It was any other miserable day in the life of Emma Paxton's life. She had just gotten off of her webcam which she was using to talk to her sister, Sutton. Her creepy step-brother was currently flirting with her while she played tennis.

"Babe, I'm just saying you need to accept your situation, we are gonna hook up, one way or another." Travis said creepily, pulling Emma to him.

"Back off you creep." Emma said pushing him away. Travis just pulled her tighter to him and put tape over her mouth. Emma screamed but no noise came out. She kicked at him and pushed but he held on, dragging her away back into the house.

"Ma?" Travis yelled out stupidly?

When no response came Travis just smirked, "Looks like we got the place to ourselves babe." Travis pushed Emma down and reached into his mom's bag, pulling out two sets of handcuffs.

"I know how rough you like it." Travis said, locking them around her arms and ankles.

Emma screamed, cried and begged as she lied there helplessly. Travis quickly stripped them both of their clothes. Eventually, Emma gave up letting Travis do whatever sick twisted things he wanted. She just lied there, crying. When Travis was done, he got off of her.

"If you tell anyone, at all about what just happened, I will make you wish that you weren't ever born. Is that clear?" Travis threatened.

Emma only nodded her head, but in the back of her mind she didn't care. There was nothing that he could do to her that would be worse than what had already happened. Travis smirked again and untied her. He ripped the tape of her mouth.

"I'm going out; ma won't be home for another few hours, so take a shower and clean up this dump." Travis demanded

Travis picked up his clothes, got dressed and left Emma alone on the couch. Emma slowly stood up and put on some clean clothes. She felt so dirty that she wanted to shower but she couldn't, not until she was safely out of this town. She picked up her gym bag and packed all her clothes along with her laptop, cell phone, and everything else owned. She walked out the front door and took a deep breath, hoping to never see that house again.