I figured that people would want to know why the SFF and their hosts would seem overpowered. Luckily I found this hanging around my computer while looking around for nothing in particular. The good thing about this is the fact that there are few changes that need to be made, as I couldn't get more information on them. In any case, they are OCs based on a Legend I once heard. That Legend, is far from gone, and there are no apparent traces of them. I tend to take after Airgod, so that's why I use him in my profile.

SFF Statistics and Abilities

Notes: All measurements are given in Imperial (USA) units (i.e. inches, miles, pounds, etc.)

Years are given in Earth years, not that of where they are from

Any references made from anime will be noted before the reference and can easily be checked out on

All statistics are made as of March 1st, 2009, unless otherwise noted


Age: 11,003 years old

Weight: Varies

Height: usually around 6 feet

IQ: sticks around 400, but can go up to 2,500 max

Weapon of Choice: his Aura Bow (can break into 2 daggers, and re-attach to become a bow), or empty handed


Wind, Rock, Fire and Liquid manipulation

Can see any ability or movement once, whether physically or mentally, and use it on the field of battle almost instantly. May or may not need to practice the ability before using it.

Can Breathe underwater and in space, no atmosphere required to survive

Immune to fire, highly resistant to lightning

Can grab a lightning bolt, absorb it, and fire it out in another direction (lightning redirection)

Spirit Eye


If you manage to get him to fight, make sure you are NOT his opponent. Any ability you use against him will likely be used against you within 1 minute. There is little to no chance of survival if you go up against him in an all-out fight to the death. He has a rivalry with Athena, the current score, as of March 1st 2011, is 176-105, and Airgod is in the lead. Sometimes called AG, most know him as "The Lone Wolf of the Battlefield", he is the brother of Golden Eagle and believes the power of bonds can easily exceed any and all industrial weapons of today. Be careful around him. Should you run into him on his worst day, it is ridiculously easy to piss him off. If you should cause that, you have just signed your own death warrant, which will be resolved immediately. He is a better strategist than George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Alexander the Great, and (Naruto reference) Shikamaru combined, then multiplied by about 8,000. His skills at analysis and visualization are unrivaled by anyone, even Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. As noted above, there's not much of a difference, except when you look at the win streaks. The max either have had (at the time noted above), is 36 and counting for Airgod, and 28 for Athena.

The Spirit Eye is similar to a Doujutsu in Naruto. Thing is, he is the only one who can wield it, and it wouldn't pass to any children he has. With it he is able to copy any and all Ocular Techniques, and use them with little consequence. For something like the Amaterasu (Naruto Reference) which normally makes you lose a bit of your sight, you wouldn't lose part of your sight, as it would be a more purified version of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Picture what a guy with this eye could do if he were an Anime freak, or an Otaku.

He'd get even more deadly.

Note: Messing with his friends means an automatic Death Warrant. Regardless of his mood.

Golden Eagle

Age: 12,001

Weight: About 215 lbs

Height: around 5' 6"

IQ: 203, rumored to be higher by now

Weapon of Choice: His customized Sword (known only as the Crescent Moon Blade), Long Range Rifles (e.g. Sniper rifle)



Fingers can cut through diamonds like a hot knife through butter

Can cause Temporary Blindness or deafness in himself or others

Can use solid objects to see when blind (whether enemy- or self-inflicted)

Immune to Fire, Acid Corrosion (up to pH .0001), can breathe underwater and in space (no atmosphere required)


Brother to Airgod, Golden Eagle is usually called by his initials: GE. Unlike Airgod he is much more resistant to changing his ways, so he can be pretty predictable in a conversation. On the field of battle, his attacks are more Aerial than land-based. Can use virtually any weapon with utmost ease. He has a good heart, but has little to no problems with killing those who threaten others, whether empty threats or not. Much like Airgod, anyone who messes with family (AG is all he has these days, although a relationship has supposedly been building between him and Saiyuki) or friends, will die within 10 minutes. No if's, and's, or but's, he will kill them on the spot.

Note: Do not piss him off. Unlike his brother, he has a bit of a short fuse. If anyone gets him the slightest bit mad, he WILL attack. If he goes after you, he WILL kill you unless his energy is suppressed by an outside force. When angry, he loses all sense of himself and reason.

For all you Dragonball/Z/GT fans out there, picture when a Saiyan looks at the full moon. It's like that, only no immediate change in form. It's more of a slow change, and he will only revert back if: 1) his anger is suppressed by an outside force, or 2) The one he is pissed at dies. He may or may not remember what happens whenever he is in that state. Also, If he pulls a curved sword with a pitch-black blade, run. He doesn't use it often, but when he does, he's out for the life of someone in the immediate area.


Age, Weight and Height: Unknown

IQ: Not documented anywhere

Weapon of Choice: Knife, Handguns (Automatic, semi-automatic, 3-round burst, doesn't matter)

Specialty: Espionage



Crane, monkey and tiger fighting styles

Can manipulate any aura to her will

Can sweet talk anyone to do anything (Airgod is the only one who she has tried this with and failed)

Immune to: Fire, Acids, Poisons, Toxins, Stabbing


The only female of the group, Saiyuki is sometimes called SY, but only Golden Eagle calls her Sai. Doesn't talk that much, and can easily be seen as ruthless and cold-hearted. Granted, she is ruthless from time to time, but rarely. Makes an excellent team with Golden Eagle, but can't stand his brother. Has a good heart, but knows full well that trusting the wrong people will end up getting herself in trouble.

Notes: Stabbing her will get you nowhere. Shooting her will achieve the same result. Best way to get rid of her, is not to fight her. Getting up close is the only way to damage her, due to her immunity to Fire and stabbing, but getting close enough to slash, hack or pound her is suicide, even for (DBGT reference) Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Never underestimate her just because she looks like she could pull off a model like it was child's play, which in her case, it was. Her words, though I am not sure if she meant it literally. If you wish to get her attention, you should (if possible) raise energy output levels to about 50 times that of the average human, 100x to prove a point, or 7,000x if you want to one-night stand her. If you manage to go beyond 30,000 times that of the average human, she WILL take notice and start to follow you, or walk up to you asking if you want anything. She's kind of gullible for stuff like that. Airgod doesn't try that, mainly because she would know full well who was trying to get her attention. His energy-elements are too different from the rest, she will know who he is, and ask him (He's done this once before) "What the hell do you think you're DOING?" Usually louder than a High School Fire alarm, echoing throughout an empty building, across all 3 stories of it, with the (DBZ reference) ears of a namekian right next to it.

Toa Ignika

Age: Unknown

Height and Weight: Variant

IQ: stays over 9000

Weapon of Choice: Throwing weapons, hand-blades


Both hands can become blades that can cut through diamonds with little to no problem

Can emit beams from entire body (even downstairs guys)

Naturally Blind

Deadly accuracy at a distance (First time encounter with this: WTF? He's F***in blind!)

Analytical (I don't see how he could have this as good as he does, he's blind for corn's sake)

Can cloak himself within ElectroMagnetic (EM) waves

Immune to: Illusions, Physical pain, Mental Strain, anything that requires eye contact (No surprise there)


He's blind, so most don't really get how his specialties are what they are. Put simply, he uses all of his senses, except the physical eye. His mind's eye is one way he sees. He can feel the vibrations through the air, listen to anything up-wind for about 60 miles, and can sniff out a lie about 50 miles away. Not a figure of speech here. He can LITERALLY smell a lie about 50 miles away, as he has done so a few times. Not much else is known about him. The only way to know it is him for sure is his aura. Like any other, it is different from the rest, but the way to tell for sure is the constant disturbance in it. Combine that with an aura that would make demons cower in fear, you got his.


He is a Shape-shifter, so there is only the way described above to know for sure it is him. Not much is known about him, and he rarely talks. If he pulls a sword out of his ass (literally) Prepare to be stabbed up your ass with that thing.


Age: around 11,000 years

Height and Weight: Unknown

IQ: Highly Variant

Weapon of Choice: Explosives

Specialties: Demolitions expert, suicide bomber


Can control water, wind, lightning and fire

Can cause storms, produce shock waves

Likes blowing things up

No atmosphere required to live

Immune to: Explosions, Radiation, Fire, Lightning


He almost always has an explosive on him. In short, he can self-destruct, then reform. He has been hit with several Nuclear Warheads in the past, and is still not mutated from his original form. He makes an excellent Suicide Bomber, mainly because of his immunity to explosions. The guy is a pyrotechnic genius. Inventor of the Plasma missile, he is by far the smartest as they come in demolitions, explosions, and the like. Also a bit of a computer nerd, but be careful. One false move, and he'll explode, taking you with him, and re-form as you die.

Note: His temper is almost under his complete control. Few things anger him these days. Messing with his friends, like the rest of the group, is the one way to get his anger up there quick. Again, don't do this unless you have a death wish, because that is EXACTLY what will happen. If you see him pull out what looks like a blue ball with a red 8 on it, run for your life. Its a fucking plasma bomb. It will blow a massive crater in the planet he's on without fail. The smallest crater he's made with one of those... That would be a 20 mile radius. The biggest on record would easily exceed a 100 mile radius. He has toppled entire planetary colonies with that thing. If you get close enough to him to punch him, you will die by explosion.

All members of the Spiritual Force Five (SFF) can communicate with spirits (dead or alive), animals (out of control or not) and trees (no stumps). Each member can talk to another through no more than concentrating on their aura, energy level, or another way of focusing on them. They can also read the aura of any and all living beings. No apparent weaknesses for any member. They can also stay in this plane and talk with beings on the spirit plane (they kind of overlap each other, hence explaining the haunting of several places to a point). No one knows how they do this, it's just a natural ability they all share, and its no joke. It can be scary for a first-timer and sometimes looks like they are talking to themselves. Unusual spiritual behavior can lead to suspicion of a SFF member. Truthfully, these people are long gone, although their spiritual essence remains. They take residence in certain bodies, which will be able to use their abilities to a point.

Take note that when all 5 are together and pissed at you: you have Ultimate Ownage coming your way. There is no question that you will die. The only question is: How many will die before they get to you? 1? 2? 300? Over 9000? No pun intended (but it looks like it was doesn't it?). There is absolutely no telling how many they will kill to get to you in this situation. If they have a target picked out, they will NOT stop until that target is eliminated, and will kill anyone who gets in their way. They may deny it, but they had something to do with the American Revolution, and the American Civil War, at that.

On that subject, John Wilkes Booth was not the one who killed Abe Lincoln. It was an impostor, who had killed Booth 3 years before Lincoln died (it was late 1862 when Booth died). Needless to say, that guy was killed within 10 hours of killing Lincoln. The history books were wrong on this. The REAL Booth's body is currently in another dimension (on display at that), so any body searching would be useless.