O Pandora, Pandora, Wherefore art thou Pandora?

Summary: "What would you do if you ever find Pandora?" "I'd destroy it, of course." "What if you can't?" "I'll find a way." "And what if you wanting to destroy Pandora turn us into enemies?"

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Warning: Shounen-ai (Kaito x Shinichi)

Chapter 1:

With a frown on his face and chin propped in his hand, Kuroba Kaito completely ignored the teacher as she droned on about something or other. He's not sure what class he's in right now, nor does he care. Not like it really mattered or that the teacher really minded. On the contrary, she was glad to have his attention elsewhere. A Kuroba Kaito that pays attention to class is usually one that really pays attention to the class. That meant chaos directed to the classroom as a whole; teacher, classmates, and the room itself included. So there was no reason for her to reprimand him and left him to his daydreaming. The rest of the class seemed to agree with this decision.

Just the other day he somehow set off the sprinklers with the Bunsen burner causing the whole room to have pink splatter all over the place. None of the teachers have yet to figure out how he got food coloring (of all things) into the sprinkler system. Some of the girls' uniform still had stains on them, the boys were lucky they wore black.

Staring at the sky, Kaito sat thinking of the night before. He had just completed his heist and had his post-heist date ready and set up (his mother had baked him a chocolate cake to bring), but his date, KID's date, never showed. It was something he should have known would happen eventually, but he felt disappointed anyway. It's not like this detective shows up at all of his heists, only when he had the time; there were bigger fi-, ah criminals to catch after all.

But it's still not fair! They only meet at heists and the other hasn't met KID's civilian persona, so it's not like he gets to see the other all that often. He wondered what kept him from showing, better yet, why was a very well known and respected detective willing to date an international jewel thief and not ask questions?


It had started six months back. That particular heist started off normally, and ended strangely, or stranger than usual. Target was acquired, Nakamori-keibu got himself glued to the first floor, along with his task force, Hakuba was in England, and so his only threat was Kudo.

Kudo Shinichi, the savior of the police force, the Heisei Holmes, the guy the police goes to for help when a crime couldn't be solved. Every time this particular detective joins the heist, everything seems to always go wrong. It's like he knows what KID's next move is going to be before he does it; and that is downright impossible since most of the time he doesn't even know what he's going to do. Especially when he's winging it; which happens all the time Kudo's present.

But really, that's all the more fun for KID. It's like having a surprise obstacle course laid out behind him where he couldn't see the pieces being laid out and he actually enjoys it. Kudo Shinichi is fun, difficult to outsmart, but fun.

He was being chased up a couple flights of stairs by the modern day Holmes, when he locked himself in a dark room with no way out. He had completely forgotten about this room. It was under his list of 'do not enter' rooms, because the door only opens on the outside. He wasn't even sure where the light switch was, at least there was a window to provide some lighting, but it was too small for him to slip out through; even the vents were tiny. The wind was blowing too hard for the glider that night, so the original plan was to sneak out disguised as a task force member.

He resigned to settling himself down and staying as quiet as possible, then call Jii-chan to get him out after everyone leaves. He was in for a long sit, as the Inspector likes to stay as long as possible to rant loudly and thoroughly check everything (and hopefully overlook the one room that opens from one direction).

Moments later, he flattened himself against a wall, hiding in the shadows, ready to run if need to, as the door slowly swung open. The light from the hallway spilled through revealing his pursuer.

"Well? Are you coming out? Or were you planning on spending the night here?" Kudo asked impatiently with a hand on the knob.

KID stayed where he was, boggled at the strangeness of the question. He could tell from the relaxed form that Kudo was letting him go without continuing the chase; nor was he making a move to arrest him. Or was it all a trick to get him close enough to handcuff? And he was pretty sure Kudo didn't see him come into this room, so how did he know where to look?

"You're just going to let me go like that?" He asked, coming out from the shadows after determining it was safe enough, not making a move to leave just yet. His mind told him he could easily disappear and 'reappear' behind the detective if he wanted to, but that'd be too easy and he really did wanted to know.

"Do you want me to arrest you?" A question with a question. He could answer with another question just for the hell of it, but they'll get nowhere at that rate.

"Not in particular. No. It's just odd that you're letting me go after that exhilarating chase you gave." He still didn't move. There's no way this thief was stupid enough to trust a detective, but this was getting interesting. He'd never really chatted with this detective before. Hakuba on the other hand, there's nothing worth chatting about.

"Then hurry. This door is heavy and closes on its own. And I'm sure you've already realized that it can only be opened from the outside." Again with the impatient tone.

Cautiously, KID ambled slowly (and maybe taking a little longer than he should have) to the door and Kudo moved to the side, allowing him room to leave. He stopped at the door frame and turned to give the other a curious look.

"Not that I'm not honored to have the great Kudo Shinichi chasing me or anything, I am by the way, but I've noticed that you've never really made any serious attempts in capturing or unmasking me. I'm sure someone of your caliber could do those things easily. So why?" Enigma, is the only word he could think of to describe this detective. The things he does are just as confusing as the magician, if he do say so himself. For instance, why is he, a thief, being let go so easily?

"I'm flattered that you think so highly of me, but if you really must know, it's because your heists are entertaining and the only place so far that hasn't had dead bodies littering the ground. And I'm not about to put my only entertainment behind bars." He gave KID an arrogant grin.

That comment made him want to preen in pride and cringe in revulsion at the same time. Right, no dead bodies trashing the place. That is not something he wants to picture happening at any of his heist, but it just may happen if Snake ever learns to aim for his head instead of his heart. Gotta love bullet proof vests; pain is still there, but at least he doesn't go home with a hole in his body.

"Reeeeally…" KID said thoughtfully with a finger under his chin, "I find that quiet disputable. I was under the impression that I annoy you just like everyone else, what with those colorful languages you use while running behind me. Though Keibu has you beaten in that area of expertise." He leaned closer to the detective. "What if I did this?" His hand moved quicker than the other could avoid it and he grabbed a fist full of the detective's shirt to pull him into a kiss.

If he was to be honest with himself, this was something he'd wanted to do for a while. At first, he just admired how smart the detective was, but soon, admiration turned it into more, and he'd always plan his heists with him in mind. Kudo is the first person to make his heist fun and something to look forward to at every heist. Not the boring task force that was too easy to trick or the annoying British Detective that couldn't figure his way out of a blown balloon or the depressing endless hunt for his father's killer or a magical gem that just might not exist.

The heavy door shut on them, forcing the both of them into the dark locked room. When Kaito finally broke the kiss, Kudo simply glared at him. "The door closed. We're locked in and it's your fault," he accused lightly, but didn't move to push the thief away.

KID only grinned in reply, his face just inches away from the beautifully annoyed detective, and his hands still fisted in the dress shirt. "So it seems," he said, unrepentant and went for another kiss. This time he slide his tongue over Kudo's lower lips, asking for entrance and was pleasantly surprised when the mouth opened up for him.

For a moment they enjoyed the slow movements of each other's lips and memorizing each other's taste, until Kudo had KID pushed up against the wall, taking control of the kiss. The thief subsided to enjoy the kiss from his favorite critic. He flushed when Kudo growled, tearing away from the kiss to answer the phone. He didn't think the detective would have willingly participated; he was expecting to be pushed away and yelled at. The purpose of the kiss was to see if he could annoy the other (and of course because he personally wanted to, too).

The call was quick and KID was too busy doing his mental happy dance in his bliss filled world to even listen to what was being said. Kudo glared at the phone before shoving it back into his pocket after hanging up. "I have to go," he said, walking to the closed door.

"The door opens from the other side. How do you plan on leaving?" KID teased, to which the other grinned back.

"Like this," Kudo had somehow opened a door that KID couldn't (How did he do that?), and proceeded to walk out. His hand almost left the knob when he was stopped.

"Wait!" KID called out and spoke again when the detective turned to face him and asked tentatively, "So, um, does this mean we're dating now? I mean, would you be willing to go out with me?" He was blushing and he knew it, but he couldn't help it. The person he had a crush on returned his kiss. That should mean something right? Just because he's KID, a gentlemen thief, doesn't necessarily mean he has experience in dating. He's just a teenager who has never gone on a single date in his life, unless you count being dragged around by Aoko, but those weren't fun.

Kudo quirked a smile at the question. "I'm not sure how it'll work out, but if that's what you want, sure."

KID walked up to him to give him another kiss, just a quick peck on the lips. "Great. I'll see you next heist then?"

His smile softens and his piercing blue eyes looked into the other's soft violet. KID could see the sadness in there and wondered what could be the cause of it. "Maybe," he sighed and walked away, leaving KID to silently slip away behind him.

There were four more heists since then, including last night's. The first, he had thought the detective was absent since he didn't participate in the chase. That left him feeling slightly disappointed, that was until he reached the roof. Kudo was there waiting for him, smiling at the surprised thief. Thrilled, he ran to give the teen a kiss, held the other tightly around the waist, and jumped off the roof to go on their first date. He was quiet happy with his decision to bring his sturdier glider as they flew over the city, enjoying the lights and views below. The date ended with him dropping the detective off at Beika Park and presenting him with a bouquet of white roses. He was rewarded with a beautiful blushing detective; the poor guy looked at the flowers in his hands as if he didn't know what to do with it. Kid left with a goodbye kiss and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

The second date, he lead the detective on a chase to a roof a couple blocks away from the heist location; Nakamori and the task force ended up following a dummy in the other direction, leaving Hakuba alone and tied up in a fourth floor women's restroom stall.

He had Jii-chan set up a moonlit dinner for them with a single red rose as a center piece. Dinner was a home cooked meal from his mother; both Jii-chan and his mother knew about Kudo. He couldn't hide anything from his assistant or Phantom Lady even if he tried, so he didn't. Luckily they supported him and cheered him on. That date ended with another annoying phone call from who knows where and the detective was soon picked up by an unmarked helicopter from the rooftop. That was one extravagant exit; he knew Kudo was rich, but to own a helicopter? At least they had finished dinner first.

The third was spent walking peacefully at a nearby park. He really did enjoy just spending time with the detective; just holding hands, talking, and walking together. They've really never talked about their personal life; their topics were always something random and not so important. He had expected the detective to question his motives and reasons for stealing by now, but the other never made a move to mention it. Never once, did his critic ever ask anything about KID or who it was under the hat.

Would he answer though, if he was asked? That night he went home with that thought on his mind. Did he trust Kudo enough to tell him everything? The detective did mention that he only attended his heists for the fun of the chase and wasn't looking to arrest him. He was head-over-heels in love with a person that he wasn't sure he trusted. The more time he spent with the quiet teen, the more he finds to liked about him. He was witty, he was interesting, he wasn't annoying like Hakuba, nor was he a bore like Hakuba.

There was just one thing that bothered him, besides the whole detective thing, but he wasn't sure what it is. He only knew that when Kudo looks at him, those beautiful blue, blue eyes look as if they see right through him; as if he sees right through his poker face, secrets, and disguises (he's always too close to Kudo to not wear a disguise). But what could a well respected detective be hiding and what does he see?

The fourth heist, last night, left him feeling discontent and very not happy. Kudo didn't show for the chase once again and Kaito thought he was waiting on the roof like the other time. The roof was empty. He waited there as long as he could before jumping off the roof with one last taunt to the task force, Nakamori-keibu, and Hakuba.


Wondering what had kept his detective from attending his heist, Kaito "borrowed" the newspaper from Hakuba before class started, to see if there were any Kudo-related news that would explain why he didn't show. There was nothing. The only thing to catch his attention was an article about the Night Baron, a mysterious masked person dressed in a business suit under a dark blue cape, matching top hat, and his face covered in a full face mask with a painted creepy grin. Like KID, Baron is also wanted by the police.

Unlike KID, Night Baron silently breaks into buildings unannounced to gather information for the police and sometimes catching criminals the police couldn't catch themselves. According to the news and rumors, Baron is dangerous despite his involvement with helping with the law enforcement. He carries an actual loaded gun, shoots at suspects, and sometimes shooting the officers for unknown reasons.

The only thing to have happened that would have kept Kudo from attending his heist would be the Night Baron fiasco. Baron had led the police to the base of a large drug ring they were working on for months. Kudo could have been helping the police with the raid.

Not good enough. He needs his Kudo-fix and he needs it now. The bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Jumping up from his desk to hop over the other desks and classmates in his way, he decided if the detective couldn't come to him, he'll go to the detective, but first he needs to lose Aoko & Hakuba. Looks like the both of them wants to question him today. Maybe he should have pulled a couple of pranks instead of daydreaming…

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