Three months. That's how long I was able to keep Jason and me a secret again. Then something happend, something that no matter what, would reveal me and Jason. I got pregnat. I was in the bathroom, looking at the pregnacy test with disbelief. How could this happen? How could we let this happen? We should have been more careful. I shook my head, trying to make some kind of excuse, maybe the test was a false positive? I tried to remember my last period. I was two weeks late. I ran my fingers through my hair, I was pregnat, there was no doubt about that.

I put my hands over my stomach, rubbing it slightly, "It's OK." I whispered. "I'll figure something out."

So, I did the only thing I could have done. I went to Dick, and told him everything, he was mad when he found out about Jason. "So, when did it happen?"

"Three weeks ago." I mumbled.

"And he hasn't stopped visiting you, and you haven't noticed a change in his behavior?" He asked.

"Nope." I said.

Dick sighed, sitting next to me on his couch, "It's going to be OK Kim, I'll help you tell your Dad."

I nodded, and we walked over to my house, Mom and Dad sat down across the table from us, "Mom, Dad, something wonderful happend." I started.

I told them everythng as well, of course, that meant telling Mom about Blue Jay, and Jason's real death, his resurection, and basically everything I had ever kept from her, or Dad.

Dad exploded, he went off into this huge rant, screaming at me to the point where I started crying, Dick put a hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me. Mom was to stunned to speak, and then she got over it. She yelled at me and dad for keeping this from her, I had never seen either of my parents so anrgy.


I stood up, getting in Dad's face as well, "WHAT ELSE? ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION?" I asked, one hand on my stomach.

Mom put a hand on Dad's shoulder, "We would never do that Kim, it's your baby, are you happy about this?"

I looked down at my stomach, and then back at her, "Yes."

She nodded, "Than I'm happy for you, but honey, Jason, he's not going to be happy, he'll run Kim."

I stepped away from the table, "Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter either way, I can't let it... him get tangled up with Jason and his life. Letting myself get shoved into it is one thing, but I'm not going to let that happen to my little boy."

Dick smiled slightly, "It's a boy? Isn't it a little early to be able to tell?"

I shrugged, "I keep seeing a boy in my head. I can't really imagine it being a girl."

I looked at them pleadingly, "Please don't tell Jason."

They agreed, and after my father had also calmed down, he asked what I was planning to do. "Run." I said, "I can't believe that I'm going to, but I am. I'm going to miss Jason, but... it's for the best." I mummbled.

Dick stood up, putting a hand on my shoulder, "Do what you think is best Kim, we'll be behind you all the way."

I nodded, and that night, I left Gotham, without seeing Jason. I couldn't risk chickening out and telling him erything. I don't know what Mom and Dad told him, but I do know, that nine months later, after living in a small town in the middle of nowhere, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she looks so much like Jason. She had my eyes though, and my hair. Her ear shape, her nose, almost everything else, was just like Jason. I still love Jason, and I hope he still loves me too. Maybe one day, when Justine is old enough, we'll go back to Gotham, and I can introduce her to her father. If he still loves me, then maybe we can be a family, if not, then maybe he can at least visit Justine every now and then.

If he was completely furiouse about it, and refused the see Justin, then I don't know what I'd do. I do know Dick would make a really good uncle though.


OK guys, I am so sorry that I ended it this way, but there will be a sequal about their daughter, Justine Todd. I already have her costume and a lot of her life planned out. Please, no hate mail, I hate hate mail. I'm sorry again about Blue Jay, but a few chapters ago, I started wondering how to end Kimberely and Jason. A family maybe? Then I realised, that in Gotham, Blue Jay andthe Red Hood could never have a proper family, it would have been to risky. I started thinking if they could still have a kid, and then I realised, I really like the idea of Jason asa father figure. Now, Justine's story is going to be based more off the comis books than the movie. She's going to be around Dick when he took over as batman, and his Robin, Damian Wayne. If you don't know who those people are, go to , and look them up.

The sequal will be called 'Jason Todds Daughter' Yes, I know, bad name. Couldn't think of anything.

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