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The Bad Infernape Of Eterna Mansion

After much voting, Pikachu looked down at the poll vote's paper and frowned a bit. For some odd reason, a certain Pokémon had many votes while a few others got one a few each. But he knew they did not have to stop right there, so he called the Pokémon together.

"Everyone...I have decided on the winner and the next storyteller." Pikachu cleared his throat and said, "The next storyteller will be...Mamoswine."

"Thanks," Mamoswine grunted, walking over to the campfire and plopping down. "My story is called The Bad Infernape Of Eterna Mansion. There was once a monk at the mission who loved money and power more than he loved God."

"Oh my gosh!" Buneary gasped, sharing a look with Pachirisu. "He cares more about money and power? That's so mean!"

Wobbuffet then asked, "Wait a minute...why would monks be greedy? I thought they'd be living in the jungle and eating bananas?"

Yanmega shook her head. "No, those are monkeys...who don't appear in our world for some odd reason. Monks are the ones who work in a church."

Mamoswine grumbled a bit at this before continuing.

"He was an Infernape, and he was a mean one. He would hear the confession of the good folk who attended the mission and then extort them into giving him money to keep their darkest secrets. He turned many a wayward sinner's feet towards the raging fires of Hell rather than the peaceful gates of heaven, inciting their crimes in secret while loathing them in public."

Infernape, who was sitting next to Torterra, had looked up at shock, the flame on his head now sparking. Why was Torterra looking rather nervous at this? And what's more...what kind of story was Mamoswine telling?

"It was after he beat a poor little Caterpie to death that the evil monk was caged and sentenced to be hung for his crimes. But just after he was cut down from the noose and marked dead, his body began to change before the horrified eyes of the people. The face twisted, and small tusks sprang from either side of his nose. His white hair that had no flame grew long and oily, and two sharp canines emerged from his slit mouth. The undead Infernape opened eyes that glowed red even in the light of noon, and sprang to feet that now ended in claws rather than toes.

"The people screamed and fled, and no prayer of his former fellow monks could evict the beast. It vanished deep into the dark woods, only to return at night and attack the monks of the mission who were responsible for its death. After five of the brothers were killed, the rest of the monks left the mission and moved to another part of Sinnoh. Since then, the mission-mansion had slowly fallen into ruin.

"And that's why you should never trust a stupid stinkin' Infernape!" he added, turning to give Infernape a sneer.

At this, Infernape's face was mixed with a look of shock and hurt. This was why Mamoswine had told that hurtful story towards his species: it was because of the story about the zombie Mamoswine. But still...that was meant for fun, but this story was completely hurtful, and he knew well how hurt feelings felt due to living with Paul. And now...that shock and hurt was replaced by anger as he stood up.

While everyone looked at him, he growled, "So you think I'm just a stupid stinkin' Infernape, do you? That's what Paul would say to me when I was a Chimchar. Well, guess what? I don't want to hear any more scary stories! Thanks for ruining this good time."

And at this, he left. This caused all of the other Pokémon to glare at Mamoswine, who looked a bit smug and not looking sorry at all.

"What the heck, Mamoswine?!" Torterra roared, scooting away from the Twin Tusk Pokémon. "You insulted Infernape! That was completely uncalled for!"

Mamoswine snorted. "So what? He insulted me first with that story!"

Piplup retorted, "Sure, but he was talking about another Mamoswine, Pidgey-brain! You got some nerve insulting a friend! And I should know since Pikachu got onto me for scaring the heebie-jeebies outta Cyndaquil!"

"Dat ain't right!" Meowth spoke up.

"Shame on you!" Togekiss sniffed.

"Not cool," Croagunk croaked.

"Give me THAT!" Gible snapped, tearing a Peanut Butter cup box away from him and eating one in front of him. "You don't even deserve to eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!"

Pikachu nodded a bit, however odd that was. "All of them are right, Mamoswine. What you just said to Infernape was really uncalled for. Paul had always insulted him and abused him before he joined us as a Chimchar...and that's why he got upset what you told him. How would you like it if Dawn said all those things to you?"

To his surprise, Mamoswine looked rather ashamed at all the scolding. "I'm sorry," he muttered. "How about we go look for him?"

"No," Staraptor called. "You kept putting flames on the coals, and you gotta put 'em out." At the stumped look on the Twin Tusk's face, he added, "That means you got yourself in trouble, and you can get yourself out by finding him on your own."

Mamoswine gave a sigh, got up from his spot, and plodded into the forest. Pikachu knew he would feel sorry for him, but he had done wrong by sending a veiled insult to a friend through a story. Besides, the story Infernape was told for fun, not to make fun of someone. If Pokémon would learn to be nicer to others and have fun, then everyone could have a good time. Still...it wouldn't feel right if Mamoswine went completely on his own...yet he would still stay hidden.

In the meantime, Mamoswine walked on in the forest, kicking dust with his foot. It wasn't his fault he wanted to tell a story. Besides, Infernape told that story about his species...and that hurt a lot. On the other hand...he hadn't been that nice himself when he told that story about Infernape that hurt him. He just wanted the Flame Pokémon to felt what he felt...but he recalled Paul, the bad Pokémon Trainer who abused Infernape. Had he become like him?

Suddenly, up ahead, he heard snarling as he trudged through the undergrowth. Mamoswine began to charge through the bushes, hoping to either get away from this monster or face it with all of his dignity intact...or what remained of it. When he arrived, however, into the middle of the clearing, his eyes almost popped from his head.

Infernape was panting from tiredness and bleeding from several wounds on his body, yet his eyes were blazing from anger and shock. Speaking of blazing, the flame on his head was burning from much power. And standing right before Infernape, its flame also blazing...was the same demonic Infernape that Mamoswine had described in his story, its red eyes blazing and claws at the ends of its fingers. That demon made the latter realize that they were in the same forest as this one: Eterna Forest.

"YOU! Get outta here!" Mamoswine roared, stampeding over and hitting the demon with his tusks. "Leave him alone!"

The demonic Pokémon stumbled back, growling as it got back onto its feet. Infernape looked back at Mamoswine with shock before turning back to glare at his foe. And with another glare from the two of them, the beast headed deeper into the dark woods, leaving unusual footprints in the dirt. Mamoswine turned to see if Infernape, who was gazing after the creature that vanished into the darkness.

"You...you saved me," Infernape rasped, staring up at him with amazed eyes. "Why?"

"The question I should ask YOU is, why aren't you mad at me?" Mamoswine retorted. "I wanted to tell you I was sorry for making fun of you, and here you are talking to me as if I hadn't insulted you."

Infernape chuckled weakly. "Well...I wanted to be mad, but I remembered what Pikachu said. Holding grudges is a terrible thing; it's hard to forgive, but it's not impossible. And I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble with my story."

Mamoswine looked to the ground. "Actually...I should be the one telling you I'm sorry. That was really wrong of me, and I didn't mean it. To pay you back for it, you can have my best snack: all the Hershey's bars I've been saving."

"You don't have to do that," Infernape said, laying a gentle hand on his side. "That apology is enough for me. Now let's get back to the others."

"Let's," Mamoswine agreed.

So they turned around and headed back to the campsite where the other Pokemon stayed at. To their surprise, four more Pokémon had joined them: Gliscor (who had been left behind to train some more), a Rotom, and two Haunter.

"Hey there," Pikachu greeted them. "Haunter came over here for a break and wants to tell a good scary story, and these three ghosts wanted to join in. By the way..." He gave Mamoswine a stern glare. "...I hope you learned something from this, Mamoswine."

Infernape stood in front of the large Pokémon and said, "Hey, don't worry, Pikachu. He said he was sorry, and I'm satisfied with it."

Pikachu looked up at Mamoswine and nodded. "Okay. Who should tell the next story?"

"I thought we were doing the poll thing!" Buizel said. Turning to the fourth wall, he said, "Well, what're you all lookin' at? Vote for who should tell the next story!"

To be continued...


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