Author Note: Joey Taylor – I know something like this has been done but it stems from an idea planted in my head by a friend and to be fair, I don't normally break the fourth wall. So please allow me this one off.

Yugi sighed and sat back on his bed as he and Yami took a rare breather from their hectic lives.

"So whose turn is it for the God Cards tomorrow?" Yami asked as he watched the sunset through the window opposite his bed.

"Ummm." Yugi led back and pulled a ream of sheets from underneath his mattress. "I'm duelling Joey during breakfast..."

Yami, who'd sat on his trunk and pulled out a similar ream from under the blanket laughed, though Yugi could hear the frustrated tone, "Lucky you, I'm going to need them and I'm never getting to class on time, I've got Kaiba first thing."

Yugi winced sympathetically and sighed as he flipped through the ream, "Then it's Kari during lunch." Yugi saw Yami's wince, while Kari's skill had gotten out of practise, she still wasn't half bad, and she was still the only one to have beaten them while the three gods were on the field.

Yami flipped a couple of pages over and growled, "I'd say you could have them for that, but I've got the ruddy Thief tomorrow."

"Another Shadow Game?" Yugi asked, reading, "Yes, damn. Dragged into one of his again too." Yugi shook his head, "Why are we doomed to these things?"

Yami shrugged, flipping through and freezing at a certain point, "You didn't tell me you have Death Eaters to deal with tomorrow." He said, giving his hikari an accusing glare.

"I do?" Yugi yelped, "I didn't know, we only get the scripts the night before… Ouch." Yugi winced, "Stuff my Death Eaters, you get Dementors…"

"Gah!" Harry growled as he stormed into the dorm, "Have you guys got copies of the scripts yet?"

"Only ours, we get copies with both our lines in." Yugi said, and then looked up and frowned, "Why, what's wrong?"

"I'm screwed." Harry complained as he sank onto his bed, "I can't believe that's scheduled for tomorrow."

"What is?" Yami asked, concerned.

"I think the script writers are trying to get me killed."


"I'm fighting Voldemort tomorrow."

Yami swore and Yugi shot over and looked at Harry's script. The end of the fight wasn't scripted, and Yugi looked his counterpart in the eyes. The Pharaoh nodded and Yugi slipped the Gods out of his deck.

"Harry…" The teen looked Yugi in the eyes and then frowned in confusion as Yugi passed him the three cards.

"What am I supposed to do with them?"