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"Tell me what you remember." Dr. Krystal McGinnis was looking intently at her patient with an expression of hopeful expectance on her face. Her long golden hair was pulled into a tight bun revealing the crow's feet at the corners of her light blue eyes.

She really ought to wear her hair down more often. Kya thought, It could take away ten years off of her appearance easily.

"I'm not ready for this yet…" She could hear the defenselessness in her voice as she doubled over, clutching her stomach as her face wrinkled in pain. It physically hurt her to remember. It was agonizing to talk about it, pure torture to think of it. "Can't we wait for next week? You sprung this on me... I need time to prepare. I'm not prepared to deal with it."

The doctor sighed, nonchalantly sticking her pencil into the bun on the back of her head. "How about you come see me tomorrow?" She flipped the steno-notebook in her lap closed and clutched it to her chest as she smiled at the broken woman in front of her. Encouragement was radiating from her pores. "You have a lot to do today, anyway. Moving into the new apartment, huh?"

Kya tried to smile, slightly relieved by the change of subject. The truth was, she'd managed to put off the discussion for four different sessions now. She was somewhat proud of herself, but she knew that tomorrow she would have to show up with all guns blazing. "Yes. I have an appointment with my new landlord at two." Kya tucked a long red curl behind her ear, and the synthetic fiber of the wig caught her off guard, but she brushed it off and stood.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Krystal raised her eyebrows in anticipation.

Kya nodded meekly. The thought of another session tomorrow, of the session tomorrow… It was going to torment her all day. She forced another smile and turned toward the door of the small windowless room.

"Oh, wait." The doctor pulled a small bag out from under her desk. It was brightly colored and crammed with matching tissue paper. "Think of it as a housewarming gift. I'm sure you already have one… Or four." She shrugged as she offered the bag to the woman in front of her. "I just figured it could give you a little more peace of mind."

"Oh, Doc…" Kya bit down on her bottom lip. She always tried not to attach myself to my psychologists, although sometimes it was difficult considering they knew every one of her secrets. "You shouldn't have." She held the bag gingerly in her hands, pushing the tissue paper aside and pulling out a huge metal locking mechanism. The smile that spread across her face wasn't out of sheer consideration. Nothing could have been more perfect.

"Now, go. I'll see you tomorrow ok? And remember: You are beautiful, and you deserve the world." She spoke the words clearly and with so much confidence that Kya almost believed her. She nodded and stepped out of her office into the small, marble-floored corridor. She closed the door behind her and took a deep breath. The sight of the solid black Great Dane lying directly outside the door gave her a great amount of comfort. He stood and stretched before picking up the end of his leash in his mouth and nudging his master's hand.

"Come on, Jasper." Kya smiled, taking the leash from him and leading him down the hallway into the lobby of Dr. McGinnis's office.

"Another appointment next week?" Julia Gray, the secretary, looked at her with a nervous smile on her face. The truth was, Julia Gray had a pathological fear of dogs.

"She wants to see me tomorrow." The lack of enthusiasm in Kya's voice matched the reluctance on the young secretary's face. "In the morning, please, and I promise I'll bring Armani instead of Jasper again. I'm sorry."

Julia nodded. "How's 9:00?"

"Perfect." She smiled and quickly led Jasper out the front door of the doctor's office. She sighed, hurrying to the only vehicle in the large parking lot, her four door silver minivan. It was an average car, an unnoticeable car. She stood five feet from the vehicle and bent to unhook Jasper's leash from his harness. She patted him on the head gingerly as his eyes met his owner's. He had a job to do, and she knew that she could trust him to do what he had been trained for. He stood obediently next to Kya while she fished the bundle of keys from her purse. Before she did anything, the Great Dane made three circles around the vehicle, sniffing every inch of the ground around it in a five foot radius. When he returned to her side, she nodded. Using the small remote on the keychain, she popped the locks on the van, then pressed another small button that opened the trunk. Jasper approached the vehicle carefully, and in one graceful leap, he was inside. He moved from the rear of the van, into the very back seat. Then, he moved to the middle section of seats, and eventually to the front. He sat warily in the passenger's seat and let out a muffled bark. She sighed with relief and quickly climbed into the front seat of the minivan and pressed the small button on the remote to close the trunk before turning the key in the ignition.

This is what Kya's life had turned into. Caution. Fear. It was hardly a life at all. She closed her eyes, pressing her forehead to the cold leather of the steering wheel. Jasper whined, nudging her arm with the cold wetness of his nose. She turned her head toward him and gave him an excruciating smile just before scratching him behind his ear.

"What would I do without you, Jazz?" She whispered as she pulled the gearshift into drive. She glanced into the rearview mirror, making sure that her wig was on straight before exiting the parking lot. It was troubling, having to make sure that she was unrecognizable, having to ensure to herself that no one will be able to tell that she's wearing a wig. She blinked away frivolous tears from her eyes as she pulled into the Sheriff's department. Kya hated to cry. Not for the obvious reasons, the showing of vulnerability, the release of pain, the coming to terms with hopelessness. She hated to cry because it bothered her contacts. Her eyes were naturally bright blue, the color of a chlorinated swimming pool. In order to keep her identity sealed, she had put light brown contacts in, turning her eyes a jade green. She parked right next to the handicapped spot at the front of the building. A dark sedan pulled next to her van, and in the passenger's seat of the vehicle was a fully grown Border Collie. Jasper whined slightly, standing in his seat, his tail waving briskly. Kya smiled and opened her door just as the U.S. Marshall in the sedan rolled his passenger side window down.

"Hello, Armani girl…" She patted her other dog on the head tenderly as the collie looked up to her with joyful eyes. She smiled at her and opened the door of the sedan. Armani jumped from the vehicle and into the minivan. Kya then smiled respectfully to the man in the driver's seat of the sedan.

"Marshall James." She spoke his name and nodded in his direction.

"How are you today, Miss Echols?" He was an older gentleman, maybe around fifty years of age, with graying hair and deep set wrinkles in his complexion that gave her a comforting feeling. Marshall Thomas James had been with Kya since she had first left Alabama. He had traveled all across the country to protect her, to make sure that she was nothing but safe.

"It's Valde now." The words almost got caught in her throat. "Kya Valde." She said while tucking a synthetically crimson curl behind her ear.

Detective James nodded, a seemingly solemn look in his old gray eyes. He smiled despite the tired expression on his face. "The red looks nice. I like it better than the black. And, of course, I always thought the blonde was overdoing it. It made you look…" He paused, searching for the right word. "Artificial."

She smiled. Her hair was naturally a light brown. Her mother had always said that it reminded her of her morning coffee, just the right amount of dark and lightness. Kya's chest ached at the thought of her mother. The amount of longing she had to see her mother was unfathomable. "I'm still getting used to the radical change. It's so long compared to my other looks."

Thomas smiled. "As previously stated, I like it." His smile was genuine, and it warmed her heart. He was the closest thing to a father Kya was allowed to have. "Anyway," He changed the subject, "Are you ready to see your new place?"

She nodded, closing the door to his sedan and climbing back into her minivan. Jasper had climbed into the backseat alongside Armani. A small smile played across her lips as she pulled out of the parking lot, following Detective James across the seemingly small yet quaint town of Occoquan, Virginia.

She paid attention to every turn they took, knowing that after Thomas helped her move what few boxes she had, he would leave and she would have to fend for herself in this place. It was pretty, basically what you would expect from a charming little town in Virginia. They pulled into the apartment complex, and she smiled. Even though it was just her and the dogs, Detective James had insisted she live in a three bedroom luxury apartment. Jasper stuck his head between the passenger and driver's seat, resting his chin on Kya's right shoulder. She reached back and patted his head. She could see Armani watching her intently in the rearview mirror.

"This is home now." She whispered to the both of them before opening her door and stepping into the warm April breeze. The buildings were cute, the first two floors enclosed in dark crimson brick. The top three floors were covered with light yellow vinyl siding. The roof was dark red, and every floor had two separate balconies, one on the front side of the building, and one around on the side overlooking the pool. The door leading into the complex was made of dark mahogany and finished with a polished brass doorknob. She closed the door of the van behind her, deciding that leaving both dogs in the car would be a good idea for the first meeting with the landlord. She followed Thomas through the front door and waited patiently as he rapped softly on the a door to the left. Next to the burgundy door in the hallway was a nameplate that read Benjamin Jacobs, Landlord in golden letters on black plating. Kya's heart wretched.

The man that opened the door was the very thing she was expecting.

"Mr. Jacobs." Thomas bowed his head lightly.

"Mr. James." Benjamin Jacobs nodded to the detective. "I've been expecting you." He stepped aside and held out a hand, motioning us to step into his office. "Please, come inside and make yourselves at home."

She followed Marshall James inside the cozy little room and smiled faintly.

"I'd like you to meet my daughter, Kya Valde." Thomas motioned toward the woman, placing a hand on her lower back and guiding her toward one of the five chairs in the small room.

"It's a pleasure." She smiled, extending her hand toward the man.

"The pleasure is mine, Ms. Valde." He took her hand in his and shook it softly. She sat down, crossing her legs and looking intently at Benjamin. He couldn't have been any younger than fifty five. He was wearing a pair of denim blue jeans with a light purple button down shirt that looked well with his shockingly bright green eyes. Atop his head was mess of gray hair that he had plastered to his scalp with too much hair gel.

"How much has my father told you about… My situation?" Kya spoke the words cautiously. She had had this very conversation with two other landlords in her lifetime, but it always unnerved her.

"Well, Mr. James mentioned that you have dogs. That's not a problem around here, as long as they are quiet and housebroken." He informed, which made her nod slowly.

"Mr. Jacobs…" She started.

"Please, call me Ben." He cut her off, smiling as he sat down in a chair across from them.

"Ben," She nodded. "I've been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder." Kya spoke slowly, analyzing his reaction. It was a boldfaced lie. Nothing about her was obsessive or compulsive. She lived the way she lived because she had no other choice. "I'm very particular about the locks on my doors, and locks on the windows as well. I would have to install my own security devices. Is that a problem?"

Ben thought this through for a moment. "Not at all. If you feel the need to doctor up your apartment in order to have peace of mind, then don't let me stop you." His smile was small, but genuine.

She smiled back at him. "You have no idea how refreshing it is to hear that."

He stood, pulling a ring of keys from his pocket. He took off three separate keys and placed them on his desk, scooting them toward her.

"Since your father has already signed the lease, you may begin moving in whenever you are ready. And, Ms. Valde, if you ever have any problems do not hesitate to call me." He smiled again. God, the man loved to smile. It put her at ease for some reason, though. "You will be staying in 2A. It's up on the second floor. I hope that's ok..? There's an elevator on the first floor, but there's only two apartments on each of the first two floors. You'll be the only person on the second floor most of the time. The tenant across the hall from you is away a lot, but I'll be right below you if you need anything, ok?"

"That's just fine." Thomas spoke before Kya could respond. "Let's get your stuff moved, Kya." He opened the office door and hurried her out before she could thank Mr. Jacobs.

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