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Chapter 1

Caleb had fallen asleep in the tub. Since the house had been trashed thanks to Gordon, the unconventional family had added onto the house while fixing it. Caleb was the one that insisted the add-ons be all underground, the entrance to the boy's part of the house through the panic room. He had the money; they had the manpower between Caleb and Cameron. Also, it seemed that Caleb liked some luxuries, like the giant tub that he was currently asleep in. The warm water had relaxed him to the point of sleep. It was a good life at the moment, he had no complaints.

Dean crept into the room and grinned when he saw Caleb, moving to pounce him in the water.

Caleb yelped when he was pounced, going under and inhaling a lot of water. He scrabbled away from dean and started coughing to clear his airways. "Dean? What the hell?"

Dean moved away, scared by Caleb's reaction. He'd just wanted to surprise him! Oh Caleb was surprised, and almost drowned. He clung to the side of the tub clearing his lungs out. He finally got the rest of the water out and relaxed. Dean huddled against the other side of the tub, staring at him with wide eyes, chewing his lip nervously with a fang.

"Well... if you wanted to wake me... mission accomplished Dean." Caleb turned to look at him. "Stop that. You'll hurt yourself." Pulling Dean's lip from under his fang.

"Mad?" Dean asked quietly, he didn't want Caleb to be mad at him; he'd just wanted to play.

"Yes, I'm livid." He said deadpan, obviously not mad.

Dean stared at him, unsure. Sometimes they said one thing but meant another and he was getting better at telling the difference but he didn't always get it right. He slowly moved closer and then crawled into Caleb's lap.

He suddenly had a Dean in his lap; he blinked at Dean and nipped at his nose, arms going around his waist. "Hello?"

Dean laughed at the nip and cuddled in, nuzzling Caleb's throat. "Bored Caleb, play?" Dean asked.

"I was taking a nice... long... relaxing... bath." Caleb sighed and rested his head on Dean's shoulder. Dean pouted and let out a little power, trying to get him interested. Sammy was away with Bobby doing something to stop a bad creature. Caleb groaned a bit in reaction and nuzzled him. "No Dean... not now." He thought Dean had to follow his orders once the bond split. Did something go wrong? Was he even more broken? Dean's pout got even worse but the power cut off and Dean relaxed but was definitely sulking. "Oh stop sulking... you look like a baby." He rubbed Dean's stomach to calm the Incubus. "Just relax with me, okay Dean?"

Dean sighed and relaxed fully, cuddling into him. "Sammy home soon?" He asked.

"Nope, just you and me for a few days. Not that you can tell time all that well." the Infiltrator grinned evilly. "When did we meet?"

Dean looked at him and wrinkled his nose; he hated those types of questions. "Before...long before...I was human?" Dean offered hesitantly.

Caleb nodded and nipped at his ear. "What time is it?" He was an evil killing machine...

Dean whined, Caleb was mean! Asking him to think and then biting him. "Now."

Caleb huffed at the whine. "You're no fun." He nuzzled into Dean's neck as he reaches for a wash cloth and soap. "Want me to wash you?"

Dean smiled and nodded. "Please." He nuzzled back and then licked Caleb's neck to get him back for being mean.

"Gah!" Caleb squirmed, he was ticklish. "Oh you're going down Incubus boy!" He started to tickle Dean.

Dean shrieked and laughed as he tried to get away or fight back but then he went under and swallowed a lot of water, coming back up to cough and choke, clinging to Caleb.

The second Dean went under he moved to grab him, only to have him cling to him as he cleared his lungs. "Yeah... swallowing water ain't fun is it?" Caleb rubbed Dean's back soothingly. Dean clung to him, trying to get the water out of his lungs and eyes. He shivered slightly but didn't loosen his grip; Incubi were like some cats in that they hated water in their eyes. "What's wrong Dean?" Caleb tried to pull away enough to see and help his brother. Dean actually hissed slightly as he tried to get the water out of his eyes but his hair being wet didn't help as it kept dripping in them. "Dean... calm down, let me help." Caleb reached up and smoothed Dean's hair from his face and wiped his eyes for the Incubus. "Better?"

Dean nodded miserably and then moved to cuddle in again, just wanting to be held for a while.

Caleb rubbed Dean's back trying to get a purr from him. "See why I reacted as I did earlier?" Dean nodded, still feeling miserable but he was starting to relax under the comforting touch. Caleb started to wash him as Dean clung like a cat. "So, this your Klingon impression Dean?" he nipped at Dean's throat gently. Dean cocked his head curiously, not understanding the question even as he slowly melted, eyes drifting half shut as he finally started to purr softly. Caleb grinned as Dean purred. "I love when you purr." He rubbed soap into the back of Dean's skin, then moved so he was lounging on his spot around with a Dean as a blanket. Dean smiled sleepily, still purring even as he started to drift off. "Love you Dean." Caleb kissed his cheek as he went back to dozing himself. Dean mumbled in his sleep but kissed him back, one hand firmly locked around Caleb's upper arm.

When the water was cool, Caleb woke and drained the tub, carrying Dean to the bed and crawling in next to him. Curling around Dean. Dean cuddled closer to his body heat, nuzzling in his sleep and whimpering slightly, his back aching a little.

The whimper got Caleb's attention. "What's wrong Dean?" Dean just whimpered again, still asleep. "Dean... wake up." Caleb smoothed Dean's brow with a thumb. "What's wrong?" Dean blinked up at Caleb and reached for him, he hurt. Caleb pulled him closer. "Tell me what's wrong Dean?"

"Hurts." Dean mumbled, shifting a bit to try and get comfortable.

"Where?" Moved to rub his back gently. As soon as Caleb touched his back Dean slumped in relief. "Go back to sleep Dean. I'll take care of you." Caleb murmured as he rubbed his back gently. Dean sighed and cuddled close even as his eyes drifted shut in sleep.

Caleb made his way in the next day after making breakfast and nudged Dean. "Morning Dean." Dean opened his eyes and smiled sleepily at him. Dean sat up and winced slightly but he still kept moving. "Dean... what is wrong? Where do you hurt." He sat down next to his brother. "Talk to me Dean."

"Back hurts." He admitted, moving to lean his head on Caleb's shoulder, nuzzling him.

Caleb rubbed his back gently. "Well we'll go easy today. Okay. Stay in bed and watch TV?"

Dean nodded, nuzzling at Caleb's throat. "Hungry." He whispered, kissing Caleb's shoulder and then his throat.

Caleb smiled and kissing back. He reached down to stroke Dean's cock. "You're always hungry." Teasing him.

"Am not." Dean pouted but then grinned, arching into Caleb's touch even as he began tugging at Caleb's clothes. "Off."

"Are too." He pulled his clothes off and crawled over Dean with a purr. "Like a little kid."

"I am not a little kid." Dean argued, sounding more like an adult than he had since his transformation even as he wriggled out of his shorts. He reached up to trace Caleb's face with a hand, smiling at him.

"It's not a bad thing Dean." Caleb argued as he nuzzled into Dean's hand. "But now you sound like an adult..." Dean just grinned and lifted his head off the bed to kiss him, his powers rising, needing to feed. He licked at Caleb's lips, wanting to deepen the kiss even as his eyes began glazing over, feeding off Caleb's rising lust. Caleb groaned and positioned himself, sliding into Dean with a deep moan. "Feel so good Dean!"

Dean moaned as he felt Caleb enter him, wrapping his arms around him, touching every bit of skin he could reach. "Caleb." He whimpered, needing more. He growled in reply, biting at Dean's neck and shoulders, his nails digging into Dean's skin as he thrust into him. Dean whimpered and moaned, feeding deeply from Caleb's actions. Caleb snarled, his nails running down Dean's back as he keeps hitting Dean's prostate just right. Dean screamed when Caleb scratched at his back, partially in pain and partially in pleasure. Caleb was too far gone to notice at the moment, his hands clutched to Dean's ass as he came with a snarl. Dean writhed and moaned as he came, head buried in Caleb's shoulder, his fangs pressing into the skin but not puncturing.

Caleb moaned and nuzzled against him as he came down from his high. "You okay...?" Dean just cuddled up to him, nuzzling and licking Caleb's skin, enjoying the taste. Caleb chuckled and fingered one of the scratches on Dean's back. "I was rough again huh?"

"Mm hmm. Like it." Dean told him, opening his eyes to smile lazily at him.

"I know." He gave Dean an eskimo kiss and tickled his belly lightly.

Dean laughed and reached out to trace absent patterns on Caleb's skin. "Feel weird." He admitted. "Different."

"Whatcha mean?" Caleb frowned a bit, wishing that Bobby and Sam were there.

Dean kissed him, not wanting Caleb to be upset. "Don't know. Feels...like it's meant to happen. Don't frown." Dean told him.

Caleb kissed back. "You're sounding more mature. Not sure if I like that... so used to the kid speak now." Nuzzles against him. "Wow, I'm fickle."

Dean smiled and laughed, nuzzling back before kissing Caleb again. "Still want me if I change?" Dean asked hesitantly.

"Of course. You're my brother. I love you Dean. Even when you almost drown me by accident." Caleb grinned and stretched, playing with Dean's hair. Dean smiled and relaxed at the assurance. He moved into the gentle touch in his hair, loving it. He reached out to keep making patterns on Caleb's skin, not trying to arouse him or anything, just wanting to touch him. "I think I need another bath." Caleb chuckled as he scritched Dean behind the ear.

Dean sighed and melted, purring at the touch, rubbing into it. "More water?" He asked with a small pout.

"Yes, more water." He got up and looked to see if Dean would follow. "You don't have to come if you don't want to."

Dean scrambled up to follow him, wincing as his back pulled a little. "Won't let me go under?" He asked.

"No, I won't let you go under." Caleb promised. Dean smiled at him and nodded, taking his hand and tugging him towards the bath. Caleb laughed as he got tugged; making sure the water was nice and hot before sliding in with a happy sigh. Looked up at Dean with a goofy smile. Dean grinned and got in as well, moving to cuddle up with Caleb in the water. All he wanted was to be held, he felt better when Caleb held him. "You're really in cuddle mode today." Caleb chuckled and nuzzled him. "Wanna tell me why?"

"Makes me feel better." Dean answered, trying to curl even closer.

"Cause of how weird you feel?" He pulled Dean into his lap and rubbed his lower back slightly. Relaxing more he pulled Dean down for a kiss.

Dean purred into the kiss and the rubbing, melting totally. "Mmm hmm." He answered in a daze, totally relaxed and boneless under the gently rubbing, the pain slowly fading.

"And now you're a million miles away." Caleb chuckled. "Am I spoiling you?" Dean just purred and lay there, soaking up the touch. Caleb smiled and nuzzled him, purring back as the heat, the rumble of Dean's chest, and the water lulled him to sleep himself.

Dean smiled as Caleb fell asleep, cautiously switching their positions so he was holding Caleb, it felt sort of weird but also familiar, like he'd done it before...he'd held Caleb before Sammy had been taken. He remembered that! Caleb mumbled and nuzzled into Dean's shoulder, clutching him tighter in his sleep. He then relaxed when he realized it was Dean, and he was safe. Dean smiled and hugged him tight, nuzzling back. He remembered! He'd held Caleb like this after getting...Meg out of Sammy. Meg had hurt Caleb, done something to him but Caleb had fought it.

"Dean...?" Caleb asked half asleep. Eyes pulling open.

Dean smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. "Sleep Caleb." He whispered, knowing that Caleb and Sammy needed to sleep after he fed from them.

"Is it safe?" He asked, clinging tighter.

"Shh, safe Caleb. Time to sleep." Dean whispered, gently petting Caleb's hair.

Caleb purred and relaxed, falling asleep. "Love you".

"Love you too." Dean told him, gently kissing him. Dean got comfortable and just held Caleb while he slept, vague images floating through his mind. He knew they were memories but he was to content to try and make them clearer.

Caleb mumbled in his sleep and purred, feeling safe in big brother's arms.