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Caleb saw it when they made eye contact instantly. Her eyes were black. The kind of black that was unnatural.

Whitney just held Kat and cried. She didn't care that it was pouring outside and Kat was covered in dirt and mud. Kat wore a confused terrified look.

"Whitney, who is that?" Kat asked. She backed away from Caleb, her hand on Whitney's wrist protectively. The instinct to run was obvious to them.

"Relax, he's a friend okay?" Whitney said. Kat looked at Caleb skeptically. Her eyes shifted black to brown then black to brown.

She has no idea, he thought to himself. Inside, this girl harbored more power than she could imagine. Power she wasn't supposed to have that was the reason for her death and yet, she had no idea about any of it. She held no memory.

She watched them take the undead girl inside. The confusion she held made her smile.

"You have no idea what you contain and when you find out…It will be fun to watch you tear the world apart. Just two to go." Pushing off of the street lamp she leaned against, she turned and started towards campus.

For years, college students here dwelled miserably in this crappy school. When they wished for something college lacked she came through. Well, mostly, the wishes she granted were unknown and came true under interesting circumstances. She could remember one of the students, a small girl, quiet and frail wished to be in a better place. Her wish was granted. The next morning she committed suicide. Her roommate found her in the bathroom sitting in the bath tub filled with blood. That better place just couldn't be found her on this plane so she was sent to another one. Whether it was better was that girl's opinion.

"I think, I will see what else I can get out of them. I'm sure the blonde one will have one." She mumbled as she continued walking. The rain slowed to a drizzle.

Being a genie, not all of it was bad. You go to live forever, cause pain, give people their deepest desires and watch them pay the price for it. It was sweet tasting to have that for all eternity.

"I've been waiting for a girl like you…." She sang. Rock music always seemed to get to the point, she thought.

"Caleb! Tyler ate the last of the-" Reid froze in the doorway between the kitchen and living room, his heart picked up its pace. Caleb closed the front and stared at the bleach blonde blank of emotion. Trying to say or explain anything was too hard for Caleb so he said nothing.

Reid looked at Kat, his jaw clenched. She wasn't real. She couldn't be. He'd seen her grave earlier today. Now, she stood there, water dripping from her small frame. Her eyes were wide and scared as she looked back at him.

"Whitney, I don't know about this. This place seems sketchy." She said.

"It's not, I promise. I've been living here for a while and we're safer here than we'd ever be with dad."

"If mom knew you were living boys she'd be shocked." Kat mumbled.

"Let's get you cleaned up." Whitney guided her up the stairs.

"What did you do!? You said we couldn't' bring her back!" Reid yelled the instant the girls were all the way upstairs.

"I didn't do it!" Caleb answered defensively. Reid breathed heavily unable to contain everything within. "She doesn't even remember us."

"What?" Reid asked incredulously. He shook his head. It was hard enough seeing her here, but not knowing…

The front door opened and in walked Tyler. He observed being Caleb disheveled and wet and Reid furious to the point of a near breakdown.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked. His muscles went stiff.

"Kat…" Caleb started. Reid stood up and walked out of the room back to the kitchen. The back door slammed acknowledging everyone that he'd left. Tyler's eyebrows rose wanting to know what was going on. "Kat's alive."

"You haven't brushed my hair since we were kids." Kat commented as she held her knees to her chest.

"It's gotten long." Whitney mumbled. She threaded her fingers through after each time she pulled the brush through.

"Whitney-was-was I dead?" Kat asked. She wanted to know, but she didn't. Knowing seemed like a bad idea. Whitney's hand stopped in mid motion.

Kat looked over her shoulder, her eyes soft as she looked at her for the answer. Whitney's heart began to pound. How do you say yes? She thought about her own resurrection. That was an accident. This was different. Nobody had brought her back. She just came back. It was as mysterious as it looked.

Still, there was an answer to be had. What would it be?

"Yes." Whitney replied quietly. She set the brush aside then put her arms around her twin. Tears formed making her sniffle. "Yes, I'm so sorry!"

Kat sat there void of any feeling. The word yes circulated her head.

"Oh." She managed after a few minutes. Reaching up, she rubbed her sister's arm. Why wasn't this bothering her so much? Any normal person would be freaking out. People don't just come back from the dead whenever they feel like it. "I'm tired."

Kat turned and laid down on her side away from Whitney. She wasn't tired at all though. Whitney turned out the light. Kat stared out into the darkness of the room. She had been dead. The last thing she remembered was coming home from school with a bloody lip. She had gotten into another fight.

The whole night, she didn't sleep. She looked at the ceiling mostly.

In the morning she crept downstairs quietly. There was nobody in the living room. Before going into the kitchen she looked at the couch. Instantly she decided that she liked it. It was nice. It made her feel like she was actually home, her home, a home she belonged to. The strange thing about it was that she'd never been here. This place felt more like home than her actual home ever felt like home.

Kat jumped startled as the door opened and Reid can bumbling in. He gripped the island counter for balance and just stared at Kat.

"I-I don't understand." He mumbled drunkenly. Kat shifted uncomfortably. Please don't come near me, she thought.

Reid shook his head and walked towards her. Reaching out to touch her, to know that she was real, Kat grabbed his hand and twisted it then yanked him forward sending him against the refrigerator. He let out a pained groan as his nose made contact with the fridge door. Kat twisted his wrist even more hearing a crunch, her eyes widening at what she was doing. She let go right after and stared at him, her mouth slightly open with her hands hovering over as if to hide the terror of suddenly hurting him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't-" she stuttered backing away. "I'm sorry." Turning, she ran out of the kitchen forgetting why she came downstairs. Reid stared after her as he rubbed his wrist and twisted it making the breakage of his bones heal. It hurt like hell, but it was better than having to go to the hospital. Caleb didn't need to know.

"How the hell did you do that?" Reid said mostly to himself as he looked at his hand in a daze. He knew she had strength, but she didn't have that girl that he ever knew short of Carly back at Spenser had that strength and it was later figured out that she was on steroids.

At breakfast Kat avoided Reid's looks from across the table. She shoved her eggs around her plate.

"You should eat." Whitney told her. Kat continued to shove food around ignoring her. It wasn't on purpose, she was stuck in her own thoughts half of which revolved around last night. She didn't mean to hurt him, it was a defense mechanism.

Setting down her fork, Kat pushed her chair back and got up.

"I think I'll go for a walk. I'm not all that hungry." She said timidly. The chairs skidded back loudly as everyone rose.

"You shouldn't go alone." Whitney said.

"I'll go with you." Tyler offered quickly before anyone else could. Kat stared up at him blankly and strangely intimidated by his sheepish smile attempt.

"Um, okay." She walked out of the room and suddenly Tyler received a smack to the back of the head and a fork thrown at him.

"Ow!" he hissed glaring at both of his friends. Whitney just shook her head. "What? You want Reid to go with her?"

Caleb didn't answer, but he still wasn't pleased that Tyler weaseled his way in like that. Tyler shrugged not really caring and followed in the direction Kat went to the living room.

"I don't know who's this is," Kat said as she was pulling out her long hair from being tucked in Tyler's jacket. "but I'm using it."

He smirked.

"Go ahead." He wanted to tell her that she had jacked it a long time ago and kept it. It was basically hers.

He opened the door and let her walk out first. They walked across the street towards campus.

"So are you thinking about applying?" Tyler asked her. He tucked his hands in his pockets.

"No." she replied evenly. "I'm leaving soon actually. After Whitney is reassured that I'm okay I'm going to go. I know she's safe with you. I can feel it. Trust me when I say that I will kill you if something does happen to her. I don't usually leave her with anybody." The last part came out dark and made the hairs on Tyler's arms raise. He gulped uneasily knowing she would.

"Okay." It was an unemotional answer. How else was he to respond? She said she was leaving and it sounded like she didn't even care.

"Okay." She said after him. "I trust you the most, you know, so far. You don't talk too much and intimidate me..


"Look out for her since I can't do it."

"Why not?"

"I found out why I don't have many memories." She paused. It felt lodged in her throat. "I was dead. Actually, dead. It's weird."

Tyler's breath grew shallow instantly. She knew. What else did she know?

"Do you know how?"

"I didn't ask. It makes me wonder about everything else that would lead up to it and too be honest I don't want to know. It must've been really bad for me to end up in a grave because I promised myself that I would never end up six feet under willingly. Never."

"Honestly?" Tyler said. Kat nodded wanting to hear what he had to say. "You don't need to feel uneasy with us. We're out to protect you. We always have been."

"I got that feeling." Kat smiled.

The two of them made their way to the little café, A La Coffee on campus and continued to talk. Tyler respected that she didn't want to know everything so he asked her about what she planned to do after leaving. The two were even able to share a laugh or two and that shocked both of them. Kat hadn't smiled nor laughed since she arrived back at the house.

"I know you don't want to remember, but I wish you would. You're an amazing woman." Tyler said affectionately. Kat sat across from him and stared down intently at her coffee cup. What was she to say? I'm scared to know how I died and why? Yeah, that seemed to be it.

A table over, she sat there with a book in her hand. A smile perched on her lips that gave away her intentions. One to go, she thought to herself.

"What!?" Qwerty screamed following her flared anger with a loud slap across Reid's face. Caleb stepped back so as not to be the next one to receive a hit. Reid looked up at her, his eyes reflecting his mood lately, hatred. It was a hatred of everything really.

"Qwerty, we don't know how she is back."

"The girl is the walking dead!" Qwerty yelled. "We should've known this would happen! We should've been there!" tears welled up in her eyes. Reid's eyes feel into their striking blues seeing her struggle. She wiped her eyes and sniffled.


"Don't." she growled harshly.

"She doesn't remember you or us." Caleb said anyways, his voice soft and understanding. Qwerty gaped in horror.

"You're kidding." She looked at Reid. He hung his head unable to look at her. He hated it too. "Fuck all of you and your witchy shit." She stormed out of the house leaving the front door open in the process.

"Ex girlfriend?" Everyone looked up to see Kat and Tyler who walked in past her.

"No." Tyler replied. "My girlfriend. I'll go see what's wrong."

He already knew, but to keep up pretenses he went anyway. Kat nodded feeling awkward. Reid, Caleb and Whitney just stared at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, uh how about we watch a movie?" Whitney suggested.

"That sounds good." Caleb chimed in.

"Yup." Reid agreed. "But some of us have classes so you three have fun." His tone was cruel and made Kat hang her head. She fidgeted with her fingers while he rushed past her and up the stairs. He was back downstairs within seconds with his rugged bookbag over his shoulder. He shoved past her and out the door without as much as a glance towards her.

Kat remained silent knowing that she probably didn't deserve his attention after what she had done to his arm the last night. When she thought about it, she heard it break. The sound was very distinct and made her stomach repulse. Yet he had perfect mobility of it now. She dismissed it. It was better that way.

"Kat?" she looked up and saw that Caleb and Whitney had already settled on the couch.

"Sorry." She mumbled and joined them. Through the entire movie she kept thinking about him. Some thoughts were pleasant, very pleasant and others were not. It was confusing that she would have either set of thoughts since she didn't know him.

She laid in bed. Sleep hadn't found her yet and made her restless. Kat looked over at her sister in the dark. Slowly she searched out her hand and held it. Closing her eyes, she easily fell asleep.

"Hey." Kat sat up. Whitney was gone and Reid stood at the door. It was still dark outside. He resembled that like a shadow.

"Where's Whitney?" she asked. She pulled her knees to her chest. For some reason she was scared of him, but it wasn't because she thought he would hurt her. no, this was a different type of feeling that made her chest tighten and her heart beat rapidly, an animistic feeling.

For what felt like hours, he just stood near her door not moving. He could see that she was nervous by the way she clenched her blankets with her fist. More than anything he wanted to console her, hold her, hug her, kiss her, love her, stay with her. None of those things were possible with her not remembering.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said. The offensive hurt in his voice made Kat's stomach pang.

"I think…I know. I know you wouldn't, but I feel some sort of something. I don't know." Kat said shaking her head. It hurt her head trying to think about it.

Reid crossed the room and sat beside her. He didn't sit too close in fear that she'd run away, but close enough that she was within reaching distance.

"Kat, if you knew-"

"I don't want to." Her eyes watered now and even in the dark he could see them threaten to spill down her cheeks. "I know it's bad so I don't want to know!"

Reid grabbed her face with both hands which made her shiver. She didn't fight him, but embellished in his touch. there was safety in it somehow. The tears held in her eyes fell down her cheeks and slid past his fingers.

"If you knew, not all of it is bad." He breathed. His face moved closer to hers until his forehead touched hers. She sobbed silently.

"I know. I know, but I don't want to."


"Because I think I know why you're mad at me. I can feel it." she said, her eyebrows knitting together with realization. Their noses brushed together lightly. Kat closed her eyes. She couldn't continue to stare into those blue eyes that wanted her so much. She just couldn't. It was too much and she wasn't sure what she was feeling. The emotions flooding didn't feel like they were hers. She could never have such strong emotions for this type, but he was soft and caring and he was pulling her in.


"In love with you." She breathed finishing his sentence.

Reid watched her shudder from saying it. His hands didn't move from his hold on her. He wiped away the second wave of tears with his thumbs.

"But, I don't think it's right." She added after sucking in a breath. Reid shook his head.

"It was never right for us." He said. She could feel his cool breath on her lips. It made her feel weak. She could melt into him and even though it didn't feel right, she wouldn't have minded.

As if reading her mind, Reid closed the extremely small space between their lips and kissed her. Kat gasped from the surge of electricity moving between them. The kiss intensified quickly. Reid pulled onto his lap, his hand on her hips. His lips parted from if only for a second to breathe then he kissed her again. It felt like her not the shell that had dug its way out of that grave.

"Reid," she whispered between kisses. He pulled away and looked at her. Still, she cried. "Reid, I remember…it won't go away! He killed me!"

He pulled her against his chest to soothe her. Her body shook heavily with dread.

"Oh god."

"He put something into me too. I can feel it crawling through my veins." Reid froze. No, he thought, no, she couldn't. "It's dark."

She had power. Chase still succeeded in his mission.

Kat clenched his shirt in her hands tightly praying that he'd never let go. She didn't want him to go. A part of her felt relaxed as she felt his fingers thread through her hair. There was an energy between them, that was it. It all flowed perfectly together now and she didn't need that worry in the back of her mind telling her that he was dangerous. She was dangerous now too.

"I've missed you so much." She said. His hand moved from her hair to caress down along her ear to her jawline. He tilted her face up so that he could see her dark eyes. And they were dark, they weren't even the chocolate brown that he knew. They were black.

"No." he said petrified. She cried harder. Reid kissed her again now crying as well. The kiss was wet and filled with sorrow mixed in with happiness. His hand moved back into her messy hair and gripped it tightly.

Kat shoved him on the bed so that he was on his back looking up at her. Once again he was scared to be with her in this position. Her eyes filled tears were filled with a new emotion. Her eyes remained black and she wanted him.

"Kat this isn't a good idea, to go this far."

"We've done it before." She grinned seductively.


"You don't want me?" she asked sounding hurt.

"It's not that. But you need to wake up, you have a lot to deal with right now." he said. For the first time in weeks he thought about Ryan.

"I'm fine." Then he whispered it.

"Ryan." he didn't look at her.

"No." she growled. She got off of his lap and stomped to the other side of the room. She couldn't be near him if this was what he wanted to talk about. That was one memory she didn't want to think about. How could he even say that name! Ryan wasn't here! Ryan was never coming back! Never!

"Kat, you have to know."

"I know! I saw it! He forced me to watch! I saw everything!" she screamed. The room shook violently all of the sudden. The lust filled moment was gone and replaced with unbearable pain and rage.


Kat shot up in bed and grabbed her stomach. It cramped with pain as if being pulled at.

"Whitney, what the hell?" she grumbled.

Kat gasped next as she looked over at her sister. Whitney shook beside her uncontrollably. Her skin was pale and cold. Kat grabbed a hold of her trying to stead her.

"Caleb!" she screamed as she tried to hold her. "Oh no."

"Katherine." Whitney said as she crumbled. "I'm sorry."

"Don't you be sorry okay? I'm going to take care of you like I promised. You'll be okay."

"I don't think so. I'm not feeling too good." Her skin started to turn into what looked like ash. KAt tried to caress her cheek caringly but it rubbed off and showed the dead muscle tissue underneath.

"No…not again." she cried. "I can't lose you."

"You remember…"

"Yes." Kat nodded. "Caleb!"

The door busted open and Caleb rushed in with Reid in tow. Kat ignored the looks Reid gave her.

"Help me." She pleaded with the men as they stared at the twins. Kat could feel Whitney's bones crunch under the light pressure of her hold. She was dwindling away. "No!"

Whitney's eyes grew grey and cloudy until they had cataracts.

"Kath-" Whitney didn't finish. Her voice was raspy. Kat looked up at the men.

"Do something!" she screamed. The room shook violently like from her dream. Caleb looked around startled then back at her helplessly. His eyes changed instantly and concentrating as hard as he could he tried to reverse the effects. He was flung backwards into the wall making it cave in as if whatever was being done to Whitney backlashed. Kat gasped unable to make any words come out. She looked down at her sister. Her skin sunk into her body in places and was broken so you could see the bone in others. She was decomposing.


"It-it's okay. I got-m-my wish." Whitney's voice crackled.

"Stay with me. I'll fix this." Kat closed her eyes and that crawling feeling inside melded to every nook and cranny of her being, syncing to her. It flowed more freely as she accepted it. She didn't want to, but there was too much at stake, her sister. Her eyes shot open and her nails dug into the fragility of Whitney. Her head became dizzy as she gave Whitney whatever she could. Whitney's skin gained a little color, but then her whole body collapsed into ash all over Kat and the bed.

Kat stared down at the remains of Whitney. Breathing had stopped altogether. Tyler was helping Caleb who grunted as he stood. The three men stared at Kat. She just looked down at her lap. It seemed surreal.

"She wished…what did she mean?" the question was cold. No one answered. "What did she mean!?"

They each flinched as if being hit.

"She wished…" Kat trailed off. Her voice was darker, hurt, angry. None of them short of Reid could believe what they saw when she looked at them. Her eyes were black, filled with hatred. She kept losing people that meant everything to her. There was no end or so it felt.

"Kat-we don't know. What's wrong with you?"

"Chase gave it to her." Reid mumbled. Every part of Chase holding her and willing her his power flashed through his head. Every night he watched it happen in his dreams. Caleb and Tyler looked at him. He just stared down at the floor knowing full well what was wrong.

"Wrong with me?" she laughed. It sent chills down Caleb's spine. Chase succeeded. He gave her everything and with the look in her eyes she was angry with nothing to take it out on. "Oh, I feel great. I feel…amazing."

She scooted off of the bed. The remains that hung on her clothing fell to the floor. She looked at them each separately then glided past them to the bathroom. Tyler stared at the bed, tears forming in his eyes.

"We keep losing." He whispered.

Kat sat in the tub letting her body soak. Steam rose up from the water. Little drops of water floated up from the tub and Kat watched them entertained.

"I see the wishes have come true."

Kat turned her head slowly and saw a young woman leaning against the door. She arched her eyebrows at the visitor. Shock was long gone out of her system. Nothing could do the trick anymore, not after everything. She was just numb. She lost Ryan, Whitney, and now herself. She was a freak and it was all Chase's fault.

"So, my dead sister was right." Kat said. "There was a wish."

"Indeed." Kat took in the stranger's appearance. She looked like the average college student, but there was a vibe. The woman felt ancient. "I could help myself. Bring back somebody who could destroy the world? I would pay to see that."

"You took her away. That rather pisses me off." Kat put strong emphasis on each word. She made no intention to get out of the bath. It was too cozy.

"Tear." It was sarcastic as was her facial expression. Kat remained unphased.

"I'm going to kill you, you know." Kat said.

"Good luck, I'm eternal."

"Nothing's eternal." Their talking sounded so general like it was normal to talk about dying and killing.

"Well, I am."

Wish…hmmm. I wonder if I could make my own.

"The baby one of the group did the most damage if you ask me. Start with him. He did wish you to remember everything."

"You sound like a fucking genie, a cursed one anyway." Kat snapped. She shifted a little bit in the water then after a few minutes she pulled the plug out of the water. The little droplets that had been floating around her fell and the water drained down the tub. Kat stood gracefully and grabbed the dark blue towel from the rack and wrapped it around herself.

The mysterious one only smiled confirming Kat's new suspicions. She nodded and stepped towards her. Kat reached past her and turned the door knob and walked into the room that was once hers and then became Ryan's and then Whitney's after his death. Caleb, Reid, and Tyler still stood there flabbergasted having not left.

Kat paid no mind. She walked over to the dressers and opened them looking for clothes. She settled with black jeans, a dark blue tank top with a black baby doll t-shirt over top. Grabbing the chosen articles, she walked out of the room grabbing Tyler's old jacket that she claimed along with a set of high heel boots.

After getting dressed, she went downstairs and settled on the couch. She took up the remote and started flipping through the channels on the tv. Nothing was on except for boring infomercials.

I'm so borrrreeed.

Caleb and the others followed her and watched her confused.

"She's acting like nothing happened." Tyler said, his voice shaky from the trauma.

"I can hear you." Kat said flatly without looking at them. She tossed the remote aside and started flipping through the channels telepathically. This is so much easier and more fun. I can't wait to find out what else I'm capable of. "What else am I supposed to do? People die. That's life."

"Life!?" Reid exclaimed from behind Caleb.

"Exactly." She replied evenly. "What am I going to do about it?" she paused for a moment and even the channels switching stopped.

"Wait, I got it." Kat was up on her feet quickly and then pacing. "Hello?"

Tyler and Caleb exchanged looks. Had she lost her mind? Had the power that Chase gave her made her crazy because it certainly changed her now that she had her memories back? Then again, it would change anybody who lost multiple people. It was a lot of power with no limit on use.

"Hey! I know that you're lurking around and that you had something to do with me and all of the mojo. Come here, now!" Kat waited a few seconds. The impatient tapping of her foot was the only sound being made

"Wow, I'm not a dog, you know." Kat and the others turned their heads in the opposite direction to see a woman looking over her nails. "Hello boys."

She smiled at them wickedly, her blonde hair shaping her face, her eyes a vivid. Kat made her way towards the young woman while tucking her hands behind her back. Caleb exchanged confused looks with Tyler.

"What's going on?" Tyler asked uneasily.

"Oh, I'm just doing what this little thing asked me to do." Kat smirked darkly. She stopped a few feet away from the woman and played with one of her strands of hair, twirling it around her finger.

"That final wish?" she asked. Her eyes lit up eagerly.

"Mhm." Kat just continued to play with her hair. "I wish you were free."

The woman's eyes widened feeling mortified. She slapped her hand away and Kat just smiled. Kat watched her look at her wrists and noticed tattoos circled her wrists that she hadn't noticed before. They were disappearing now.

"You bitch!" she spat at Kat. Kat's eyes flooded black and in the hand that still remained behind her back a large kitchen knife appeared. Moving with haste, she stuck it in the woman and twisted.

Caleb, Tyler and Reid watched her. To them it was all in slow motion. The disbelief of Kat having done such a dreadful, terrifying thing shocked them to the core. She twisted the blade in the woman's gut whose face contorted painfully. Tyler touched his own abdomen feeling like she stabbed him too. Caleb stopped Reid who moved to dart forward and stop her from doing further damage. He looked at Caleb incredulously. Caleb wasn't ready to chance Reid being next, so he didn't let go of his blonde friend no matter how much he still loved her.

"This won't fix anything." The woman said convulsing as blood started dripping from the corners of her mouth. "It won't bring them back."

Kat twisted it more, her eyes cold, hard and black.

"You don't get to talk about them." Kat growled viciously "You didn't know them."

Kat pulled out the blade then and watched her fall to the ground. For some reason she felt nothing. She knew there was something wrong with not feeling anything after killing a person. It didn't matter, this wasn't a normal person.

Kat stared down at the woman as blood pooled around her shoes. Turning around, she looked at the men, the knife remaining in her hand. Her eyes faded to deep chocolate brown and she exhaled deeply.

"What have you done?" Tyler spoke first. Kat looked at each of them taking in the alarmed looks. A laugh erupted into the room making her flinch. It was a laugh that expressed hilarity as if the situation was funny and after a minute she realized it was herself.

"What have I done? Have you seen the things each of you have done? What you've put people through?" she still laughed and her ribs began to ache. None of them replied.

The laughter died and Kat took a moment to regain her calm. She looked down at the knife as if admiring it.

"Remembering," she began "it was like living through it all over again. You should've left me to forget, hell, you should've left me dead. I was better off that way."

"Don't say that." Reid said. Kat looked up at him. A smirk slowly spread across her face.

"Why? Because you're sooooo in love with me?" she said cynically "Well, I lost the person I loved. I lost both of them and where you all of you! You didn't save them! You have all of this power and you didn't save them!"

The house shook as if an earthquake took hold. Tyler leaned back on a wall, Reid held out his arms trying to stay balance as did Caleb. Eye contact was made with Caleb and Kat. Her eyes bored into him with a burning fury.

"You didn't save them." she repeated, but in a low tone. Her stare moved to the floor and the house quit shaking. They watched her get sunk into her thoughts then jumped when her head shot up and looked at them as if a light bulb went off in her head. "Let's see if you can save your other friends."

She flipped the knife in her hand and threw it at the three of them. The weapon split into three different knives. Reid ducked to the ground and the knife meant for him thudded as it was imbedded into the front door. Caleb looked back at the knife stuck in the seat of the couch and glanced at Tyler who stared at his own which nearly hit him in the leg.

"I think she's defriended us." Reid commented. Tyler and Caleb looked over at him both with a simultaneous thought


"Go away." Kat hissed as she walked down the sidewalk towards town.

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere."

She rolled her eyes.

"I'm in here." She felt a few hard taps to her temple by a finger a swatted it away. "There's no way you can get rid of me."

She stopped and turned so that she was now face to face with what she only guess was her conscience. Chase Collins smiled a big Cheshire cat grin.

"It's not like I can do anything to you. I'm just here to persuade you and help and let you know that a part of me will forever be in you. Isn't that sweet?" Kat didn't respond so he continued. "Good. If you're going on this revenge-I'm-pissed-at-everything thing then you might was to start at a good place."

Kat nodded taking in his words.

Chase had been there ever since she regained her memories. All she could do was try to ignore him. it worked sometimes. Other times he made good points. She knew he was bad. He killed her boyfriend, but now he couldn't harm her. He couldn't do anything like that. He didn't even make attempts to do harm. He just talked. It was a little annoying, but nonetheless that was it. Kat didn't completely believe that he was all good as he had tried to tell her while she had attempted to act like he was a figment of her imagination. In the end, she accepted it. He was here and he was a guiding stone, the only one she had.

"Qwerty." Her words were determined. Chase smiled impressed.

Qwerty was her friend, key word 'was'. Now, she was in danger and it was only the covenant to blame. They'd done this because they'd done nothing.

How did they think this would end?

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