AvatarCat11: I decided to make a story called Pokémon Scary Tales. It tells about how the Pokémon of Ash, Dawn, and Brock tell each other some scary stories. I remember reading and hearing some certain scary stories and I decided to make Pokémon versions of them.

Now this story is inspired by an Avatar: The Last AirBender called Stories By The Fire by Faerie In Combat. Yes, I know it was a Zutara story and I hate Zutara (Kataang rules!), but that was really good! So this is inspired by that story, but this is Pokémon style!

Disclaimer: I will never own Pokémon. And these stories belong to several people I don't know, so all credit goes to them. But this will be in Pokémon style, remember that.

Pairings: Pikachu/Buneary, hints of Ash/Dawn, hints of Ash/May, and hints of Ash/Misty

Updating Date: September 3, 2011



Halloween Night

Fall was in the air, for the trees of the Sinnoh region had begun to change their leaf colors to brilliant colors of red, orange, or golden. There was a slight chill in the air at the start of a cold time up ahead. There were even some pumpkins being put out in the front of the houses of the residents of Sinnoh, for that night would be Halloween.

Right now, as soon as sunset had arrived, a group of Pokémon was gathering around a campfire. These were the Pokémon that belonged to teenage Pokémon trainers named Ash, Dawn, and Brock. When those humans were away at a Halloween party, the Pokémon were able to make a campfire and talk.

"Since Ash and the others are at the party right now, anyone got any ideas for fun?" Pikachu, the leader of the group, announced.

"I got one!" Infernape called out, raising his hand. "How about we color Croagunk to the color of a Politoed?"

Croagunk glared at him. "Ha ha."

Cyndaquil raised a hand next. "Can we dunk Piplup into a pool of Sharpedo? That would be classic!"

"Hey!" Piplup yelled. Then the two Pokémon glared at one another before they jumped at each other, disappearing into a cloud of dust.

Pikachu sighed at this; it really ticked him off when Cyndaquil and Piplup would argue like this. Giving in, he hurried forward and dragged Piplup away from Cyndaquil while Buizel dragged Cyndaquil away from Piplup. But when the two Pokémon broke loose and fought again, a loud roar made them quiet. The roar came from Mamoswine, Dawn's biggest Pokémon.

"Will you two keep it down?" he roared irately. "Some of us are trying to sleep!"

"Sorry, Mamoswine," Pikachu apologized for the two arguing teammates. "We were just talking about what to do for tonight, that's all. What do you think we can do?"

Mamoswine just grunted. "Sleep."


Infernape had gotten up and called this out. Like Ash, Infernape had a feisty spirit and he was far from the Chimchar that had been abandoned by Paul, his former trainer. The Fire/Fighting ape-like Pokémon had stood up and leaned nonchalantly on one of Mamoswine's tusks. The large Twin Tusk Pokémon glared down at him and shook him off, but Infernape didn't drop the smile.

Then Infernape told him, "Sleeping during Halloween night sounds so boring! Besides, we got candy for tonight!"

"Candy?" Mamoswine's eyes now opened wide at the reference of this. "Did you say...candy?"

"Yes sir!" Sudowoodo, Brock's most cheerful Pokémon, spoke up. "Kit Kat or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?"

Now Mamoswine was fully awakened by this and stood up, pawing the ground. "Chocolate?" There was silence. Then he said... "CHOCOLATE!"

Buneary bounced over to Pikachu and clung onto him (making him blush) as she screamed, "Just give him something to shut him up!"

Staraptor took command of this at once, for he reached into a bag and fished out a big box of Skittles and tossed them to Mamoswine. But it hit him on the side of the head and made him snort with indignation.

However, Staraptor didn't really pay attention, for he kept saying over and over again, "You wanna Skittles? Do ya, boy? Do ya?"

"That behemoth isn't a dog!" Pachirisu reminded him.

"It's better than nothing," the Predator Bird Pokémon retorted. Throwing a box of M&M's at the Ice/Ground type Pokémon, he called out, "You wanna M&M's? Do ya? Do ya?"

Pachirisu was about to say something when Pikachu held her back. He explained to her, "Just let him go. Mamoswine's cured now," he added as he pointed to Mamoswine, who was happily eating the candy tossed to him.

For a few moments, there was silence as the Pokémon ate their first round of candy. Since they were spending the night in some spooky-looking woods, this was probably a good place to spend Halloween. Then, a few silent minutes later, there was a rustling sound from the bushes and that made the Pokémon look up in terror. But it was only Torterra, the only powerhouse on Ash's team, for he lifted himself out of the bushes he was sleeping in.

"How about we play Bobbing For Berries?" the massive Continent Pokémon suggested.

"Nah," Pikachu yawned.

Then an idea hit him. It was a great idea. Pikachu just had a horribly great idea.

So he announced, "How about we tell some scary stories to each other? Whoever tells the best scary story wins!"

"Repulsive!" Togekiss, who was the prompt and haughty mother-figure of the group, sniffed. "Anyone who tells these stories will give children horrid nightmares!"

Gible retorted, "Come on, Togekiss! Lighten up! These stories are just folktales anyways!"

Togekiss sniffed, "Says the dragon child who can't perfect a Draco Meteor." She still hadn't liked Gible for accidentally using a failed Draco Meteor on Piplup, its target.

Pikachu could see the young Pokémon swell up with anger and scrunch up his face as if he had bitten into a lemon. Then Gible waddled up to Togekiss, turned around on the spot, and wagged his behind right in front of her. Anger replaced the disgust on Togekiss' face and she held out a wing, ready to use Air Slash on him.

"Guys, that's enough," Pikachu scolded them, leaping in between them. Turning to the other Pokémon, he asked them, "Who else agrees with the scary stories?"

"I do!" Buneary said right away, bouncing over to Pikachu and snuggling up against him. The electric rodent felt himself turn red at this, but he didn't say anything else.

Infernape raised a hand. "Sure thing!"

Mamoswine didn't say anything, for he had fallen fast asleep.

"I suppose a scary story or two won't hurt," Sudowoodo said. "What's the prize?"

Pikachu walked over to the candy bag and, without looking, groped his way through the pile of candy inside. Grabbing hold of a small box, he pulled it out and held it high in the air to show the other Pokémon. They all gasped with awe and their eyes went big as they stared at the box with wonder.

Noticing their stares, Pikachu smiled and explained, "Whoever tells the best scary story and the scariest will receive this Wonder Ball! I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Wonder Ball?"

"Oh man! I love those!" Piplup exclaimed, his beak watering. "Dawn says that she loved those since she was little! I just love the chocolate on the outside and the candies on the inside!"

Suddenly, Gible spoke up, "Wait a minute. Normally, there'd be characters from Disney on in the Wonder Ball. So why are there Pokémon instead?"

"I guess that's the way Sinnoh makes them," Pikachu guessed. Clearing his throat (and seeing that Mamoswine had opened his eyes to see the Wonder Ball), he raised it into the air and went on, "So whoever comes into second place will get a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup gift basket. And any Pokémon in third place will get a Kit Kat gift basket!"

Croagunk chuckled. "Gimmie a break."

The other Pokémon laughed at that little joke for a little bit before Pikachu went on, who also laughed. Croagunk perhaps had a good story to tell.

Pikachu continued, "Finally, those who come in any other place than the other three I mentioned will get any piece of candy from the bag here. But you have to keep your eyes closed when you do that. If you get some candy that you don't like, trade it with the Pokémon that didn't come in first, second, or third places. Any questions?"

"I have a question!" Happiny, the baby of the Pokémon (kinda), spoke up. "Who'll go first?"

No one said anything at first, except for Mamoswine as he said, "Who invited the kid?"

"Wait a moment," Pikachu told him. Turning his head to Happiny, he asked her, "Happiny, are you sure you wanna hear scary stories?"

Happiny nodded. "I can handle it! My species and our evolutions can handle tough stuff!"

Then the other Pokémon began to argue about this until Pikachu used Thunderbolt in the air and Iron Tail on a rock to stop them. Those acts made the other Pokémon quit arguing and look back at him.

Pikachu called out, "Since Happiny wants to hear some stories and tell one of her own, she can stay. So who do you want to start with?"

"You," Torterra said.

"ME?" the Mouse Pokémon squeaked with shock (not literally).

Infernape folded his arms and nodded. "Yeah, what Torterra said. It was your idea to tell some scary stories and let others tell their tales for a prize. So you can have the honors to telling us the first story. But I wanna tell the next story!"

"No, I wanna!" Piplup shouted out. Then, in a snooty voice, he added, "Besides, Dawn keeps me out of my PokéBall all the time."

"Just because you're too much of a wimp to get in one..." Infernape began.

Pikachu stepped into the fight, intended on stopping the fight. But then he added, "What about me, Infernape? I HATE going into any PokéBalls."

The Fire/Fighting type Pokémon looked embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head with his hand. "Not you, Pikachu. You're awesome!"

Pikachu gave him a nod of respect before he turned to the group while Infernape and Piplup sat down. "Anyways, I would be honored to tell you the first story of the evening. Who agrees?"

All the Pokémon cheered. There was no scolding or jeering among the crowd.

Satisfied as he stood in front of the campfire, Pikachu raised his voice to announce, "Let the Scary Story Contest...begin." And breaking the fourth wall, he turned to the readers and said, "Stay tuned, and don't miss these scary tails! Get it?" he added, laughing at his little joke.

To be continued...


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