1 Striking A Chord

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Misao sat with her head propped against the window. The world whipping by her. The glass was cool and cold, the complete opposite of the stuffy greyhound bus. She clutched onto her bag tighter anxiety and excitement for nth time that day rushed through her blood. Only eighteen and she was making the grand voyage to Tokyo. She left her grandfather's restaurant tearful but hopeful. Would Tokyo be fun? Would this summer prove to be a success? She didn't know! She squirmed in delight. The wind from the slightly ajar window was like cool fingers caressing her hair. Her best friend Kai snored lightly beside her, her head tilted upward and she clutched possessively onto her Bass guitar. Kai was suppose to be the chaperone on this trip, because she was older at the age 19 soon to be twenty and had gone to Tokyo for the past 5 summers.

Kai and her were extremely close. Friends for life you could say, they met in middle school, Kai was a calm but eccentric girl, while Misao herself was loud, temperamental and a tomboy. How funny that they were friends, but they made up for each others flaws. Misao taught Kai self-defense (although Kai wasn't much of an athlete) and Kai taught Misao how to play the drums and write music.

That's why they were on this voyage. To find there fame and hopefully a guitarist and a lead singer. Misao liked to sing, but really preferred to play drums. Kai played bass guitar and she said it would be extremely hard to sing a melody when she was supposed to play harmony. Yes, Misao was proud of their noble quest and for once Misao could be independent. She had always felt a bit smothered as a child, and she was hidden from all the hardships of life except for the casual embarrassing moments no body forgets.

Misao had just graduated and planned to go to the University of Tokyo anyway, so why not get used to the city before hand. Meet some people, make connections. Even though Kai had a bazillion. Her grandfather Jiya was hesitant to let Misao go but was sweet talked by her. So now here she was in a cramped smelly, sweaty bus having the time of her life.


Kaoru felt the cool liquid slither down her cheek. Damn it was hot! She splashed the cool water onto her face. Those lights made it hotter than a sauna on the stage and the audition was not looking good. There were twenty other people and atleast they had a full band. How did she let Megumi talk her into this?

Kaoru needed this gig. So did Megumi. She had to beg Tae to take her shift over for the auditions. And now the audition was going down the crapper. She remembered the scowling faces of the on lookers. They had no drummer or bassist. Truly the had tried to find them, but unfortunately artist always had to have artistic differences. Especially when the last bassist and drummer would only play gospel music.

Megumi walked into the small run down bathroom and her head and defeat. Kaoru knew all to well that look. They didn't get the job, but if she was the employers she wouldn't want to hire them either. Even with Megumi flirting with some of them. Oh well there will always be another audition right? Maybe they should just call it quits. Nah! It was summer and new people would be flocking to the city. Maybe just maybe they'll get lucky and find the other half of their band, but for now it was just too damn hot to think.


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