Title: Backstage

Summary: A short one-shot dream that I a little weird, not very descriptive... Rated M for safety...


I was getting impatient as I stood backstage. I was just thankful we were no longer in the was always a longer show there. I watched him floating in the water, supposed to be dead, the fishnets on everybody's legs.

It finally made its way to the criminologist saying "And crawling, on the planet's face, some insects, called the human in time, and lost in spaceā€¦ and meaning." Another meaning followed his in the similar haunt it did every night, and the cast walked out and took their usual got out of the water and took his was soaking wet, as was the man who tried to save him but ended up dying in the they took their bows, he came towards me. "Did you enjoy the show?"

"I always enjoy the show." He kissed me, letting his tongue escape into my mouth, and I grabbed his arse through the silk underwear. I absolutely couldn't describe it, but he looked fantastic in his fishnets and heels.

Maybe it was because he had great legs, but the fishnets complemented them, and watching him walk in heels better than I was amazing. I threw out the idea for him to be a transvestite one year for Halloween, and now here we stood outside of a finished show and replica of The Rocky Horror Picture didn't care what he did as long as he got paid, and he absolutely loved being famous for his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the show.

"Do you want to go home?"

"Don't you have to say hi to your fans first?"

"Oh, right. I'll be right back." I loved him, everything about was British, and it helped his part as Frank more. I loved it, and I loved having him all to if the show called for a moment between Frank and Janet, and Frank and Brad, I still had him offstage, which was so much better than onstage.

"Back, love."

"I see that." I started to laugh.

"What is it?"

"You're still in costume, love."

"Bloody hell. Come help me take it off?"


"Some of it gets complicated." I started to laugh more, before he grabbed my hand, dragging me to his dressing room. I watched him as his heels flew across the room. I walked up behind him, my hand running up his turned to me, his face in shock as I bit my lip. "Is this turning you on?"

"A little?"

He pushed me over to a small couch that sat in the corner. I continued to drag my hand up his fishnet texture was new, and all together really kinky. I removed the corset with ease, and worked on the rest of women's clothing objects, including the underwear, but to my dissatisfaction, I had to remove the though all the clothes were off, I forgot about the giant pearls that strung around his perfect neck.

Once we were finished, he looked at me, putting on his 'normal' clothes, and opened his mouth to speak. "We need to pick up some fishnets on the way home." I started laughing and fixed my hair, grabbing my shoes and shirt from other sideof the room.