While this story is technically a sequel to Being Human, it's more of a spinoff. Chell and Wheatley will only appear very briefly, and the main storyline will deal with Rick, ATLAS and P-Body.



It had been five years since a dangerous mute lunatic and Aperture Science Personality Construct that was also the dumbest moron that ever lived joined forces to destroy Aperture's AI mistress, GLaDOS. It had been about four years, eleven months and twenty-five days since GLaDOS made what she still insisted was the tremendous mistake of putting the aforementioned moron in his old human body in an attempt to covertly study humanity. Eventually thought, things had worked themselves out and everyone seemed to be happy. GLaDOS and the dangerous not-as-mute-as-previously lunatic were even on not-trying-to-murder-one-another terms.

It was because of those very same not trying to murder each other terms that GLaDOS did not bother checking who had entered the secret shed entrance to the Enrichment Center. Only two people knew of its location, and only one ever went there. As the lift finished its descent GLaDOS turned around to face her guest.

"I'm surprised that you managed to waddle your way here, with your current condition." GLaDOS remarked sarcastically as the figure stepped out. Her optic widened in shock, and thought she would never admit it, a small bit of fear. "You're not Chell..." The man smiled and spoke four words that changed Aperture's history forever.

"This sentence is false." GLaDOS began to blink rapidly and twitch, then suddenly her chassis went limp and her optic dimmed. The man knew such a simple paradox wouldn't be able to kill the AI, she'd reboot in about an hour, which meant he had to get to work right away.

GLaDOS came back online exactly one hour, forty-five minutes and 17 seconds later. She scanned every section of the Enrichment Center, even sent the co-op bots down into Old Aperture to search for the intruder, but she could find no trace of him. Even worse nothing had been recorded while GLaDOS was offline so there was no security footage of the man post saying his paradox either. She reviewed those few seconds of footage several times before noticing something horrifying. The man had the unmistakable logo of Black Mesa on his jacket. But Black Mesa had been defunct since the resonance cascade. Not any longer, GLaDOS thought bitterly. Black Mesa resurfacing was very, very bad.

Once ATLAS and P-Body finished their search it was clear the intruder had left, so instead GLaDOS began to take inventory in case something had been stolen. Aperture Science's technology could not be stolen again, Black Mesa had gotten rich of thefts of their imperfect inventions and it would not be repeated. To the AI's relief everything seemed to be accounted for- except; Oh no, GLaDOS thought. One Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device was missing.

As with the last story, I will be asking questions and the winners will be receiving cameos. For this first one: the first person to correctly guess what "condition" Chell has that GLaDOS is referring to wins.