Rain equals one thing...bored-dom. And thats what the three Arrow children were feeling. From seventeen year old Rebecca to five year old November. they were staring out the dining room window watching te rain streak down the pane.

"whats the matter with you three?" Amelia said walking in from the kitchen seeing all three of her childern looking as if they had lost there best friend."We're bored mum." Becca said slouching in her chair. ""cheer up loves im sure theres something you can do until this rain stops. Are you bored Nova ?" she shrugged. "big deal you give the kid a piece of papaer and a pencil sheshappy all day." Crescent said pushing his bangs out of his eyes.

"Well you could work on your studies." Amelia suggested. True they were all home schooled but Rebecca and Crescent were applying for collage and had to study for the exams.

"Mum...study? In summer? " "Becca your home schooled it doesnt much matter weather its spring , winter, summer or fall. " "I know mum just saying." Nova smiled at her mother and sister. It was ture though November mostly called Nova was a quite young lass of five. She looked just like Amelia only a little darker so more like Amelia with a tan.

Unlike her older siblings she hardly even looked rockatairian. Rebecca had solid black hair and brown eyed. Crescent was brown ish from a mix of both his parents hair colors and brown eyes . Nova was Aburn and emerald eyed.

then the four herd Alton coming down the stairs. Nova's ears perked up at the sound of her father's heavy foot steps. He walked in looked at his two eldest childern and asked.

"Alright who died?"he asked.

"there bored dearest." "I'm not that bored papa." Nova said shrugging her both Amelia and Alton to smile.

Later that night the rain still haddnt relented. And Alton ,since Amelia was fighting with the teens about going to bed , was tucking in November. "what if it never stops raining daddy?" "It wont rain forever Nova." "but what if it does ?" "I suppose we'll turn into fishes and swim." "Like mermaids!" He chuckled lightly . "Yes like mermaids.""then I hope it never stops!" "Oh I do." "you dont wanna be a merperson daddy?"

"Er its not on the top of my things to be Nova no." "but why not?" "I dont think I'd look right with fins." he joked.

She giggled. "whats all this giggleing I'm hearing." "she wants to see me in fins darling." "Daddy and I were talking about mermaids and rain." "that would be a sight." Amelia laughed. "thanks for having my back darling."

Alton mumbled. "alright well now you need to go to sleep Nova." "Okay mum." she buried under the covers. "Mum..papa""Yes Nova." "i wanna hear a story.." "alright...what kind of story ?" "Treasure Planet!"

Both looked kinda shocked then smiled at one another. "Alright will tell you our version of Treasure Planet." Amelia said sitting down. "Alright 27 seven years ago..." Alton started.

After the story Nova was finally asleep so was the older two. So Alton and Amelia got under the covers of there own bed. Hearing the rain agianst there tin roof singing a sweet lullaby. "27 years." Amelia whispered. "that its been amelia." "I cannot believe it...we're 47!" He laughed. "Yes we are.""I love you." "And I love you." With that both driffted peacefully to sleep.

A/n sry its short we gotta tropical depresstion over our heads and power's flicering . I own nothing but my OC's and the story. :D R&R