It was her fault. All her fault.

Wind whispered in her ears as she stood on Gran Pulse, where it all began. Her strawberry pink locks gently rose off her shoulders and a hand tightly clenched her armband, the one that her sister shared with her. It was almost official that there was no way of turning her back; no one needed to say it. The sun-kissed sky dove beneath the horizon as purple engulfed the world, then black. The frigid darkness that blanketed the luxuriant landscape made her glass heart want to shatter. This was the exact way she had been days before her transformation.

Through it all the ex-guardian corp had stood strong, urging everyone on when their faith was razed. She was the support beam in a building that kept it from collapsing. It seemed strong and steady, but it was really breaking if you looked close enough. Lighting's icy orbs shifted towards the sky, bursting at the seams with stars. All of them sparkled just like the way her eyes used to. All because of her, she would never see that sparkle again.

False promises had covered up her melancholy. There was no way of turning Serah back into a human. There was no way Snow would ever marry his beloved. And there was no way Lighting would ever tell Serah how she really felt. The cracks in the support beam spread all over.

Lighting's knees gave way as the support beam came crashing down, taking the building with it. For the first time in years, tears coated Lighting's cheeks. Serah, her only remaining family was gone forever…and there was nothing she, or anyone else could do about it. No matter how much she missed her, she would still be in crystal stasis with that awful expression of pleading permanently carved onto her shimmering features.

And tomorrow, she would still be frozen just like that. For eternity.

Please, don't kill me. I haven't uploaded anything in a while so here's something to keep you guys entertained until the last of my writer's block melts. Hope you enjoyed!