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Somehow the words 'best four years of your life' didn't come to mind at the current place and time.

Kat looked around the campus. The first thing on her to do list was to find a place to live. Sure, there were a lot of places, but most of them didn't allow freshman. She'd be lucky if she found a place. Then it was like karma dropped on her feet like a blessing of sorts. A sign out front of a large house said that they were looking for roommates. Kat sighed thankfully. Maybe she'd get lucky.

Granted the house wasn't all great looking. There was ivy crawling up the side and it was gothic, but a place was better than no place. She hoped that there wouldn't be many questions.

Walking up the porch steps she knocked on the door frame being the door was open.

"Come in!" a deep voice called or sort of grunted.

Kat sighed and groaned a little to herself. Great, guys. She walked in slowly. Things were strewn all over the place. Today was move in day so it made sense.

"In here!" the same voice called

Kat followed it into the living room where there were even more boxes and a young man was trying to situate a tv…a large flat screen no less. She watched him shove it and grunt a little more. From this angle she didn't mind too much. His dark skin shimmered a little from how hard he was working. When he turned to face her mind went completely blank. The whole introduction to impress him kind of was wiped from her mind. He smiled at her and she just stood there probably looking like a moron.

"Do I know you?" he asked with a smile

"Uh no," she said snapping from her indecent staring "I was actually here to ask about the roommate thing."

"Ah, right."

"I should go though." she said suddenly

He's probably looking for a roommate with more testosterone.

"Well, wait. There are a few questions I need to ask you to see if it's alright." He said

Kat froze in her steps and turned to look at him surprised. He chuckled at the look on her face.

"Uh, okay." She said

"Your name might be a good start." He said

"Oh, right. Kat Pandora and yes I know the last name is weird." She said with a half laugh

"Caleb Danvers." He said introducing himself "You don't have a problem with Co-ed do you?"

"No. It's fine." She said

"I do have to know if you have any sort of criminal record. It's kind of a rule from the campus."

Kat bit the inside of her cheek. That was the question that would ruin her.

"I do." She said

Caleb seemed to look past her now. Kat just looked at the floor. Shit.

"Look, I can pay double the rent. Money isn't a problem. I kind of need a place okay?" she said so fast that she was sure the words blended together.

"We can't let someone with a criminal record stay here."

"Damn straight." A voice from behind said

Kat's head whirled to see a tall blonde standing there leaning against a door frame. She just glared at him, and he actually seemed to be uncomfortable about it.

"Shut up Reid!" Caleb growled

"It's not that we wouldn't want you here it's-"

The blonde on named Reid interrupted.

"Actually it is that. It's an estrogen free zone. Go try the dorms freshmeat." He said sarcastically

"I tried! Or did you think I was moron that I'd rather come here first?" she snapped in his general direction.

Caleb's eyebrows rose as he tried to suppress a grin at Kat's comeback.

"I am sorry." He cut in as he scratched the back of his head.

Kat just shook her head. Over all he seemed like a genuinely nice guy compared to the guy who seemed to be his friend. Kat moved past Reid and out the front door. She didn't look back. Why bother? It was pointless. At this point she was ready to give up. Sure, she got into college and that still surprised her. Finding a place to live was even more difficult. Screw this. I don't need it. It's not mandatory that I go to college. So what if you 'graduated' at seventeen. You don't turn eighteen till June. People would look at you like you're just some kid. A kid that had nothing better to do than school.

"Kat wait!"

It was Caleb. She stopped at the end of the block while she just twirled her keys in her hand. He stopped beside her.

"You said you could cover double rent?" he asked

Okay, hold on here. if anything he and his friend don't look like they're poor. They have a flat screen for example not to mention I did see that beautiful silver car in the driveway. But was this his way of saying that I could live there? If so I wasn't standing in the way. I'd pay double for it.

Kat only nodded. She was looking at her keys as if bored. In actuality she just didn't want her disappointment to be so obvious.

"Okay." He said

"Okay?" she asked

She looked at him now.


Kat tried to analyze it, but then quit as she felt a headache coming on. Then she turned and started walking across the street.

"Where are you going?" he called

She turned around so that she was walking backwards.

"Getting my car. It happens to be carrying all that I own at the moment." she said

Caleb watched her walk off; her hair swaying behind her in a ponytail. He didn't ask what she had done. That left her even happier. She wouldn't know what lie she could come up with if he had. The only thing she knew right now was that she was moving into a house with two guys and classes started tomorrow.

"Fucking college." She muttered