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IX. Fight for Survival

The woman warily looked into her captor's dangerously red eyes. His ruthless reptilian slits stared into the woman's very soul. She wanted to look away, but she could not. Her knees ached from the large amount of time that she had spent on the cruel, cracked, concrete beneath her. Her hands were bound heavily behind her back, and her captor seemed to revel in her constant discomfort, and she hated that she was making him happy, simply by being in distress.

Her fearfully fluid-filled eyes watched the monstrous man carefully, as he stood in front her, grinning gruesomely. He stepped back from the woman, and he addressed her carefully, his words enunciated with the threat of death—or perhaps, something worse.

"Now, now, miss Quinlin. I do not want to kill you. It would be far too tragic to lose, yet another, pretty face, in all of this." the man said, gesturing to the smoldering city of Retroville around the charred rooftop that they were currently on top of. The woman squirmed restlessly. Her mind couldn't think of many valid replies. Her mind could only think of her daughters.

Proxian ships shot by overhead, and the man grinned more ferociously than before—which the woman consciously thought was impossible. His dark auburn hair was chaotically cropped around his slightly scared face. His smile was out of place. It was alien—like the invaders that this man had, without a doubt, made a deal with.

The woman averted her gaze from the man. The man swiftly snatched her head, by her hair, and he viciously brought her face up to meet his own. Tears fell freely down the woman's cheeks, but she avoided giving the man the pleasure of hearing her scream.

"Look at me, when I'm talking to you! I will not be overlooked!" he boomed boisterously, and the woman nodded slowly in agreement. He let go of her head. "Good." he said, easing himself to kneel down to meet her, eye-to-eye.

"Now, listen, miss Quinlin, I know that you have two young ones out there," the man said, signaling to the ruined Retroville around him, "and it would be a terrible shame to have to lose your daughters, and not even know that you lost them—especially in all of this chaos." he finished forcefully.

Betty cringed. He smiled. He leaned closer to the frightened young woman. "You may not be very smart, Bethany, but you are no idiot. Unlike me, you value your life. Answer my questions, and you keep your life. Refuse, and you forfeit the only thing of value that you have left—albeit not much value. You will forfeit your life. You may not fear death, Miss Quinlin, but you do fear failure. If you die, then you will fail. If you die, then you will never see your daughters again—or you will see them rather quickly, depending…on certain factors. Now, do you understand me, Miss Quinlin?" he enunciated elaborately for her.

Betty nodded slowly. The fear in her eyes was replaced by disgust. The man smiled once again.

"You don't like me? Well, that makes two of us. Now, I have one very simple question. Answer it, and you are free to go, free to add mere minutes onto your pathetically useless, fragile existence." he said, and she did not move. The disgust in her eyes changed, first, into confusion, then into rage. He grinned.

"You humans and your emotions are so easily influenced. Useless emotions, they seem to dictate everything you do. You apes have released logic, so logic dictates that you must be released." he stated simply.

"Us humans? You insane, sociopathic, piece of shit! You are human, you traitor!" Betty exploded.

He laughed, mirthlessly. "No. I was human. They cast me out, rejected me. They thought that I was inferior. By the judgment of their rules, regulations, and restrictions, I was deemed to be less. But, I wasn't inferior. I was superior. It was their rules that were inferior. They cast me out of the human race, because I was not human in behavior. Now, I am no longer human in design." he said, expertly extending murderous metallic blades, from each of his two forearms, as his blood-red eyes became deviously darker as they narrowed. Betty went wide-eyed. He smiled wider.

"You're… …You're a monster…" Betty said, trailing off.

He grinned again, this time showing her his two reptilian fangs on the upper sides of his mouth. She cringed. "No, sweetheart. I kill monsters." he said, laughing insanely.

"…Just… …Just, ask the question…" Betty begged him. He stopped laughing, and he looked her directly in the eye.

"…Please." Betty added. He smiled sinisterly, and she had to resist the urge to cringe once again.

"Very well, then, Miss Quinlin. The question, as I have said, is a simple one. Where, my dear brainless beauty, is Mister James Neutron?" he asked aptly. Betty looked into his eyes, and she knew one thing. He would receive his answer—one way or another.

Jimmy and Cindy had just finished elaborately explaining to their friends, how to operate and wear their suits of armor. Jimmy hit a key on his wrist, and the bold blue armor that was securely surrounding his body began to retract, fold-in on itself, and slide, plate-by-plate, all to form a single metallic bracelet around his right wrist. His friends all followed suit, and their suits performed a similar actions, and soon, they were all wearing their normal civilian clothing.

"…And, remember, the neural interface in the suits, will increase your speed, strength, stamina, and senses, all, by a factor of one-hundred, but, you, personally, will still have to be the working the suit. The weapons systems built-in to each suit is representative of each of distinctive fighting styles, defensive styles, and—in Resa's case, and Carl's case—their personalities, as well. The suits' integrated AI link-up will provide you with real-time information, important to the battle, as of the current time, and Aria should be able to access your suit's systems, should she need to, or should you ask her to." Jimmy finished explaining, and his friends all nodded in response.

Jimmy turned his head to his wife, to see that she still had her armor around her body. He raised an eyebrow, and she finally caught his gaze. She sighed, and she keyed her button, retracting her suit as her friends had previously done.

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "…As you can see, the suits are easy to adapt to, and sometimes easier to operate, then walking in civilian clothes, but they can fail, and that should be kept in mind." he said, summing-up Cindy's thoughts.

Sheen raised his hand.

"Yes, Sheen?" Jimmy asked him.

"Can these things fly, Jimmy?" he asked aptly.

"Oh, they can do more than just fly, Estevez." Cindy answered on her husband's behalf.

"Hey, I was perfectly capable of answering that." Jimmy said.

Cindy smiled. "I know. But you didn't. I did." she replied. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

Jimmy looked to his friends and family, and he sighed. He knew that they would soon face a threat greater than they had ever imagined, and the fact that they could imagine very terrible things only made that thought synergistically worse.

Jimmy opened his mouth to say something, but Aria cut him off. "Sir, Dimitri Vazov is on the phone for you. Shall I patch him through?" she asked aptly.

Jimmy sighed very deeply. He hated Dimitri. But he knew that he would need his help, and Jimmy Neutron never needed anyone's help. He knew that this situation was different, though. Dimitri was Jimmy's competition in weapon designs, and manufacturing. He hadn't always followed the law, and the instances that he hadn't done things legally, he had come into serious conflict with Jimmy, Cindy, or both.

He was also almost equally evenly matched with the Neutron-Vortexes in intellect. Almost. And he was Russian. He was vicious, violent, and brash. But Jimmy knew that he was no idiot. He had to have known that this situation called for their cooperation. Either that, or Dimitri just wanted to kill Jimmy, before the aliens did—which was actually a likely possibility.

"Yes, Aria. Patch him through." he replied, and the entire room filled with an anxious atmosphere, as Dimitri's voice was soon heard over the intercom.

"Neutron. Neutron, are you listening?" Dimitri asked in a light Russian accent.

"Yes, Vazov. I'm here." Jimmy replied, reluctantly.

"Good. Then, we should begin. I'll make this quick—very quick, as you and I, both know that the other despises this meeting with a great amount of disdain." Dimitri offered.

"Fair enough. What do you have to offer me?" Jimmy asked in response.

"These creatures—these aliens—they are far more advanced than anything that either of us has ever seen—even you. You cannot accurately deny that." the Russian said.

"You're right. I can't. Continue." Jimmy urged him on.

"Well, the smartest man to walk the earth is admitting that someone else is right? I am both astonished, and terrified, Neutron. These creatures must have more up their sleeves than I could have imagined." Dimitri mocked the genius.

"Don't start with me, Dimitri. And, yes, you are right, once again. You have no idea what these creatures are capable of." Jimmy elaborated.

There was silence for a moment. "I see. Very well, then, Neutron. My proposition is simple one. I will distribute any and all of my weapons, designs, and funding to as many countries, and their militaries, as I can. However, I will only do so, if, you can convince them all to cooperate, and you can ensure that any and all of my weapons will be used to spill blue blood, and not human blood. I do not wish to start 'World War III.' I only wish to end this current war. Besides, if I started a world war, it destroy all of my usual buyers. I'm in the business of war, Neutron, not annihilation." he explained his plan.

"I agree. I have already made preparations to have my own weapons and designs mass-produced, and distributed to any and all of the nations that are currently a member of the UN. Believe me, Dimitri, the world will be very cooperative. They have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by doing so. And everything is already at risk of being lost." Jimmy replied.

"Very well, Neutron. I shall see you in the field." Dimitri answered.

"Agreed." Jimmy responded.

"Your wife is coming, I assume." Dimitri snuck in.

"Yes." Jimmy said shortly.

Dimitri laughed. "Then our enemies have doomed themselves." he joked.

"Indeed they have." Jimmy agreed.

"Very well, Neutron. We will see how the geniuses fight. America and Russia have become strongholds. They must not fall. I will see to this, only if you will ensure that your own end is held-up." Dimitri said.

"I understand, Dimitri. I shall see you in the field." Jimmy said, and the line went dead.

Sheen went wide-eyed. "Wow. Dimitri is on our side? That's a serious change! Man, this must be worse than you let on!" Sheen exclaimed.

Jimmy nodded. "It is, Sheen. It is." Jimmy agreed. Sheen remained silent. Enemies had just become friends. James Neutron and Dimitri Vazov were mortal enemies. Now, they were the greatest of allies, forced together by a new threat that loomed overhead, and threatened everything that they had both ever known.

Jimmy sighed, and he turned to view his friends and family, only to see that his daughter was missing. Jimmy looked to his wife and raised an eyebrow. Cindy shrugged. Jimmy narrowed his eyes.

"Cin, get everyone ready or full combat, please. I'll be right back." he said, and Cindy nodded in response, as Jimmy walked over to his daughter's personal lab.

Jimmy entered Jenny's lab, and he looked to the left wall of his oldest child's lab, where there was an open door. Jimmy narrowed his eyes, and he walked through the threshold of the open door.

Jimmy stopped, stood, and surveyed the room before him. Jenny was on the far side of the room that branched off from her personal lab. She was wearing a white lab coat, with a pair of protective goggles. Her hair was up in a ponytail. Jimmy knew what she was doing. She was doing what he had hoped that she would never do. She was preparing. She was preparing for war.

"This room was locked down." Jimmy said.

Jenny shrugged, her back still turned to him. "I unlocked it." she replied, still rummaging through some things.

"I forbade you from going in here, Jenny." he added.

Jenny stopped for second. "I forgot." she said, resuming her previous actions.

"You forgot?" Jimmy repeated, incredulously.

"Yes. I forgot." Jenny repeated.

"No. No, you didn't. That's quite impossible. I would know." Jimmy reprimanded her.

Jenny shrugged again. Jimmy sighed—very deeply.

"Jenny, I—" Jimmy began, but his daughter cut him off.

"Exactly. I. You. What you are about to tell me, is based on what you would do. It is based on you, dad. I am not you. I do not have scruples, father. You think mom pushed me too hard? She didn't push me hard enough. She broke me, and now, I am rebuilding myself in a way that will allow me to beat them—an enemy that even you are unsure that you can defeat. I will use whatever I can to do that—even, or rather especially, this room." Jenny said adamantly, cutting him off.

Jimmy sighed, shutting his mouth. He thought for a long time, and then he finally spoke. "You must have a reason for suddenly being so suddenly sadistic, and it is not the imminent destruction of our planet." Jimmy said, and Jenny paused for second, once again, before grabbing a welding torch, and igniting it, splicing something together.

"There is." she said, simply.

Jimmy sighed. "Take extra armor. And don't take any more munitions than you can carry." he said, leaving the room, while Jenny paused once again, only to resume her previous activities, with more vigor than before.

Jimmy returned to Cindy, and she and the rest of the adults had their armor securely in place.

Jimmy hit a key on his wrist, and his armor activated, and folded itself securely around him. Cindy turned to Jimmy.

"Where's Jenny?" she asked aptly.

Jimmy turned to her. "She's getting ready." he replied. "She's in the 'Rampage Room.'" he finished.

Jake raised an eyebrow. "…And she didn't invite me?" he asked jokingly.

Jenny stepped back into the main lab, wearing her usual civilian clothes and two crisscrossing belts of ammunitions, weapons, blades—as well as a pair of her specialty "Specter Shades." She tossed two belts, filled with weapons, to Jake. He caught them, and he shot her a weary look.

"Didn't need to invite you. I know what you like. Suit up. And don't expect to come back clean, so don't worry about the spinning rims, or the shinning finish. Hurry." she said, tossing him his own pair of specter shades. The shades wirelessly tapped-into the user's brainwaves, and gave him or her a concisely clear view of any and all of the options and advantages that they had around them—exits, escapes, weak points on enemies, hotspots, etc.

Jake nodded, and he skillfully, swiftly, donned his equipment. Jenny tossed a single belt to each of the Estevez siblings. They caught them, and then looked to each other. The two siblings looked towards Jake, and he nodded at them. They donned their equipment as well.

"…Um, where are you going…?" Libby asked anxiously, but unfortunately, Jimmy and Cindy already knew that answer to that question.

"Out." Jenny replied somberly. Libby looked taken aback. "And Sam and Eric are coming with us. …If, and only if, it is okay with you two." Jenny said, addressing Sheen and Libby. They both looked towards each other, and then to their two genius friends. Jimmy and Cindy looked to each other, their expressionless armored faces mirroring their internal turmoil.

"It's your decision." Jimmy and Cindy said in unison, responding, both, to their children, and to Sheen and Libby.

"What are you going to do?" Libby asked again.

"Buy you guys some time. …And take care of some pressing anger issues." Jenny said seriously.

Libby and Sheen looked to each other, and then to their children. "We have enough time—" Libby began, but Jenny cut her off.

"No. No, you do not." Jenny replied adamantly.

Libby gulped, tears forming below her armored mask. "Fine. But, come back. Alive. Or I'll kill you. Understand?" she asked. Her children knew that it wasn't a request. It was an order.

Sam and Eric looked to each other, and then at parents, nodding. Jenny tossed them each a pair of specter shades. They both donned them.

Jenny turned to Jake. "Where is your girlfriend?" she asked.

Jake looked down at his feet. "I don't know. I can't get through." he replied sadly. "Why?" he asked.

Jenny smirked at him. "That's because she's too busy spilling blue blood. We need to find her, regardless, though. She has our serums. I'm sure that Ryan distributed them, and she would be wherever Ryan is, as it only makes sense. They're the two best fighters—besides us." Jenny explained, and Jake nodded.

Jake smiled. "We could just follow the trail of extraterrestrial entrails. I'm sure it'll lead us to her." he replied. Jenny smiled and nodded.

"Aria! Open the back access hatch to the lab, and move my hover-bike to meet us there. Make sure that it's gassed-up, and ready to go!" Jenny ordered, and Aria responded just as quickly.

"Of course, ma'am. Anything else?" Aria answered.

"Yeah. Keep an eye on the house. We'll be back." Jenny said, as a door opened to her right. A staircase led up to a second door, and to the outside world, where their hover-bikes would be awaiting them.

"We'll be back, and we'll be safe." Jenny said, turning and addressing her parents.

"I know that you will." they said in unison.

"We'll take the front door. Don't be too hasty, and always be vigilant of your surroundings." Jimmy said, and Jenny nodded in response.

"Okay, let's get out of here." she said, addressing her two friends, and her brother. They all nodded.

"…So, what's the plan, boss?" Sam asked Jake.

He shrugged. "Same as always. Almost die—but not quite. Then make sure that the enemy does, instead." he answered her.

Sam shrugged. The four teens headed up, and out of the stairway before them, and directly into battle.

Lucy gritted her teeth, and she tore at her top, and used the shredded scraps to bandage her burnt shoulders. She looked over to Rachel, and she let out a breath of relief to see that the child had crawled successfully to her side.

"You're bleeding." Rachel said, pointing to the wounds on Lucy's shoulders.

Lucy nodded. "Yeah, and my blood is really valuable. Shame. Looks like they're gonna have to pay. Whaddaya say?" Lucy said, addressing the toddler. Rachel nodded slowly. Lucy tried her best to avoid wincing as she bandaged her shoulders. But she failed. Rachel pouted slightly at her hearing her moans of pain.

Lucy raised her weapons, and she looked directly through the shield in front of her. Her enemies had gained some distance, but they still remained separated from her, by the shield. Lucy took a deep breath, and peeked around the shield, leveling her pistols at her enemies. They fired first.

Across the alleyway, Ryan was embattled as well. And he was not winning.

Ryan was slammed into the wall—hard. Blood flew out of the boy's mouth, and the creature's foot flew into his chest. Ryan had no more blood to give, so he gave breath, instead. It rushed out of his body at speeds that he thought were impossible.

The alien skillfully swung his metallic blade at the boy's head. Ryan saw this action, and he saw his only way out as well. Using any and all of his remaining strength, stamina, and sustenance, he ducked under the creature's slice, and he lunged squarely at his chest, using his knife as a guide. The metal made contact on the alien armor, and a moment later, it cut through alien flesh, spilling blue blood on the asphalt floor—although not enough to match the copious amounts of red human blood that Ryan had lost.

The alien screamed in agony, but he quickly regained his composure, and sidestepped away from Ryan's next lunge, grabbing the boy by the arm as he came forward. The alien then swiftly spun around and plowed Ryan, back first, into the unforgiving asphalt below him. More blood erupted from the boy's mouth. The alien dove at the boy, blades first, but Ryan rolled away, and the alien stabbed the ground, instead. Ryan slowly, surely, got to his feet, and surveyed his enemy in his entirety. He had one injury, and that was the point that Ryan had to focus on, if he wanted to inflict any further damage.

Ryan quickly glanced at his knife. It was soaked in alien gore. He was thankful for Jenny's gravity-generator that she had input into the blade. It diminished the forces that resisted the blade's slice, to almost nothing. It was the only reason that Ryan was able to cut through the alien's armor so easily. The alien was extremely well-trained.

He was smarter than Ryan. He was swifter, stronger, and more sensible. He was used to warfare. Ryan was not. Ryan had no energy remaining. He was at the edge of his strength, stamina, and sustenance. But Ryan knew one other thing as well. He was not going to lose. He was not going to die—not here. The alien lunged at him, and Ryan ducked under his blow, as he sprung up at the alien, blade first.

Lucy emptied her batteries into the middle of her enemies. The plasma caught one, but a greater number rolled away, and avoided injury. They were all quick to return fire, just as Lucy rolled to the opposite side of the alleyway, in order to obtain a better vantage point. They were learning. They knew. They would not be easy to hit. She had killed one. Three remained. Lucy loaded her remaining batteries into her weapons, and she prepared to return fire.

Lucy looked towards Rachel, still behind the shield, and she silently instructed her to stay there. Rachel nodded, and she did so, but it was obviously a reluctant effort.

Lucy popped her head around the brick corner of the alley, and her enemies returned fire. She ducked back behind it, and leapt from cover, just as their barrage ceased. She opened up. She had no cover, and no more ammo. If she missed, she was dead.

Ryan stumbled backwards, and he spit more blood onto the asphalt before him. The alien charged at him, and Ryan had no options remaining. He would die if he didn't act. Suddenly, a thought flashed into his mind.

Ryan dispensed an energy orb into his hands, and he clicked the device. He threw the device at the alien as he charged, and the forcefield expanded, and made contact with the alien, before the alien could make contact with Ryan. The alien was deflected into the wall opposite Ryan, and Ryan didn't waste any time. He ran, full speed, towards the creature, and he lunged, blade first, at his head. Ryan's blade made contact, first with alien armor, and then with flesh. The creature writhed and screamed, as its life was ended. Ryan twisted the knife, and jammed it in harder. The movement stopped.

Ryan sighed deeply, and he removed the knife, as the alien's deceased body fell to the floor. Ryan looked over to Lucy, and he saw her passed out on the asphalt floor. Ryan went wide-eyed, and he began to rush over to her. Lucy stopped him, by giving him a thumbs-up symbol, from her position on her back. She was alive, and her enemies were not. She was simply exhausted. He could understand that.

Ryan chuckled mirthlessly, as he saw his friend's thumbs-up. She dropped her hand once again, trying to catch her breath, surrounded by dead alien bodies.

Ryan reached her side, and her forcefield disappeared. Ryan bent down, and he gently inspected Rachel's leg, bandaging it with scraps from his own shirt as he saw fit. He lifted her onto his shoulder, while Lucy inspected her weapons, and stood by his side.

Just as the teens were about to leave the alleyway, a terrible thing occurred. Aliens descended on them. Five new, armed, aliens descended from the rooftops above, and they all aimed their weapons at the teens, as they surrounded their prey.

Ryan and Lucy were back-to-back, both of their warp pistols drawn, and at the ready. They had almost no ammo remaining. They were exhausted, and out of energy and stamina. They had both lost copious amounts of blood. Their enemies were smarter, swifter, stronger, and more sensible than they were. And they were outnumbered. The odds were terrible. But they were used to that.

"…Last resort?" Lucy asked.

Ryan nodded reluctantly. "Last resort." he agreed.

Lucy and Ryan, both, dug deep into their pockets, and touched their syringes housed therein. But they never got the chance to use them. The five aliens dropped, dead, as the flash of five manmade metal bullets penetrated their skulls.

Ryan and Lucy took their hands out of their pocket, and they both looked at each other, and then at their dead enemies. They looked to the rooftops, and they saw their saving graces: American and Canadian soldiers, all equipped with weapons bearing the symbol of the Neutron-Vortex-Family—and some bearing the symbol of Dimitri Vazov's company, "Vazco," a large, electrically black "V."

"Sorry we took so long to intervene, but it just seemed like you two had everything handled—y'know, up until the last part, there." the leader of the soldiers spoke sarcastically.

Ryan and Lucy looked to each other, and just as they did so, two more humans entered the alleyway. Nick and Sarah came to a screeching halt in front of Ryan and Lucy, and Rachel called out to them.

"Dad! Sarah!" she screamed, and Ryan and Lucy looked to each other once again. Something actually went right. They hoped it would last. But they knew better.

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