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O Pandora, Pandora, Wherefore art thou Pandora?

Epilogue: Take all myself.

"Wait! You're going too fast! There's no need to hurry." The occupants of the London Airport watched in amusement as a small Asian boy pull his brother along the airport.

"Of course we have to hurry, Shin-chan," The other boy huffed as he continued to pull. "The world is huge. If we want to see everything we have to hurry, because after we finish one round, we have to go again to see the changes."

"That doesn't mean we have to see Hakuba first," Whined the boy being pulled.

"Yes we do. It's his fault for being nosey and spying on us that night. I can't believe you didn't notice he was there. It's his own fault for being pulled into our problem. I can't wait to see his face when he sees us."

"I was a little preoccupied with making sure everything was right. You're probably going to give him a heart attack and have Aoko-san mop you. I'm sure he moved just to get away from you."

"It'd be worth it." Kaito said as they got on a cab. He handed the driver a paper with Hakuba's address on it. "Mommy said to go here and visit auntie and not to stop anywhere else." He said in English with a cute smile to the driver when he gave them a strange look, as it's starting to get dark and it isn't safe for kids to be out this late by themselves. The cabbie smiled in understanding and drove on. "Besides, he pulled Aoko into this." He said grudgingly.

"You have to hand it to him though. He almost didn't ask Aoko-san to marry him to protect her from the secret."

When they got off in front of a small white mansion, Kaito ran off to ring the door bell with Shinichi walking behind him.

"Yo," The mischievous boy greeted with a raised hand when a tall blond man answered the door.

Saguru stared at the two of them until recognition hit him. He hasn't seen them since his and Aoko's wedding two years ago. He knew he'd see them again, but not this soon and not with that appearance.

"Who's at the door?" A female voice came from inside the house.

Saguru slammed the door shut as quickly as he could. The two outside could hear him answer, "Just a couple of kids selling cookies."

"That was very rude Saguru. At least buy a box from them." The door opened again only to have it slammed shut once more when Aoko saw them. "You're right, we have too many cookies as is." She said behind the door.

"Ahoko! Let us in!" Kaito yelled.

"Kaito" Shinichi tugged on his sleeve.

"What Shin-chan, can't you see I'm busy," Kaito huffed and annoyed at being ignored by his best friend, "I'm trying to get us a roof to sleep under. It's our first night out and away from those two annoying nannies. There's no way I'm camping."

"Window," He said pointing to the open window not too far from the door.

"Ooo. Nice Shin-chan."

In the house, Aoko and Saguru got ready for dinner, setting their plates and food on the kitchen table. "That wasn't very nice Ahoko." They were just about ready to sit down when they heard a voice from behind them and slowly turned to see the same two boys from the door.

"How-" Saguru started. Everything should be too high up for them to reach, so they couldn't have picked their way in. Or so he thought.

"You left a window open." Shinichi stated, causing the British detective to bring his hand to his face in disbelief.

"I really didn't want to believe it when you guys first told me," Aoko said staring at the two. "But here you are, as kids, and Kaito looks exactly the same as when he was that age. Please tell me you're not going to stay here? Where's Kazuha? Should you be with them?"

"Heiji's at the hospital with Kazuha waiting for their 2nd kid to be born. We just changed a few days ago and didn't want to bother them."

"And you just decided to come here without notifying them?" Saguru exclaimed. Great, he's pretty sure any time now, he's going to get a frantic phone call from the Osakans demanding if they knew where these two were.

"No need to be upset. Geez. We're not that irresponsible. We left them a proper note with explanations."

Right. A proper note. From the former KID and the crazy detective that married KID. Most likely in riddles and clues just to drive the impatient Osakan Detective crazy. Both Aoko and Saguru, set their heads on the table in front of their dinner and groaned. They had better prepare themselves for the long and loud phone call to come. They'd call themselves if they hadn't purposefully lost all contact after moving in hopes of never having to deal with these two again.

"How did you find us anyway," Saguru asked, shifting his head to look at them.

Shinichi grinned knowingly, something Saguru probably will never forget the rest of his life. That grin is just too strange to see on a kid that young. "There's nothing you can hide from me, Hakuba-san."

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