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Thursday December 24

Kato floored it as Alex moaned in the backseat. Champagne's hideout turned out to be just a parts store, one that Kato had actually been to before. They were being held in the giant storage warehouse in the back. glanced at Alex in the back seat and sighed, she was lucky to be alive really. It was his entire fault she was beat up like this in the first place but that's not the point. They rescued her and Britt tried to keep things positive right now.

"My car." Alex mumbled.

"What?" Britt asked as he looked at her.

"Where's my car?" Alex asked. She had her eyes closed and was lying down in the backseat. Holding onto the seat for dear life each time Kato turned the wheel.

"Alex, your car doesn't matter. We're taking you to the hospital." Britt said trying to relax her.

"My phone is in the car. It's, camouflaged." Alex choked out then took a deep breath.

"Shit." Kato mumbled and unbuttoned the first few button on his jacket then pulled out his phone. He handed it to Britt. "Britt, text her phone." Britt took off his gloves and unlocked the phone.

"Ok, what do I say?" Britt asked. Kato thought for a moment.

"Regular." Kato said and Britt looked at him.

"That's it?" He asked. And Kato nodded. "Ok." Britt typed in 'Regular' then pressed send. "What happens now?" Kato took his phone from Britt and stuffed it back inside his jacket.

"That message is a command to make the car look average again. The car will go back to looking normal then the message will then delete itself." Kato said as he rebuttoned his coat with one hand.

"What if someone found the car?" Alex squeaked from the backseat. Kato looked at her quickly through the rearview mirror.

"There was virtually no one on that road. The car probably won't be found till the morning when more traffic goes by." Kato answered.

"Hospital!" Britt yelled and pointed at a sign. "Exit, now!" Kato swerved across 4 lanes and down the exit ramp cutting off at least 6 cars in the process.

"What are you guys doing? You can't," Alex stopped and took a breath. "You can't bring me to the hospital like this." Britt looked at her again then pulled his gloves back on.

"Since when has a hospital trip scared the Green Hornet?" He asked and Alex rolled her eyes.

"Since his sister is practically dying back here." She answered, trying to sound as annoyed as possible. Kato turned into the driveway of the hospital and swerved into the ambulance lane.

"Ok, I got Alex. You talk." Kato said as he started to open his door. Britt turned to open the door on his side. "Britt, don't say anything stupid."

"Never Kato." Britt said and smirked. Kato rolled his eyes and got out.

The moment Alex was flung over Kato's shoulder again, chaos ensued. They entered the hospital without a word of acknowledgment to anyone. The Green Hornet was in front and his partner close behind him. People scattered, papers flew into the air, and everything, living or inanimate, was on edge. The Hornet watched as his partner gently placed Alex Reid in a chair nearby the front counter of the ER. She sunk into the chair and closed her eyes. The two of them walked straight up to the counter, pushing past anyone who was still standing in line.

"You know who I am." The Green Hornet said and gestured to himself. "You know who she is." He flicked his head at Alex in the chair. "Get her help she needs. And call her brother. I'm sure he'd love to know how she ended up here." The Green Hornet said to the nurse sitting at the front desk. She stared at them in pure fear. "Understand?" He asked and she didn't respond, she was still scared shitless. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. "I'm going to ask you again, do you understand?" She nodded quickly and picked up her phone immediately. "Let's go." He said to his partner and they turned to leave.

"Um, Mr. Hornet?" The nurse called from behind them and they both stopped dead in their tracks and turned. "You're both injured." She said as she held onto her phone.

"So?" The Green Hornet asked. His partner pulled on his sleeves to cover his wrists, which were caked with dried blood.

"So, would you like treatment as well?" She asked. The Green Hornet stared at her then laughed.

"That's a good one, right?" He said and whacked his partner on the shoulder, who was also laughing. He waltzed back up to the counter. "It's just a little bit of blood. I think we're fine." He said to her then backed away from the counter again. "Come on, let's get out of here." They left without another word. The nurse behind the counter tried to put together what just happened.

"Alright, get her to a bed. Find out what happened." The nurse said and waved a couple other nurses in to grab the battered Alex Reid.

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