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Chapter 15

Dean yawned and cuddled against the two other warm bodies as he slowly woke. Caleb was passed out, an arm draped around Sam, curled under Dean's wing. Dean smiled and nuzzled Caleb before sitting up and stretching. He got up and snuck upstairs, wanting to do something for Sam and Caleb. Cameron looked over when Dean snuck up; she offered him a pair of shorts seeing that he was naked. Dean huffed but took then and then tugged her towards the kitchen. "Food for Sammy and Caleb."

Cameron went with. "What do they like?"

Dean shrugged. "Human food." Cameron nodded and started to make pancakes. Dean watched her, wanting to surprise his brothers with food. Cameron smiled a bit and offered Dean the pancakes. "Thank you!" He grinned and carefully carried the food back to their bedroom.


"Caleb, Sammy breakfast!" He called happily. Caleb woke and yawned, looking at Dean confused. Dean offered him the tray. "Pancakes."

Caleb smiled and hugged Dean. "Thank you." Dean hugged him back and then waved a plate under Sam's nose, getting swatted sleepily. Caleb poked Sam. "Food!"

Sam groaned but opened his eyes and sat up. "Who made it?" he asked curiously. Caleb shrugged.

"Cameron." Dean answered, watching them eat. Caleb purred, it was good! Dean grinned, they were happy! Caleb finished his pancakes and pulled Dean to him. Dean cuddled into him, nuzzling. He felt so much better now Caleb was back.

"Hey Dean." Caleb whispered as he nuzzled him. "How you doin?"

"No pain anymore." Dean answered.

"That's good." Dean nodded, content to just be held as Sam kept eating next to them. Caleb cuddled in, shivering a bit.

"Cold?" Dean moved so he could wrap his wings around Caleb.

Caleb relaxed against him. "Not anymore." Dean smiled, happy he had helped. Caleb purred softly. Sam put his plate down and shifted closer to them, running his fingers through Caleb's hair. Caleb opened an eye and looked at Sam.

Sam smiled at him. "You okay?"

Caleb nodded. "Just basking."

Sam grinned at that. "Bask away kitten." Caleb stuck his tongue out at Sam. Sam laughed and kissed the tip of his nose. "We should head upstairs and se how everyone's doing."

Caleb whined. "Comfy."

Sam chuckled. "Okay." Caleb cuddled in more purring.

Dean cuddled against them both. "Love Sam and Caleb." he whispered.

"Love you too Dean." Caleb whispered. Dean smiled at them and Sam kissed Dean. "Mine." Caleb purred.

"Yours." They both agreed.

"Stereo... cool." Caleb chuckled. Castiel watched them, wanting to learn more about human interaction. Caleb felt like they were being watched and his scar itched. "Cas?" He blinked and appeared, he hadn't realised Caleb could detect him. "What's up?" Caleb asked.

Castiel glanced up. "The ceiling."

Caleb chuckled. "I mean, what're you doing? And why'd you leave so quickly yesterday?"

"I am observing human behaviour."

"We're not really human..." Caleb pointed out.

"You are more human than I am."

"I was just like you when I first showed..." Caleb thought for a moment. "Except I couldn't poof like that. Gonna answer why you bolted?"

"Is it not considered wrong to be unclothed in front of a woman?" Caleb looked at Sam and Dean then back to Castiel drolly.

"He's right Caleb; Sarah doesn't know him so it would be rather...rude for their first meeting."

"He looked like a deer caught in the headlights!"

Sam chuckled at that, yeah he had actually. Not an expression he had expected to see on an angel. Caleb snickered and reached out to run his hand through Dean's hair. Dean purred and pressed into his touch, still nuzzling at him. Caleb purred in reply at the nuzzling, rubbing Dean's ear gently. Castiel watched their interaction, seeing how much pleasure they got from such simple touches. Caleb moved so he could nip at Dean's chin gently. Dean whined softly and Sam sighed. "Please don't give the angel a free show you two." He teased. Caleb flipped Sam off as he kissed Dean. Dean whimpered in need, melting against Caleb and Sam smiled softly, running his over the soft skin of Dean's wings, making the incubus shiver.

Caleb growled playfully at Sam. "My Dean." Sam grinned and pounced, tickling him. Caleb squealed and squirmed under the tickle attack. Dean rolled away to keep from being squished and watched them play. He looked at Castiel and smiled shyly. Caleb squawked. "Help!" Dean and Castiel stared at him. Caleb pouted at the two. "Traitors." Sam laughed and kissed him gently but stopped tickling him. Caleb laid there panting. Sam smiled at him and then rolled off him. Dean crawled back over and cuddled into them both. Caleb nuzzled Dean and pulled a wing around him. "You okay?"

Dean nodded. "Happy."

Caleb grinned. "Good." He tickled the membrane of Dean's wing slightly. Dean whined softly, his wings were very sensitive. Castiel nodded at Sam and vanished to observe the others and give them privacy. Sam grinned and watched as Caleb tickled Dean's wing. Caleb kept it up to see what Dean would do. Dean whimpered and whined needily, wanting more than just the gentle touches, wings trembling under Caleb's hands. Caleb smiled and kissed Dean.

Sarah sat in the kitchen, making some brownies, having a chocolate craving. Bobby walked into the house and saw her. "Everything okay?" Sarah nodded and offered him a spoonful of batter. Bobby raised an eyebrow but took it. "So the panicked call I got from Sam yesterday?"

"Fixed." Sarah replied. "An angel intervened... he shows up once in a while. Not that it didn't leave any scars... hence... chocolate."

"Okay...wanna explain that better?"

"What did Sam call you about exactly?"

"He was babbling and crying about Caleb being gone and others and he wasn't making a whole lot of sense."

Sarah nodded. "With Skynet ceasing to exist... all the results of Skynet's existence were being erased."

"And with the boys being bonded..." Bobby paled. Sarah nodded. "But everything's okay now?" Sarah nodded again and poured the batter into the pan. Bobby got out the whisky and poured a glass, offering her one as well. Could things never be normal with those boys?

Sarah took it and downed it easily. She then sat down and sighed. "Maybe we can have a break now."

"Now that you've said that we'll be invaded." He pointed out.

Sarah laughed softly. "Shit... forgot about that." Bobby chuckled and relaxed a bit, it was a bit odd having so many people around but it was nice too. Sarah sighed and poured herself another drink. She frowned when she heard a thump and a groan and looked at Bobby. "You get used to it?"

"I bought earplugs and have been listening to the radio more often." he admitted, trying not to react when he heard Dean crying out.

"Sounds like a plan." Sarah replied. John shuffled in, a blanket around himself. He smelt chocolate. Bobby hid a laugh at the sight of the teenager with his hair practically standing on end. John pouted at the snicker and plopped into a chair. Bobby turned the radio on again as this time it was Sam's voice that reached them from downstairs.

John made a face at the sounds. "They're being loud..." He pouted.

"Trust me, this isn't loud for them." Bobby admitted. John paled. Bobby laughed and tossed him a packet of earplugs.

John took them and relaxed. "Thanks."

Sam emerged from the stairwell a few minutes later, thankfully dressed although looking very rumpled. "Chocolate?"

"You can't have any." Sarah said straight faced. The puppy eyes of doom were released on her. Sarah cracked up at that. Sam added a pitiful pout to the eyes. He wanted chocolate! "And what are you gonna do for said chocolate?" Sarah asked. Sam whimpered sadly, lower lip quivering. John just stared at Sam. Sarah shook her head no. Sam knelt by her chair and stared up at her, upping the force on his puppy eyes. Sarah laughed. "See... begging isn't gonna get you chocolate... action might." Sam smirked and then picked her up, stealing her seat and then tickling her. Sarah squeaked and squirmed. Bobby shook his head and wisely stayed out of it as Sam worked at getting his chocolate fix. Sarah smacked his hands away. "See? I did all the work... and you're just gonna eat all my chocolate with no help. Not fair."

Sam laughed and nodded at the sink where the nice clean dishes were drying. "So chocolate?"

"You were supposed to do that by hand." Sarah pouted.

"But this was more fun." Sarah sighed and got him his beloved chocolate. Sam grinned and kissed her cheek. "Thanks Mom."

"Welcome Sam." Sarah rolled her eyes and smiled.

Caleb woke and glanced over at Dean. Dean was curled on his side, wings spread out and purring softly in his sleep. Caleb smiled and kissed Dean awake. Dean blinked sleepily and then smiled, cuddling closer. "Morning Dean."

"Morning." Dean answered. "Where's Sammy?" He nuzzled at Caleb.

"Dunno..." Caleb yawned. "In the house still."

Dean nodded. "Tired?"

"Just woke up." He sat up and stretched.

Dean watched hungrily as Caleb stretched, showing off skin and well-toned muscle. "Breakfast?"

Caleb rolled his eyes. "You just ate before we went to sleep."

Dean grinned. "That was dinner!"

"You passed out right after." Dean pouted and then nuzzled at Caleb. Caleb nuzzled back. "Bath?" Dean grinned and scrambled up, he loved baths. Caleb smiled and followed Dean silently. He started the bath and slipped into the tub and under the water once it was full. Dean tugged him back to the surface. Caleb surfaced and looked up at Dean innocently. Dean shook his head and then cuddled with him in the warm water. "What?" Caleb asked innocently as he cuddled.

"No trying to drown." Dean answered, nuzzling his throat.

"Wasn't." Caleb replied, rubbing Dean's chest and belly gently. Dean relaxed, purring softly at the touch, unable to help the reaction as his eye lids drooped. "Like that?" Caleb asked softly. Dean just purred louder in contentment. Caleb chuckled and kept it up before moving to feed Dean his breakfast. Dean whimpered and clutched at Caleb, scared he would leave again. Caleb fed him slowly, showing him that he wasn't leaving. A single tear fell from glazed eyes as Dean writhed in Caleb's hold, even lost in the feeding haze he was still able to fear Caleb being taken away and the pain returning. Caleb cleaned him off gently after feeding him. "You okay Dean?" Dean cuddled into him, one hand clutching at him as he came down from the feeding. Caleb rubbed his back. "It's okay Dean... I'm still here." Dean whined and purred, trying to press even closer to him, the glaze slowly leaving his eyes. Caleb held him close, letting him cling.

Sam joined them in the water, moving to gently stroke the skin between Dean's wings. "He okay?" He asked Caleb softly. Caleb shrugged; he wasn't really sure what was wrong with Dean. Dean whined softly and Sam kept up the gentle stroking to help calm him. "Shh Dean, its okay. You're safe, we're both here." Sam whispered.

"Not going anywhere Dean... promise." Caleb whispered as he rubbed the small of Dean's back. Dean whimpered but gradually relaxed totally between them. Caleb started to hum softly. Dean shifted to rest his head over Caleb's heart, looking up at him as he listened to the humming. Caleb smiled down at him. "You okay Dean?" Dean smiled slightly and settled in his lap, soaking up the attention. Caleb chuckled and continued to hum to relax Dean.

Sam smiled as Dean began to doze. "Sarah made chocolate brownies if you want some later." He whispered to Caleb, not wanting to disturb Dean.

Caleb nodded and cuddled Dean, worried about him. Later he was in the kitchen making himself food. Dean had woken as soon as he'd tried to leave, not moving from his side. Caleb sighed softly as he elbowed Dean again while cooking. "Dean go sit down." Dean whined but obeyed. "Don't wanna keep elbowing you while I cook." Caleb replied to the whine. Dean just watched him, chewing his lip. Caleb looked at him and frowned. "What's wrong Dean?" Dean looked at the floor, Caleb was here, he wouldn't leave again, he wouldn't let it hurt. Caleb sighed softly and walked over, cupping Dean's cheek. "Talk to me Dean." Dean looked up at him, looking young and scared. "What's wrong Dean?" Caleb asked softly, sitting down across from him.

"Never leaving?" He whispered.

"I'm bonded to you Dean." Caleb replied. "I live as long as you do, and whatever happened was reversed. I'm not gonna disappear on you."


"Promise." Caleb leaned forward and kissed him. Dean slumped against him, accepting the kiss eagerly. Caleb pulled away and mussed his hair before going back to his food.

Dean whined but then brightened as Bobby walked in. "Hey Dean." The hunter greeted and Dean nuzzled him.


Caleb relaxed once Dean was distracted and finished making his food before sitting down to eat. Bobby sat and listened to Dean talk about anything and everything. While he may be more grown up and articulate now his conversation skills were still lacking but Bobby didn't care. As long as the boy knew them and was happy he was happy. Caleb finished eating and slipped out to take a nap, alone. Bobby kept Dean distracted for as long as possible, hoping someone else would come along before Dean noticed Caleb was gone.

Sarah made her way in and smiled. "Hey guys."

Dean grinned at her, flashing fangs. "Mom."

Sarah walked over and hugged him. "Whatcha doing?"

"Talking to Bobby." Dean answered happily, hugging her back tightly.

"Anything interesting?" Sarah asked. He just smiled and nuzzled her happily. Sarah chuckled and scratched his head gently. Dean pushed into her hand, enjoying the scratching. Sarah laughed. "You're like a big puppy and kitty rolled into one now. Huh?" Dean just purred and stared happily at her. Sarah nuzzled and kissed his forehead. "Where's your brothers?" Dean looked around and then whined in distress. Where was Caleb?

"Easy son, Caleb just went to lie down." Bobby assured him gently. Sarah looked at Bobby worriedly. Bobby sighed and took Dean's hand. "Listen to me Dean." Scared green eyes focused on him hesitantly. "Caleb is fine and he will not leave you or Sam. He just needed to rest okay?"

Sarah rubbed Dean's back. "He's most likely in your room."

Dean ran for the stairs, almost flying in his haste to get to him. Bobby sighed. "Guess it's to be expected. Poor Caleb though."

Sarah nodded and sat down. "Poor kid must be exhausted. I know John and Derrick are."

"And they're not having to feed a hungry incubus."

Caleb was curled around a pillow. Dean dove onto the bed and curled against him, whining. Caleb jerked awake at the movement on the bed and looked at the now clinging whining incubus. "Dean...?" He whimpered, clutching at Caleb. Caleb rubbed his back as he yawned. "Right here Dean..." Dean clutched at him, wings wrapping around him to keep them both warm as he nuzzled Caleb. Caleb sighed and cuddled him. "Can I go back to sleep?" Dean nodded and settled down, head over Caleb's heart. Caleb patted Dean's back as he fell asleep. Dean stayed awake, watching over him. Caleb started to purr halfway through the nap. Dean grinned and purred back. Caleb curled closer. Dean stroked Caleb's back and hair. Caleb woke and blinked at Dean.

Dean nuzzled him gently. "Caleb sleep."

"I was..." Dean nuzzled him and purred softly to help him fall back to sleep. Caleb yawned and relaxed, slipping back to sleep again. Sam joined them a few hours later, resting a hand on Caleb's side as he read a book.

Caleb woke with the new touch and looked over at Sam curiously. "Whatcha reading?"

Sam smiled and leant over to kiss him softly. "New book Bobby picked up on various myths.

Caleb kissed back and nodded before curling up with Dean. "Wake me for dinner?"

Sam nodded, stroking his back gently. "You rest kitten." Caleb mewled softly. "Shh, sleep." Sam murmured, gently running his fingers through Caleb's hair, scratching his scalp lightly. That sent Caleb into dreamland right quick. Sam went back to reading but kept his hand in Caleb's hair. Dean stared at him and Sam smiled at him so Dean smiled back and cuddled into Caleb. Castiel watched them silently, was this what really being a family was?

The End

Incubus 6 to come.