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Chapter 51: "Contest Conclusion! The Fierce Moonlight of Hope!"

Last time on "Pokémon: League of Ultimates"…

"This is Brendan Withe, my little cousin."

"May, I cannot allow you to continue dating this Kanto trainer anymore. You'll have to break up with him and come travel with me."

"You can't just tell me who I can and can't date!"

"The Maple family code states that if just one relative disapproves of another family member's significant other, that family member has to break up with that other and find someone else more suitable towards the family's needs."

"We're both going to be in today's contest, right? Well, if I manage to beat you and win the ribbon, then you have to approve of my relationship with Ash."

"Once you lose this contest, you'll have to break up with your little boy-toy Ashy and leave your friends to go and travel with your cousin. Not only will it break your spirits enough to keep you out of anymore contests, but it will also help a certain someone get his revenge on Ketchum."

"Welcome, everyone, to the official Yudon Town Pokémon Contest!"

"Our first match-up will be between the team of May and Dawn and the team of Harley and Ursula!"

"Piplup, I need you to watch Solosis and make sure that he doesn't run off again, okay?"

"And the coordinators going on to the finals are May and Dawn!"

"Time! And the winners are Brendan and Winter!"

"So it looks like Brendan and Winter will be facing off against May and Dawn in the final round!"

"Alright, finalists! Send out your Pokémon!"

"Alright, Skitty! Take the stage!"

"Skitty was May's third Pokémon. It's way stronger than it used to be."

"Mamoswine! Spotlight!"

"Yup. That's Emboar and Serperior."

So, Harley really believes that he tricked me? I beg to differ. If he thinks he can try to hurt May and get away with it, he's got another thing coming. However, I can't tell May that I know what's going on. I have to make sure that she's worthy of the family name. So come on, May. Come and get me. Come and win.

Everyone was shocked to see the two Pokémon that Brendan and Winter had sent out to face off against May's Skitty and Dawn's Mamoswine. The most shocked of them all were our heroes.

"Those two have a Serperior and an Emboar?" Iris said in disbelief. "How is that even possible?"

"Gee, Iris, I don't know," Gary rolled his eyes and replied sarcastically. "I mean, they have two fully-evolved Unova Starter Pokémon and they're from Unova. It just doesn't make any sense."

"Gary!" Misty glared at him. She looked slightly annoyed at the brunette.

Gary gulped nervously and smiled apologetically before he said, "Sorry. Sarcasm's like a second language to me. Sometimes, it just comes out."

Brock looked over the four Pokémon on the Contest stage contemplatively. "Hmm. Serperior shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'm worried about that Emboar. Both Skitty and Mamoswine are extremely weak against Fighting-type moves and neither of them have very many attacks that could do much against it. This is going to be a tough battle for those two."

Ash nodded and returned his gaze to May. 'You can do this, May,' he thought. 'I know you can. I'll believe in you no matter what. That's a promise.'

Meanwhile, in the locker room, two more of our heroes were a bit uneasy about May and Dawn's opponents.

"Well, this can't be good," Orange said as he and Leaf got ready to watch the battle from the locker room.

At the moment, the two of them were the only ones still in there besides Gengar, Piplup, and Solosis. Sure, May, Dawn, Brendan, and Winter had left their bags in there as well, but other than that, the place was empty.

"Solo!" Solosis chimed as he flew around the room in a sort of hyper state. He was excited. He had never been in a Contest Hall before. There were so many new sights and sounds. He loved it.

"Plup," Piplup murmured nervously as he tried to keep his eye on Solosis and the T.V. as well. He knew that his trainer was in trouble, but he still had to fulfill his duties as babysitter and watch the little Psychic-type. Solosis had a tendency to wander off, and if he did it again this time, Piplup knew that Dawn would be really upset. He had to make sure that Solosis stayed safe. That little blob was his responsibility.

"A Serperior and an Emboar," Leaf said as she gawked at the two fully-evolved Unova starters being shown on the little T.V. "Two final-form starter Pokémon against Skitty and a Mamoswine. I think May and Dawn might be in some serious trouble."

"Don't worry about it," Orange said in a relaxed tone. "I'm sure that those two will pull it off. Just watch."

"Gen-gar," Gengar grinned as he floated beside his trainer.

Leaf nodded and returned her focus to the television set. Meanwhile, Solosis seemed to have found something in one of the bags that had been left there as he was squealing happily and flying around in circles over what looked like a sparkling black rock that was peeking out of the top.

"Alright, then!" Jillian said to the crowd. "Five minutes on the clock! Let the battle begin!"

As soon as she finished saying this, a five-minute counter appeared on the screen and immediately began counting down.

May pointed towards Serperior and shouted, "Skitty, use Assist!"

"Nyah," Skitty nodded. The little pink cat jumped into the air and held up its front paw. A white glowing orb appeared on it before Skitty brought the paw down and pointed it at the large serpent. Then, all of the sudden, a yellow bolt of electricity was shot out of the orb directly at Serperior.

"Hey, that was a Thunderbolt!" Max exclaimed. "That must be from May's Ampharos!"

"Too bad it won't do much damage to Serperior," Tracey said in disappointment. "Electric-type moves don't really affect Grass-types all that much."

"Let's just see what Brendan will have Serperior do," Misty told them as she watched the battle.

"Serperior, deflect it with Safeguard!" Brendan ordered.

Serperior gave its trainer a nod and then closed its eyes while slightly lowering its head. Its body began to glow brighter and brighter with green light until it finally unleashed the energy and used it to create a large green barrier around it. As the Thunderbolt hit the barrier, the bolt bounced off of the shield and harmlessly hit the ground in front of Serperior.

As the crowd watched on in awe, Brendan looked to Winter and asked, "Shall we respond to their attack?"

"But of course," Winter smiled. She then turned to the field before yelling, "Emboar, use Sunny Day!"

Emboar's hands became surrounded in a golden energy and it raised both of them into the air. From its hands, two golden beams were fired up and twisted around one another as they went towards the ceiling. Once they reached the ceiling, the two beams formed together into an orb of white light. Suddenly, the orb released a burst of multicolored light as it spread across the entire Contest Hall, inspiring a few "oohs" and "ahhs" here and there.

Even May and Dawn were awe-stricken by this dazzling move. Once the multicolored light faded, they noticed that the white orb was still floating just below the ceiling.

"Okay, Serperior, use Solarbeam on Mamoswine!" Brendan commanded.

Serperior smirked and then opened its mouth. From it, it fired a bright gold beam of solar energy at the Twin Tusk Pokémon.

"Mamoswine!" Dawn called out. "Block it with Ice Shard!"

"Skitty, help it out by pushing the shard with Blizzard!" May told her Pokémon.

"Mamo," Mamoswine grunted as it began to form a glowing light blue ball of ice in between the ends of its tusks. Then, once it was large enough, the mammoth fired it straight at Serperior's attack while growling, "Swine!"

"Nyah!" Skitty cried as it opened its mouth and released a powerful blizzard from it. The fierce icy wind came behind Mamoswine's attack, and as it hit it from behind, the Ice Shard was pushed by the blizzard into Serperior's Solarbeam attack.

As the two powerful attacks collided, there was an explosion that sent green and light blue sparks flying everywhere until they eventually dissipated.

Meanwhile, a tiny bit of points was taken off of each team's point counter. Even so, May and Dawn were currently behind Brendan and Winter due to points they lost from Safeguard and Sunny Day. May and Dawn still had three-fourths of their original amount of points left, but with four minutes left on the clock, they had to get back in the game somehow.

"Mamoswine, use AncientPower!" Dawn ordered her Pokémon.

Mamoswine's body glowed white and it created a see-through afterimage of itself. The afterimage spun around quickly until it was compacted into a silver ball of energy with a green core that sat in between the ends of its tusks. It then hurled the ball towards Emboar.

"Emboar, hit it up into the air with Arm Thrust!" Winter instructed.

Emboar snorted and pulled back one of its arms in preparation for the oncoming attack. Just as the orb was about to hit it, Emboar struck it with one of its arms up into the air.

"Now!" Winter continued. "Jump up into the air and send it back at Mamoswine with Hammer Arm!"

Emboar squatted down and bent its knees just before it leapt up into the air. Once it was right above the orb, the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon struck it with a glowing white arm and sent it flying right back towards Mamoswine.

"Mamoswine! Hit it back with Ice Fang!" Dawn said to her Pokémon.

Mamoswine's tusks took on a light blue glow before they grew larger and became covered in ice. Then, Mamoswine got ready to use its icy tusks to knock the silver orb back.

"Serperior! Use Leaf Storm on Mamoswine while it's distracted!" Brendan ordered.

The spring on the end of Serperior's tail flashed green and the large snake swung it in Mamoswine's direction. As the end of its tail pointed directly at the mammoth, a barrage of glowing green leaves was fired from it at Mamoswine.

Dawn gulped. "Um, May?"

"I've got it!" May smiled. "Skitty, use DoubleSlap!"

Skitty quickly ran towards the leaves, jumped up into the air, and then began slapping the leaves away with its tail. Skitty had just barely managed to slap away all of the leaves, but it was panting heavily after it landed back on the ground.

In the meantime, the silver orb finally came up to Mamoswine, and thanks to Skitty's help with blocking that Leaf Storm, Mamoswine was able to knock the orb back to Emboar with its icy tusks.

As the orb went back to her Emboar, Winter smirked. "Okay, Emboar, light your hands on fire using Fire Punch and then catch that attack!"

Emboar grunted and held its hands up to catch the orb. As it did, Emboar's hands lit up in red-yellow flames. Soon, it managed to catch the orb, which only pushed it back a couple of feet.

"Okay, Emboar, use Fling and throw the orb at Mamoswine!" Winter yelled.

With a mighty heave, Emboar threw the orb back at Mamoswine. Only this time, the flames from its Fire Punch had mixed in with it and now the orb looked like a meteor falling towards the planet.

"Mamoswine, use Hidden Power!" Dawn shouted.

Mamoswine's body became outlined in light green energy and then it fired several greenish-yellow orbs of energy at the silver orb. However, as the attacks collided, the fiery silver ball was easily able to break through the Hidden Power and kept on going until it ended up hitting Mamoswine and exploded. The explosion created a cloud of black smoke that covered the area.

Once the smoke finally cleared, Mamoswine was covered in bruises and looked like it could barely stand. Then, all of the sudden, Mamoswine's body took on a red glow and it screamed out in pain.

"Mamo!" Mamoswine roared.

"Mamoswine!" Dawn cried out in fear.

As Mamoswine shrieked in pain, the group looked fearful at the Ground/Ice-type's predicament.

"What just happened?" Misty asked.

"It looks like that AncientPower attack mixed with Emboar's Fire Punch and Fling attacks was also able to burn Mamoswine," Gary stated. "This can't be good."

Back in the locker room, Orange and Leaf were concerned as well.

"From all of that damage, May and Dawn now only have half of their original points," Leaf said with fear in her eyes.

"At this rate, they're going to lose," Orange gulped. "If only there was a way that we could help them."

"Yeah," Leaf nodded. She was about to look back at the screen when she suddenly heard a high-pitched squealing and a few chirps of frustration behind them.

Leaf and Orange quickly turned around to see Solosis flying around with its eyes glowing light blue and a sparkling black rock floating just below it with a light blue outline. Running behind it was Piplup, who seemed to be yelling at it to stop.

"Solosis, put that down! That's not yours!" Leaf said as she started to walk over towards them. Right when she did, Solosis made a hard right and flew straight towards the door.

"Hey!" Leaf yelled. "Get back here!"

"Pi-plup!" Piplup shouted in agreement.

"Gengar, block the door before it gets out!" Orange commanded.

Solosis was only a few feet away from the door when the shiny Ghost-type came out of the ground and floated in front of the doorway.

"Gen-gar," Gengar said menacingly, trying to scare Solosis into running away from it.

However, instead of being scared, Solosis only squealed with happiness before it began to form a mass of thick light blue, blue, and purple energy out in front of it and then fired the orb at Gengar.

"Gar!" Gengar said in shock. If it didn't move out of the way fast, that Psychic-type attack was going to do a lot of damage to it. Immediately, he flew up and out of the way, effectively dodging the orb while unfortunately allowing Solosis to fly out the door with the rock.

"Solosis, come back!" Leaf said as she ran out the door.

"Plup!" Piplup called out as it tried to keep up with Leaf during the chase.

Meanwhile, when Orange got to the door, he glared at Gengar and said, "You were no help at all."

"Gen-gar," Gengar rubbed the back of its neck sheepishly.

Orange rolled his eyes. "Come on."

With that, the two of them went out the door and joined the chase as well.

Back on the Contest stage, May was trembling with worry.

'Oh, no,' she thought. 'Dawn's Mamoswine got burned and we only have two and a half minutes to win. Could this get any worse?'

"Serperior, use Wrap on Mamoswine!" Brendan ordered.

Serperior nodded and began to slither towards the large mammoth.

"No!" May yelled. "Skitty, stop it with Blizzard!"

"Nyah!" Skitty mewed as it opened its mouth and fired a blizzard at Serperior.

"Oh, no, you don't," Winter smirked. "Emboar, use Flamethrower!"

Emboar snorted and jumped up into the air before releasing a stream of orange-yellow flames from its nose at Skitty's attack. The two attacks collided and exploded on contact.

With that explosion of attacks, Serperior had enough time to get over to Mamoswine and wrap its body tightly around the Twin Tusk Pokémon, who grunted in pain as it was hurt by the burn and Serperior's Wrap attack.

"Mamoswine, no!" Dawn shouted. She had a great look of fear and shock on her face as she watched her Pokémon suffer all of that pain.

May and Skitty watched on in shock, too. What they didn't notice was that a certain Fire-type had managed to sneak its way behind Skitty.

"Emboar, use Hammer Arm!" Winter instructed.

May heard her and snapped back to her senses. "Skitty, look out!"

Skitty turned around and screamed when it saw Emboar bringing a glowing white arm towards it. Skitty quickly jumped out of the way just before Emboar slammed its arm into the ground.

"Now hit it with a Focus Blast attack!" Winter continued.

"Skitty, use Assist!" May commanded.

Emboar put its arms in front of it and formed a light blue orb of energy in between them. It then raised its hands above its head and threw the orb at Skitty.

Skitty leapt up into the air and a white orb appeared around its front paw. From the orb came a barrage of pink petals that crashed into Emboar's attack and caused the orb to explode in mid-air.

"Skitty, use Blizzard!" May ordered.

"Emboar, use a Scald attack!" Winter told her Pokémon.

As Skitty fired a blizzard at it, Emboar released a stream of scalding hot water surrounded by steam at the cat's attack. As the two attacks of different temperatures hit one another, a great fog of steam was created that covered the entire field.

'I can't see Skitty or Emboar!' May thought. 'Where are they at?'

It was silent for a moment, but then, the silence when May heard a loud, high-pitched shriek from the field. She knew that shriek. It was at that point that the mist cleared and May saw a shocking sight.

At that very moment, Winter's Emboar was standing in the middle of the field holding something up in the air. May didn't want to believe it, but that thing Emboar was holding was her very own Skitty, who was currently dangling by its tail as it wiggled around in an attempt to escape.

"Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!" Skitty screamed as it tried to get out of Emboar's grasp.

"Skitty!" May yelled.

The whole crowd gasped at the sight of the endangered cat.

"Okay, Emboar, it's time," Winter said with a smile. "Use Heat Crash!"

"No!" May shouted.

Emboar threw Skitty to the ground and then quickly jumped up high into the air while it crouched its body together. It stretched its limbs and an orb of dark red fire-like energy with yellow-orange flames around it appeared around its body. Emboar proceeded to move to the air over Skitty and faced downwards to fall. As it fell, it somersaulted around so that its rear was facing Skitty and then crashed down on top of it in a huge explosion of fire and black smoke.

"SKITTY!" May yelled at the top of her lungs. Tears were in her eyes as she heard her Pokémon scream even louder than before.

As the smoke cleared, everyone was terrified to see Emboar sitting on top of the tiny Skitty. Once Emboar got up and took a few steps away from it, May got a better look at her Pokémon. Skitty was still conscious, but just barely. One could tell that it had taken a lot of damage due to Emboar's attack.

At the same time, Brendan told Serperior to let go of Mamoswine. Once Serperior had released it, Mamoswine simply lay on the ground. Because of the Wrap-Burn combination, it had very little health left.

May just stood there in shock. It wasn't until Brendan spoke up that she snapped out of it.

"May, I'm sorry that it has to be this way, but you left me no choice," Brendan said with a serious look on his face. "If you surrender now, your Pokémon won't have to suffer anymore."

May stared blankly at her cousin for a moment. Then, she turned to the board. There were exactly two minutes left and they only had a sliver of their original amount of points. They were losing and she knew it.

She looked at Mamoswine and Skitty. Both looked extremely hurt and weakened. Even with two minutes left, could they really win with their Pokémon in the condition they were in right now? Was this battle even worth it if they were just going to lose anyway?

"May, it's okay!"

Everyone including May turned and they were all shocked to see a raven-haired teen with a yellow mouse on his shoulder leaning over the edge of the railing with a sad smile on his face.

"May, it's not worth it to keep battling just because of me," Ash continued. "I don't want to see you or your Pokémon hurt anymore. If you just give up, you'll still be able pursue your dream of being Top Coordinator. Even if we have to break up and go our separate ways, I want you to keep competing in Contests. Your happiness and dreams are way more important than me."

Ash turned and was about to walk back to his seat when he suddenly heard a girl yell at the top of her lungs, "ASH KETCHUM, YOU IDIOT!"

Ash whipped around to see May glaring at him. She looked extremely angry and there were tears flowing from her eyes.

"No matter how much I've accomplished on my journey to become Top Coordinator, I couldn't have done any of it without you!" May continued while still crying. "You were the one that taught me to love Pokémon and Contests! Without you, I would never have even caught a single Pokémon!"

"May…," Ash muttered. He had a surprised look on his face.

"Ash, you've been with me from the beginning and I will not give up just because of some silly dream! I love Contests, but I love you more!" May shouted.

She then turned and looked directly at her cousin. Brendan looked just as shocked as Ash as May's shimmering sapphire blue eyes stared into his. That shock continued on to Winter, Emboar, and Serperior when they saw both Skitty and Mamoswine stand back up.

Standing beside her, Dawn had a smile on her face as she looked on at her friend's newfound confidence.

"And because of that love, I WILL NOT LOSE!" May yelled.

"Nyah!" Skitty mewed in agreement.

Then, all of the sudden, everyone heard a high-pitched squealing coming from the tunnel that lead from the locker room to the stage. They were all surprised when a small green blob flying around with a rock floating by its side.

"Solosis?" Dawn exclaimed.

"So-lo!" Solosis said happily as it flew above the Contest stage with its rock. Then, everyone noticed two figures and two Pokémon chasing after it.

"Plup!" Piplup chirped.

"Piplup? Leaf? Orange? Gengar?" Dawn and May said in confusion.

"We're sorry!" Leaf called out apologetically. "Solosis found that stone in a backpack and took off with it!"

"Yeah!" Orange nodded. "We tried to catch it, but it got away from us!"

Solosis then flew above Skitty before dropping its rock in front of it. It then flew off, leaving Skitty to stare at the rock. May noticed that it was sparkling and a blackish-blue.

"Hey!" Winter yelled. "That's my Moon Stone!"

"Moon Stone?" May and Dawn said in unison.

"Nyah!" Skitty mewed happily as it jumped playfully on top of it. Then, when it touched it, the rock dissolved and Skitty's body started to glow in a bright blue light. Everyone in the room gasped.

"Whoa," Ash said in awe as he watched the occurrence going on. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Pika," Pikachu stared at Skitty's glowing body.

"I can't believe it," Dawn said with disbelief. "It's evolving!"

"Skitty?" May muttered.

As it glowed and swirls of white light began to circle around it, the small pink cat's body started changing. Its once stumpy legs and small body lengthened, growing longer and bigger. It grew a neck and sides of its face grew more pointed. Its ears grew bigger and went up higher on its head. Some sort of collar appeared around its neck and its tail grew longer, the end changing shape.

Then, once it stopped glowing, May noticed that most of the fur on its body was now a tannish-yellow. The sides of its head had pointed, whisker-like protrusions. It had purple ears with three tufts of fur at the tips and a purple ruff-like collar with spherical extensions around its neck. It had a purple flower-like tuft of hair on the end of its tail and it now had a slightly bigger nose and its eyes were now open.

"Reow," the larger and beautiful cat-like creature that stood in Skitty's place meowed.

"Whoa! Skitty evolved!" Max said in awe.

"But who's that Pokémon?" Vivi asked.

Gavin pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the newly-evolved Pokémon.

"Delcatty, the Prim Pokémon and the evolved-form of Skitty. It is highly popular among female Trainers for its sublime fur. It does not have a nest because it is always searching for a clean, comfortable place to sleep."

May looked at her Pokédex at Delcatty's move-set. "Wow! Delcatty's learned a bunch of new moves!" She then looked over at her Pokémon and said, "Let's get back in this thing!"

"Reow," Delcatty nodded eagerly.

"Okay, Delcatty, use Heal Bell!" May commanded.

"Reooooooooow," Delcatty sang. Its body took on a blue-green glow and then blue-green waves came off its body and spread all across the Contest Hall.

Soon, the waves even hit Mamoswine and its body took on a sparkling, blue glow. As the glow faded, Mamoswine's eyes widened and its bruises were gone. It looked much healthier than before.

"Hey, Mamoswine's Burn is gone!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Yup," May grinned. "Now, let's do this!"

"But we've got less than two minutes left!" Dawn protested. "How can we win with so little time left?"

"We'll do it together," May smiled. "Time for 'Operation: Icy Treat'!"

"Okay," Dawn nodded. She then turned to Mamoswine and called out, "Mamoswine, you know what to do!"

Mamoswine grunted and began forming an Ice Shard in between the ends of its tusks. It kept getting bigger and bigger until Mamoswine suddenly chomped down upon it and ate the icy orb.

Their opponents were in shock. "Did he just eat that Ice Shard?" Brendan asked.

"Uh-huh," Dawn smirked. "Ice Armor, go!"

Immediately after she finished saying this, the fur on its back spiked up and froze over until its back was covered in ice spikes.

"Mamo," Mamoswine snorted as it glared menacingly at Emboar and Serperior.

"Don't tell me that he's going to ram us!" Winter said in disbelief.

"No way is that happening!" Brendan shouted. "Serperior, use Dragon Tail!

Serperior started to quickly slither towards Mamoswine before springing up into the air. Its tail had begun to glow light blue and it was starting to somersault towards Mamoswine.

"Delcatty, block it with Iron Tail!" May ordered.

Delcatty sprinted down the field way faster than it ever had as a Skitty before jumping at Serperior. Its tail took on a metallic glow as it somersaulted at Serperior.

The two Pokémon's tails met in mid-air and sparks flew as they pushed against one another. Eventually, the force building up between them was too much and they were blasted apart. While Delcatty managed to backflip and land on all fours with ease, Serperior crashed into the ground in a heap.

"Emboar, use Flame Charge!" Winter told her Pokémon.

Emboar began stomping on the ground over and over again, one foot after the other, until a cloud of dust kicked up and covered its body. Its body then became surrounded by red-yellow flames and it jumped towards Mamoswine as it flew up into the air.

"Delcatty, use Thunderbolt!" May directed.

Delcatty crouched down and its body became surrounded by yellow sparks. It then released a powerful bolt of lightning from its body into the air that came down and struck Emboar in mid-flight.

"Boar!" Emboar cried out in pain as it got caught up in an explosion of black smoke caused by the collision of the two attacks.

May and Delcatty grinned. Both Serperior and Emboar looked like they had taken a pretty good amount of damage. Plus, Brendan and Winter's score was now down to half with one minute to spare. They could do this.

"Alright, Delcatty, onto Mamoswine's back!" May instructed.

With a graceful backflip, Delcatty jumped and landed on the top of a ice spike that protruded from the front of the top of Mamoswine's head.

"Now, charge!" Dawn yelled in excitement.

"Mamo!" Mamoswine roared as it began stampeding towards Serperior and Emboar with Delcatty on its back.

"Mamoswine, use Ice Fang!" Dawn shouted.

"And Delcatty, use another Thunderbolt!" May added.

"Then, wrap it up with Take Down!" Dawn finished.

As it continued charging, Mamoswine's tusks flashed blue and grew larger while becoming covered in ice. Meanwhile, Delcatty released a burst of yellow electricity that flowed over Mamoswine's body. Due to it being a Ground-type, Mamoswine wasn't hurt, but the electricity caused the ice on its body to glow with golden light. Then, Mamoswine's body became surrounded by a bronze-colored energy and a golden forcefield appeared in front of it that mixed with the golden-glowing ice to make it look like it was a golden comet that was speeding towards Serperior and Emboar.

"Perior!" Serperior hissed in shock.

"Boar!" Emboar grunted with surprise.

"No way," Brendan said in an awe-stricken state.

Finally, as the two Pokémon reached their opponents, there was a crash and then a huge explosion that caused black smoke to cover the field. It was at that moment that the timer hit zero and the buzzer went off.

"Time!" Jillian announced. "And the winner is…"

The crowd was on the edge of their seats. The screen was currently blocked by black smoke, but once it faded, everyone gasped.

The scores were so close as May and Dawn lowered Brendan and Winter's score significantly during that last ditch effort, but unfortunately, Brendan and Winter's score was just slightly higher than theirs.

"It's Brendan and Winter!" Jillian said into her microphone. "They have won the Yudon Town Contest!"

The crowd began to clap and applaud the winners, but our heroes just sat there, not believing this turn of events.

"No," Max said in disbelief. "It's just not possible."

"I can't believe it," Vivi said, tears started building up in her eyes. "May and Dawn were supposed to win, not those two!"

"Now May will have to leave Ash," Iris said sadly.

"Unfortunately, that's true," Brock sighed.

"Poor May and Ash," Misty softly breathed.

"I wish that I didn't have to say this, but it's breakup time," Cilan said while staring at the ground in sadness.

Gary and Tracey just stayed silent as they stared at the field sadly.

"Waaaaaaaaah!" Meowth hysterically cried out as tears flooded from his eyes. "Now, I'll never get to be with May's Delcatty!"

"Chu," Pichu said, patting Meowth's back sympathetically.

While the others cried, Gavin stared suspiciously at Brendan, who he noticed had a smile on his face.

'So that's why he did this,' Gavin thought. 'Now, I get it.'

As all of this was going on, Leaf, Orange, Dawn, and the Pokémon all ran to May's sides. At the moment, the brunette was staring at the floor.

"After all that, I still lost," she said under her breath. "I can't believe that I lost."

"May, that was brilliant!" she suddenly heard a familiar voice call out. She turned and was surprised to see Ash jumping over the railing with Pikachu in tow. The two of them ran up to her with big smiles on their faces.

"That was an amazing comeback!" Ash grinned. "You four were all amazing! Especially you and Delcatty!"

"Reow," Delcatty purred with approval.

"But I lost," May said in confusion. "Now, we have to break up and I have to leave you forever."

Ash's smile faded and he looked down at the ground. "Oh, yeah."

"Chu," Pikachu said sadly.

Ash was silent for a moment before he shook his head and looked back up at May. He had a serious look on his face.

"I don't care what your cousin or that stupid family code of yours says!" he stated. "I'm not letting you get away from me! Even if I have to fight your cousin to prove it! I'm not gonna ever let you go! I promise!"

"Oh, Ash," May said, her cheeks flaring up and her heart beating so much that she could feel it thumping in her chest. She then embraced Ash in a hug that surprised him for a moment, but then he smiled softly and hugged her back.

Then, all of the sudden, they all heard a clapping sound close by. They turned and were shocked to see Brendan and Winter standing there with their Pokémon by their side. Both were smiling and Brendan was clapping.

"Congratulations, May," Brendan said while still smiling. "You passed the test."

"Huh?" Dawn said in confusion. "What test?"

"Well, you see," Winter began, "when we got that call back in Unova, we were a bit suspicious. It seemed kind of odd that someone would just happen to call us about you and Ash and know about your family's code."

"So, we decided to come here and challenge you to that bet from earlier," Brendan finished. "At the same time, we did some investigation and found out that Harley had been the one to call us to try and get rid of you. Since our suspicions were confirmed, we knew that you would end up trying your hardest to win for the sake of your love. You passed and are now allowed to stay with Ash."

"What about the Maple family code?" May asked. "Doesn't it say that I can't be with someone that a single member of my family doesn't approve of?"

"Who says that I don't approve of Ash?" Brendan inquired with a grin. "Your mom and dad told my parents and me all about him over the phone and from the moment I ran into you and him, I knew that he was the right guy for you that would look out for your happiness no matter what. So in turn, you two can stay together."

"Hooray!" May said happily as she put her arms around Ash's neck and pulled him into a kiss. Ash returned the affection and put his arms around her waist.

"Awww," Dawn, Leaf, and Winter all said in unison.

"Gen-gaaaar!" Gengar said, humorously crying as tears sprayed from his eyes.

Orange smiled. "Well, at least things are back to normal."

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, a shadowy figure was watching the events occurring. On his shoulder sat a pink blob with a dark blue hat on its head.

"So those are the people that Crystalline told us about," he said with a grin. "I guess since their cat's out of the bag, I should soon let mine out!"

The pink blob nodded and said, "Mime-mime!"

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