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Genius: The Next Generation

A FanFic By: D. Raj David

Part One: The Beginning of the End

I. The Start of Something New

The sunny splendor of Retroville was breathtakingly beautiful. It was a sunny, average, day in the suburban city of Retroville, and the students of its main institution of higher learning shuffled through the halls of Lindbergh High School, their day about to begin. The normality of the day would later come crashing down around them, however, as they would soon face a threat greater than they could have ever imagined.

A girl walked throughout the hallways, mind adrift with thoughts of clouded, confused feelings and an image of hazel eyes burned into her brain. She was a beautiful girl. Her hair was a pure and perfect blonde color with light natural brown highlights, and it leveled out at shoulder length, but was currently tied and held up in a ponytail. Her fair skin and radiant figure was something to be obviously admired—albeit from a distance, as she was prone to attack admirers who came too close.

She was clearly fit and athletic, a tell-tale sign that she was far swifter and stronger than the average female. However, her muscular form did not give her the appearance of an oversized "She-Hulk," like so many other girls that would have built their muscle mass on their arms, instead of their abdomen or lower back like the blonde had done. On the contrary, her musculature made her all the more attractive.

However, her personality was something else entirely. While her appearances were attractive, her attitudes and actions were atrocious and aggressive at best. She was just as brutal as she was beautiful. She was a deception, a walking paradox, a living oxymoron. She was a deathtrap.

Her sapphire eyes stared down continuously, as she maneuvered herself further down the hallway, and although her eyes were focused on her black and purple converse sneakers, she only saw that face. It was the face she always saw, and she knew exactly why she saw it.

Somewhere close by, a boy was walking at the other end of the hallway, an image of a beautiful sapphire-eyed girl melded in his mind. His thoughts were confused and hazy at best, and this was unusual because he always had a clear mind, but the face—her face—was ingrained in his brain, and he could concentrate on nothing else.

He was a boy of average weight and height with a thin muscular build and hair of an auburn color, perfectly mixed between blonde and brunette. His hair, spiked up, was lying flawlessly on top of an angelic face. His face was soft and welcoming, like a small child; however, his features were somehow also fierce and fearless, effortlessly combining the softness of an infant and the ferocity of a soldier in his facial expression.

His tanned milky skin and flawless face usually resonated confidence; however, today his demeanor told a clearly different story, one that said he was unsure and confused. His hazel eyes scanned the floor in front of him, not looking up, and not aware.

The two teenagers continued walking in opposite directions, toward each other, not realizing that their paths were about to cross, in more ways than one. The impact was imminent, and the looming collision was apparent to everyone in hallway, except the two on the crash course.

A young Hispanic boy with a skinny build and jet black hair looked on in amusement; beside him was his girlfriend of two years, Lacey Walldrop, a dark-haired, dark-skinned beauty, a look of amused anticipation on her face.

The impact was sudden and jarring, and although it lasted for only fractions of a second, it felt like hours passed by as the two collided and went flying, both in the opposite direction that they had previously been walking. They hit the floor with a 'THUD,' as they both quickly readjusted their senses and took head of their surroundings. The girl was the first to get up, her temper rising faster than her body did.

"What the hell, Watts?" the girl blared, rather angrily, as she addressed the boy. The boy, unlike his quickly angered counterpart, had not been so quick to gather his surroundings, and had not until now realized who he had hit.

"What are you talking about?" he spat in response, still a little dazed as he responded, looking up from the floor to make eye contact with his insulter.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, Watts? I mean, honestly, do you ever pay attention?" she shot back, still irritated, although her temper was dropping and her heart rate was slowing.

"I-I'm sorry. …And I do pay attention; I was just, just—" the boy responded, helping himself up, still a little confused and embarrassed, but that was quickly passing.

"Just what?" the girl responded, somewhat amused annoyance in her raised voice, which could have easily been confused with an actual temper.

The boy knew her better than that though, and he chuckled slightly as he responded to her question, "I was just distracted by something." he responded, lightly dusting himself off.

"Oh, really…? And just what could possibly have distracted you, oh attentive one." she retorted, her voice dripping with smugness and sarcasm.

"Oh, I think you know, Vortex." was his simple, level-headed response. He made direct eye contact with the girl as he said this, and his implication was clear, yet also cleverly covered up. The confidence he usually exhibited had now clearly returned as he continued his conversation with the girl.

"Vortex?" she asked, a little annoyed, playfully scowling at him.

"What? You can call me Watts, but I can't call you Vortex?" the boy responded.

"Watts is your name. …Isn't it?" she asked, already knowing the answer. She slowly and sickeningly enunciated her words, so as to exploit every flaw in her opponent's reasoning.

"Well, yeah, but how come you can call me by last name, and I can't call you by yours?" he asked, using her logic against her.

"Of course you can. I wear my last name proudly." she stated, and her voice rang with the pride she had just mentioned.

"But I just did use your last name, and yo—" the boy started, but he was cut-off by the girl's ready response.

"Yes, but you know very well that isn't my whole last name." she shot back, and at the same time, she held out her hand and motioned as if she wanted him to hand her something.

He knew what that gesture meant: she wanted him to admit his mistake and correct it; she had won the argument.

"I know… …But, but…" he trailed off.

"But…" she urged him on.

"But it's just that your whole last name is so long, and I—" the boy was, once again, cut-off by the girl's reasoning.

"It doesn't matter; it's my name, and I'm proud of it. I will not have you butcher it. Say it correctly, or use the alternative." she challenged.

"Fine." the boy gave in. "I'm sorry, Jen. Happy?" he shot back, angry at his degrading defeat.

"Why, of course Ryan. …And I accept your apology." she retorted, cunningly and cutely shaping her mouth into an alluring smile and slightly wrinkling her nose. This made him loose his confidence and plunge his thoughts into a hazy mist once again. She knew how to play him.

Ryan regained his focus, and he smirked, showing just enough of his pearly white teeth to send chills down her spine. Although she didn't show any sign of feeling this way, he knew he had caused her the same sensation he had felt only moments earlier. He could play that game to.

"I mean, honestly though, 'Neutron-Vortex,' is just way too much of a mouthful. Your parents just couldn't come to a compromise, could they?" he asked, jokingly.

She shrugged, "You have no idea; they've got to be the two most stubborn people in the world," she started, in a tone of feigned and false annoyance, "but I wouldn't have it any other way." she finished with a smile, changing her tone from one of false annoyance to one of happiness. She had only just lately learned to stop being so angry, and her happy tone had only recently started showing itself.

This "nice" side of her was still a very new concept to Ryan, and her genuine kindness took him by surprise, but he quickly adjusted his attitude, by responding equally as cheerily. "Wow, so that's where you get it from, huh? Your dad must either be boldly brave or incredibly insane to stand up to your mom, because she's like an assassin or something." Ryan chuckled in response.

"Like I said, you have no idea… Wait! You think I'm stubborn?" she asked, as a tone of phony pain filled her voice. She knew he hated when she did that. He knew that she wasn't truly insulted, but hearing her voice like that made him feel like he had just kicked a kitten.

"Yeah…i-in…in a good way, of course." he stammered out.

"I love your stubbornness, though. It makes you a strong person, which makes you better at challenging me, and thus, you keep me in check, and we all know how much I need that." he replied, meaning every word he said.

Her reaction was delayed because she hadn't expected him to display such a blatant show of affection for her. "Wow…Ryan…that's, um, that's really sweet. Thank you." she finished.

"Ha, no problem; I meant every word." he started, nicely enough, but then he altered his tone slightly, until it held a hint of accusation in it as he finished his formerly flattering statement. "I wonder if Mrs. 'Neutron-Vortex' is as good at manipulating emotions as you are." he finished flatly.

"Yeah, well, once again, you have no ide—" Jenny started saying, actually beginning to enjoy the conversation, before being interrupted by her brother.

"Hey, sis, I need like, um, let's see… …Only a measly five dollars, so, would you mind, um… …Ya' know?" her brother finished his "amazingly articulated" monologue with some hesitancy, and he looked up at his older sister with a hopeful look. His completely brown hair covered enchanting emerald eyes plastered on a creamy face with a strong, austere, yet peaceful, expression made it difficult for her to deny him any request—and he knew it.

"Ughh, Jake, what is it now?" she asked, slightly annoyed, both at having to put her conversation with Ryan on hold, and at the fact that her brother was having more "money troubles." She seemed annoyed, but the truth was that she had very soft spot for her brother, and he knew it.

"Well, you see… …Um… …Sarah kind of—" he started, but his choppy explanation was interrupted by his sister's slightly more annoyed voice. She had already inferred the rest of the information that her brother had failed to get out of his mouth.

"SARAH? Let me get this straight. YOU want MY money to impress an AIRHEAD who makes my GENIUS brother act like a brain-dead IDIOT?" she asked, but somehow managed to make it seem more like an accusation rather than a question.

"Well, yeah… …Um… …Kind of…" he trailed off.

Jenny did not, in the least, care what girl her brother went after, but she absolutely hated girls that used boys to get whatever they want, and Sarah Heart was just such a girl. Her brother and herself were geniuses—literally, seeing as how both of their parents were, presumably, the two smartest humans to ever walk the Earth.

Sarah, however, made him act like a brain-dead idiot, and her brother never had trouble around girls, but there was just something about Sarah. That something made Jake go head-over-heels for her and simultaneously made Jenny hate her all the more.

"Jake, you know how I feel about her." Jenny spat the last word vehemently.

"Jakey-Poo!" called a shrill, but somehow also attractive, voice from the down hall. A moment later, a tall, brunette-haired, amber-eyed, girl appeared at the location where Jake and his sister were talking.

"Wh-What?" Jake responded, somewhat surprised, but going but brain-dead once again. "H-Hey, um, S-Sh-Sarah…" he trailed off, awkwardly addressing the girl that had just recently appeared. He sounded unconfident and dumbstruck, and he never sounded like that when talking to a girl.

"Well, what about that soda, huh?" Sarah asked, a little too demandingly, but still maintaining her attractive tone.

"Um, yeah… …S-Sure, but first I need…" he trailed off, looking pleadingly at his older sister.

"Ughh, you know what Sarah?" Jenny intervened on her brother's behalf.

"What is it Neutrex?" Sarah responded, hastily.

Before Jenny could comment on her newfound name combination, Ryan interjected.

"Hmmm, Neutrex… I like it!" he responded enthusiastically, and Jenny shot him a death-glare that seriously almost killed him. He then proceeded to shut up.

"Listen, Sarah," Jenny continued, surprisingly level-headed, "my brother is a good guy, and quite frankly you don't deserve him, so maybe you should try doing something for him, for a change, because you are the one who should be trying to earn his affection." Jenny finished solemnly.

"I-I… …I do appreciate him!" Sarah shot back, and she immediately stroked a gentle hand across Jake's cheek, and he shuddered at the touch.

As if on cue, another attractive female walked by Jake, and stopped to chat with him. His true nature of conversing with the opposite sex was then revealed.

"Hey, Lucy." he said coolly, addressing the beautiful, dark-haired, slightly tanned girl in front of him.

"Hey, Jake. How's it going?" she responded nonchalantly.

"Oh, you know: 'same-old, same-old.' So, would you care to grace me with your incredible intelligence, stupefying splendor, and/or breathtaking beauty, while I accompany you to class?" he asked, completely confidant, and under control of his mind and actions.

Jenny rolled her eyes. The intricate information gained from reading the dictionary wasn't a skill that was supposed to be used like this. But that is how Jacob Neutron-Vortex was using it.

"Um, sure." Lucy giggled attractively in response, taking his hand hers and leading him off to their first period class: "AP Fundamental Quantum Theory." Lucy was no idiot, as her choice of classes for her sophomore year suggested.

"See! Now that girl more-than-deserves Jake." Jenny started, suddenly feeling better about the situation. "Plus, she isn't an idiot." Jenny finished plainly, aiming her fatal stare at Sarah as she spat the last words.

"GRRRR!" Sarah shrieked, as she stormed away from the sight of her latest defeat.

At this point Lacey, and her Hispanic boyfriend approached Jenny and Ryan, almost unnoticed by the two standing in the middle of the hall.

"Hey girl!" Lacey greeted her best friend.

"Oh, hey Lacey. Ha, did you see the look on her face!" Jenny replied to her friend with amusement.

"Oh, I know; that was great. You always shut her down, and she always gets mad; she needs to get over herself!" Lacey said in slight annoyance.

"I dunno; I think it's kinda hot when a woman takes charge." the Hispanic said, his voice heavy in innuendo, as he waggled his eyebrows at his girlfriend. She giggled, Jenny rolled her eyes, and Ryan chuckled.

"Sean, you're an idiot." Lacey replied to his remark.

"Yeah, but I'm your idiot." he retorted, smiling.

"Yes, yes you are." she said, and leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"What's up, 'Sean-Con?'" Ryan said, addressing his friend, excitedly.

"What's good, 'Ry-Man?'" his friend responded, just as excited as his colleague, and the two boys then engaged in an elaborate greeting: a series of fist-bumps, air pounds, foot-stomps, and a surprisingly complicated handshake.

"Sean-Con? Ry-Man?" Lacey and Jenny asked simultaneously, not wanting to believe the two boys were literally that lame.

The two girls looked at each other and shook their heads. The boys simply shrugged, embracing their "nerdyness."

"Well, what can I say? The affection a 'bromance' is hard to show, and it is even harder to maintain." Sean responded the girls' expressions. He sounded very philosophical and that was very unlike him. The way he perfectly impersonated Dr. Phil made the girls lose themselves in laughter, even Jenny, and she wasn't too fond of his jokes.

"BROMANCE?!" the girls responded in unison, not bothering to hold in their laughter.

Ryan put his hand around his friend, and smiled, saying, "You betchya!"

"Well, we should really make this a 'threesome.'" an attractive dark-haired boy with an obvious muscular build interjected, putting his arm around both Sean and Ryan. He had been late to meet with his friends due to his intensive flirting with the girl that had just walked past the boys, blushing heavily.

"Of course; we could never forget you, Collin." Ryan said, accepting his friend's embrace.

"Okay, Sean has a girlfriend, and Collin is a massive player and gets a lot of girls, but YOU?" Jenny asked, addressing the three boys, the last word directed at Ryan. "There is no proof that you are in fact straight, so I would refrain from the engaging in this 'bromance,' if I were you." she finished, between fits of comical chuckling.

"Oh, I think we both know what the proof is that I'm straight." he said, smiling and making direct eye contact with her. She blushed slightly at this.

"I am not a massive player; I am an average player." Collin responded to her earlier remark.

"Oh, please. Collin, your tendency to hit on anything that moves is incredible." she responded, eyeing him seriously.

"...Heh… …Heh, well, thank you." Collin responded, finally seeing her reasoning. "I didn't know that you paid so much attention to my flirting tactics." he said, waggling his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes at his remark. "Get your mind out of the gutter, or I'll see to it that the gutter is where the police will find your broken, mangled body." she finished, her usual tone of aggressiveness and anger clearly showing itself.

"..." Collin simply stopped talking; he knew she wasn't kidding, and he desperately wanted his body in one piece—in order to hit on more girls.

The warning bell rang throughout then hallways, signaling that the children had but five minutes left before they would be late to their first class.

"Well, I guess we'll see you at lunch." Lacey said, saying goodbye to her friends, in a semi-sorrowful way.

"Yeah, see you guys." Ryan responded. The teens turned around, opened their lockers painted in electric blue, and grabbed what they needed to begin the day. They then split up into two separate groups.

Ryan and Jenny veered off together, both headed towards their first period class, "AP Doctoral Science and The Effect It Has on the Mind." Ryan was certainly not an idiot either. In fact, he was probably the only person in the school that was able to compete with Jenny's intellect—except for her brother of course, but he never showed his competitive side.

Sean wrapped his arm around Lacey, and Collin followed the couple as the three friends began to make their way toward their average science class, "Physics 101."

"You two be nice, now, ya' hear?" Lacey called mockingly, and Jenny turned around and rolled her eyes at her friend, catching the undertone in her voice. Lacey winked at Jenny in response, and the two groups dispersed towards their classes.

Lacey knew everything about her friend from the inside-out, including who her current crush was—although this crush had developed years before.

The five friends made their way to their designated classes. Their school day had begun. But the peace of this small town wouldn't last for long.

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