It's been two days since Holly's life-shattering phone call, and all she can do is wait. According to the nurses, Holly's mom was playing with a nightlight that was still in the electrical socket, and the small dose of electrocution—plus the medicine she had been taking—sparked some sort of a heart attack.

She's been in a coma for two days now.

Sam has been doing his best to keep Holly grounded, really, he has. He understands how tough it is, how scary it is, how she hurts. But she needs to eat, and she needs to sleep. Holly pushed for going to school tomorrow, but Sam persuaded her to at least take off from work. Anna clearly understood, and wished for the best.

It was Sunday night and Holly and Sam just got back from the hospital. He's been driving her around—he didn't trust her to be driving in her zombie-like state—and literally just about breathing down her neck. It was a little bit suffocating, but Holly appreciated not being left alone.

Sam made that fateful mistake last night, and he made sure to stay with her from now on, until this was over. He found her curled up in a pitiful heap on the floor, crying silently to herself when she thought everyone was asleep. He scooped her up and brought her to the couch, where he held her for the remainder of the night.

Sam knew how important Holly's mom was to her. Sarah was the only family that Holly had left. And despite the fact that Holly was more like the mother at some points, she really loved Sarah. She couldn't lose her.

"I ordered pizza, it should be here in about 10 minutes." Dean was sitting in the kitchen, his voice low and careful for once. He could see how torn up Holly was, too, even though she really did do her best to keep it hidden.

"You guys are babying me." She attempted to joke, but she hadn't spoken in hours and her voice came out like a meek whisper and she winced at how pathetic she sounded.

"What kind of pizza did you get?" Holly tried again before anyone could speak, her voice stronger.

"Half extra cheese and half peperoni." Dean grinned and Holly allowed a small grin back. She drank in times like these where she could forget for a little while. It seemed selfish; forgetting about her mother in the hospital, but she needed it to breathe better. With her mom sick, these past two days have felt like Holly was trying to breathe under water.

After dinner Dean went back down stairs into his apartment. He almost wanted to stay and see if he could do anything to help Holly, but he knew that's what Sam was for. Still, he gave her a gentle head pat before he descended downstairs; something that was growing to being Holly's special gesture.

"I rented movies…" Sam offered feebly from his spot on the couch, and a ghost of a smile touched Holly's lips before she made her way to the couch, sitting down on the opposite end.

"Do I smell?" Sam teased, but his eyes were kind with knowing. He understood that she might want some time to herself.

In reality, Holly just didn't want to seem clingy. She never aspired to be one of those girls who depended on someone, which recently, she felt like she was turning into. Despite that, the second Sam hinted at her being too far away she curled herself up into the crook of his shoulder. He held her tightly for a moment, and they sat in silence.

"I rented "The Notebook", "Taken", one of the transformers movies, and "Spiderman."

"The Notebook?" Holly's eyebrow raised and a grin tugged on the corners of her lips, as she looked up at Sam. He merely grinned down at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"I asked a worker what kind of movies girls like, and he gave me this. Why, what is it?"

"Oh my God, Sam, you've never seen The Notebook?"

"Uh…no? Isn't it some chick flick?"

Holly's grinned widened and she curled closer so that she could get a view of his face. "It's not just some chick flick, it's like, the chick flick. And since you've never seen it, we have to watch it now."

"I never took you for the chick flick kind of girl."

"I always took you for the chick flick kind of guy." Holly leaned her face up and let a broad smirk cover her face, and Sam let out a snort of laughter.

"I'm going to get you for that."

Before Holly could react, Sam was on top of her, ticking her sides. She threw her head back and squealed, thrashing around wildly, laughter filling the air like a sweet aroma.

"Sam! Sam stop it, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Say I'm not a chick flick kind of guy." His fingers fluttered and dipped over her sides and hips—which he knew were her most ticklish points. Sam watched her gulp for air between her laughter, and felt a sense of pride.


"Say it!"

"Okay, okay!" She panted, tears pooling in the corner of her eyes. Holly was laughing so hard that it hurt. "You're not a chick flick kind of guy!"

"I'm a manly, sexy kind of guy?"

"You're a manly," she paused to catch her breath, inhaling big gulps of air as Sam slowed his assault, "sexy kind of guy." She finished, breathing heavily from her spot on the couch as he sat up in victory.

"And you're a fucking cheater." Holly mumbled under her breath, gingerly rubbing her sore sides. Sam merely grinned as he hovered over her, his face all too smug. He looked as if he just won a contest by cheating, and didn't feel an ounce of gilt.

"Your face is red." He dumbly pointed out, and his grin only grew as he watch her make a of-course-it's-fucking-red-you-idiot-you-just-tickled-the-shit-out-of-me face. He loved the way her nose crinkled while she laughed, and the way he could see a freckle right below her left eye. He loved the way—

Sam stopped himself mid thought and his eyes widened. Love? Did he really just think about love? I was just lost in the moment. She's just really pretty when I'm this close. It's purely just in the moment. I don't have to worry. It's too early for love.

He tried to reassure himself that things were just how they always were with their non-but-sort-of relationship, and he pecked her lips softly, keeping her from asking if something was up.

"Now," he started, putting the movie into the DVD player, "let's attempt to slay this chick flick."

"You're going to like it, Sam."

"Yeah, okay."

The next morning, Holly got a call from the hospital that her mother was in a stable condition, and should hopefully be waking up soon. Holly was thrilled, and so was Sam. He was relieved that her mom would be okay, and that she was smiling.

Holly even took a day off from school, as did Sam, when he offered to keep her company at the hospital.

"Sam, are you sure?" Holly's tone was concerned, but really, she was so happy that he was going. If her mom woke up, she'd get to meet Sam.

"Yes, Holly, for the tenth time," he teased, "I barely take days off, and they can get a one day substitute teacher. It's not a big deal. Now c'mon, get in the car."

And with that, they were off.

The smell of hospital always disgusted Holly. It smelt like medicine, sick people, and fake food. The bright yellow and white walls weren't making situations better because Holly's head was beginning to ache. It took a few hours, but Sarah finally woke up.

"Are either of you related to Mrs. Sarah Richards?" A kindly looking nurse had walked up to the pair, causing them to jump out of their seats.

"Yes, that would be me! Is everything okay? What's going on?" Holly's tiny body bolted upright, and the nurse smiled kindly at her.

"You're in luck, your mother's just waking up. You'll be able to go see her. And who is he?" The nurse smiled up at Sam, who fidgeted uncomfortably.

"I'm uh…I have uh…to Holly, you know…" He didn't know where to take it, because Holly was the one who said she didn't even want to label them, really. And while he understood, it would just make things easier. After all, they were pretty much dating.

"He's my boyfriend." Came a shy murmur from Sam's left, and his eyes widened a fraction while the nurse's kindly smile returned to her face.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, she's a little weak, clearly. It'd be best if just one person went, at least for now. I don't want all of the commotion to stir her up. Is that okay?"

Sam sent a silent okay to Holly when their eyes locked, and she nodded. Sam sat back down on the chair, but not before stroking Holly's wrist as a small act of comfort. And to be honest, it calmed her down more than she could say.

Holly walked into her mom's hospital room, feeling a burn behind her eyes as she saw how weak and fragile her mother looked. She was pale, and there was an IV in her arm, and wires and tubes all connected to different parts of her. Holly's heart clenched.

Sarah's eyes were open when Holly walked in, and she attempted a feeble smile. "Hi, mom. I don't know if you can really talk yet, but I'm here okay? Nothing's going to hurt you, I promise."

Holly could see the almost crazed fear in her mother's eyes. She figured her mother hadn't taken her medication, and she knew that Sarah needed those as soon as should could possibly get it.

She was about to go get a nurse, but Sarah groaned and tried to sit up.

"No, mom, you have to stay down, okay? You got sick. But it's okay, you're okay now. You just need your medicine."

"Are you mad at me?" Holly's mom's voice was a hoarse whisper. Holly put the cup of water on her bedside to her mother's lips.

"Why would I be mad at you, mom?"

"I didn't take my medicine." She sounded ashamed, like she knew she didn't listen to Holly. Like she knew she let her daughter down. Holly's eyes burned more than before, and she did her best to keep her vision from blurring.

"No, mom, I'm not mad at you. At all. This wasn't your fault. This wasn't your fault."

"They're here, Holly. They wanted me to go with them, but I fought. I fought to stay. Holly, I want them to go away, make them go away!"

Holly could hear the heart monitor start beeping quicker, and Holly did the best she could to keep her mother calm.

"Shh, mom, it's okay, just relax. I'm here, right? You know when I'm here nothing can happen." She pressed the button for the nurse's attention, and sighed in relief when one came a few seconds later.

"My mother needs her medication. She's a bipolar schizophrenic. She should have a file here, it has her medication. She needs it as soon as possible or she's going to freak out."

The nurse solemnly dashed out of the room, and a few seconds later, Holly's mother was heavily sedated and medicated. It was always tough seeing her mother resist help, and then have to get sedated. But she'd be better soon, now that this was okay.

"Holly, who's that?" Her mother's words were slurred, but she pointed to the door. Standing there was Sam. He looked a little nervous, and very apologetic.

"They told me to come get you. They said visiting hours are over, I'm sorry."

"Mom, visiting hours are over. I have to go home. I'll come see you tomorrow, and everyday until you get out, okay?"

Her mother wasn't really listening, though, her gaze was fixed on Sam.

"That's Sam," Holly tried again, voice as soft as a breeze. "He's my friend, mom. The one I'm staying with? He brought me here. He's safe."

Sam waved very slightly, eyes darting from Holly to her mother every couple of seconds. This wasn't how he expected to meet her, but this was what he got and he wasn't going to complain.

"He doesn't give off a bad aura. He's good, Holly. I like 'im…" Sarah's eyes were drooping. Holly pressed a kiss to her mother's forehead, before whispering goodnight, and walking out with Sam.

The car ride was silent; neither wanted to say the wrong thing. Sam didn't know how Holly was holding on. When they got inside, however, Holly threw herself into Sam's arms, not really caring that he wasn't expecting anything.

He felt the neckline of his shirt growing damp, and he tightened his hold around her. They were standing by the coat closet, so he carefully scooped her up and carried her to the couch, sitting down with her still clinging onto him.

"She's okay." Her words were so quiet, that he relied on her lips pressed into his skin to understand what she was saying.

"Yes, Holly. She's going to be okay."

He felt an almost slightly hysterical giggle bubble against his neck, and he resisted a shiver.

"I'm so glad." She pulled her face back, finally feeling calmer. She had tried to control herself, at least until she was alone in her room, but it hadn't worked. She was so relieved about her mother waking up, and her mother liking Sam, and everything wasn't perfect but it was starting to look up, just a little. She wasn't going to jinx anything though.

Sam was watching her, her face red from crying and her blue eyes looking impossibly more clear because of the tears pooling in them. Her hair was in a messy bun, and the tiny freckle under her left eye was a little darker, because of the color on her face. The tip of her nose was red too, and her lips looked bruised and bitten from worry.

"You're beautiful." He murmured, taking one of his hands that were wrapped around her waist and brushing it over her cheek, stroking the tiny freckle, and then cupping her jaw.

Holly's legs wrapped themselves around Sam, and she leaned her head onto his shoulder, sighing. She could stay like this all day.

"My face is tear streaked and I probably have snot everywhere." She felt Sam's chuckle against her own chest, and she pressed closer, wanting to capture that chuckle and be able to have it whenever she wanted.

"You're still beautiful."

"Remember when I said you weren't a chick flick kind of guy? Well, I take it back." She pulled back and grinned at him, watching his eyes narrow and a smirk cross his lips. In the blink of an eye, she was pressed back into the couch with Sam looming over her.

"Please don't tickle me oh my God I'm sorry please don't—"

He cut her off with a kiss.

"Stop talking." He mumbled against her lips, tugging one with his teeth. Holly whimpers a little and runs her hands up his shoulder and into his hair, pulling him in for another kiss.

Holly's heart is beating rapidly, and she's probably making embarrassing little breathy sounds that she can't hear over the sound of her blood pounding in her ears. Sam's tongue is sweeping over the roof of her mouth and around her tongue as if he's trying to memorize her mouth. He catches each noise she makes against his own mouth, greedily not letting anything else get a chance.

"So, I see you guys are celebrating, does that mean your mom's okay?"

Sam growls angrily as Dean's voice floats into the den, and he feels Holly freeze under him. Dammit, Dean.

He pulls away slowly, taking in Holly's flushed face—now, probably from Dean—and her bruised and pink lips, and her dazed eyes, and feels a sense of pride and want before pulling himself off completely. He shoots an angry glare to Dean, who stands there innocently.

Holly sits up for a few seconds, finding her voice and fixing her shirt, which she hadn't realized had a couple of open buttons.

"Y…yeah. She, uh, we went to visit and she woke up, and, uh, yeah. She's going to be okay, if, you know, things go as they…go." She was aware of how awkward she sounded, and Dean's shit-eating grin made her chuck a pillow at him.

"I'm glad to hear that, Holly. She'll be okay." Dean was whistling as he walking to his door.

"And remember, no lovin' without the glovin'!" Holly's face burned brighter as Dean dashed down the stairs, barely avoiding the TV remote that Sam chucked at him.

They sat there in silence for a couple of seconds.

Sam looked over to her and grinned, before they both collapsed back on the couch, laughing.

"God that was so embarrassing." Holly groaned, covering her face with a pillow.

"I felt like a teenager again, being caught making out on the couch."

Holly laughed louder at Sam's words and he pulled the pillow off of her face, kissing her cheek.

"I want lunch. Can we make sandwiches?" His eyes were all puppy-dog like, and Holly realized he had that look perfected to a "t". Damn, he was good. She just grinned and stood up, swaying her hips a little as she walked into the kitchen. She felt Sam's eyes on her and she threw her head back and laughed, feeling better than she had in a while.

"Yeah, sasquatch, let's have some lunch."



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