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Prologue: A cloaked Death

Magic was eternal. It was there before the sun was hellishly hot and it would be there when the universe would go ghoulishly cold. Old tales spun of mystery and vague truths told of an entity that walked the earth before humans did, and would walk still when humans did no more. They called the entity death, for that is what humans do. They need to give things names. Especially things they do not understand. The reaper of souls was called Death. The sun was was once called a god and Harry Potter was once The-boy-who-lived.

And it was this boy, that knew he could live no longer. He knew it was finally his time. Past his time even. For what human had the right to be eternal? What kind of creature other than a Phoenix was pure enough to last the centuries unscathed, the master of Death knew he wasn't. He hadn't been pure since the fall of Voldemort.

Death was silently walking behind his master, as Death had done a thousand times. His master was his favourite thing in the universe after all. The bond the three hallows forged between them, it was stronger than anything. Stronger even than the will of his master. "This is goodbye."

Death felt something inside of him snap, break, twist, curl up and die. "I know. I've grown fond of you aswell. But this world, I am not meant for it anymore. To walk among the descendents of the grandchildren of the grandchildren of my friends; it is wrong."

His master made the great lake, he was standing at the edge of, part for him with the flick of his wrist. "You don't have to be sad." His master walked while his cloak billowed in the wind that made the water part. "I've appreciated your company as well. But unlike you, and despite my outer appearance, I've grown old and tired."

The master of Death stopped when he reached the deepest trench. In the walls of water around him mermaids were singing, and a giant squid was waving his tentacles; as if saying goodbye. "I'm sorry that by departing you will be alone again. But I like to believe I've taught you how to find company among humans, you'll find someone interesting once again. I'm sure of it."

A warm feeling spread through his being when his master told him that. Death saw his master dissapear behind his cloak and the warm feeling cooled down, changed into something else. Something heavy. His master whispered words of magic, magic that turned into black stone, entombing them both. "Farewell, Death." His master said.


Death wailed, cried and shrieked. If his master left him... he would be alone, another eternity of loneliness. But his master had already decided his own faith- and Death had come to know him so well, he wouldn't stop for anyone. Death suddenly realized something, there was someone his master would stop this for. A moment of concentration and Death changed, gone were the black robes and skull like features. This would stop his master, certainly.

It did. His master choked on his next word. "Ginny." And Death felt warm once more. His master wouldn't mind spending an eternity if he wore this visage. But his master sighed. "Death, don't. You're not her. We both know this. You need to let me go." Death let the visage of the redhead shatter.

And then his master did it. While cloaked from Death's eyes he turned the Elder Wand against himself and with a green flash of light his master was no more. The black tomb was bombarded by millions of gallons of water, burying Harry Potter. The boy-who-lived. The Master of Death.

That day a world died as Death raged acros the universe. Untill the one creature even older than Death stopped his rage. And suddenly it all made sense to him. His master never had a say in the matter. It was all a plan, a puzzle slowly revealing it's picture, piece by piece. A deep sense of understanding took hold of Death. His master was the one. His poor, poor master.

AN: This is my first story ever so I will most likely make a lot of beginner mistakes, either choose to continue reading despite this or stop reading now. This was the prologue which was rather short but the following chapters will vary in length. I will not give many spoilers but I have to tell you that this story will not, and I want to emphasize 'not' have any harry/anyone pairings other than Ginny that is.

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I want you to read this story with an open mind because some of the things that will happen will feel out of place, but I want you to know that I have a reason for (almost) everything.

-rewritten in may of 2014