Rolf woke with a gasp. He was soaked with sweat, lying in a cage, but he was human. He lay, his heart pounding, trying to make sense of what his dream was telling him.

He heard a soft laugh and bolted upright so abruptly he knocked his head on the bars. He groaned and held his head. There was the moon-girl, still asleep and chuckling to herself in her sleep. There was a sound to wake you the morning after you'd been violently turned into a wolf. He reached out his hand and smoothed blond wisps back from her face, sighed.

Turning away, he felt for his wand (oak, with dragon's heartstring) and brought the keys to his hand, unlocked the cage, got out and stretched himself for the first time in two days, worked out all the kinks in his limbs and back, and went behind the tree to change his clothes. When he looked as reasonably human as he felt, he pointed his wand at the cage and said, "Reducio." It immediately shrank down to a tiny block of wire, which he put in his pocket.

Luna was still asleep. He knelt beside her. "Moon-girl, wake up."

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Why, Rolf, you shaved off your beard. I was right. It does make you look much younger."

"I remembered something," he said gravely, "for the first time. I never could quite remember that night before, not clearly. Maybe talking about it made me dream about it. It wasn't Lupin at all. There were other werewolves in those woods in Germany, and Lupin said to us, 'I will protect you from them.' And he did. It was a black wolf that attacked me. Lupin was grey. It was going to eat me. He attacked it, drove it off, made sure I was alive and let my father know where I was before pursuing the other werewolf. No wonder we never saw him again. My father Apparated me to expert help immediately. Regulus said Remus felt guilty—it was for not preventing the attack altogether. For letting me be turned. But he saved my life. I'd rather be alive—and have to sit in a cage two days out of the month—than not be alive at all."

"I'm so glad," Luna said softly.

He spread out his arms, and she got up and burrowed herself into them, hugging him with a strength that surprised him.

"I thought of something last night," he said, "that I wished I could tell you."


"I could be reconciled to the moon, if she were like you."

Wide, grey eyes blinked at him. "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Even Harry never said anything like that."

"And I just realized something, moon-girl."

"What?" she asked again.

"I'm going to marry you."

"I know," Luna smiled and kissed him on the nose. "You know what I think?"


"We should go to Egypt and see if we can find a Heliopath. They've been seen there recently."

"Yes," Rolf said. "We should."

The End

Author's note: Obviously there's nothing in the canon that says Rolf Scamander was a werewolf, but I thought it was highly appropriate, given that his name means "Noble wolf" and Luna's means "Moon."