to my readers and others who may have taken the time to read this fic,I feel terrible! schoolwork has just gotten the best of me and I wish I had more time for writing! I'm sorry to make you excited as if this were an update, but I thought I would be nice and let you know everything; I've had a couple of personal matters come up (nothing too terrible concerning myself but rather it's my grandfather not doing well… at all) and schoolwork is just insane. I've kept straight A's though, so no worries there. I will try my very hardest to go for updating soon, hopefully at least during winter break, but I'm finally getting into the groove of this insane amount work high school brings. when I do finally update, I will delete this chapter and repost it with the update. also, I have a couple of other ideas for fics, so maybe that will bring me back into the groove of writing! also, thank you for your understanding, and I have not forgotten about you all, -Celeste