March 31, 2012

This isn't exactly part of "Turn Me On," but I thought it'd be fine if I added this story to it. xD

Prompt: Shizuo fucking Izaya up against that big window in his office.

Bonus Points:
-Whether they're in an actual relationship or just casual enemies with benefits is up to anon. However, for this prompt OP isn't really in the mood for fluffy couple stuff, so the latter is preferred.
-Shizuo teasing Izaya throughout.
-Someone sees them. (Namie? Mikado? Kida? It's up to anon.~)

Too bad I couldn't fulfill much of the bonuses.

Press Against Me

Shizuo's hard length pressed against Izaya's ass. They were still fully clothed, though hands were roaming, growing fervently in pace. Izaya was bent over, his arms preventing him from falling as they pushed against the top of his desk. Shizuo had an arm around Izaya's waist, carefully rubbing up and down. His other arm had slipped underneath Izaya's black V-neck and was touching every part of Izaya's body.

Shizuo sat on Izaya's swivel chair, the man himself on Shizuo's lap. He desperately wanted to grind, but their position prevented such a movement. Shizuo leaned forward and attacked the back of Izaya's exposed neck, kissing, biting, licking. Izaya moaned and writhed, his brain refusing to function.

Izaya braced himself when he was easily lifted off his chair and swung over against the window behind his desk. His legs shook, his eyes clenched tight, as he tried to focus what remaining energy he had left to standing. His palms, hot and sweaty, felt the coldness of the glass.

His breath was heavy, coming in quick pants. Shivers ran down his neck, throughout his whole body, when Shizuo's lips found their place in the nape of the raven's neck not two seconds after he'd flung Izaya against the window. The lower half of their bodies were pressed together, Shizuo's front digging into Izaya's ass. He could feel the slight twitches against his ass, and he knew Shizuo desperately wanted to grind his crotch into him, but he only pressed harder against Izaya, pushing him more into the window. The blonde's breathing was deep, husky, aroused. He bit down on Izaya's pale skin, causing the latter to whimper in response.

Shizuo's hand found its way to the front of Izaya's pants and proceeded to pull it open. Immediately, he slipped his hand inside and grabbed Izaya's length. He pumped.

Izaya moaned loudly, arching his back and leaning his head on Shizuo's shoulder, who continued biting and leaving bright red marks on Izaya's neck.

"Ahhnngh! Shizu-chan…"

Both of them had forgotten that it was a window in front of them.

"Look at you," Shizuo whispered. "Just like a little slut."

Izaya was panting, unable to respond, unable to comprehend. The ecstasy of their situation refused to let him think, much less think straight.

All he knew was that he could feel Shizuo's cock against his exposed ass, teasing and sliding inside the crack, Shizuo's tongue on his sensitive skin, and Shizuo's rough hand pumping his shaft.


"You want my cock?"

"Mmmnn," Izaya nodded, unable to say more.

"Your cheeks are a beautiful red, Izaya-kun," Shizuo teased, drawling out Izaya's name.

Izaya didn't reply, only grinded his ass against Shizuo's cock a few times.

"Shh, be patient," Shizuo continued, slipping his other hand to Izaya's back. He rubbed his cock into the crack of Izaya's ass again, smearing precum onto the skin. He slid two fingers down, and pushed them inside the hole. Izaya tensed, shuddering at the sensation, soon moaning and losing control over his body as Shizuo slid his fingers back and forth, pushing his precum in there and using it as lube.

He twisted his fingers inside, pressing deeper each time and entering a third finger next. Izaya bent forward, leaning onto the window, fogging part of it up with his breath. His motion pushed his ass further into Shizuo, trying to get him to go faster.

"You know, would my cock fit in with my fingers?" Shizuo grew harder at the thought while Izaya almost came at the mental image.

He bit his lower lip, trying to regain some control so that he could finally muster out, "Fuck me," in between heavy breaths.

Shizuo pressed his cock in Izaya's entrance, his three fingers still inside and the tip of his cock barely fitting.

"Fu—ck," Izaya moaned out as the large cock forced its way in.

"It's hot," Shizuo murmured, slipping his cock in carefully. The tightness of Izaya's hole turned him on considerably, and he had to fight the impulse to shove his cock inside and thrust. He was barely halfway inside and the hotness of Izaya's hole almost sent him over the edge.

"Shi…zu-chan," Izaya breathed. He felt a slight pain at how wide he was being forced to spread, but it was undermined by the incredible sensation of Shizuo rubbing his cock against him. Shizuo kept pushing in, in, and in. Deeper, until he was fully sheathed. He froze for a second, and when Izaya moved slightly, the both moaned at the sensation. Shizuo began to move his fingers back and forth, slowly, inside Izaya, not daring to move his cock just yet. It was as if he was pumping himself while still inside the raven, and precum leaked into Izaya's hole, making it even wetter and slicker.

Shizuo's other hand wrapped around Izaya's waist to keep him upright, and Izaya's length dripped with his own precum, hot and hard and needing attention.

"Ready?" Shizuo asked against Izaya's ear.

Izaya barely nodded, his eyes half-lidded and glazed. Shizuo pulled his fingers out and Izaya felt relief at the loosened feeling, though not much as Shizuo's cock was still sheathed inside him. Shizuo's free hand now wrapped around Izaya's length, and pumped. Izaya bucked his hips and shoved his ass deeper onto Shizuo's cock. He clenched his fists and pressed against the window for support.

He felt Shizuo tighten his grip around his waist and he knew what was next. Shizuo slammed Izaya's pelvis forward, all the while pumping his length. The glass vibrated.

Shizuo pulled his cock out until only the tip was inside, and slammed back into Izaya, ripping a loud moan from those swollen lips. And this Shizuo did again, and again, thrusting into Izaya, finding his sweetspot, and slamming right back into it. The glass shook violently as Shizuo's thrusts grew quicker and harder.

He stopped pumping Izaya and grabbed both hips in his hands, instead. He held Izaya in place and fucked his ass repeatedly, the friction making the outside of Izaya's hole go numb. Izaya screamed out in pleasure, clenching his hands into tight balls of fists. Shizuo continued to fuck Izaya senseless, shoving his cock deep into Izaya and pretty much slamming him into the window.

Only when he was close did he slow down slightly and grabbed Izaya's cock again. He started pumping furiously, stilling his own thrusts. Izaya couldn't do anything but moan under Shizuo's control.

"Shizu-chan…Shizu-chan," he repeated, almost like a mantra.

When he began to tense, Shizuo started his thrusts again, in rhythm to his pumps. They were in complete ecstasy, minds taken over by complete lust. Shizuo thrust harshly into Izaya's prostate along with a firm, smooth pump of Izaya's cock and they both came violently; Izaya all onto Shizuo's hand and the window, and Shizuo all into Izaya's scorching hole.

The sudden silence droned in their ears, heightening the sound of their uneven, heavy breathing.

"C'mere," Shizuo mumbled, picking Izaya up and bringing him to the floor beside his desk, Shizuo leaning against the side of it.

Izaya lay on top of Shizuo, all energy drained from his body. He tried to catch his breath as Shizuo smoothed his hair, running his fingers through the silky, black locks. They stayed like that for two minutes, trying to catch up to reality.

When Izaya finally regained enough energy, he said, "Shizu-chan…you are such a brute."

Shizuo looked down at the back of Izaya's head, and replied with a, "Hm."

That was the end of their conversation, and Shizuo realized that Izaya had fallen asleep on him. He decided to let it slide, and soon he, too, fell asleep. The both of them, on the floor and leaning against Izaya's desk. Shizuo vaguely remembered that Izaya needed to clean the mess on the window…

They both fell asleep, satisfied by the day's event. Maybe they had become something more than a relationship labeled "with benefits."

Maybe…but sleep took over before they could dwell on anything else.



Thank you for reading!