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Tsuna wasn't sure whether to laugh or sigh at the actions of her Advisors. She had known that they didn't agree with her decision to wed herself to the Prince, now King, of the Dragon People but still they were taking it well. Or at least better than she thought they would. Okay so maybe she could have warned Reborn that Gokudera would try to blow him up or that Yamamoto would laugh and smile while threatening him not to hurt her but where was the fun in that? Besides he would have to learn to never let his guard down even in time of peace.

And seeing him barely restraining himself from pitching a tantrum like a spoiled brat was simply too funny. Hibari-san was having even more fun than she was though. After hearing about the amazing skills of the Dragon Prince in battle, Hibari could barely contain himself. He would randomly pop up to see if the Prince would want to fight. Of course he wasn't serious about his offer….yet. Maybe after the wedding he would force Reborn to fight him seriously but right now he understood that Reborn needed to be alive to complete the peace treaty. Not that he didn't complain to Tsuna in his own way, telling her to get the wedding done already so that he could have his fight. It was only after she promised him a fight with her later on did he stop threatening the staff to work faster.

Tsuna closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair she was relaxing in. she had just finished going over all the final little details of the wedding tomorrow and all that was left was for Reborn and herself to be fitted for their outfits. His being a standard suit while hers being…..not so standard. Tsuna scowled. Stupid dress. Stupid train. Stupid ceremony. Tsuna cringed at the thought of Reborn's reaction when she told him about how the ceremony would play out.


Tsuna and her party had just arrived in the room that Tsuna used as her office. Before Reborn and Colonello retired for the night she needed to have a word with both of them. Looking at the both of them with a stern gaze she began. "In two days' time Reborn and I will be getting married again by Hunter standards. Both of you know this however what you do not know is how the ceremony is done." Here she paused and took a deep breathe. "Both Reborn and I will be given away. All this requires is for Colonello to say that the Dragons have given their support for this union and no one objects. Then some words will be spoken by the priest, we will exchange vows and seal those vows…..with a kiss." She cringed at the last part of her sentence as well as from the two yelling males in front of her. Glaring at the both of them she spat "I'm not happy about it either but both of you can get over yourselves. It's either a measly kiss or a continuation of a war. Take your pick. At least be grateful that I told you ahead of time. Oh and be thankful that we will not have to pretend to be in love here. It is not uncommon among the Hunters to marry for political gain. So no one will thank that it is strange if we don't stay together all the time. All we have to do is pretend to get along." With that she dismissed the both of them.

End Flashback

That had been just last night but it felt like only minutes ago. Tsuna had not slept at all last night; too busy convincing both the council and, privately, her Guardians not to make trouble for the two Dragons. Then the maids had come straight to her after both meetings to get started on the plans for the wedding. Everyone was tense and wanted this to go off without a hitch. Their very lives depended on making this marriage possible. Of course this didn't stop the council from shouting their complaints and trying everything in their power to slow down the preparations. But seeing as they had forgotten just who she and her Guardians were, their efforts had not even put the slightest dent in the work being done. Straightening when she heard the door to her office open, Tsuna hid the groan that threatened to escape from her at seeing the dress that Lal was carrying. Lal just smirked at Tsuna's glare.


Reborn could say one thing about the Hunters, they sure knew how to brew coffee. Lal had come by a couple of hours a go to fit him for his suit that he would be forced to wear in the ceremony tomorrow. He thought that it would be extremely uncomfortable but it fit surprisingly nice and he could move freely in it. While Lal had quickly made the slight adjustments to the suit, Reborn had asked if the Hunter's had any coffee because he needed something to keep him sane, not that he told her this. Lal had looked at him with a slight glare and had nodded before moving to the door and stopped a maid and ordered her to go get something called espresso. When it had been delivered Reborn eyed the dark liquid before taking a cautious sip. Flavor had burst across his tongue and before he knew it, the rich liquid was gone. Yes the Hunter people most definitely knew how to make a cup of coffee. While Reborn continued to muse about the coffee he had just had, Colonello paced around Reborn's room. He was rambling on and on about something that Reborn didn't really feel interested in listening about. It was probably the blue haired maid, Lal, that had gotten him this coffee. Hhmmm now were was she again? Ah yes she was with the brat. Even though he wasn't paying attention to whatever Colonello was saying, the constant pacing and noise was getting on his nerves.

"If you are so annoyed at the maid then why don't you go and talk and complain to her instead of giving me a headache. I don't care about whatever she did to counter you flirting with her. Just leave me out of it." Reborn finally snapped at the stupid blonde. "I wasn't flirting! I asked her a simple question and she went and snapped my head off for no reason!" Huffing at Reborn's uncaring attitude, Colonello glared out the window. After several minutes of silent an idea popped into Colonello's head. Grinning, he swung toward Reborn and pulled him out of his chair. Ignoring his friend's curses, Colonello made his way down the hall toward Tsuna's office. When he got to the door he finally released Reborn from his grip. "What," Reborn spat, "did you drag me here for?" grinning Colonello ignored Reborn and opened the door for him and Reborn to find a very naked Tsuna.

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