Holly wasn't someone who begged. She never fought with people if their answers were no; she simply went with it, and figured out a way she could get what she needed or wanted without their help, or whatever reason she went to them for. She didn't like asking people for much, anyway, so it never really was a problem. But now, now she had no other choice.

"Karin," she started, reading the nametag on the woman's shirt. She saw the slightly aged woman raise a brow. "Isn't there anything you could do? Please, something. I have all my other major classes in and this is the last one that I—"

"I understand; we've already been through this." Karin started, a tight-lipped, fake smile on her face. Holly knew defeat was coming. "But if you can't make any of the class times, there's nothing I can do."

"Is there…is there someone I can talk to? Can I talk to one of the lit teachers? Someone has to be—"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Richards, but no professor is going to work with you during their free time, for an entire semester. " The color drained from Holly's face, traces of her previous smile gone. Her face looked tired, so tired, and worn out.

She could play the pity card, she realized. About how her father is dead, and her mother is in a mental home for more mental illnesses than she can count. She could tell her that the reason she barely has time is because of her work schedule. She has to pay all the bills for their home, and for her mother's stay in the center. She could tell her how she hasn't slept in two days, and probably hasn't eaten anything since yesterday's breakfast.

But she doesn't. Pity isn't something she likes. Holly bit her lip hard enough to taste blood, and straightened up, backing away from the English department's office.

"Alright. Thanks for your help." Help my ass. A rock could have helped me out more than you did.

Turning around and walking toward the door, she realized how screwed she was. She needed to get her degree, because the mental institute was going to be charging more for new treatments. She needed more money because there's only so much that a waitress could do. Even with as many shifts as possible, Ellen already was giving her every possible available hour. Now that summer was ending, and she couldn't possibly work as much, things were about to get a little harder, and a degree as soon as possible would be great.

Holly brushed past a tall man, not paying attention to anything. She was devastated, and tired, and hungry. She didn't notice him linger in the small office, looking into a mailbox. And she was almost out the door, when she heard Karin speak up.

"Dr. Winchester! I have your mail right here." Her head turned, very slowly, to watch the scene. Karin was smiling and batting her eyelashes, handing the man his mail. She noticed he was taller than she originally thought, and his back was broad, very broad. His hair went to the nape of his neck, and she bet it kind of swept over his forehead. Not that it mattered.

The man, who she now recognized to be a professor from the lit department, thanked the woman with a kind, but strong voice.

Don't do it, Holly. Don't be annoying. You know it'll never work, that no one would be willing to give up their FREE time for your dumb needs. Especially a busy professor.

Despite her internal battle, she let the door close with a quiet click, and walked up to him, gathering up her voice. "Excuse me, Dr. Winchester?" Holly watched as Karin's eyes grew into slits, as if angered that her time with this man was being cut short. Oh well, she's too old for him anyway.

Holly watched the tall man turn around and she had to literally tip her head back to see his face, which she might add, was quite handsome. He looked at her with a slightly confused look on his face, and she figured he was trying to remember her from a class.

"I have a problem, do you think I could talk to you—"

"Excuse me, I told you that the professors won't be able to do anything, young lady. Please don't bother them!" Karin was super angry at her, Holly could tell. She watched Dr. Winchester give a polite smile to the woman, and then looked back over at Holly. She adjusted her book bag self-consciously.

"It's okay, Karin. I could try to help. Now, a problem, you say?" With his back toward Karin, Holly tried to resist a smirk. That bitch could kiss her ass, now. Maybe this could somehow work out.

"Yes, I…could I talk to you in private? If you're not busy."

"I seem to be completely free for the moment. Follow me." He gave Holly a professional smile and began walking deeper into the building. Trailing behind him, she finally smirked at Karin, who looked more than unhappy.

They walked in a slightly uncomfortable silence, until they got to his office. It was pretty messy, she thought, for a teacher. Then again, it was really only books and papers, so she wasn't surprised. The little potted plant on the window was looking a little yellow, but overall the room was nice. He took a seat behind his desk, and Holly awkwardly shuffled to the chair facing it.

"Now, what was your name again?"

"Oh, sorry!" She was a little flustered, and embarrassed. He didn't even know who she was, and she was going to pour her problems out to the guy. Maybe even have to beg a little. Holly squirmed in her seat, uncomfortable.

"I'm Holly. Holly Richards!" She stuck her hand out with the force of a bullet, and watched as the smile on his face grew a little wider, as if he was amused. Holly noticed that he couldn't have been more than a couple of years older than her.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Holly. I'm Sam." His hand reached out to shake hers, and she watched his engulf hers, giving it a firm shake. He has nice hands…

She held back the confused look as to why his first name was stated, but didn't dwell on it, as he continued. "What can I help you with?"

"Nice to meet you too, hello. Right, so, my issue. See, I need to take all of my major classes this semester. And I'm really shitty—sorry, bad—at making schedules, and by the time all my classes were in, I realized I didn't have room for my lit course." Holly's hands were moving around as she talked, almost as if she were illustrating her words.

Dr. Winchester watched her with a small frown on his face. "That's not good." His tone wasn't mocking or sarcastic, just neutral. Holly sighed, tugging on a loose strand of hair that fell free from her bun.

"I know. And I…okay." She took a deep breath, readying herself. She really, really hated asking for things. Dr. Winchester leaned back in his seat, almost amused at her antics.

"I have to take my neighbor's kid to school every morning, and I work a whole lot...and there's literally no lit class available when I have any sort of time. So…I was…I was wondering, if maybe you could work with me at another time? I'd…I'd do any classes you have to offer, and I promise I'd get everything done. I swear. I'll work really hard." Her point of view was a huge fail, she realized. What professor on this planet would willingly redo lessons with a student on his own time? And allow her to miss all classes.

The amusement was gone from his face, and he leaned forward, his face thoughtful. Holly did her best to sit still as he watched her, but his eyes were making her shifty and she focused her attention to the cars parked outside of his window.

"Tell me about your usual everyday schedule, during the school week." When he finally spoke, Holly jumped a little in her seat, locking her eyes onto his for a brief moment before reverting them to her hands.

"My schedule? Uh…well, Jake, the kid, goes to school about a half hour away from my home. Um…he starts school at 8, so I'm up by 7, and I get home around 8:30, and my first class starts at 9:15. I'm home by 2:30, and I go to work at 3," She paused, taking a breath. "I have night classes at 6 to 9:30, and then I go to work the night shift at 10. I get home by 12:30." She finishes, chewing on her lip. The professor watched her with curious eyes.

"You do that every day?"

Holly nodded. "And on Saturdays I work most of the day. Sundays I only work from 6 am to the afternoon." Her face flushed as she realized how lame she sounded. She literally had no life.

"Why do you take the boy to school?"

Her posture got a little straighter as she sat up in the seat. "It's only for the first semester, actually. Which is why I had room for a different course second semester. But oh, his mom is a nurse, and for a while they have her doing a morning shift. So she asked me…I mean, I couldn't say no…" Her voice trailed off as she shrugged, and looked up at him. It was a pretty bad move, seeing as he was watching her with intent curiosity that made her squirm.

"Why do you work so much?"

She chuckled quietly. "You know, expenses for college, and the bills." Holly mentally slapped herself for that one; she hadn't meant to say the last part. Maybe he didn't catch that.

Well, he did.

"You live alone?" his voice was a little gentler than it was before, and Holly winced. His voice was on the verge of almost pity.

"Yes, well…I live with my…mom. But she's not home…a lot…" Her mumbles were soft, as she stumbled on her words. Holly snuck a peek at the professor, who seemed even more curious than before.

"Does she work a lot too, then?"

"Yes…" She started, and then sighed. "Well, no, she's just…she can't really—" Holly rubbed the bridge of her nose with her thumb and pointer finger.

"Look, Mr. Winchester…do you think we could work something out?" She wasn't there to discuss her personal life, and she didn't want to anyway. Her eyes were hopeful, though, as she looked up at him, even though she was expecting the worst.

"I introduced myself as Sam, didn't I? I feel old when people call me Dr. Winchester." A soft grin spread itself out on his face, and she nodded.

"I think I could work something out with you, Holly." Her eyes widened and she was pretty sure they were even sparkling.

"Really? Thank you! Thank you so much, Dr. Winches—sorry—Sam. Really. Thank you so much. Really. Just. Thank you s—"

He cut her off with a genuine laugh, and waved his hand back and forth, almost as if dismissing it. "I offer three courses. European Literature III, Global Literature, or Chaucerian Literature. Pick whichever you feel is best."

Holly scrunched her eyebrows together, and nodded. "I'll go with Chaucerian Literature. If…if that's okay."

"That's fine, Holly." His professional smile was back in place. "When should we meet?"

"Can uh…can you do Saturdays maybe? I could get a shift or two taken away for Saturdays."

"Saturdays are fine for me. In the morning? Say…10 o'clock?"

Holly nodded, completely grateful. "Yes sir! That's fine with me. Thank you again, so much."

Sam's smile was genuine, and Holly stood up with one of her own. Finally, her day wasn't going so shitty.

"Shall we meet this Saturday, before school? I think you'd benefit from it. I'll tell you about what I'm planning with the class. We'll meet in here?"

Holly nodded her head vigorously, and shook his hand once more. She locked her eyes onto his, and thanked him again, hoping he knew how serious she was.

"Don't mention it, just be ready to work! Here," he started, writing something down on a piece of paper. "is my cell number, office number, and home number. In case you have to cancel at any time, let me know."

She took the paper and nodded, thanking him again before turning out of his office, doing a little happy dance into the department office. She turned and faced Karin, grinning.

"Sam worked it out with me. Thanks so much for your help!" Holly said his name nice and slow, letting it sink in to the other woman's ears, before plastering on a huge, fake smile.

Maybe school wouldn't suck so hard this year.

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