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The usually open and welcoming hall seemed to become dark and uninviting at night. It always had. The hall that had once seemed to be filled with laughter and joy had long ago disappeared. No one knew this as well as a fourteen year old girl that was pacing the hall in a way that said she was thinking. This girl looked ordinary, and one might wonder what one such as her had to think about. Well in fact she had plenty.

'What am I going to do? The army can only last for so long and even if they could hold them off then it would be winter by the time they got home. That would delay all other troops return to the 9th district which would….'

The young girl stopped and took a deep breathe. She needed to be clear headed. She needed to be seen as reliable otherwise everything that she had worked so hard for would be ruined. This war that had been going on so long that no one could even remember what it had been started over. The young girl sighed. Tonight would be another long one for sure.

She smiled grimly and said to no one in particular "They usually are now days anyway."

Looking out the glass siding of the hall, she tried to picture what this majestic hall had looked like in its prime. The time when people entered this room it was for a celebration, a holiday or just to gather and be close to one another. Now the only people that entered were heads of each family only there to tell her what she was doing wrong and how they would handle it. Rubbing her temples, the girl shook her head once more.

"What more can I do? They only offer more battle solutions that are out of their dreams and have no place in reality. They are exactly like father's plans. Stupid, ignorant and certain to fail. I'm barely fourteen what can I…" the girl stopped. At fourteen she was the legal age to be considered for a marriage. The Hunter people might accept it if... Straightening her shoulders, the girl called for a servant.

"Bring all the family heads to me immediately. Tell them I don't care what they are doing, this is of utmost importance." The command was distant and emotionless. The servant quickly bowed, .and hurried off to follow the orders. "A long night indeed."

Chapter 1

A sigh escaped a young man as he sat with his friend in the garden of the palace. His friend, upon hearing the sigh, turned his gaze to look at the man beside him with annoyance. "Would you stop that? If you didn't want to come then why are you here? I told you that I wanted to be left alone."

The youth once again sighed and turned his head to get a good look at the man beside. The pure black colored of his hair must have come from King Timoteo, he surmised. Just like the black color of his friend's eyes had come from his mother. He snorted at the thought. Of course they would come from her. The Queen did have their blood in her veins. He once again sighed before answering his friend's questions and his harsh statement.

"You actually think that I'm going to leave you alone after you just got the shock of your life? Please you should know me better then that. We are brothers after all."

The red head snorted. The man beside him was his complete opposite. With striking blond hair, winning smile and all around up beat attitude the man beside him was his complete opposite.

"We aren't brothers, Colonello." Colonello laughed.

"Please brother," he said mockingly. His next sentence however held none of the former humor. "Come on Reborn, you actually think that I'm going to leave you alone after you just found out that your going to be married? And that marriage will not only be to a fourteen year old child but that it will be to the greatest enemy of the Dragon race? Please you have lost your senses." Reborn glared at him.

"I told you not to bring it up! And what else was I supposed to do huh? I didn't hear you saying anything! In fact you sighed in relief when you out that it wasn't you! Besides this isn't about I want or what my family wants for me! This is about the people who will end up dying for no known reason if we don't except this!"

Reborn was panting by the end of his long tyrant. Colonello was some what shocked. His friend must have been thinking about the thousands killed in the last hundred years or so. The Dragon race had only one enemy and they were the Hunters. It was a stupid name for a race of people in his opinion since it was so straight forward. Their name gave no room for the imagination. Or so Winter thought. The Hunters and the Dragon had been feuding for generations, each side killing the other for reasons that had soon been forgotten.

Now after all these years their king had finally grown a brain and had decided to give them a chance at peace. Both of their races had suffered far too long. In Colonello's opinion, the king of the Hunters was a coward. He was never on the battlefield with his men like King Timoteo was. His heart swelled with pride as he thought of the Dragon ruler. Even though his hair had turned gray long before Reborn and himself were born, the King was still fierce and the very aura around him demanded that you give him respect.

"I know Reborn but I'm worried since you are going to marry a child. The marriage will not end well if something goes wrong. And how do your parents expect you to be happy if you are married to some one you don't even know?"

Reborn looked at his friend and smiled grimly. "They aren't thinking of me, stupid. They are thinking of all the lives they can save for the Dragon people. Children may now actually have brothers and fathers and wives their husbands. This isn't what I want but it is what my people need and the day I get married I will become ruler so I need to think of them, not myself."

Reborn sighed and shook his head, his black hair swishing under his fedora from the motion. Honestly he was also worried about this marriage. This child was merely fourteen. How could her father even consider giving her to his enemies at such a young age, much less at all. He had a twelve year old sister and if his father ever even thought about giving her up to end a war through marriage at such a young age he would have some very unkind words for him. But luckily the Hunter King, a coward to the Dragon people for he didn't even stand with his own men in battle, had asked for him to marry their daughter. Reborn stood.

"Well Colonello, it seems that I have sulked enough as Mother will say, so we better go back and apologize to Father for interrupting him in the middle of his explanation." Colonello nodded. They were both probably going to get a tongue-lashing indeed. The two men quickly made their way from the gardens in which they had been sitting in, to the private rooms of Timoteo's study. At the door Reborn turned to Colonello and said,

"You don't have to come in. I will tell you everything later. I think I am supposed to meet her today so it may be a while before I see you. Try not to cause to much trouble while I am busy, alright?" Colonello smiled at the attempted joke and, while nodding his assent. When he was finally alone in the corridor, Reborn took a deep breathe and schooled his features into a mask of indifference. Knocking on the door, he entered when his father called for him to.

She didn't know what had come over her when she had thought of this idea. She really hadn't. In fact if this worked out well then she might think herself as the genius that everyone says she is. This is what puzzled her, even though she never told anybody that except Lal Mirch, who would laugh and say that she would figure it out one day. To be honest though she thought she had an idea why. How many royal children gained the throne at the age of seven and could keep their land prosperous and wage a war at the same time?

But to this dark haired girl, it was what she was supposed to do. Age didn't matter, as long her people were well then everything would be okay. That kind of thinking it what had gotten her here in the first place. Reborn of the Dragon people was five years her senior and was well educated in both politics and in war tactics. She being a Princess, well she was a Queen now but the Rulers of Dragons didn't need to know that yet, she too was well versed in these areas. However were she only had raw talent, a sharp mind, and an even sharper tongue, he had experience which would be valuable for this idea, crazy as it was, to work. As the girl paced back and forth in the room that she had been given in the castle her lady in waiting Lal Mirch came in. Taking one look at her young mistress, she quietly sighed.

"Tsuna your pacing is wearing out the carpet. Please stop. Besides everything will be alright. You know as well as I do that they will accept this offer if only to stop the war. Your thinking is the same in this, so there is no need to worry" Tsuna gave her a skeptical glance.

"Of course I'm worried Lal! I have to think everything through or something could go wrong. If that happens, you know as well as I do what will come of it. I refuse to let it play out that way!" Tsuna whisper yelled.

She had to be cautious. Otherwise she could end up dead. The only thing protecting her at that moment was the fact that they thought her Father had sent her. The Rulers of Dragons were ignorant to the fact that he had died sometime ago. Breathing deeply Tsuna slowly exhaled, letting her muscles loosen for now. Soon she would have to play her part.

(Flash back)

When she had first come to the castle, she had been amazed by its beauty. Tall, spiraling towers rose up over the slanted roof. The gold and silver that trimmed the outside of the walls was incredible. When the guards had first seen here they thought that there was to be an attack. Pulling swords and daggers they carefully walked towards Maggie and herself.

After explaining their reason was to see their Rulers, they immediately ordered them off their horses and roughly dragged them to a woman guard to have her search them. All the while Tsuna pretended to be a scared little girl that was trying to act brave. Acting had always been a talent of hers. One that she hated using. Trickery was something she didn't handle well and to do it to some one else nearly made her sick. After the guardswomen found nothing that could cause Their Majesties any harm, they were allowed an audience. When Tsuna then asked to speak in private with them, the guards were in an uproar. Not that she could blame them. So in order so satisfy that everything was well she asked a guardsman to hand a letter to King Timoteo, who promptly asked her if she thought she was to good to give it to the king himself, when her temper started to show through.

Taking a deep breathe she calmly stated " If I were to go to King Timoteo at this very moment I have no doubt in my mind that you, or any other guard person for that matter, would quickly kill me. Therefore in order to show you that I meant no ill will I simply requested that you give this letter to him. However, since you are so against giving it to him, I shall do it myself."

That having been said, she calmly walked towards the thrones that held their majesties and, after bowing, gave them the letter. King Timoteo looked over the letter with great interest. After reading over the contents several times and letting his wife also look at the letter both of them shared a glance. "Finally" they thought together "we can have some hope peace." Timoteo turned to the men that had frozen in shock at what the once feeble looking girl had said.

"Now if you men are done gawking at this young lady, then I will ask you to leave us." The warning in his deep baritone voice left no room for argument and the men quickly left. The Queen took a deep breathe and said quietly

"This had better not be a joke, do you understand? This war has gone on far too long as it is and now with…" she trailed off after a warning glance from her husband. Timoteo then turned to Tsuna and echoed his wife.

"Alanna is right Ms. Tsuna, if this is some joke that the Hunter kingdom is trying to play on us then this will not end well." Tsuna closed her eyes and waited several seconds. If she waited to long they would expect something to be wrong but the same could be said if she answered to fast. Taking a deep breathe she answered their prayer unknowingly.

"This is not some sick joke. My father has finally….seen that this war has no benefits in continuing and has therefore offered this agreement. I know that this comes somewhat unexpectedly but you may have noticed that the patrols and the guards that were once placed near your territory are gone and have been for several weeks now I'm sure."

The gray headed man before her slowly nodded his head. He had noticed and thought that it was somewhat odd. His old rival, this girl's father, had never been any good at war games and with the way he had had his men spread would have ended him quickly if it had not been for a sudden change. Several years ago, seven to be exact, his rival had come up with some very deadly schemes. The once predictable chess game that he had played had become more difficult to read.

It was like a whole other person. In fact if it hadn't cost so many lives to play this chess game then he would have continued to play just for the sake of seeing who could win the whole thing. Sighing, Timoteo nodded his head slowly. "I will not question the motives behind the reason for this marriage but I still must wonder, for this of great importance to me, did you willing agree to this marriage or were you ordered into it?"

The king held his breathe. If this child had been ordered then he would send her home without a thought even if it was for the well being of others. Yes he had always had a soft spot for children and most would be right in saying that he should simply take this blessing that had come so unexpectedly but not the least unwelcome. He knew that he should not worry over his enemy's children but the young girl before him seemed to be at her wits end. Oh, she hid it very well with the straight posture and the unfailing gaze that had shocked him and his as well as his guards.

But underneath that she looked weary. Eyes were cautious and weary but also intelligence beyond her years. There were small shadows under her eyes that only the most observant person could see, for they were so well hidden. Tsuna gave the man a small barely there smile. She nodded her head while saying.

"I came willingly sire. I know it is a lot to ask after so many years of seeing each other as enemies I beg please trust me in this. I know what I'm asking for is hard to give but I hope in time that you will." Timoteo looked at the girl before him.

'She doesn't talk like a child or even like a young adult. Her words and even her actions are well thought out like a seasoned ruler or politician. This child knows more and has probably seen more than most to make her like this. Hmm this will be interesting to watch be played out.' Timoteo looked at Tsuna and said

"You are right in that being a hard thing to give but I can see that you understand that this will come in time. I agree with you fathers decision. Should I send a note to your father saying that you will be staying here?" Timoteo was about to dismiss her and have a maid show her to a guest room when her next words stopped him in shock.

"He won't care nor will he answer back. You asked if I agreed to this on my own will and I said yes. But sire this was my idea." Her tone was detached and there was no pride in her words in fact it seemed to be a tender subject. The royal couple shared a glance. This was not good. If the other royal party wasn't on board then this would end badly. As if reading there minds she continued.

"He is with my mother at a vacation home. He will stay out the way of this and has promised not to make trouble. I am very sorry for having worried you over this trivial matter." Again the tone was detached, it could even be considered cold by some. Yes, he surmised, this girl-child would be very interesting to watch. His mouth slowly slipped up into a smirk. This girl, though he had just met her, would probably be just what his son needed. If they didn't kill each other first.

(Flash back end)

Coming out of her reverie, Tsuna looked up at her friend. Suddenly she narrowed her eyes and questioned her with a smirk. "Tell me, where have you been? Did you go and find some poor defenseless man to flirt with?" Lal Mirch sighed.

For some reason when Tsuna was nervous she always teased her. But it was okay because she didn't mind too much. After all this child rarely showed any emotion to other people and when she did it was a cold harsh emotion that was used to hurt them or at least keep them on the defense until she found their weak spot. Lal Mirch smiled at the thought. Yes, here mistress and friend was amazing for everything that she did for their country but Lal Mirch sometimes wished that she could act like a real girl her age.

One that didn't have to think about getting supplies for the armies or making sure that the morals of the people was up so that they didn't panic if bad news was presented and made sure that their technology continued to advance. But wishing these things didn't make them come true and Tsuna never once complained about it. She took it all in stride and helped the people far better than her procedures ever did.

"Tsuna, are you sure that this is the right thing to do? You are still so young and I am worried about how this will effect you emotionally. And don't say that you are okay because I know when you lie."

Tsuna sighed. She should have known that this would come. "Lal, its okay, really. This isn't what I had in mind when for when I got married but then again I am sure that Reborn didn't see this in his future either. Besides." Tsuna said smiling, something she rarely did, and "Won't you feel bad for him for having to marry a smart mouth like me. Hehehe."

She giggled at the end of her statement while internally cringing. Yes, no one would want to marry her anyway, especially not willingly. Even though she was only fourteen, she was well aware that even if she did attract boys her age or older, the minute she opened her mouth the attraction disappeared just as fast as they did. Lal seemed to be the only person who could take her mouth and her logic. Everybody else felt that, even though she was a great ruler, she should be avoided if at all possible. This secluded her from all the experiences that most people her age had already gone through. Shaking her head to banish these thoughts she started to think cool thoughts so that when she met her future husband she could handle whatever he threw her way.

When Reborn entered his fathers study he was surprised to only see his father. He had been expecting to see this loud mouth, ignorant, spoiled, cry baby little girl in the study also. His father seemed to read his expression and chuckled.

"She thought that it would be better for you to come to terms with this before you two met." Timoteo looked at him carefully and after sighing, continued. "She isn't how you and Colonello expect her to be. She is very mature." Timoteo expression turned thoughtful. "In fact she is probably a lot more mature than she lets on. It will be interesting watch you two butt heads."

Reborn glared at his father. "And why would I waste my time arguing with a child? She is probably too stupid for her own good. I know that I am marrying her for the good of the peace but doesn't the Hunter king have an older child?"

Timoteo looked at his son carefully. "I think that even if he did have an older child that I would prefer to have Princess Tsuna here with us. And before you ask if I have lost my mind just listen. I am an old man Reborn. I have only ruled in a time of war and of hatred and those things will be difficult to let go of in order to rule this new peace that we could possible have here. If Iemitsu had sent an older child then that hatred could have also been carried here, rendering this mission a failer. Besides," the old man continued with a smirk. "She might actually be able to beat some sense into your thick head."

Reborn glared. "Are sure that the Hunters can even be trusted right now? This could be some kind of trap to get us to let our guard down. I know my duty but something just does seem right about this situation."

Reborn didn't understand what his father was getting at. All he saw was a gigantic trap that they were about to willingly walk into. Timoteo sighed. He had raised his son to think this way. But then again, he mused; he never thought that someone would try to offer peace. Yes he too felt that there was something hidden under this proposal, but it was not for malicious intent. No he was sure that this was a desperate attempt to keep the people of these two nations going instead of completely destroying each other.

'This isn't how Iemitsu would think. Those war tactics weren't his either. Either Iemitsu ran for cover seven years ago and left someone else in charge or he died and Tsuna inherited the throne. But that would mean….. No it's impossible. Yes I give her credit for being intelligent, but no seven year old child can see strategically moves like that. If she is actually able to that and she wants to ends this war then is either running out of ideas or she saw something that even I missed. If this is true then it is all the more reason that Reborn and this girl should wed.'

With this new found revelation in mind he chose his words carefully for his son. "There will be situations like this when you yourself are king. When those times come you must open your mind to all options so everything is clear." Timoteo then stood and walked from behind the desk to his son and after clapping a hand on to his shoulder said, "Well let's go meet your bride."

Tsuna felt like she was going to be sick. The waiting was killing her. It must have been hours since she and Lal Mirch had spoken with the king. Was Reborn really in that much shock? Was this idea so horrendous to him that in order to process it took him hours? But then again he was nineteen. He would probably want someone his own age we he got married. Then again even if he didn't then he would probably want someone at least from the Dragon race. She felt a vein pulse in her forehead.

'Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh! Why are men so damn complicated? I don't want to do this either but I'm not sulking about like some toddler who didn't get his way! Gggaaahhh!" as she thought these things her face was kept straight and blank so one would think her thoughts weren't those of a child. Lal Mirch giggled a little at the sight of her mistresses pacing.

'Her thoughts are probably all over the place right now.' Lal Mirch smiled at the thought. Shaking her head Lal spoke softly "Tsuna, you really should stop pacing, these rugs are probably really expensive and we shouldn't mess them up."

Just as Tsuna was about to comply with Lal's words a male voice rang throughout the room. "I am sure that the Hunter Princess doesn't give a damn where she is and whose property it is as long as she does what she wants. Aren't I right?"

Both girls looked at the new comer. He had shocking blonde hair and ice colored blue eyes. His mouth, which was now set in a serve frown, would probably have been mostly used for smiling at young ladies. Tsuna was not impressed. But she was in another kingdoms territory so she politely laughed and her act began.

"I am very sorry sir. I was simply a little nervous is all. I am Tsuna, Princess of the Hunters and you would be..?" she let her voice trail off to see if he would answer. He wasn't one of the royals she knew that for certain. His stance and the words that he had just spoken showed that to her. Royals and councilmen, she had found, tend to politely smile and say that everything was alright, when it indeed wasn't. Of course now she sounded like a hypocrite because she did the same thing. The young man eyes narrowed and he was about to retort when a very different voice stopped him.

"Colonello, when I said go on without me I didn't mean for you to harass her for being nervous." This voice was slightly husky and it was deeper than the man "Colonello's" was. Actually, Tsuna had to stop herself from shivering at the sound. She refused to believe the shiver was because she liked the sound and simply let herself think that the reason was fear.

"I am sorry for my friends' intrusion on your space; please forgive him for his stupidity." Now this man was a royal. Tsuna suppressed a sigh. Smiling she said,

"There is nothing that that he should be forgiven for. He meant no harm I'm sure and I don't blame him for his actions, they are perfectly understandable." Both men froze. A chuckle signaled yet another person was entering the room.

"It is good to see you again Tsuna. I see that you have met Colonello already but please let me introduce my son, Reborn to you." Reborn inwardly scowled at his father. He really didn't want to meet this little girl. Sighing and making no attempt to hide his frustration, he bowed and said in a somewhat strained voice,

"Hello Princess, I am your husband to be, Reborn. This man here is my friend, rival and manservant, Colonello." Colonello bowed deeply to her. "My apologies to Princess Tsu-"


Everyone froze at the sound of her voice. Sighing, Tsuna stated, "Okay we have realized that I am a princess, yahoo. That's great and all but you can simply call me Tsuna. And you really don't have to strain yourself so much on being polite, either. It isn't me that we are trying to convince that this marriage is based off of love okay? If I am correct that is usually how marriages in the Dragon society are based, correct?"

Everyone was shocked. This little girl had disregarded all royal protocol and she didn't even bat an eyelash at it. Lal Mirch was the first to recover. "Tsuna! You shouldn't be so blunt; they are simply trying to be polite to you."

Tsuna gave her a frown. "No Lal what they are trying to do is give themselves hernias from being so damn polite and in doing so we will be here all f-"

"Tsuna, your language! Watch your language!" Lal Mirch was frantic. Why oh why did Tsuna have to have such a bad mouth? Couldn't she just be a girl her age in one way? Lal blamed the soldiers for her rude language.

"I am so sorry! Please she is actually a very polite girl. Really she is." Looking over her shoulder at the girl in question, Lal Mirch made a threatening face that said there would hell to pay later if she didn't get her act together. She received one right back. Reborn was shocked but at the same time he had the uncontrollable urge to laugh at their antics. He never laughed; to him it just didn't seem right with the war going on. But laugh he did. Actually the shocked faces that he was getting only made him laugh harder. Finally though after much struggling for control he reined in the urge to keep laughing.

"So Tsuna is this better? Do we still look like we are giving ourselves hernias?" he snickered at the thought. Wait until Luche met her, mother would have a fit. Timoteo stared at his son in mild amazement. It had been years since he had last heard his son laugh and this little girl had made him lose his cool in a matter of minutes. He smirked; this would be fun to watch. Clearing his throat, he proceeded to inform Tsuna about when the ceremony would occur, which happened to be the following day. Nodding her head in assent she agreed, all the while thinking that this would be perfect. Even though she still saw them as enemies they were now going to be her family and to keep secrets from them would be unforgivable.

"Now that this has all been sorted out I would like to talk to my future daughter-in-law alone, if you have no problem with that of course Miss. Tsuna." Shaking her head, Tsuna said that she didn't mind and asked Reborn and Colonello if it was alright if Lal Mirch went with them for a little bit.

"Heh, try not too much trouble okay, Lal?" Tsuna said with an indifferent face. Lal Mirch, with the same look of uncaring replied with

"Only if you don't try to jump out the window." which earned her a glare and a low growl of warning. The Dragon men looked at the two Hunter women in shock. No servant in the Dragon kingdom would talk to their superiors like that, especially if they were royalty. It was unheard of! The banter that the two went through was that of sisters, not master and servant. This of course only solidified the hypothesis that had formed in Timoteo's mind.

To have a relationship like that would only mean that her parents had neglected her or that they really were dead and this servant had been her only companion through this war. But still, the thought that this girl-child was capable of keeping up with a man of his age and to do so easily, was shocking and, in a way, refreshing to know that he could still learn and be challenged. Shaking his head he watched his son and his friend leave with the Hunter woman.

When they had left and the door closed, his playful exterior dropped leaving the face of a man that had questions and he would get the answers he wanted. Tsuna sighed, feeling a massive head-ache coming on. 'Well, let's see how well I can do when I'm facing my enemy and not a chess board.'

"Really why are you Hunters here anyway? Can't really want peace, can you? You are Hunters of course. You are nothing compared to that of us, the Dragon race. So tell me what your true intentions are."

Lal Mirch felt a vein pulse in her head. This man would not shut up! She had thought that he would hate her too much to talk to her and that would have been fine with her. But no, that would have been too good to be true. When the prince had been here, he had simply ignored her and that had been fine. Now that the prince was gone however, well this what she got. Taking a deep breathe she counted to ten and then exhaled before answering.

"We have come only for peace. We are tired of the fighting and the death just like your own race is. And by the way my name is not Hunter, it is Lal Mirch." Her reply was haunty and seemed to surprise the man next to her.

Colonello narrowed his eyes and said nothing; he simply examined the girl next to him. She was tall and thin but not unattractively so. She met his fast pace with ease and didn't seem at all out of breathe. Her hair was an interesting blue and her eyes were brown. Those eyes seemed to take in everything with a single glance. Finally he replied.

"If you are so sure of the peace then why are you so tense? Hah you Hunters make me laugh with your higher than thou lifestyle. It sickens me…."

"What sickens me is the fact that you have the gall to say such things about my race and yet you have yet to shut-up about how you are the better people." She noticed his tensed formed and looked at him questioning his sudden emotion. Thinking back, a blush covered her cheeks and her reserve fell a way.

"Ah I didn't mean…. I mean didn't mean to say it out loud… no wait I mean." She hung her head and said

"I am very sorry for that comment it was uncalled for. I should not have even thought those things. I was not thinking about whom I was talking to. As for the reason on why I am so tense, would you not be tense if some one was attacking your race while your mistress is in a room alone with your greatest enemy even if it is nogoationate the treaty for peace?" he slowly nodded, excepting both the apology and the reasoning behind her mood. The two continued to walk but now it was in silence.

Tsuna looked at the man before her. He was incredibly intelligent and it had taken a lot of skill on her part to evade his questions but also give him enough of an answer to stop him from being suspicious about her motives about her avoidance of his questions. Studying him she felt a pang of emotion. What would it have been like to have a man like him as a father?

He had already demonstrated his caring and love for his son. Tsuna knew that he also had a daughter and if the way his wife smelled when Lal and herself met with them then they were expecting again. It also didn't seem to be common knowledge among the guards either. Tsuna was positive that if those guards had had any clue that their Queen was with child then she would have never have made it to the audience room. Looking at the man before her she watched as he once again opened his mouth to question her.

'He must have wanted to wait till now so that the Queen wouldn't be so stressed about my answers. He must be stressed though. I guess I have no choice but to ask him.' So while in mid-sentence, she quietly asked

"Is your wife pregnant?" Looking at his face gave her the answer she needed. Mean while shock ran through Timoteo's entire being.

When he was younger his father had told him stories about the enhanced senses that the Hunters had. It was true that the Dragon people had them too but only when they were in their demi-form. Hunters had those senses all of the time without any type of change. There was also a legend that the Hunters could turn into animals and that each animal fit the personality of its Hunter. If these legends were true it was no wonder that they had gotten by their defenses so easily.

Timoteo worried for the safety of his wife and the child. They had both been surprised when she started showing the signs of the child. At first they had been over-joyed with the realization that they would be parents once again, but then reality had hit like a bucket of cold water, drowning them in chills and horrors for the future. What would this girl child do now? She had shown already that she could compete mentally with the best of the best. What could she do physically and how well would her army respond if…

"Congratulations are in order then." The statement was softly spoken but it stopped is train of thought immediately. Tsuna looked at the older man with knowing eyes and smiled softly. Timoteo just stared. The smile had changed her entire face, which had looked cold and calculating, now softened and made her look like the young women she was. However the look only lasted a moment before she once again drew behind her defensive walls.

Laughing she said quietly questioned "Would you like to know whether it is a boy or a girl?" Timoteo thought for a moment. Then, shaking his head, he quietly spoke,

"It seems to me that no matter what sex the child is it will still be mine and my wife's and we will love it no matter what." Tsuna stared at him for a long time with a faceless expression. Slowly she nodded her head in agreement. Timoteo wondered why this concept seemed so foreign to her.

'Are the Hunters that picky of what sex the child in the royal family?'

"It is not just the royal family." Timoteo looked up, startled. Tsuna gave him a grim smile. "Hunters believe that, while the female line carries the strongest of the hunter genes, it should be the male to rule. That is why this match is so good. For even though your family is of Dragon descent, Hunters always have some kind of mutual trust with their king. Well at least the males do."

Tsuna looked at Timoteo's facial expression and sighed. "What I mean is that the king caters for the male population and for the male population only. There have been very few cases like mine where a women rules. However the councils back is against the wall since I am one of the last of my line."

Timoteo gave her a searching look. "What of your father? Why will he not rule like custom says he must?" Tsuna's face went completely blank. Her caramel eyes became distant and shadowed. Her voice, when she answered, was as hollow as her eyes.

"Father was shown to be incapable of successfully leading the Hunter people to victory and was banned about two years ago from giving anymore directions to the Hunter society. His war planning had already been revoked about seven years ago, I believe. This lead the council to make the plans themselves. I am the only child that my father has of right now."

Timoteo took in the information and the expression it was said with. Nodding he opened his mouth to once again question her, carefully getting to the point of his questioning. "You are hiding something from this deal. I don't expect you to tell me now but I do have a right to know what you are hiding at some point." Getting up, he walked towards the door gesturing for her to follow.

"Come. It is time for dinner and I'm sure my wife would like to talk to you at some point." Getting up, the two proceeded to the dining hall in silence.

Dinner was an awkward affair. The silence hung thick in the air as everyone paid more attention to their food than to anything else. Tsuna prayed that she could keep her wits together until the end of the ceremony tomorrow and that nothing went wrong. The food that was served was some of the best she had ever had but she didn't let her expression sow it.

Opening her mouth to try to start a conversation, she shut it again after seeing a servant come in and whisper in the king's ear, holding a note. Nodding, Timoteo turned to her and held out the piece of paper.

"He said that this letter was received from the communication and since none of us can read Hunter script, we shall assume it's for you." Tsuna took the letter, a feeling of dread filling her stomach. Looking over the letter, her fears were confirmed. The people around her watched as her face paled, the fingers holding the letter clenched, tendons and knuckles standing out from the force of it. Turning to Lal Mirch she calmly asked her in the Hunter's common language,

"When I left this morning I remember telling them that I was not giving up the throne. Do you remember this?" at Lal Mirch's slow nod, Tsuna smiled a razor thin smile that sent chills down everybody's spine. Everybody's except Reborn, who looked at her with interest.

Handing the letter to Lal Mirch, Tsuna turned toward her hosts. "I am very sorry for this interruption. I must leave right now and I will be back before the ceremony tomorrow. I am not backing out of our agreement. Lal Mirch will stay her and try to explain the letter to you as best as she can."

Having said that, she quickly left the hall. Everyone looked at Lal Mirch. She was looking shocked at the letter. Looking up she realized that they were staring. "Some of the nobles are…..against the mixing of the Dragon and Hunter blood. Even if it is by marriage they have very strong feelings toward this kind of union."

Lal Mirch looked down thinking she had explained everything when a beautiful, cold voice made her head snap up.

"I thought that Tsuna said that the royal party was on board?" the Queen questioned. Lal Mirch slowly nodded, thinking of a way to put this.

"I am sure that you have noticed that during all fighting our king was never there. Most nobles challenge his way of thinking and usually do not agree with extreme means like this. He is a coward, and I am sure you hold the same opinion of him. Just like Prince Reborn, the day that our nations come together Tsuna will inherit the throne and her fathers mess at court. Things like this letter must be handled by her."

Looking down once more, Lal Mirch sighed. "You should not worry to much about this event. While the Hunter nobles are against this the people of the Hunter nation are welcoming it."

Everyone looked at Lal Mirch in puzzlement. Sighing once again she explained. "The nobles of the Hunter people almost never fight in a battle or war of any kind. So this union has no benefit for them. The lower classes are another story. They have fought against your people for hundreds of years. Their feelings toward this union are relief and also pride."

Seeing the surprised faces on the Dragons faces, she laughed lightly. "Believe it or not the Hunter people have a deep respect for the Dragon people. We see you as fellow warriors and we honor you for that. In fact I think dragons are now considered lucky."

Timoteo looked at Maggie with disbelief. "Why would they do such a thing? We have hurt them. .killed them, we have.."

"Just as we have done the same thing to your people. However that's not the only thing that they are honoring you for." Lal Mirch's eyes became distant.

"Trust me when I say that you have nothing to worry about. It is probably very difficult for you to understand right now, but the time will come that you will know more than your fair share of what goes on in the Hunter court." Rising from her seat, Lal Mirch looked up at them.

"Tsuna will let no harm come to you. Please believe that." After that was said she quickly left the room, leaving everyone their deep in their thoughts.


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