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I've got nothing to write in any of my other stories at the moment. I'm basically at an impasse, and have started thinking too much on how it is done. So this one is basically to get myself back to normal, so to speak.

Chapter 1: The new kid on the block

Jared was an average boy. Average physique, average looks, but over average brains. What's more is he doesn't use it like he should, if he uses it at all. He has somewhat Spiky Black hair, brown eyes, a faint mustache, and no muscle. He had glasses, though durable, looked quite fragile. He was wearing a black Shirt that said Las Vegas. There was no one bothering to sit next to him under the tree he was sitting under. He was just watching everyone. He did this quite often, and didn't bother to speak up on anything.

He had no friends to speak of, and no one he could truly trust.

Once everyone else was gone, and no one would bother to come around, he got up and started walking. He didn't walk for exercise, just to do it. He was only 10 years old, but no one bothered to do anything to him, or say anything either. People just ignored him, and he was fine with it.

However, that night something big was going to happen.

-Jared's house-

"Mom, I'm home." Jared said, as he walked in. A female came in, most notably his mother.

"Hey, Jared. How was school?" His mother asked.

"The usual." Jared replied.

"You know, you really should make some friends. They could help you out with that somewhat depressed mind." His mother replied.

"I'm not depressed. I'm just not normal, and it took me too damn long to notice it." Jared said, as he reached the stairs. "I'll be in my room, just don't bother me. When dinner's ready, just knock... Please."

As he walked upstairs, his mother sighed. "Every day, it's the same thing. I really wonder what would happen if we didn't have to move..."

When Jared reached his room, he locked the door, and sat on his bed. 'I wish things weren't so damn hard. Now I have to go through 5 grade, and I don't even try to make friends.'

"That's because people don't like what they don't know." Another voice told him.

"Who's there?"

"Don't speak out loud. I'm talking to you via telepathy."

'Who are you?'

"That doesn't matter right now. You wish to get away from this boring life of yours?"

'What I want, is to know why I am so different. Are you the reason?'

"No, I am not. However, I can give you a better point of view. You could help someone you know a lot more about. Someone who could become a friend in time."

'What's the catch? Everything good has a catch.'

"You know, not everything good has a catch. You don't seem to like your own mother."

'That's because she married that prick of a stepfather.'

"Well, he's not all bad, just inexperienced. Anyway, you have no friends, don't even consider blood relatives family, and that last move you went through put you in a loner state."

'Yeah, so?'

"So, you would be leaving nothing of value behind, would you not?"

'You mean, I would be sent to another dimension?'

"In a sense. And its one you already know quite well. That show you watch. The one called Naruto. If you could change it, the events up to that point, how would you do so?"

'I don't really know. He's clueless, somewhat idiotic, but those two things make him highly unpredictable. If not for the fact no one would bother to teach him, he could be better off.'

"What if you taught him?"

'What are you getting at? You're not seriously thinking of putting me in there are you?'

"You are smart, contrary to popular belief. You just don't use it often."

'So what?'

"So, if I put you there, you would be leaving everything behind, but retain all knowledge you have gained, and then some."

'I'd probably also have to change my name to something much more appropriate for the place.'

"I've got you covered. His mother is named Kushina Uzumaki, correct?"


"We'll change your surname to Uzumaki, and say that you're her nephew. Do you think that's plausible?"

'Meaning, I'd be his cousin. That could work. After all, I know more about the Uzumaki Clan than he would. One problem I can see. If I get sent there, and he's older than I am, then how am I supposed to do anything with it?'

"You wouldn't be. I'd send you to a point where he is only five years old. Also, I'd be switching up your DNA. You'd gain any bloodlines the Uzumaki have, along with the ability to use any Jutsu that you know the mechanics of."

'Okay, one more question. Is it possible for me to have the Rinnegan?'

"Of course. However, I think that it is not a bloodline."

'Normally, it isn't. However, it could be something I could turn on or off, and I could probably give him after a while. It could come in handy with his amount of Chakra.'

"Good point. Are you done with your questions?"

'Only one question left, right now. Where exactly would I end up? In Konoha? Or Uzu?'

"More likely than not, Konoha. Unless you wish to appear in Uzu."

Jared was in deep thought. 'Okay, here's what I think I should do. If you can change my physique into something that would allow for a lot of speed and strength, while keeping it balanced, plop me down in Uzu, I work it out from there.'

"You aren't doing this alone, Jared. I'm coming with you, but you will not hear of me there for a while. In fact, your body will revert back to it's 5 year old self, but you will gain the full experience with any sword, your fists, and about as much Chakra as Naruto would. However, you would have a lot more control over it."

'Think you can give me all of the Elemental affinities in the process?'

"I intend to. You will also be able to active the Rinnegan at will. Just know that your right arm might start hurting when you land."


"You'll find out. Time to get going."

'Wait. Let me eat dinner first. When I fall asleep, then you take me there. I'll wake up in Uzu, find my way around, and then I'll work everything out. I won't tell my mother this, but I might leave a note saying not to look for me.'

"I'll leave the note when I transport you. Also, you might be able to use that Vacuum Warp Idea you came up with."

'That will come in handy. Alright, then. Deal?'


There was a knock on his door. "Jared, it's time for dinner."

'That was good timing.' Jared got up and went downstairs to eat.

-5 hours later-

Jared was fast asleep. He didn't write down a note, because the other voice was going to leave one in his place. "Alright, Jared. It's time to go. I wouldn't worry much, because you have more to deal with there."

Jared started glowing, and disappeared. In his place was a note to be found later. Not a sound was made.

-Uzushiogakure ruins, 6 hours later-

Jared woke up on the ground. He looked around, and found out he was in a ruined village. "Wow, it worked."

As he was looking around, he found a map that seemed, maybe 30 years old. It looked just like the Elemental Nations. "Yup, definitely worked. Let's see..." He studied the map intently. "According to this map, I'd be about here. And my cousin would be... here." He pointed to an island, and then shifted it to the place marked with Fire. "Judging by the scale, it would take 2, maybe 3 days to get there."

"That would be about right."

'You again?'

"Yes. Since you accepted my offer, I will be there for you. You are similar to a Jinchuuriki, but not with something anyone knows of. My name is Airgod, but if anyone asks, you don't know how you got so powerful."

'Okay... What's with the glow on my arm?'

"That's what's keeping me bound to you. You can call on me if you need me, but be careful. Using my power too often is not a good idea. You could kill yourself."

'Got it. Wait... If I'm similar to a Jinchuuriki, you think I should search for the Uzumaki Clan techniques? They could come in handy, and Naruto and I would both be able to work on them.'

"I don't see the problem in it. Just know that it could very well be dangerous, as even I don't know this place very well."

'Point taken. I'll take a look around above ground, first. I'll need to be careful of any last minute traps set.'

Jared looked around, and started walking. He found the place that would be considered the Kage's tower. He went inside, and found the scroll room. "Jackpot. Let's see. I'll need to know higher sealing than most can think of. I'll definitely need to know Storage Sealing, as well."

-3 days later-

Jared had learned everything he could from the scrolls, and had started practicing the basics, and advanced of the Fight style mentioned. He noted that it used several styles, and you had to switch between them with ease. It isn't easy to pull off, and although the name was Uzuken, he decided to rename it something that would be better suited to it. Although, he named it in English. He took to calling it the Ocean's Tide Fist, since the tide was somewhat unpredictable. When he finally got it down, he started working on the Ninjutsu he knew about. He found a pond a few days ago, and went up to it.

He closed his eyes, and concentrated. "Water Dragon Jutsu!" Sure enough, a Dragon came up from the water and crashed into a nearby building. The result: said building collapsed completely, and the dragon simply disappeared. He got another idea. He opened his eyes, showing the Rinnegan. "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu! Ice Style: Water Dragon Transformation!"

At this, a Water Dragon came out. Once it was fully formed, it started to freeze up, but kept moving. The result: an Ice Dragon crashed into the ground, sending Ice Shards scattering in every direction.

He then got another idea, but this one was risky. He put his hands in a Cross-seal using his Pointer and middle fingers of both hands. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" About 200 clones came out. "Sweet, it worked."

Everyone then got into the Ocean's Tide Fist stance, which was just standing there. The original Jared looked towards them, and did the same. "Go!"

Jared found that 3 were coming at him at a time, and he didn't get hit that often. If he got hit once, he shook it off, and ended up kicking that very clone, thus dispersing it. When he gets back up, he starts attacking again, while at the same time defending. He was doing everything that he knew he should, and was switching between styles at the drop of a hat.

After 100 or so were down, the Clones along with the original pulled out the sword he found. It was called Fuubi, or so it said. There was another he would give to Naruto when he went to him. It told him he was called Gaia Blade, but said that Jared was not worthy of it. Though he did say he wanted to meet Naruto, before wanting to do anything else. He also found another one that called itself Dragon Buster, but he didn't feel like leaving, unless it was in hands of a True Uzumaki, and it knew that Jared wasn't.


Jared had found the 3 swords. "So, your name is Fuubi, or Wind Tail. You are Gaia Blade, with a main element of Earth. And you are the Dragon Buster, last used in the Dragoon Campaign, right?"

"Yes, we are." Fuubi replied.

"What do you wish of us?" Dragon Buster asked.

"I'm only looking for a sword that I can use, but I know that a sword can choose it's wielder. Thanks to this fact, I would need the acceptance of a sword, and since you 3 are the only ones here, I guess it's down to one of you three." Jared replied.

"I do not wish to be used by anyone other than a True Uzumaki. I can tell that you are not." Dragon Buster said.

"I know I am not, so that puts you out of my choices. However, I am only here so I can help the one I will be posing as a cousin of. Naruto Uzumaki, son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. He is not likely to know of his heritage, or the fact he is the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Jared told it.

"How do I know you are not lying?" Gaia asked.

"You don't. I have no reason to lie, though. I left my dimension if only to help Naruto. I know what he will be put through, and none of it is pretty. If not for the fact he has Uzumaki blood in him, and with it, the stubbornness of the Uzumaki, along with the somewhat pure heart of the Namikaze clan, he would have gone insane." Jared told Gaia.

"You know, he does have a point." Fuubi replied. "I think he knows that we don't really find him trustworthy, however, wishes to help an Uzumaki."

"You don't seriously believe him, do you?" Dragon Buster asked, a little ticked.

"I'm not saying I do, but I'm not saying I don't, either. His reasoning is solid, and, though he could have thought this out that far, he truly wishes to help out someone that has a tough life in the making." Fuubi replied.

"I know trust is not given out randomly, so all I ask is a chance to prove myself. I figure that I would not be able to use you, Dragon Buster, so the choices for me are between Fuubi and Gaia, though Fuubi seems to be willing to give me a chance, I doubt that Gaia would give me that chance."

Gaia chuckled. "You know what? I'm beginning to like you. You understand more than most 5 year olds."

Jared took this point to chuckle himself. "Back home, I was 10. I was shifted to my 5 year old appearance during the shift. That way, I could be considered about his age at this point. I figure that the village will think I am an impostor, but that would be disproved, since Airgod changed my DNA when the jump was made. That way, if they do suspect me of being an impostor, they can't do a damn thing about it. They'd have to let me stay with him. He has a Cousin, I have someone to call a friend, or a real family, and he doesn't have much else to worry about, until he gets older."

Fuubi growled. "What do you mean, until he gets older?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea to tell you guys, because that might alter the future as I already know it. I do believe, however, it would be okay to tell you the reason his life would be in danger." Jared told them. "You know how when a Bijuu is released from its host, the host dies?"

"Yes." Gaia replied.

"Well, some time in the future, an organization known as Akatsuki will be after the Bijuu, and since he has the Kyuubi in him, they would be after him because of it. I don't think I can give more information than that, though, since by that time, 7 or 8 years will pass, so I can't really be certain of it all." Jared told them.

Fuubi gave what would appear to be a smile. "And you wish to help him survive?"

"Yes, I do. It's not going to be easy, and I won't say it is, just to give him some good news. I intend to help him, and he will find out just how badly he has it. However, he will learn of the Uzumaki Clan, and how great it once was, being as it was close to extermination probably 30 years ago."

Fuubi then spoke once more. "I will help you in your quest to help him. If I find that you don't help him at all, I will leave."

Jared just smiled. "That's a good way to put it. I don't intend on leaving him for some snake bastard, like someone else I'd rather not mention, but since you and I will be working together, I'll need to know how to handle you before I even think of teaching him anything."

"Come again?" Gaia asked.

"One thing most people don't realize, especially at my current age, is the power knowledge can bring. I already know of this, and how can I teach him, if I can't do so myself? I would basically be teaching him blind at times." Jared replied.

"You know," Dragon Buster started. "I think you're actually making sense. There are several of the Uzumaki Kenjutsu that you would need to learn, but you would be better off learning the Taijutsu first. Unless, of course, you already can use it."

"I don't even know anything about it. Where I'm from, the Uzumaki Clan wasn't delved into that often. That's why I decided to come to Uzushiogakure, first. That way, I can learn the secrets of the Uzumaki Clan, and pass them on to the true Uzumaki Heir. I intend to help him in any way I can, and right now, his Lineage is one thing I can't help him on. Hence, why I'm here. If I knew anything about the Uzumaki Clan techniques, I would have gone straight to him... More likely than not, anyway." Jared replied, with a shrug.

Silence reigned. Gaia was the first to speak. "I wish to see the true Heir to the Uzumaki Clan. I want to be able to see what he can do myself, before I decide."

Jared nodded, but then his eyes widened. "I just remembered something. Naruto seemed to have a God like Affinity towards wind. Are you sure he could use you to your full potential, which, I can be sure I'm not aware of?"

"I'll never know until I try." Gaia replied. "Though, how he has only one affinity, is beyond me. Uzumaki always have 2, and one of them is always water. It is possible for an Uzumaki to have 3, or even 4, though that is rare. Although, using me will grant him access to an Earth Affinity, if he doesn't have one already."

"Point taken. If you're sure about this, I'd be happy to take you to him." Jared then turned to Dragon Buster. "If you don't want to come, I understand. It's not easy trusting a stranger, and I tend to have trust issues myself. However, when one has no reason to lie, they don't."

"I would rather stay here. Fuubi will be used by you, Gaia may or may not be used by this Naruto, but if you find another Uzumaki, return with them, and I will test them myself. Until then, I will be waiting."

"I can't make any promises on returning. That's something I find highly unlikely, though the possibilities exist. I'm not sure if another Uzumaki is alive, but if there is, I will bring them here, after their proof. I can't make any mistakes on this, and if we do find another Uzumaki... I might chew them out for leaving one of their own hanging. Whether they knew of him or not." Jared replied.

"Noble, yet somewhat temperamental. Just like a real Uzumaki." Fuubi said. "Take me with you outside. I will show you a place you should know about, regarding the Uzumaki Clan."

"I will stay and keep DB company until you are ready to leave. Then, I will go with you to him." Gaia said.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Alright, Fuubi. Let's go. I'll probably be here for a week or so, that way I can learn all I can about the True Uzumaki clan. Hey, I got to learn everything I possibly can, don't I?"

"No arguments there. Just try to hurry it up." Gaia replied.

"You can't rush things like this. It would be better if I could use the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but that is something that wouldn't really be easy, it might for him, but not me." Jared said, as he started walking out.

-Flashback End-

The past few days was absolute murder on his body, but he persevered. He was going by the phrase, "No pain, No gain."

The rest of the Shadow Clone were gone in about 30 minutes. Jared was almost completely exhausted. "You know, Jared. You don't have to push yourself so hard."

'I know I don't. This is just conditioning my body so I can actually handle it. How close do you think I am right now?'

"I'd say you are at least adept in it. However, to be a master of the Kenjutsu, you would need at least a month of more training. Then again, this is without the Shadow Clones. With the amount of Shadow Clones you just used, I would say you could get in down in a few days, if you learn from any mistakes your clones make."

'I see. Then again, that's how I got this good in the first place. I already know of the memory transfer ability of the Shadow Clones. Using that, I can use what I found out was wrong, and fix it in the next set. Looking for weak defenses in my own style will help me to combat them. That's basically the only reason Shadow Clones work like this.'

"That is true. I must admit, you do know a lot about the Shadow Clone Jutsu."

'When you see it used so many times, and hear several winding explanations on it, you find out a lot more than you expect, and I can come up with some more ideas on how to use it. Why do you think I've used around 10 to study the scrolls?'

"You are beyond knowledgeable. You'll need to learn more history, but that would be close to a cinch for you." Fuubi told him.

'Thanks, I guess. Although I am a quick study, I normally don't use my knowledge in ways that would seem practical. Here is another story, as my knowledge can be used in more ways than ever before.'

"Well then, a few more days of this, and you should be good enough to teach him anything about the Uzumaki. Although, I wonder why you meditate."

'That's kind of how I manage to control my emotions. I know my temper can get out of hand, and I've done my best to combat that fact. Meditation helps out a lot. I also intend on teaching this to Naruto, as well. He turns into a loud, hyper-active, knucklehead, and although that is fine for a while, he has no idea how bad it can be. Meditation will help him in more ways than one.'

"Alright then, I think you should take a break. You need some rest, and that's as important as training."

'I'm tempted to give a sarcastic comment, but I'm not going to. I know the importance of rest when it comes to training. Too much training can be counter productive.'

"My point exactly. You going to meditate under the usual tree?"

'Nah, I'll do so right here.'

-1 week later-

Jared has gone through everything he possibly could in Uzushiogakure. "Well, that's everything. Are you sure I'm ready, Fuubi?"

"As sure as I'll ever be. You've got everything you could possibly learn mastered. I'm surprised, to say the least. I didn't expect you to get this far, this fast. Hang on, aren't we forgetting something?"

'Crap! Gaia wanted to meet Naruto. I got to get him so he can come along.'

"I thought we forgot something, good thing you remembered."

'Ah, shut it.'

Jared went back and found Gaia and DB. "Gaia, I'm about to leave. You ready to go?"

"I was wondering if you had forgotten."

"Uh, actually, I did for second. If not for Fuubi wondering if we did, it would've slipped my mind entirely. I have him to thank for that." Jared confessed.

"Really? Are you sure he didn't remind you about me?"

"I didn't, I was wondering, like he said. Still, how either of us could forget about you, I have no idea. He's actually quite honest, surprisingly." Fuubi said.

"Well, as I said before, I have no real reason to lie. I just hope you don't mind going into a pair of Sealing Gloves. I intend to buy some gloves and outfit them so he can bring you out whenever he needs you. I also intend on doing the same for Fuubi." Jared told them.

"Hmm... I don't mind that much. However, how are you going to hide either of us beforehand?" Gaia asked.

"I don't intend to hide Fuubi at first. After all, he is the one I'll be using. Gaia, on the other hand, I think would be better off in a sealing scroll until I can get the gloves themselves. When I do, that is when I'll transfer you and Fuubi into the Gloves, with the Uzumaki Style Sealing. That's all I've got so far. I'd be doing this on the way, this way, I don't have to worry about Konoha discriminating against me, because I'm related to a so-called Demon. I know he's not a demon, and I have several ideas on how to change their mind. Although, if Danzou happens to go after him, he's a dead man."

"Who's Danzou?" Fuubi asked.

"If I see him, I'll let you know. However, this is only after the Uchiha Massacre I told you about. Although, It's likely I'll run into him beforehand, but I can't really do anything to him until that point." Jared replied. "Anyway, let's get going. I've been here long enough, and it's time I get to my cousin. It's not going to be easy to do anything if I'm not there."

"Then what are we waiting around here for? Let's go!" Gaia shouted, somewhat.

"Hang on for a second. I know you're a little impatient right now, but that won't help us at all. If there's one thing I know for a fact, is that patience and a clear head can be more helpful in survival, than impatience with an emotionally trouble mind." Jared said.

"Yeah, you're right. Sorry." Gaia apologized.

"Don't worry about it. I figured you were at least a little anxious, or maybe a little ticked that I almost forgot about you, and that would be a somewhat natural reaction." Jared pulled out a scroll, and made a few handsigns. "Seal!" The Gaia Blade disappeared into the seal. "Well, that's that. Hopefully, I'll see you again, Dragon Buster. It's a shame you didn't want to come, but I understand your position, somewhat. If I do come back, and I don't have anyone but Naruto with me, I wouldn't worry too much. It's only because years have gone by, and he would need to see his mother's hometown. That's all, I guess."

"Fine by me. I'm used to being alone. Not like anything new is going to happen in these ruins."

"New events teach new things. I said before that I won't hold you against your decision to come or not, and since you wish to stay, I will leave you here. I have no reason to force you to come along, so I won't. I hope we see each other again one day." Jared said, as he strapped Fuubi to his back. "Until then."

Jared then left the ruined village towards the nearest city.

-4 days later-

Jared was coming up on a gate. He had on a dark blue bodysuit, with an Orange Spiral on the back, and both shoulders. There were Black Gloves with a separate Red-Orange Spiral on each one. He also had Sea blue Wristbands on, along with a pair of Light Blue boots, with a Golden Trim. His glasses have been disposed of, and no longer needed, since his eyesight had improved significantly.

He had reached the gate, when the two Chuunin on guard duty stopped him. "Halt!"

"I take it this is Konohagakure? The village where one by the name of Naruto Uzumaki lives?" He replied.

"What do you want with him?" One of the Chuunin looked at him. "You obviously have some sort of reason to see him, if you know him by name."

Jared studied them both. He nodded. "I see. You don't want anyone to find out what he truly is. However, what you think he is, and what he truly is, are two completely different things. I should know this, being an Uzumaki myself." That threw them both for a loop.

The first one to shake off their stupor had bandages on his nose and cheeks. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"He and I are 2 of the few Uzumaki left. He would be the first one for me to encounter, and I intend to help him out. My name is Jared Uzumaki. I would be considered the nephew of one Kushina Uzumaki, and if my sources are correct, this Naruto Uzumaki would be her son." Jared replied. It was at that point that 3 people with masks on came in.

One looked female with a Cat mask. Another was male with a Dog mask. The third also seemed male, and had a bear mask. "ANBU? Do you mind if I ask what you want with me?"

"You know more than you should. No one is to talk of his lineage." The one with the Dog mask stated.

'That's one piece confirmed. He doesn't know who his parents are.' "Even if he has a cousin standing right in front of you?" Jared replied. That made all 3 ANBU tense. 'What did I tell you, Fuubi? They didn't expect anything like this.'

"Just don't get carried away. You have to maintain your cover as an Uzumaki."

'I don't consider myself the way I was beforehand. In my eyes, I am Jared Uzumaki, and no one will say otherwise. I have cut all ties from my former life, since it has no meaning to me any longer. I didn't leave anything or anyone close to me behind when I ended up in Uzushiogakure, so I have no attachments to my past.'

"You are to come with us. The Hokage will wish to see you." the one in the Bear mask said.

"Fine by me. I was hoping to talk to him myself." Jared replied. "Although, I can already sense his location. He's currently over in that direction, although, I figured he would be in that direction." He pointed towards the Residential District, and then towards the Hokage Tower. "If he's making a house call to someone, I would rather wait in his office. No sense in interrupting something that may be important. At least, I don't see any sense in it."

The ANBU looked at each other and nodded. "This way. Let's see if you can keep up at your age."

Jared smirked at this and nodded. He had a good sense of speed on his own. He was keeping up with the ANBU easily. "If this is all you can do speed wise, I have you outranked there. Especially since I have some weighted clothing. About 500 pounds on right now. 100 pounds in 5 places. Along with the fact, I'm not doing anything Chakra-wise, like I could, or even mess with the Air to reduce wind resistance."

They looked at him, and though their faces were hidden, they looked shocked. "I haven't even begun to open up yet, and I don't intend to at this point. I only wish to see my cousin, and teach him what he should know."

They reached the Hokage's office. It took 5 minutes for Hiruzen Sarutobi to get in there. "ANBU? What are you doing here? And who is this?"

Jared stepped forward. "You are the Hokage, correct?"

Sarutobi looked at him. "I am. Why do you ask?"

One of the ANBU, the one with a Cat mask spoke. "He claims to be an Uzumaki, and wishes to train Naruto Uzumaki." Sarutobi dropped his pipe from his mouth.


"I may only be 5 years old, but my father has died, as well. The only memory I have of him is to find his sister Kushina. I went searching for a bit, found the Uzushiogakure Ruins, and learned that Kushina Uzumaki had been sent here to become a Jinchuuriki. She apparently made a name for herself, and that was while she was here. For this reason, this is the first place I am searching. If she is still alive, which I somehow doubt at this point, I am to find her. If not, and since there is a recorded Uzumaki, here, I am to teach said Uzumaki." Jared stated, quite confidently.

Sarutobi was in shock. He shook it off quickly, though. "How do I know you are not lying?"

"Because I have no reason to lie. This Naruto Uzumaki would either be her son, or in some way related to her. My name, should you wish to hear it, is Jared Uzumaki."

Sarutobi was in thought. "Neko. Find Naruto, and bring him in here."

"I think there is more that you will need to know about me, if I am to be trusted even the slightest bit. However, with what I know, I doubt you would want anyone else to know." Jared said.

"How so? You don't have any secrets, do you?" Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Only things that you would deem too secret for him. Something tells me I have information on him that you would not want getting out." Jared told him.

"Kuma, Inu. You are dismissed."

"Sir!" They both left.

He charged Chakra into a seal underneath his desk. "Alright, how much do you know?"

"Everything." was Jared's simply reply. "I know of his Jinchuuriki status, his complete lineage, both his mother and father, and even some trouble that will come for him in the future."

Sarutobi looked a little ticked off. "How?"

"I have a source in a place I doubt you could get to. Even if you could, you wouldn't be able to find your way around, and probably be sent to a mental hospital for even saying the things you could do here, Hiruzen Sarutobi. I also know of your death, although, that is not something I intend on sharing, as it might not happen. I've got possible events on him up to 16 years old." Jared replied. "I've basically got his life from 12 years and in the academy to 16 years and a hero of the village."

"What is the name of your source?"

"He is simply known as Airgod. You could say he is a multidimensional being. Thanks to him, I can gain information on virtually anything, and he can give me the information straight from the source, since inter-dimensional travel can allow one to go to any point in time and space. I could give you the names of both of his parents."

"Earlier you were saying you weren't completely sure about his mother."

"That was an assumption on your end. I know that his father is the Yondaime Hokage and Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze, and his mother is the Red Death, Kushina Uzumaki. Being an Uzumaki myself, I have the right to train him until he is ready for the exploits he will be going for. I can teach him more than most will be willing to teach him. However, we will both enter the academy at the same time."

"You still wish to enter the academy? Even if you are to teach him?" Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Even if I can teach him of the Uzumaki Clan, he will still need to know the History of this village. However, I won't settle for some bullshit about the Kyuubi. I already know the truth on that subject. My sword, Fuubi, and I will help him in any way we possibly can, and in turn, turn him into someone that is at least somewhat acceptable."

Sarutobi sighed. "Very well. I believe you should teach him about the Uzumaki Clan. However, his status as a Jinchuuriki is not to be talked about, nor is his father. Those are the only conditions I have on this."

"I didn't intend to tell him about the Kyuubi. He would find that out on his own, and I have several ideas for him to find out now. As for his father, he'd meet him one day, but that day will come when the seal is about to be broken, being as he sealed both himself and Kushina into him at birth. I will leave out that little detail, though. That way, he doesn't do so on purpose. As long as no one pisses him off, the village is somewhat safe. The same goes for me, although my full power when pissed will dwarf his." Jared said.

It was at this point that the Neko ANBU came in with Naruto. "I believe this conversation can be continued at a later date. Just know that I intend to help him in the particular quirks I know he'll have one day."

Sarutobi nodded. "Hey, Jiji. What you want this time?"

"Someone saying he is your Cousin has arrived. He appears to wish to help you out in your Ninja Training." Sarutobi told the young blonde.

Jared looked at Naruto, wisely not saying a word. "Really? Are you serious?"

"Yes, Naruto. He is." Jared told him. "I am that person. My name is Jared Uzumaki, of the Uzumaki Clan."

Naruto looked at him. "Oh boy! This is gonna be great!"

Jared simply sighed. "You won't be saying that when we get down to training. On that, I can guarantee. I won't go easy on you, just because you're family. I have my reasons, and some of the things I'll be teaching you may seem boring, but there is a reason for everything. It's just not always known at first." His tone was somewhat cold.

Naruto, being completely oblivious, smiled. "Alright! Come on! I'll show you the best spots in the village!"

Jared fazed out and ended up behind him. "You need to know how to do the basics before anything else. I will teach you the ways of the Uzumaki Clan, and they are in no way easy to master. On that, I can guarantee." Naruto just turned around and saw him. "By the time I'm done with you, you will be ready for anything anyone can throw at you. This path is long and treacherous, and it's highly possible you could lose more than your sanity. However, this kind of training is necessary for an Uzumaki, and I know how you can keep your sanity, as it worked a few times before. It definitely worked for me, and it should work for you."

Naruto stared at him in awe. "When do we start?"

Jared just smiled. 'I told ya, Fuubi. He's excited.'

"Damn. Looks like I owe you 50 Ryou."

'You do realize I was kidding on that bet, right?'


Jared mentally laughed. "We start tomorrow. However, you will be working on the one thing the Uzumaki always have trouble with to start. Chakra Control."

Naruto looked at him and cocked his head. "I will explain the details later on. For now, you will need to rest up. I cannot stress the importance of this training, as it will help you out in the long run, whether you realize or not." Naruto just smiled and nodded.

"Also, Lord Hokage. I believe that there is a shack to the Northeast of the Village. Instead of his usual place, the two of us will be staying there for the next few months. I would advise you not to let the villagers or the council know of this change in scenery. It is for his safety, as well as that of the village." Jared stated.

"I understand where you are coming from. Just, how bad do you think it will get if you get angry enough?"

"Hmm... I'd say a Hurricane in Wave would pale in comparison. Combining the destructive power of a Hurricane in Wave Country, a Volcano as it erupts, and the Kyuubi himself. That might still pale in comparison to the carnage that would ensue. That's if only I get pissed off. Yes, I have that much power in my possession. No, I don't think it wise to say anything on that subject. Especially in front of Danzou." Jared said, confusing everyone in the room, aside from Sarutobi.

"I see your point. That old War Hawk will want you both as his personal weapons. Just one question. How do I know you won't lead him astray?"

"Because I know how much of an asset he can be to this village, as can I. You don't want to lose the Uzumaki Clan, do you?" Jared said as he was about to walk out. "Think about it, and let me know tomorrow. I have a strong hatred of arrogance, ignorance, and those that think everything is dictated by fate, though the latter is to a lesser extent. If he develops any of those traits, I'll beat it out of him. You can count on that."

"Hang on!" Sarutobi yelled.

"I know what I told you is a little unbelievable. It's a hard concept to understand. I respect that. It is only because of that, I am giving you a chance to think about it. In the meantime, I have a village to memorize the layout of. Later." the moment Jared went through the door, he fazed out.

Sarutobi just sighed. "Neko, watch over him. I need to know where his loyalties lie."

Naruto coughed. "I think I know." This caused them both to look at him. "He came for me, right?" Sarutobi nodded. "Then wouldn't it make sense if he'd leave if I wanted to?"

Sarutobi and the ANBU looked at each other, then back at Naruto. Sarutobi sighed again. "Neko, watch over this Jared. Naruto, just go home for a while."

"Sir!" The ANBU left.

"Hey, Jiji?" Sarutobi looked at him. "Thanks for finding me a family. It helps." Naruto took that point to run off.

Sarutobi took that moment to face palm. "I'm seriously getting too old for this shit." 'At least I finally see a smile on his face. And I mean a real one, not that fake ass smile that he uses to hide pain. Contrary to popular belief, I know he has pain in his heart. Wait, what's that?'

Sarutobi finally took notice of a note on his desk.


Word of advice on the paperwork:

Use Shadow Clones.

It will help you over time, and relieve more stress now.

Jared Uzumaki

Sarutobi took that moment to do a faceplant. 'I am such an idiot!' After about 3 minutes of faceplanting on his desk, he rubbed his head and made a handseal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Sarutobi made 2 Clones and had them help out with paperwork.

-Hokage Monument-

Jared was sitting on top of the Yondaime's head. "I wonder what you would think about your son the way things are now, Minato? How would you like the way the village treats him these days, and in the days to come?"

"I doubt he would like the way the village treats him." Fuubi said.

"I agree completely, Jared. He wouldn't like the way the village treated him."

'I didn't think he would, either. Still, I feel like his presence is here. In this Stone carving of his head.'

"I don't think you're far off, kid."

"He's not." A new voice told him. "I'm surprised anyone else noticed, I was partially here."

'Okay, am I seriously surprised here. Not that I don't want to talk to you, but how are in the Hokage Monument, when you used the Reaper Death Seal to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune in your own son? You should be in the Belly of the God of Death.'

"I kind of took a precaution, in case I died leaving a child of mine alone. I knew at one point I would, but whether or not I had a child, however unlikely it may have been, I would want to keep watch over him. And so, here I am. A part of me did get sent to the Belly of the Shinigami, but those pieces of me that were already sealed are still around." Minato said. "I can sense my son's presence every now and then, though I can't right now."

'I'm not surprised. If my suspicions are correct, he feels somewhat drawn to this very spot, and it helps him think. My guess is, because of your faint presence here.'

"I'd have to agree with you there. If only I could talk to him, myself. I could tell him of a few people to avoid."

'I'm not surprised. Then again, Sarutobi has retaken the mantle as Hokage. Speaking of which, did you know that your son wants to be Hokage, as well?'

Minato took that moment to chuckle. "Why am I not surprised? Are you taking care of him, because you don't seem old enough."

'In truth, and if anyone else finds out about part of your essence being here I'd rather you not tell them, I'm not from this dimension. I had nothing of use back there, and the only one to truly care about me was my mother, though I didn't even consider her family. I was given an offer to help someone else out, and that led me to Uzushiogakure. After that, I learned the secrets of the Uzumaki Clan, and intend to pass them on to Naruto.'

"You mind explaining a little about your home dimension? I've always liked to know about new things."

'Nothing of much interest. Just the little fact of this place being completely made up. It is for this reason that I know who both of his parents are. He has a lot of pain in his heart, but he always wears a smile. In truth, Uzumaki is not my real surname. However, around here, I will be known as an Uzumaki, and Naruto's cousin on his mother's side. Did she mention any siblings?'

"Come to think of it, she did. She had 2 sisters and a brother."

'The opposite of me. 2 brothers and a sister. Anyway, I'm not really wanted back home, so I came here to help someone who needed more help than I did. Someone who was going to have it worse than I ever would.'

"How bad would he get it?"

'Try a daily beat down, and it only gets worse on his birthday. They leave him for dead each time. At least Sarutobi cares for him. However, the protective measures he put in place didn't help. In my personal opinion, I'd say the Nara, Hyuuga, and Uchiha Clans would want to adopt him. I highly doubt they could due to another law I figured out about. Naruto is unable to be adopted.'

"That idiotic council. At least I can watch my son. Also, do you know of specifics on the seal on him?"

'Not really. I just know the complications of it. Along with what it is supposed to do. I mean, sure it's going to keep the Kyuubi in, but it's not going to be easy. His rage will trigger the Kyuubi's power, causing him to actually want to kill someone. Luckily, the first time it ever happens is on a bridge, when a friend of his is close to death.'

"That's quite a bit of information you have already. He is the first one it was ever used on, period. It is supposed to allow him to use the Youki of the Kyuubi, as it mixes with his own Chakra."

'Knew that. Continue.'

"Okay, did you know that it wears down over time?"

'Yeah, I did.'

"One more thing. That seal was never really completed."

'Wait, what?'

"I see I got you somewhere. The Reaper Death Seal was never truly Complete. When it was, it would have been easier to use, and would not wear down over time. The final piece to be added was of Uzumaki Origin, the Bijuu Sealing Technique of the Uzumaki. That was to be the final piece, but I was never able to implement it before I was forced to use it."

'Hmm... I think both me and Naruto can do that for you.'


'Before I came to Konohagakure, I was plopped down in Uzushiogakure. While I was there, as I said before, I found the secrets of the Uzumaki Clan. I also found out about the Bijuu Sealing Techniques that they have. I could finish it up, and then use it to improve the one already on Naruto.'

"Are you sure that you can do it? It's not going to be easy, and I can guarantee that."

'Never said it would be. Also, I do have one question for you. Did you ever write down the specifics for the Hiraishin?'

"I did, but it's in the Namikaze Manor. I can tell you where it is, if you are truly here to help my son, but I could only use it to get from point A to point B. Aside from the fact I used it to eliminate an entire force, it's still flawed, and no one even realizes it."

"I did, and can see that it wouldn't matter much. It was still a technique to be feared."

'Not to mention I already came up with a few combos for it.'

"Throwing several of my Kunai didn't do much for me after a while."

'Did you ever try throwing one, and using the Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu on that one?'

"Huh, I never thought about that. Also, I did teach 2 people the Rasengan."

'Kakashi Hatake is one, and the other is your old Sensei, Jiraiya of the Sannin. Am I correct?'

"Dead on. I do believe that one day, my son, being a Jinchuuriki can upgrade it with Elemental Chakra, and then use it for the Tailed Beast Bomb."

'He'd do that without my help. By the way, there was a rumor going around in my dimension that you taught Kakashi the Hiraishin. Is that true?'

Minato chuckled. "No, it isn't. I know what I did to my own son is incomprehensible, but I really wish I had more time to think on it. It was kind of a split second decision. So you know, his mother didn't take insults to her sword easily, or insults to her family. I only hope that Naruto doesn't develop the same qualities."

'Definitely not a pretty sight. However, if I had to guess, Naruto is a worse case than Kushina when pissed. The Kyuubi would be the reason for that.'

"No kidding. Are you sure you can help him out with that?"

'I didn't come all this way just to quit, Minato. I said I would help him, and I will. I know how hard it will be, but I think that's the reason Airgod here wanted to come along for the ride. So, I can become a Jinchuuriki of sorts.'

"You mind explaining that to me?"

"He was a loner himself. My choice of sealing is different from the Jinchuuriki here, and for good reason. I'm not a Bijuu. The Bijuu are 9 entities, and, contrary to popular belief, were once one being. I was not a part of that being, nor was I even involved with the Bijuu. A Bijuu is actually condensed Chakra. I, on the other hand, am a being of Pure Spiritual Energy. And Unlike the Bijuu, which has 9 beings, I am of the SFF, or Spiritual Force Five. As you can probably guess, there are only 5 of us. We don't have Youki, but we can help fight it. In fact, there are ways to turn Youki into Chakra, and I have a few ways of doing so myself."

'Wow, I didn't know that.'

"Well, you never asked. Anyway, the SFF is basically the spirits of warriors long since dead. However, instead of passing on to the next realm when they died, they wandered the dimensions, searching for a body to inhabit. Over time, the SFF had become more powerful, with the combined Spiritual energy of each host. I was around long before your Kyuubi was created, and I can honestly say, that I can handle that much Youki. You son has to adapt to it, and that could take years."

"What about the experience of fighting for each body you had?"

"It accumulates, and my current host can draw upon any reserves I have gained. I'll simply regenerate my Spiritual Energy after a while. Thanks to that, Jared has more Spiritual Energy than Naruto does Chakra."

"Okay then. So, drawing on your Spiritual Energy. Is it like combining all of the experience of your previous bodies into the current one?"

"Yes, and no. Yes, in the fact all of my previous bodies have their Spiritual Energy factored into mine, and he'd be drawing on theirs. No, in the fact that he doesn't gain the Experience they had. That is for the Spirit Mode."

'Spirit Mode?'

"The Spirit Mode is a separate form, similar to that of a Jinchuuriki going into a Tailed Beast Mode."

'Hang on... Is this like the Avatar in that one cartoon I watched?'

"Avatar the Last Airbender?"

'Yeah, that one. The Avatar State. It combines all of the Past lives of the Avatar into the current one. Is it like that?'

"Yes, exactly like that. Come to think of it, I have a feeling a Host of an SFF member came up with that particular idea."

'That's a nice way to implement it.'

"Well then, do you think you can get my son to talk to me here? I'd really like to speak to him myself."

'After a while, sure. He'd have to be more spiritually aware than he is now. Sure as hell know I am.'

"Thanks to me."

'True. Seems like we have company.'

"I guess this is where I say goodbye, for now."

'Nice talking with you, Minato. Don't worry, I'll take good care of your son.'

"Thanks, Jared."

Naruto had just come up to the Hokage Monument. "Huh? What are you doing here?"

Jared looked at Naruto. "Hey, Naruto. Just thinking about a few things."

Naruto grinned. "Well, maybe we can talk about it."

"Not likely. It's things you probably wouldn't understand at our age, anyway. What you come up here to think about?"

"Same as usual, I guess. Why do people attack me any chance they get? I can never figure out the answer." Naruto said, a frown on his face.

"Don't worry. One day, you'll find out why. Although, I do have a question for you."

Naruto looked at him. "Shoot."

"Do you feel drawn to this place at all?"

"Come to think of it, I do. Why?" Naruto asked.

"I think it's because this could very well be your father. I mean, I saw the picture in the Hokage's office. You look almost exactly like the Yondaime." Jared replied. "If not for those whiskers, I'd say you could be a Carbon Copy of him. Maybe even his Clone, when you're older."

"You really think so? I'm just not sure."

"You'll know after some time. Anyway, there are a few things I think you should know before we get to training you." Naruto turned his head.

"First off, I already know of both of your parents, and they both died on the day you were born. You'll meet them both after some time, and once certain conditions are met. Sure, I know what those Conditions are, but that is something I wouldn't resort to this early in life."

"Why not?"

"Well, for your father, you'd either die, or come close to it. For your mother, well... one of two things will happen, to be honest. It's either you die, or you gain control over something that has not been controlled once. However, that's something you'll find out about later. Something you'd have to figure out on your own, as much as I hate that fact. What's more is, the reason the majority of the village ties into this very power you have, yet can't control." Jared replied.

"What is this power I have? And why do I need to control it?" Naruto asked.

"As for the first question, a certain law in this village prevents me from talking about it. That's why you have to figure it out yourself. Doesn't mean I can't find a way for you to find out before something else happens." Jared said, smirking at the end.

His smirk faded as he continued. "As for the second one, you need to be able to control anything you've got. For without control, you could kill someone precious to you, or yourself. Worst case scenario, but you get the idea. The end result is what I'd be concerned about. Power is nothing but a tool to be used. Every tool needs to be kept under control, lest it could be used wrong and backfire. Chakra is one such tool."

Naruto looked at him. "What's Chakra?"

Jared sighed. "Before I get into that, I'll have to dumb it down. I doubt you are familiar with all 3 types of energy. Right?"

Naruto nodded. "Well, there is Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Mental Energy, sometimes known as Mana, but you'd probably know it as Knowledge, is the strength of your mind. The smarter you are, the stronger you are mentally. This also ties into willpower, or how well you can resist Genjutsu. You follow me so far?"

Naruto nodded at that. "Okay. Spiritual Energy is up next. Spiritual Energy is the life force of the body. Without it, one would die." Naruto's eyes widened. "Before you say anything on the subject, wait until I give out the full explanation. Spiritual Energy, being as risky as it is, is highly powerful. It is also known as Ki, and some can access it separately from the other two. Those that can, with high enough amounts, could destroy a planet. As to potential heights for Ki: There are no limits. However, the drawback here is, once you die, all the Ki you have gotten will disappear. Do you understand all of this?"

"It's a little confusing, but I think I get it." Naruto said.

"How would you put what you have?"

"Ki is what keeps me alive, running out makes me die, and when one can use high enough amounts, they can destroy anything in their path. That's basically what I got."

"Well, you got the basic idea of Ki, or Spiritual Energy. Finally, we have Physical Energy, or Chi. There is a major difference between Chi and the others. Chi has its limits. The best way to look at Chi, is to look at your muscles. Chi is what you use to move around, and do tasks. Another word you might hear it called, is stamina. You naturally have a lot of Stamina, even I can see that. This means your Chi levels are insanely high. Do you understand Physical Energy, now?"

Naruto nodded. "Alright, give me a simple explanation of each one. Just to make sure you have it right."

Naruto took a deep breath. "Mental Energy, or Mana, is the total amount of Knowledge one has. Spiritual Energy, or Ki, is the life force of any being, and running out means death. Physical Energy, or Chi, is what one uses to move around, meaning Stamina. You run out of Stamina, you'd probably die. It's also the only one that has a potential limit. Is that all right?"

Jared nodded. "You got all of that down. Now to get into Chakra. Chakra is basically Spiritual and Physical Energy working together. This means that Chakra also has a potential Limit, and if you run out of Chakra, you die. If you use more Chakra than your body can take, you go through something called Chakra Exhaustion, or lack of Chakra. This means that your body has had it, and is basically forcing you to rest. If you don't, you will truly die."

Naruto nodded at this information. "So, using more Chakra than my body can handle, whether I still have the reserves or not, will make me either pass out or die."

"That sums up Chakra Exhaustion." Jared said.

"And Chakra is Ki and Chi, or Spiritual Energy and Physical Energy, working with each other, to produce a new type of energy, which Ninja use. Right?"

"Correct again. Either you're a lot smarter than most think, and you hide it highly well, or I managed to put it in a way you can understand."

"I think it's both." Naruto shrugged. "Anyway, if I have to control Chakra, does that mean I have to control Ki and Chi separately?"

Jared took this time to sigh. "Not quite. Manipulating Chakra, or simply using it, is done differently than Ki or Chi. It is basically a sub type of Energy, meaning one Energy that is created from 2 or all 3 of the main types: Mana, Chi, and Ki. Manipulating Ki is one thing, Manipulating Chi, is another. Manipulating Chakra is an entirely different concept."

"Meaning, using Ki and Chi separately will not make me use Chakra, right?"

"Correct again. I'm glad to see I've made more progress than the Academy would bother to with you." Jared smiled. "Anyway, back to the original topic. Control. You need to have control over whatever you can use. Chakra is one such thing that you'll need to learn control on, since your levels of Chakra would basically fuck up your control over it. Meaning, your Control is worse than the beatings you got daily."

Naruto's eyes widened. "That bad?"

"Worse, actually. I mean, if you combine all the beatings to date, you might just see how bad your control over your chakra is. That still could be an understatement, though."

"How do I increase my control over my Chakra? I mean, if my control of it is that bad, I'd need to start working on it right away." Naruto said, somewhat hysterical. Jared couldn't help but laugh. "What?"

"You need to know a few more things before we even start training. Such as the motto we will be going by."

"No pain, no gain?"

Jared shook his head. "Move well, Study well, Play well, Eat well, Rest well. These are teachings of an old Martial Arts master, and this is what we will be training by."

"I don't get it." Naruto said.

'This is going to take longer than I thought.' Jared thought, hearing 3 snickers. 'Oh shut it.'


Alright, I'm ending the chapter here. Are you wondering why Jared gave up one life to help someone he thought would be bad ass on his own?

Well, there are a lot of things that could seriously be better, and he wants to make those things better. He knows everything up to the point where Madara is using the Army of Zetsu against the Joint Shinobi Army in the manga. Naruto is still training at that point with his Tailed Beast form. The two people that were swallowed by the Kyuubi had yet to enter the fray.

For those of you who think that the Gaia Blade is taken from Golden Sun, you're right. That's exactly where it came from. The main difference, though, is that it is more of a Katana. The Dragon Buster is, in fact, from Legend of the Dragoon. Its abilities and looks are spot on.

Fuubi is basically a 40 inch long Blade at maximum length. However, it changes size to fit the user. Currently, Jared is about 4 feet 7 inches, and Fuubi is about 32 inches long. As Jared grows, so will Fuubi.

It is mentioned that the one that wields the Gaia Blade will gain Earth Affinity if they don't have it already. That's not entirely true. Everyone has an affinity for anything. It just leans a bit more to one or two Elements. Naruto does have Earth Affinity, just no where nears as high as Wind.

Before I go any farther, Naruto will seem God-like. I will point out right here and now, that is not what he is, nor will he be. If he were transformed into a Sayian somehow, only then would he become God-like.

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