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Chapter Nineteen…

The physician had finished his examination and Cagalli had redressed herself. Her husband had stayed in the room with her curing the examination and she greatly appreciated it but she was left to dress herself. Athrun had promised he would be back after he checked the report that the doctor would be sending back to Fllay Allstar. She knew that the red headed noble would do something like this on her own accord for she either was helping the federation in some sick twisted game or the other surviving Orb nobles. She felt sick to her stomach when she thought of all the horrible reasons why Fllay would've ordered the physician to challenge her union with her green eyed husband. She didn't feel comfortable in being the one that had to be examined but then again that's how human bodies were designed.

The blonde had finished redressing and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked around the room; she and Athrun had moved all of their things into the larger master suite in the estate. The bathroom was even larger than their previous one as it was connected to the master room. Her husband had been pretty insistent that they shared a chamber together versus living in separate quarters. He wanted to see his wife to sleep and be there when she woke up. She smiled; her husband could be overly romantic and charming when he wanted to be. She loved him, there was no doubt in her mind nor her heart…she loved him and this had quickly become her home. The same thing could be said about her twin brother and his pink haired duchess.

She closed her eyes, it would seem both she and her brother would find love in childhood friends they encountered so many years ago. It was almost as fate had designed it to work out that way, Kira had spent a month with Lacus and the blonde princess had spent that month with Athrun. It was ironic in a way but she smiled. She touched her pendant that hung around her neck and only made her smile grow brighter…Athrun wore his every day and only removed it when he bathed. She giggled; she had teased him about it during one of their passionate sessions…and yanked him down by his pendant to kiss him. She was always amazed at the things he was capable of.

Athrun on the exterior was the proper, well behaved, and always the gentleman but when it was just the two of them it was like there was another side of him. Amber eyes flickered in delight; she loved both sides of him. The husband in front of people was always predictable and pleasant to be around. When it was just the two of them he would fall back into the patterns of when they were children in their teasing and then it would seem if they were truly alone without any interruptions…he became almost the dramatic opposite of what he was in front of the others. She was glad though, he was her pillar of strength no matter which side of him she would see.

She felt uncomfortable having to be probed by a physician just to verify if she was now a bedded woman. She knew she was no longer a virgin but to have to be probed in her own home to be examined to tell other nobles she was indeed someone's wife was not comforting. Athrun had sat down next to her on their bed and held her hand during the whole examination. Whenever she felt uncomfortable he would soothe her with his hands running through her hair and soft kisses on her temple. She would've never been able to do this alone, she had started in becoming back to her original self and it would seem that there were people who still would oppose her.

Now the blonde was frustrated, why couldn't she just live her life in peace? She was a citizen of Plants and married to a duke! Her brother was also a citizen of Plants thanks to her marriage to Athrun and yet there were people still after them. It almost felt like she would never be able to live her life in complete freedom but she could hope. She then thought about Meer, she knew that in her twisted kind of way that she had feelings for the blue haired duke but she had crossed a line the night of the ball. Still it worried the blonde princess due to the lack of word from the jealous pink haired duchess currently in Aprilius City.

She was brought out of her thoughts when Athrun entered their bedroom, the blonde stood up from the bed. Her husband smiled at her as he crossed the room in large strides, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Cagalli took in a deep breath. "So…what was in the report?"

Athrun kissed her forehead softly, "Nothing that we didn't already know, I just made sure he didn't add something else in his report."

Cagalli nodded, "I am sorry, I feel like I've caused nothing but trouble for you…"

"Nonsense," Athrun placed her chin between his forefinger and thumb. He lifted her face so their eyes could meet and emerald met amber. He kissed her lips softly, "If you start apologizing now then you have to apologize for all of those practical jokes you performed as a child."

"Hmph, never," Cagalli said with a playful stare and she relished in the sound of her husband's warm chuckle. She closed her eyes as her husband's lips were once again on hers. He always knew what to say and what do at every moment…she was a lucky woman indeed. She pouted as her husband pulled away from her lips and pressed a tender kiss on her cheek. "Athrun…"

"Now, there will be plenty of time for that later…you know that Kira and I are leaving this afternoon for a trip," the blue haired duke almost caved into his wife's pleading look and pouting face. He caressed her cheek, "We should eat our afternoon meal before it gets cold. The others are also waiting for you downstairs."

"Fine!" Cagalli said trying to march away from her husband only to be lifted into his arms. He was carrying her bridal style and she looked her husband with large eyes. She just gave her his charming smile and she scowled but received a kiss on lips. She then wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he began walking towards the door. She then snuggled into his neck as he began carrying her out of their chambers and make their way downstairs. She was content with this man; he was too perfect at times. She didn't even need to tell him that she felt awkward since her examination. He just knew it would be uncomfortable for her to walk right now considering…yes…she did have the perfect husband.

Mu had come out of the mall study and arched his brow as the duke was carrying his wife down the hallway. He crossed his arms as it would seem the two were lost in their own little world. He watched them as the duke was able to walk down the stairs with ease despite having his wife in his arms. The blonde butler quickly descended the stairs knowing they were going into the dining hall. The women on the staff that caught the glimpse of the duke and duchess of the estate all had dreamy smiles on their faces. It wasn't every day they got to see a man be so caring and romantic nowadays. The staff had all become worried after the physician had left but it would seem there was little to worry about.

They all knew the duke was a good man and he would only seem to prove them even more correct with each passing moment he spent with his wife. It was amazing how they would seem to be constantly getting closer and they knew it wasn't just through their intimacy. There was a bond, a very deep unspoken bond, between the duke and his feisty duchess…something that more than likely started years ago but only became deeper now they were adults.

"I wish Dearka was that thoughtful," Miriallia said with a heartfelt sigh. "Lord Athrun is just the perfect gentleman…"

"My dear, he's the perfect husband," Aisha said with a smirk on her lips. "I think our men could take a few lessons from our young lord."

Mu rolled his eyes as the women all turned to look at him, he shook his head. "Good afternoon ladies." The butler made his way into the dining hall where his lord and lady were now in. He was glad that Dearka wasn't here to hear the conversation; he would quickly question Miriallia's attraction and start up a small argument between the couple. Andy was more than likely in the dining hall oblivious to the conversation occurring in the foyer. He faded into the dining hall as the three women burst into laughter.

Murrue giggled at her husband's facial expression that he made before leaving their sights, "Ladies…we shouldn't give our men such a hard time. After all, Lord Athrun was raised to be the perfect gentleman while ours were not given that same upbringing."

"He balances Cagalli out quite well," Miriallia said in a light tone. "Considering how much trouble she tends to give our young lord…"

"Well, hopefully she's been taking my advice," Aisha said with a sly smirk. "From what she's been telling me, her husband has been getting the upper hand in most of their bedroom adventures."

"Oh stop," Murrue said waving the conversation off. "You can give her all the advice you want but it will take time before she is ready to do anything that you suggest."

"What," Aisha gasped pretending to be insulted. "Like you haven't tried my suggestions before!"

"Even so, Cagalli is still young and has a lot to learn," Murrue pointed out and Miriallia watched the two women argue like sisters.


"I figured he would've bedded her," Azrael said looking over the message that just had been recently delivered. They had stopped short of December City and took in their surroundings. The blonde federation leader wanted to scout the area for a little bit to see what the estate movements were. "The duke however seems very insistent that his wife remain in the estate, correct?"

"From what our men had said when they go into the city, that only some of the staff will leave the estate to go into town for supplies," a man reported.

"Or they will have things delivered to the estate, but the prince will leave with the duke for certain business matters."

Azrael nodded, "So the only one that doesn't ever leave the estate is the princess…how interesting. He must want to keep her under lock and key for the time."

"He is a newlywed after all; you can't blame the man for wanting to keep his wife all to himself."

"You do have a point," Azrael said and placed his hand under his chin. "I'm sure the young duke has been enjoying his time with her, this report even states he wouldn't doubt if the princess is already with child."

"That is quite possible. What will you do if she is indeed with child?"

Azrael looked over to one of his advisors that was accompanying him, "Even if she is with child no one is probably aware of it. I do not see a reason to worry."

"Fine, but we are practically asking them to invade our country if we kill the princess now that she is a citizen of Plants and on top of all of that a duchess."

"She is still the princess of Orb," the federation leader pointed out. "Most of the Orb nobles want to see them dead anyway…we're really doing them all a favor."

"I'm just warning you in case," the elder advisor warned the blonde leader. "Athrun Zala is a powerful and influential duke of the Plants, he could easily rally a large enough force to invade the federation…unless you plan on eliminating the duke as well."

"Our main priority is being rid of the prince and princess of Orb," Azrael said simply and casually. "If the young duke gets in the way, then he will be eliminated. No harm done, after all isn't there a rumor spreading in the Plants now that he has married the princess of Orb, he could easily become the king of Plants?"

"There is no solid evidence that he could…"

"But no solid evidence saying he could not either." The blonde mail shrugged, "My goal is the same…kill the princess and prince of Orb. There is no need for them to live any longer…after all Orb will soon be ours for the complete taking."


Athrun was looking around the estate in state of shock; it was in a colossal disaster. Chandra, Newmann, and Kira were all gasping in the sight before them. They heard the sounds of metal clashing and they quickly made their way around the estate finding the source of the noise and looking for the other members of the estate. The blue haired noble jumped out of the way as a man clearly dressed in a federation uniform was kicked down the stairs. His eyes landed on his butler with his hair disarray and breathing heavily fighting off another federation solider. What had happened while he was away and his heart began beating loudly in his ears as he went to search for his wife.

Mu caught eye of his duke, "She's still in the estate my lord…"

"Where is she Mister La Flagga," Athrun asked disarming one of the soldiers and taking up his sword.

"She's protecting the other women my lord," Mu said as he stabbed one of the soldiers and tossed him over the railing down to the foyer as Newmann made a sound of surprise. "Sorry!"

"BASTARD!" Mu and Athrun turned to the sound as Cagalli was being dragged out by a solider. The green eyed noble only saw red as he quickly went to aide his wife and the soldier had to defend himself. The two battled and Cagalli quickly got out of his grasp and flipped him over her side.

"Where are Murrue and the others," Mu asked.

"They are safe," Cagalli responded. "I had to get rid of this idiot…" She pointed at the now dead soldier thanks to her husband and she reached down for the disregarded sword. "They are after myself and Kira…so I figured they would be safer if I left them alone instead of having one of these morons banging on the door." She turned to her husband, "Where is my brother?"

"He went to search for you, we went in different directions to search for everyone," Athrun told her as he blocked a downward blow. Cagalli then also blocked another attack coming her way. Her husband and her now standing back to back, "I'm sure he is probably in his own little battle…"

"They are mostly up here," Mu responded as kicked another federation soldier down the stairs into one that was coming up the stairs. "They are all mostly up here on the second level my lord…as Cagalli said earlier searching for her and Kira."

"When this happen," Athrun asked as he kicked the soldier away from him and spun to fight the attacker off away from his wife. Cagalli stared at him as they were both fending off the attacker, "This is not the time to argue with me."

"Shut up! This started just before you showed up," Cagalli responded as she lifted her skirt to kick the male in uniform in his groin. The man yelped as he was then tossed over the railing to drop down to the foyer. "They just stormed in here demanding that the Orb prince and princess were handed over to them because they were aware they were living here."

"They just barged into the estate," Athrun asked pulling his wife into his chest stabbing another solider. There seemed no limit to the amount of soldiers that were invading his home.

"There is just no end to them," Mu complained as he saw Andy coming down his way. The cook quickly thrust his sword into another federation soldier and tossed his body down on the ground. "WALTFELD!"

"Is there an end to this madness La Flagga," Andy shouted as he snapped one of the enemy's neck and the enemy dropped to the group lifeless. The cook took their swords and handed them to Murdoch who was joined by Newmann, Chandra, and Kira.

"What are they after," Kira asked as he effortlessly was not fending off his opponent.

"US," Cagalli shouted as she stabbed the man in front of her. She felt slightly guilty for killing a man but she was defending herself. She had frozen up for a moment when Mu and Andy had ushered her and the other women into some safety room in the estate. It didn't last too long as the federation had found them and the blonde princess had left the room in order to keep the other women safe. She heard the door lock behind her after she left the room but had been quickly spotted by one of the federation men; after all they were after her and Kira. "Damn it!"

The blonde had almost been cut on her shoulder but was able to block in time but there was another sword in the way, her husband glaring at the soldier. He pushed him away from his wife and quickly pushed his sword through the federation soldier's heart and quickly pulled it back out of the now dead body to return to the seemingly endless fight. The princess had little time to think as she turned her attention to her brother who quickly shoved a soldier away from him down the stairs. Apparently he was picking up Mu's preference of shoving people down the stairs and letting them roll down to the first level.

"You regret marrying me yet," Cagalli asked as she was back to back with her husband once again. Kira looked over at his sister strangely; this surely wasn't the time for that conversation.

"And miss this," Athrun told her with a smirk on his face. "Never…"

"You're crazy," Cagalli said as she was now caught in her own swordfight.

"And you love me…"

"You two think you can hold your argument until later," Kira asked as he looked over at his sister and brother-in-law. He quickly blocked and moved out of the way of a sword aiming at his heart. He then swiftly kicked the soldier away from him and fought off another soldier.

"What is taking so long," a voice called from the foyer and everyone turned their attention to a blonde male standing in the foyer way too casually. Athrun's eyes grew dark as the man downstairs was the leader of the federation and he wanted nothing more than to behead the man standing in his home. How dare he send these men to attack his home and to harm his family!

"Oh my!" Azrael moved out of the way as one of his men came falling down upon him. He held his arms behind his back as he looked up to hear the different clashing of swords and made his way up the stairs. He had a pleasant look on his face as he easily avoided another one of his men quite dead rolling down the stairs towards him. "Well, I guess it would seem they failed in their attempts."

"Azrael," Athrun sneered holding his bloody sword towards the sadistic male in front of him. "What are the reasons for you to be in the Plants and most importantly in my home?"

"I'm coming after my prize," Azrael's eyes landed upon the blonde princess and the brunette prince. They were both breathing heavily as the soldiers stopped their attacks with the arrival of their leader and awaiting his orders. Many of their men were dead even though there was only a few of them fighting them off, they were all quite skilled giving them quite a difficult time. "Oh, that is so rude to hold up such a dirty sword towards me…"

"I don't know if you have forgotten or not, but the Plants and the Federation are currently at war," Athrun informed the irritating male in his home. "By attacking my home and my wife, you are have clearly only wanted this war to escalate."

"Now why would I do that," Azrael said with a wry smile. He then clapped his hands and the remaining soldiers descended the stairs. All of the men of the estate along with Cagalli all had puzzled as the soldiers were marching down the stairs and picking up their dead comrades. "After all, you are the ones holding back my prize…"

"Cagalli and Kira are not property," Mu shouted and Athrun turned to look over his shoulder to his butler and the other members of his staff standing battle ready. "They are good people that do not deserve the fate you are forcing upon them and what you did to our homeland."

Azreal arched a brow with an amused grin on his face, "Let me ask you, is it right for us to follow the orders of some royal family all because they were born into privilege?"

"Are you saying we should follow the orders of a madman," Andy asked looking over at the blonde leader as his face fell as the comment. "After all, having military leaders all amount to the same thing in the end doesn't it? So I'm sure people question you all the time."

"You probably just silence those that oppose you making you no better than some dictator," Murdoch added in his thoughts of the situation. The blonde leader just glared at the staff and then his eyes landed on the bloodied sword that had not moved from the front of his throat. Athrun was still glaring at him, daring him to do something almost so he could have a reason to stab the man in front of him.

"Well, I guess my time is up for now, it would seem a more refined approach is needed the next time we meet," Azrael waved and walked down the stairs.

The other members of the staff quickly followed to make sure the horrid man was gone with the rest of his group. The staff began talking on how horrible the experience was with all the federation and Mu quickly went to inform the women that the threat was over for now. The other men however quickly turned at the frightened female cry, "ATHRUN!" They saw Kira descend down the stairs, "Please hurry and find a doctor, Athrun collapsed and was injured! And if someone could send a letter of request for all the dukes to gather here!"


Cagalli was caressing her husband's sweating face; no one had seen him get injured during their fight with the federation. He had been stabbed in his side and had been bleeding; when the federation leader had left Athrun had finally let himself collapse from the pain and the blood loss. She held on of his hands over her heart while gazing at her sleeping husband. She smiled sadly, "You idiot…"

Kira and Lacus entered the room to check up on the two of them and the doctor who was checking up on the wound once more before departing. The doctor was off to the side packing up his equipment. Newmann had been quick to mount up on his horse and ride into town to summon the physician of December City as soon as Kira requested someone to find a physician. He was able to get him quickly over to the estate and treat Athrun after of course Andy and Mu lifted and carried the bleeding duke to his bed chambers. Murrue had then rushed in cleaning the wound and properly treating it the best she could with the small medical kit they had in the estate.

The doctor had been clearly impressed with her handy work. He had informed Cagalli and Kira that the duke should be out of harm's way for the most part as he was certain the duke will live; the wound had been greatly cleaned and disinfected in just the right amount of time. The young duke is requested to rest mostly and let his body heal from the amount of blood he lost from the stab wound. He left some prescriptions for the duke to take to help with the pain and some herbal teas for him to drink at every meal when he would awake.

The elder man looked over at Kira, "I have left everything with the lady of the estate. I do recommend he is watched carefully, he has a bit of a fever it seems which isn't too unusual considering the amount of blood the young lord has lost."

"I understand," Kira said with a nod. "Thank you once again for coming so quickly."

"Young Lord Zala has been a wonderful and gracious lord to our city," the doctor said with a warm smile. "I am glad that no one else is harmed and that everyone here was able to help him, I will pray for his speedy recovery."

"Thank you once again," Kira said with a bow to the doctor. "The police would also like to speak to you as well in regards to Athrun's injury."

"But of course, if you will excuse me," the doctor bowed and left the room.

The violet eye prince watched his sister carefully as she was looking over her husband. He smiled, he could see how deeply they were connected and it had shocked him when Athrun had collapsed right in front of them and he had quickly been the one to open up the duke's shirt when he saw a large stain of red. His sister then screamed out the duke's name in shock and he quickly went to get aide from the staff along with giving orders. He knew his sister was too in shock to do much and he was able to take over. He didn't know when the other dukes would arrive with the announcement of emergency; he put in the message that the federation indeed attack the Zala Estate and needed to discuss matters quickly. He was pretty certain Athrun would not be in good health when they would arrive so he or Cagalli would need to speak with the other dukes.

Kira silently prayed Meer would not accompany Siegel on his trip here to the estate but then again she would more than likely would be with him at least according to Lacus. He groaned inwardly, he then turned his attention to the pink haired duchess currently with him. She was standing by his side as neither one of them were approaching the blonde princess and her husband. Cagalli looked up when she realized they had not moved since they entered the room, "The doctor said he should be fine but a lot of bed rest is needed and he will be back in a few days to check up on him."

"The good doctor said he left everything with you that he needed for the time being," Kira said and she nodded as he made his way over to his sister. She had yet to change from her clothes from earlier, night had fallen and many of the staff were just as equally worried not just for Athrun but for the blonde lady of the estate as well. The prince placed a hand on his sister's shoulder, "You should rest as well…Athrun will need you to function in order for him to recover."

"I know…I just can't leave him right now," Cagalli said sadly as she placed the hand she was holding back at his side and grabbed the cloth sitting in a small bowl of cold water. She twisted it a bit so the excess of water would remain in the bowl and gently wiped away the sweat from her husband's face.

"No one is asking you to leave his side, but you should rest Cagalli," Lacus insisted. "You can stay sleep in the same bed with him but there is no need for you to remain awake the entire night. If you are not well rested you cannot do what is needed to help Athrun back to health."

"Just make sure you sleep on his other side," Kira said with a small smile and Cagalli looked up at her twin brother. She sighed but conceded with a small nod. Kira kissed his sister's forehead, "He will be fine but you must also rest, we can talk tomorrow about who will take turns in watching over him when you need to bathe and such."

"Ok," Cagalli said simply as Kira then stood and walked back over to Lacus. The pair left the two alone, he was certain his sister would do as he asked and would at least change into her nightgown before joining her husband on the bed. The violet eyed prince had an arm around his lady's shoulders as they made their way downstairs where the others were waiting for an update. The descending two could see the police had left along with the doctor, Newmann however was absent since he brought the doctor and probably went to return the physician to his home.

"How is he," Mu asked first.

"He should be fine with some rest according to the good doctor," Kira said with a sigh. "Cagalli is worried but I'm sure she will be fine once Athrun starts talking to her again."

"More like arguing," Murdoch said with a small chuckle. "That's good…so the missy is alright then?"

"She is a little exhausted and feeling a little guilty," Lacus said sadly. "I believe Cagalli feels that it was her fault Athrun was injured."

Murrue sighed, "She can't keep thinking those thoughts. It won't do her any good."

"True, but you can't help but feel bad for the princess," Miriallia said softly. "She is more than likely blaming herself for this attack even though it really wasn't her fault."

Kira nodded, "I too feel that way at times, if she and I only have kept our identities secret none of this would've happened but there is no way to know for certain. We do know now that the federation is aware of where we are and they will more than likely come at us again."

"So what do we do then," Andy asked looking over at the brunette male.

"We cannot let the federation have their way any longer, I think the Plants have stood on the side for far too long," Kira said and the others nodded in agreement. "As much as I hate conflict and the tragedy that are associated with war, it seems we must fight in order to protect what we hold most dear. That is the reason why I wanted to summon the other nobles; I want to stop Azrael once and for all. If he wishes to attack myself and Cagalli directly and then so be it. I just need to know if we have the support of the other Plants nobles before we proceed."

"I'm sure most of them will support you, Kira," Mu said with a huge smile. "After all, I'm sure a certain blonde duke is going to be quite upset knowing that the federation attacked his favorite seamstress."

"Oh don't bring up that idiot at a time like this," Miriallia said with a blush on her cheeks.

"He does have a point," Aisha said with a small chuckle. "Dearka is probably going to barge in on the estate in a few days, I can guarantee it!"

Miriallia groaned as the staff continued to tease her about Dearka. Eventually everyone retired for the evening. For tomorrow they would need to clean up some of the damage that was caused by the invasion that occurred earlier that day. Some of the damage was minimal and only certain objects were ruined but didn't mean there wasn't some damage done on their hearts. Many of the damage could be fixed and repaired but there were some damage that would take time. They knew upstairs, there was a certain blonde princess feeling immense guilt over the injury her husband had sustained. No one had seen the duke get stabbed but more than likely it was his way to protect his blonde wife. They all knew how deep the duke's affection was for his wife, there was clarity in his eyes when he spoke about his wife such a clarity only found when someone is truly connected with the one they love. He was deeply connected and all they could do is wait for the duke to awake.


It had been a few days since the attack on the Zala Estate and the dukes were gathering over the spand of that time. Once they arrived they had come in to see how Athrun was doing but the blue haired noble had yet to waken from his deep slumber. Cagalli was currently cleaning up the wound gently and bandaged his midsection carefully not disturb her husband. There was a few times in the night where he moaned in pain and she given him the pain medication recommended by the doctor. She felt a pain in her chest every time he showed signs of discomfort. She briefly saw the stitches the doctor had done on his side to make sure the wound would remained closed and informed the blonde princess there would more than likely leave a scar. The wound would still let out small amounts of blood but at least it wasn't bleeding profusely as it was the day he received the wound. She then went a grabbed another small towel and washed her husband's handsome face.

"You big idiot," Cagalli grumbled as she went to rewet the towel.

Heine had come in and visited with her a little bit and he given her words of encouragement saying that her husband would soon waken to see his wife. The blonde was thankful for the positive words, she desperately needed it. Dearka and his father had arrived the following day and they also visited the duke in his chambers. The blonde duke had made some comment causing the princess to almost nearly throw him out as her face was blushing deeply at his comment. Tad had chuckled and followed his fleeing son out of the room. The Amafli family had been the most polite and informed the lady of the estate if she needed anything they would gladly provide. Yzak's visit was silent as he looked over at the sleeping duke and quickly left as he came. The last to arrive even though they didn't live the furthest away was Siegel and Meer.

She was glad when Meer did not enter the chambers she shared with Athrun, the princess would surely have struck the over dramatic duchess if she had. Siegel walked in and exchanged a few words with Cagalli before leaving the room. The blonde princess was aware that her brother had summoned all of the dukes but she had hoped Athrun at some point would've woken up so he could be aware of what was happening in his home. It had been difficult trying to rest when her husband was in pain and would wake her up groaning in his discomfort that was caused due to the pursuit of her and her brother.

"Wake up soon," Cagalli whispered and kissed his lips gently. She looked up to see Murrue had come in to take her turn to watch over the duke. She was grateful to have small breaks; she would mostly go out to the garden and sit in the gazebo for a little while. It was her favorite place to think and sketch, but the desire to sketch had left her these few days while her husband was still sleeping away in their bed.

"How is the young lord," Murrue asked as the blonde stood from her seat.

"The wound seems to be healing nicely, it's not bleeding as often as it was before," Cagalli said showing her the bandages she had removed earlier. "He still hasn't woken up though…"

"He will," Murrue said placing a hand on her shoulder after she made her way to the blonde. "I'm sure somewhere he is trying to force himself awake knowing that you are waiting for him."

"Thank you, Mrs. La Flagga," the princess said softly as she exited the room to throw away the bandages in a small bin that Mu had left for her in the hallway. The staff would dispose of the bandages in the bin and return with a set of clean ones. She had to smile, everyone was taking such great care of everything and she hardly had to lift a finger. Even her own twin brother was downstairs in a meeting with the dukes trying to figure out the best way to handle the federation. She sighed heavily as she made her way down the stairs to the garden; she needed to get some fresh air every now and then. She wanted nothing else but have her husband to be awake and showing signs of life. The doctor had even commented that his wound was healing at a quick rate and should be awake in a short amount of time.

Still it wasn't enough for the princess; she wanted her husband awake now. She missed him for it wasn't like his trips he took with Kira for business…it was different. His body was physically there but he wasn't awake. It wasn't the same, when he would go on trips he would send word back he arrived safely with her brother and when he should be returning…it always made her heart at ease. She wanted her husband well, she missed being in his arms and hearing his warm voice. She hugged herself once she reached the gazebo and made sure she was in Murdoch's sights. Everyone had been worried about her for the past several days and informed her she needed to be seen at all times. The blonde was about to refuse at first but then she wasn't given a choice, she had been ordered by everyone in the estate.

The lady of the estate being ordered by her staff, it would be unheard of any other noble home. They truly were a special bunch of people. However her solitude would be interrupted as a certain jealous duchess made her way into the gazebo and the amber eyes of the princess narrowed at the person approaching her, "So I heard the federation attacked the estate looking for you and that twin brother of yours…"

Cagalli rolled her eyes, "Is there a reason you are out here instead of inside, Meer?"

"I saw you come out here and figured you could use some company," Meer said sarcastically.

"I assure you, I do not need your company," Cagalli said as she tried to walk past the duchess but her path was clearly blocked. "Have we resorted into childish antics because of your inability to accept the fact Athrun chose me over you?"

Meer narrowed her eyes and pushed on Cagalli's shoulder causing the blonde to step back, "Listen here, I don't care who you are and what status you hold but Athrun was mine long before you ever met him!"

"Are you claiming Athrun is unable to make decisions on his own on who he wishes to be with," Cagalli asked appalled at the implications the duchess was giving her. "I believe he is clearly capable of thinking on his own and he does not need some spoiled superficial duchess in telling him otherwise."

"I think you are incorrect," Meer said holding her head high and nose in the air. "Athrun is clearly falsely smitten with you, I can understand that but are you even able to give him a child…an heir to the Zala name? After all, it is one of the other requirements us nobles are given!"

"What concern is it to you," Cagalli asked crossing her arms. "Athrun has also named Kira his heir if we are unable to provide one and if he and Lacus marry, which I'm pretty certain they will…I'm certain they will provide an heir."

"How dare you mention my cousin being with your brother," Meer snarled. "She is also being brainwashed in all of this!"

"I disagree," Cagalli said with an arched brow. "She is quite taken with my brother and he is also taken with her, after all…who wouldn't want to be married to a prince…he is well above your social status and the people of the Plants seem quite taken with my brother. He is polite and well mannered, he is very kind…although can be a little on the sentimental side but he is a good man…who wouldn't want that?"

"You bitch," Meer raised her hand to strike her but Cagalli easily caught it. Stormy eyes looked confused into very confident amber eyes. These were not the same eyes she encountered almost a month ago in the princess' chambers at the time. They held clarity in them, no more fear of whatever happened in the past…she looked fearless and was willing to tackle anything that came her way. The duchess was shocked to say the least as her hand was quickly pushed back towards her.

"I might have been weak once but I will never again be that weak person you were able to scare," Cagalli said closing the distance between the two of them as she stared right into Meer's eyes. "My father was brutally murdered and my brother in turn killed the same men that attacked him. I was raped by one of the federation soldiers ordered by Azrael…the very man that sent men to attack this estate…and one of his men was able to injure Athrun…if you think for a moment…if Azrael gets what he wants from killing brother and I, his next target will be the nobles of Plants."

Meer was stunned, "What! You are clearly out of your mind!"

"Am I?" Cagalli asked and then smirked looking at the stunned duchess. She was clearly not expecting to see the princess so confident and so sure in herself. "I beg to differ, Azrael clearly seeks power and he has already taken part in the fall of Orb but to feel as if he completed his goal he needs to be rid of the royal family, meaning Kira and myself. Do you think his little victory over killing us if he were to succeed would be enough for someone so clearly wanting everything and anything? He will come after the nobles of Plants…and he will gain support from those that seek to be rid of the nobles."

"You're wrong," Meer said backing away from the blonde. "The nobles are loved by all of the Plants…especially Athrun…no one would allow any of us to be killed so easily!"

Cagalli shook her head and easily maneuvered around Meer, "You have much to learn about what it is to be in a high position. It isn't all that glamorous and there are many people who do not hold you in the high regard you think they do."


Athrun slowly began to stir and opened his eyes. His vision was extremely blurry and everything around him slowly began to focus…being about to tell colors and figures with a little more clarity as his vision became less clouded. He tried to turn his head but felt extremely stiff and his muscles seemed to disobey him in turning his head to the side. His vision still not completely in focus when he heard a voice and felt his body being pushed down, the duke didn't even recall trying to sit up as he felt the downward motion. "You shouldn't be sitting up quite yet…"

The duke recognized that voice as his vision cleared at it was of his brother-in-law, not quite the twin he wanted to see, "Ki…Kira?"

"It's good to see you awake," Kira informed him. "Cagalli's been by your side all this time but she's went out to the gardens for a moment."

Athrun nodded, "Is she unharmed?" Athrun almost didn't recognize his voice as it weakly escaped his lips.

The brunette smiled and nodded, "She's fine, Athrun. She's been worried about you constantly since you collapsed a few days ago and the other nobles are here as well."

"What?" Athrun was clearly confused, did his injury cause all of them to gather. They had not met officially for some time now as far as their meetings went but then he realized probably due to the federation attack on his estate.

"They all have been worried about you and we've been discussing some matters that I can inform you later about," Kira informed him. "However, you should rest some more…"


Kira nodded in understanding as he stood up from his chair. He went over to the door and Athrun's eyes followed the prince. The brunette quickly opened the door and looked around, he then watched as he quickly slipped out of the door. He heard rushed steps echoing out in the hallway and he didn't even need to wonder who it was. He could recognize that running pattern anywhere. He mentally sighed in relief to see his wife completely unharmed and she rushed over to the now empty seat that was once occupied by her twin. Kira smiled as his twin quickly brushed his bangs out of his eyes and grabbed a towel to wipe his brow of lingering sweat.

"You idiot," Cagalli said as tears slipped from her eyes, "You're finally awake…"

"Sorry," Athrun croaked.

The blonde quickly looked up at her brother, "Can you asked Mister Waltfeld to make that tea for Athrun…that herbal one the doctor left!" Kira nodded and left the room with the door still open, "Oh Athrun…"

The green eyed duke was content as his wife cupped his cheek. He leaned his face into her soft palm; he had a content smile on his lips. The duke was being lulled into sleep but fought it desperately not wanting to be separated from his wife even in sleep after being told she was completely unharmed. Then he realized his wife was helping him sit up just a little bit and placed a few more pillows behind him as her brother and Aisha were now in the room. There was also some food on the tray and he heard his stomach growl. He flushed at the sound his stomach made and Aisha only said, "Good to know that your appetite didn't leave you, my lord."

Athrun nodded, he was still a little stiff but it didn't seem to bother his wife in wanting to help him with his meal. She quickly went about making sure his soup was stirred and put a little bit of pepper just the way he normally did. He smiled, so she paid attention more than he thought. He was glad as Kira and Aisha took their leave. The blonde quickly went to feed her husband as a pair of stormy eyes watched them from the open doorway. She glared as the couple looked extremely happy sitting there and it made her blood boil.

"Just you wait, I'm not done with you yet…Cagalli Yula Athha!"


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