond head, still grinning.

"I hate Quidditch," she said warningly. Scorpius was captain and seeker of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and he was determined to win the cup. Something about it being his last chance to lead his house team to glory before he graduated or some such nonsense. He'd been complaining about the lack of prospective players for a while and Rose had been dreading this conversation – mostly because she knew that in the end, she'd give in. The Malfoy heir was very persuasive when he wanted to be and Rose could rarely say no to him when he set his mind to something.

Not deterred by her obvious aversion to the game, Scorpius just widened his eyes slightly in an expression as close to a puppy-dog look as a Malfoy would ever get – in public, at least. "Rose, almost the entire team graduated last year. I'm desperate for decent players, and despite your distaste for the sport, you're good."

She ignored the compliment. Anyone who had grown up with her family couldn't not be good at the sport; it was practically required that all the younger Weasleys play the sport at every family gathering. When you spend your childhood playing against professional players like her Aunt Ginny, it was difficult to avoid becoming familiar with the game and even developing a certain knack for it. She wasn't near good enough to go professional or anything, but Rose was skilled enough to do well on a house team at Hogwarts. The problem was she didn't want to.

"Do you really want a chaser who isn't devoted to the game?" she asked, desperately grasping at straws.

He waved a dismissive hand. "You hate the game, but I'm your best mate and you don't hate me. Winning this means a lot to me, so you'd play your hardest so I wouldn't be disappointed."

Rose sighed. Sometimes it was irritating that he knew her so well. "One condition," she said, holding up a finger to emphasize her point.

A blond eyebrow rose in question.

"Only use me as a last resort. You still hold tryouts for all three chaser positions and do everything in your power to fill them."

Scorpius smiled. "You're not going to regret this."

"I already do," she mumbled.

"I don't see why I have to try out with everyone else," Rose muttered irritably. Her eyes ran over the field, taking in the other students who were gathering for a chance to join the Ravenclaw house team.

"Scorpius can't hold tryouts for three chaser positions and then fill one of those spots with someone who didn't even bother to try for the team," Albus said.

Rose glanced over at her cousin, who'd followed her out to the pitch for some strange reason. "You're a Gryffindor, what are you even doing here?" she demanded.

Albus shrugged, completely unapologetic. "I'm judging the competition."

She doubted that, he was probably there to make fun of her because she'd been roped into joining the team. Albus was mean like that, amusing himself with his cousin's misfortune.

The cousins watched Scorpius walk onto the field and scan the potential players. Rose wasn't surprised he looked a little disappointed, it seemed that every second year that could ride a broom had turned up, but few older students were present.

"Oi! No rival houses on the pitch," Scorpius called when he caught sight of Albus.

Albus smirked at his friend. Despite the rivalry between their fathers, Albus and Scorpius became close friends. "I'll just go back to the Head Dorms and finish up some homework while I wait for Rose."

Since the Head Girl and Boy had to come from different houses, it was impossible for Rose and Scorpius to hold both positions. It was a bit of a sore spot with the blond that Albus had been given the position – and the private dorm shared with the Head Girl – when Scorpius actually had the better grades. Had he been sorted into Slytherin like his father, Scorpius would have been the one in boasting a shiny Head Boy pin.

Rose elbowed her cousin for trying to rile their friend.

"I'm going," Albus said, bending under the combined weight of his friend's glares.

Glaring at the retreating back of the Gryffindor, Scorpius made his way across the field to stand beside Rose.

"Stop looking at me like that, I'm not hurt that I didn't get Head Boy," he muttered, correctly reading her face.

The moment Albus had shown her the badge that his Hogwarts letter had included, she'd been worried what Scorpius would think of the situation. His two best mates were living in a private dorm while he had to stay far away in the Ravenclaw tower. He could visit them, but he always had to go back to the Ravenclaw dorms. Rose felt slightly guilty that he wasn't chosen for the position of Head Boy only because she was Head Girl.

Instead of insisting once again that he was, in fact fine, Scorpius looked out at the Ravenclaws that had assembled in hopes of gaining a spot on the team. "We're here to fill three chaser positions, one beater and keeper. Divide yourselves into groups!" he called loudly. "This is going to be a long practice," he said more quietly, so that only Rose could hear.

Three hours later, it was starting to get dark and Rose was in complete agreement with her friend's assessment. There were a few promising players, but it would take a lot of work to get the Ravenclaw team up to the standards of the previous year's team.

She slanted her eyes over to look at her friend. Scorpius was rubbing his temple tiredly with one hand while glaring at the clipboard clutched in his other one. "You're in the next group to go," he said, sounding like he just wanted to go to bed.

"Cheer up captain, you'll pull a team together," Rose comforted. The blond just shot her an inpatient look.

A piercing screech from the whistle Scorpius had conjured blasted instead of a response. Her efforts were so underappreciated sometimes.

Grabbing her broom, Rose moved to stand with the other two chasers that she was going to work with for her tryout. Scorpius was making them play mock games against each other, with the better ones going again for a second round once he'd narrowed his choices.

The redheaded twins shot Rose identical venomous glares. Internally, Rose winced, praying that they wouldn't be the ones to get onto the team. They hated her.

The previous group landed when Scorpius blew his whistle – something she was going to confiscate from him if she had to listen to the thing much more. Captain or not, she wasn't going to let it go to his head.

Rose scowled as she threw a leg over her broom and prepared to launch herself into the air. Sure, flying was fun, but she preferred to keep her feet firmly on the ground and her nose in a book. She just wasn't competitive like her dad and brother were when it came to the sport. There were so many more important things to get all worked up about, like grades.

Dad had told her on a few occasions that she needed to sort out her priorities, but her mum would always just hit him, usually with a book, as they were always on hand.

That blasted whistle blew once again, signalling it was time to begin the match. Rose watched as one of the opposing chasers caught hold of the Quaffle and zoomed towards the goalposts. Like a rocket, Rose launched herself after the boy, making sure to keep an eye on the beater that seemed to have a habit of accidentally batting the Bludgers at players on his own team instead of the opposition.

Catching up to the racing chaser, she bumped him with her broom, deftly knocked the Quaffle out of his hands. Her grip tightened as she whipped around to race towards the other side of the field. She dodged the other players who tried to stop her progress and managed to get the Quaffle past the sub-par keeper guarding the hoops, a victorious smile on her face. The sport may be barbaric, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy winning.

She was just about to turn around and face the rest of the field once more when her vision started to darken around the edges and her awareness of her surroundings lessened. A strange jolt and then a vague pain was the last thing she felt before she was completely surrounded by featureless blackness.

Rose looked around, a little confused about where she was. Hadn't she been playing Quidditch? She was still on the Quidditch pitch, but that was about the only thing that made sense.

There was snow on the ground. It had been September, barely fall when she'd been on the pitch a moment ago. Where was her broom? And there had been many other people, but here she was alone.

Wait! No, she wasn't alone. Rose squinted her eyes at the two figures in the distance, trying to figure out if she knew them, or if they could help her understand what it was that had happened. She started jogging towards the far-off figures.

As she got closer, she realized that she knew those people out there in the snow. It was Scorpius! And... her?

Immensely confused, Rose came to a stop and stared at herself and her friend. They didn't seem to notice that she was there – they didn't seem to notice much at all. The pair was busy staring deep into the other's eyes with their arms twined around one another. They were speaking, but Rose didn't understand what they were saying, it was garbled. Scorpius was intently watching that other Rose while he told her something. The other Rose's eyebrows were furrowed, whether in confusion or some other emotion, Rose wasn't sure.

It had to be some sort of dream. That was the only explanation that made sense.

She tilted her head, catching sight of her double's hair. Did it really look like that from the back?

All thoughts of her hair disappeared when Scorpius suddenly grabbed that other Rose's shoulders and shook her slightly, yelling something. Never one to lose his cool easily, it took a lot to make Scorpius so upset. Rose wasn't sure she'd ever seen him show that much emotion in all the years she'd known him. She would have doubted her ability to evoke that much emotion in him if she wasn't witnessing it with her own eyes.

Rose wondered what her dream double had done to make him so distraught.

She felt a jolt of surprise when that other Rose suddenly turned and stared at the exact spot she was standing. Could they see her? Rose stared hard at the back of her duplicate's head, but the girl gave no other indication that she knew they had an audience.

It happened so fast that she was rendered completely frozen in shock. Dream Rose reached out and flung her arms around Scorpius' neck, kissing him fiercely. Even more surprising was that he responded with equal, if not more emotion.

Scorpius pulled away first, to the obvious discontent of Dream Rose. He tucked a strand of hair behind the other Rose's ear. On his face was an expression of heartbreaking tenderness.

Something twisted in her stomach; he never looked at her that way in real life. Rose found that she wanted him to look at her that way in real life.

Dream Rose leaned into his touch as his hand lingered near her cheek, while real Rose had to turn her face away, feeling like she was intruding on a private moment. Which was ridiculous, because it was her that she was watching.


When she next opened her eyes, it was once again the correct season and Scorpius was leaning over her with an almost frantic expression. She tried to sit up to reassure him that she was fine, but a blinding pain bloomed in her back.

Ow. Her face paled and pinched as pain blasted over her nerves.

"Stay down," her blond friend said, looking less frantic now that she was awake. There was still a manic glint in his eyes and he was obviously putting in an effort to keep his eyes on her face, meaning her injury was pretty serious. He put a hand on each of her shoulders and gently pressed her back to the ground. "You spaced out for a minute or something and were hit in the back with a Bludger. Then you fell off your broom," her explained, answering the question in her eyes. For some reason, she was having trouble catching her breath properly, which was making it difficult to speak.

"What's going on here?" Madam Pomfrey demanded as she pushed aside the students that had gathered around Rose and Scorpius. One of the chaser applicants had flown off to fetch the Mediwitch as soon as he saw the Head Girl fall to the ground.

Scorpius moved aside, allowing the Mediwitch space to work. The old woman made a 'tut' sound as she looked over Rose, muttering about the 'barbaric sport'.

"Is she going to be all right?" Scorpius asked while Rose groaned in pain. He started to follow as Rose was levitated back towards the school, but Madam Pomfrey was fed up with his hovering.

"Mister Malfoy! You may visit her in the Hospital Wing when you finish your practice," she snipped.

Scowling after the witch, Scorpius turned back to the gathered students on the field.