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I watched his face as he stuttered basic replies into the receiver, his square jaw set in hard lines and soulful green eyes doing nothing to hide his fear. Possibilities rallied in my mind as I tried to work out what had gone wrong in those few seconds, the thoughts grew, drawing closer, their volume increasing and intensifying as the conversation found its end.

"Edward?" I mouthed at him panic stricken.

He shook his head minutely and closed his eyes. "I'll do what I can," he finished, sighing and placing the handset back into its cradle.

Going with my reflexes, I was at his side immediately. If he pushed me away, I would try a tactic less natural to me. "What do you need?"

"Some perspective," he replied doubtfully, burying his head in his hands and gripping a handful of his messy copper locks.

"There's children dying in Africa?" I tried and he shook his head, chuckling lightly at my distasteful remark. "What happened?"

"We've been summoned," he said solemnly, sighing again before continuing, "by my mother." I laughed hard and the tension I'd been building dissipated. His frown deepened before he raised an eyebrow and questioned me. "I thought you weren't ready, love?"

"To tell my parents, not to meet yours," I answered, tracing the frown lines that marred his beautiful features. They disappeared under my fingertips, so I slid them down to the corner of his lip coaxing him into a crooked smile.

"You're bluffing, you can't fool me, Jasper Whitlock," he muttered darkly.

"Yes, but I'll bluff for them too, if it will take your fear away," I promised sincerely, ignoring images of the typical family greeting and suppressing a shudder.

"There's more," he continued, his eyebrows knitting back together and his tone more delicate.

"We've been invited tonight." He gritted his teeth and pulled his lips back from them in a tense grin.

I wasn't prepared for that, a month I could manage, a week I would survive, but not five or six hours. Pulling away from him, I started weaving patterns in the carpet as I paced, a breaking a sweat as I incoherently mumbled encouragement to myself, switching effortlessly from doubt to confidence. Finally landing on skepticism, I turned back to face him. He'd settled into his chair and I idly wondered how long I'd left him in the lurch while I'd been lost in my own thoughts.

"I can't," I finally breathed unable to control the break in my voice, fearful my words would hurt him.

He smiled sadly and held out a hand in invitation. "I know," he returned.

I closed the distance and laced my fingers with his, watching as his other hand made quick work of clearing the books and paperwork fanned out around him in organised chaos, then he spread his legs to make space for me. Perching between them, I gradually relaxed back into him as he soothed my worries away.

"It's okay, Jasper, when you're ready," he murmured pressing a kiss to my temple.

I opened my mouth to say something else but the thought slipped away when I felt the mood shift, his arousal rippling off him in waves. Just as I registered it, I felt his warm breath against my ear for a split second before he licked the shell and sucked my lobe in through his teeth. Having no control from that position, my hands tightly clasped in his, I groaned in encouragement. Sliding my head up further onto his shoulder and twisting my neck, my lips eagerly sought his. He brushed his lips along mine imperceptibly and let go of my left hand, ghosting the backs of his fingers across my cock until my lips parted and my hips bucked into his hand. He simultaneously slipped his tongue into my mouth and a hand into my loosened jeans, and I reacted shamelessly, rubbing against both, while his other hand rested against my neck, tilting my head back and toward him.

"Fuck" he moaned, removing his hand and lifting me from between his legs up onto his hips. I could feel him pressing hard against me through his thin sleep pants as he rocked in chorus with the measured flicks of his tongue, brushing his hands across my overheated skin.

"Stand up for me, strip off your clothes" he commanded, his verdant eyes hooded and full of desire.

I got to my feet, grumbling at the loss in contact, but eager to rid myself of the clothing. As I removed my shirt, he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and his eyes raked over my naked torso, drinking me in. For once I didn't feel vulnerable and self-conscious, so I took my time. Watching his eyes flick rapidly back and forth between my mouth and crotch, I licked my lips intentionally, transfixing his stare for a few seconds before roughly tugging the zip on my jeans. His gaze dared back to my hands, his long eyelashes fluttering with the movement. He hooked his thumbs into his own pants and pushed them down his legs, leaning back in his chair again to watch me do the same. Insecurities evaporated, I was free to take him in. He was truly beautiful, an angel's face made up of mismatched angles, his nose long and straight, his jaw square and his chin blunt. I laughed to myself, enjoying the clichéd moment of realisation that I loved him so acutely I would be willing to die for him, more than that, I wanted to die for him, because how else was I to prove it? Standing, he took my hand and pulled me towards the door.

"I need to shower, come and take a shower with me?" I blinked, his velvet voice snapping me out of my obsessive appraisal. Laughing at my vacant stare, he took one of my hands. Leaning in close so that his warm breath danced across my ear and his body heated mine, he sang in a low murmur, "Don't you want to come with me, don't you want to feel my bones on your bones? It's only natural."

I grinned at him, pleased he'd shaken me out of my overwhelmed state, grateful he'd plagued another favourite song with innuendo. It was the one thing guaranteed to shake up a playlist. Taking my other hand, he tugged on them, and walking backwards, led me into the shower, eyes alight with want.


I watched him disappear through the door, still running a towel through his damp hair. I closed my eyes, allowing my hearing to take over, I followed his movements through the house, listening for the familiar creaks of floorboards and clicks of doors. The snap of the dryer door and low rumble as it started up told me he'd found clean clothes amongst all the neglected laundry, and an intermittent clicking sound told me he'd left the zips undone.

I let the comforting sounds soothe me half asleep, only stirring back to attention when the footfalls got heavier and louder, coming to a stop a few paces away from me. Keeping my eyes closed, my other senses joined in now that they had proximity on their side, breathing in his freshly rinsed scent tainted by body wash, feeling the sensitive skin prickle and the hairs stand on end from the heat of his body. Smiling lazily, I pried one eye open, surprised to see him fully dressed running a hand under his jaw, checking if he'd shaved thoroughly. He looked perfect in low slung jeans and a thick knit sweater hugging his firm chest. I whistled automatically at him and he waggled his eyebrows with no hint of a blush tainting his cheeks. He knew how good he looked.

"What's in the dryer?" I quizzed him, the buzz from it still audible.

"Just some clothes, yours mostly," he answered, looking past me at his reflection in the mirror, fiddling with his unntamable hair.

"You're doing my laundry." I smiled at him, warmed he would take care of me that way. Raising his eyebrows at me, he smiled back, hoping I'd clarify whether it was a problem.

When my lids fell closed again, he simply pecked me on the cheek, telling me he'd be home in the morning. My eyes snapped open and I grabbed at him in protest. "The morning?" I asked, desperately hoping I'd misheard.

"I'll be surrounded by family on all sides, you don't expect me to get through that sober do you?"

"No I suppose not," I mumbled, resigned I'd be spending the night alone.

As soon as he left, guilt washed over me with no mercy. It was my fault he was heading into his family's party empty handed with nothing to show for weeks of neglecting them to lavish attention on me. I should be at his side. I was letting him down. I was worthless.

I didn't bother to fight off the thoughts, submitting to them instead, allowing them to consume me and take control. How could he possibly want me after letting him down like this? What use would I be to him when I could barely manage to fake pleasantries on short notice? He deserved better.

I allowed that thought to take hold, imagining how he would breakup with me when he realised I wasn't worth the effort, the guilt I was feeling reflected perfectly in his eyes as he extracted me from his life. I wouldn't put him through that, he didn't need to feel guilt for leaving me. I was broken and it wasn't his job to hold me together. I would leave while I had the chance, I wouldn't make him watch me pack. I drew all the thoughts together, using them to fuel the fire. I'd need the energy if I was going to act quickly. They boiled, pushing me up and out of bed.

A loud beep distracted me and I sighed, reaching out for my phone as the thoughts fell back to a simmer.

Keep my bed warm, get some sleep, I love you

Edward was throwing me a life line. Just like that, the thoughts retreated, not disappearing, but fading into the background. I read and reread, feeding a new flame. He loved me so much that my not going to the party was okay. I played his words in my head over again and again, and I realised I loved him so much that going would be okay. Repeating it to myself like a mantra, I drove myself forward in search of clothes. Not finding anything as easily as I'd hoped, I headed for the dryer in a last dash attempt of my new plan falling into place. The cycle had finished and I opened it, reaching around in the dark, searching more for a sign than an outfit. I pulled out the contents and found my favourite black jeans, black underwear, a white shirt and a pullover, even a pair of socks. A full outfit.

He'd known.

I smiled, he'd had faith enough in me to make sure I'd have the clothes required when I made the decision for myself. He really did know me.

I was heading to the car within minutes, my legs slightly trembling with fear. Climbing behind the wheel, my attention was caught by a folded piece of paper sitting on the dashboard, and I flicked on the overhead light to look closer.

You made it this far without thinking about directions?

I laughed at his thoroughness and realised the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. Opening the sheet, I read, trying to ignore the thrill I got from his beautiful penmanship. The inside contained detailed instructions on how to get to his parent's house, followed with a simple, but heart-warming closing.

Can't wait to see you.


Suddenly, I couldn't wait to see him either, and by the time I reached the last set of traffic lights before the turn to their home, my leg was bouncing with impatience. I was eager to get to Edward and show him how brave I was being, to see the pride on his face when he saw me arrive.

Shortly after, I pulled into the drive way and cut the engine, slipping on my glasses as I got out of the car, my poor vision and the dark night were not a suitable match and I wanted to arrive on the doorstep in one piece. I was halfway to the door, my eyes having been trained on my feet until I thought to take in my surroundings. The beautiful home and garden quickly lost my appreciation when I noticed a second driveway to the side of the first filled with cars, and all hope of it being a quiet family get together slipped from my grasp.

Frozen in place, I finally peeled my eyes from the overwhelming number of vehicles and focused my attention on the doorway. I watched as shadows passed the window, frames of all different sizes blocking the warm glow of light in a steady rhythm, the hum of activity breaching the cold night air. I turned away, and no longer feeling the confidence from before, started moving toward my car, climbing back into the familiar safety and buckling my seat belt to amplify that feeling. Turning the key in the ignition, I shifted the car into gear and glanced out of the passenger window to check if I was safe to pull out at that angle.

The paper on the passenger seat caught my eye again and I sighed, sweeping it up to read again.

Can't wait to see you.

Letting his words fill me, I traced his elegant script with my fingertip and looked up into the rear view mirror, surprised when my mask easily slipped into place, something that usually took me hours to condition. That time when I left the car, I was prepared and ignored the alarms from before, quickly finding myself situated on their doorstep with a hand poised over the doorbell.

Just in time I pulled my hand away. The house was swarming with guests, I didn't need to draw attention to myself by ringing the bell when I could slip by unnoticed. Taking a deep breath, I braced myself, forcing every negative thought out of my mind and opened the door.

A wall of strangers greeted me, each more beautiful and breathtaking than the last, some turning their heads to acknowledge me, but most ignoring me as I passed. I showed them the same level of interest, intent on finding Edward. I headed for the most promising area of the house and walked toward the large entryway for the main room.

I stopped in my tracks before anyone noticed me, sliding back out of view so I could observe.

My eyes instantly fell on him, but it was wrong somehow. The man I saw before me was not the man I knew. This was a man I didn't recognize, or at least it was a side to him I'd never seen. The man before me then was a burning man, he no longer exhaled freedom, he emanated rage and cloaked himself in sadness. His expression was nothing short of heartbreaking as he stood staring dejectedly into his drink, unwittingly transmitting his emotions and displaying all the pain he was feeling.

After what seemed like forever, he looked up and saw me, the corners of his mouth turned up, and for the first time in nine years, his family saw the light return to his eyes.

It represented more than what was outwardly visible, it wasn't just a sign of pleasure or amusement, it wasn't a kindly gesture or a token of appreciation. In those moments when it shone it's brightest, when his heart was behind every facial muscle and his eyes didn't betray his grin, it was a battle won. Those who knew him well, of which there were few, were the only ones to sense the triumph. For a man as lowly as he, that flickering smile was everything.

His smile held all his beauty, it surpassed all imagination and encompassed all his charm, but most of all it gave those lucky ones present a glimpse behind the wall, at the man I had come to know.

The room was shocked into silence. His mother gasped and stumbled over her words, quickly throwing herself back into full pace before Edward could notice the intense stir in emotions he'd just caused.

While I couldn't fathom the circumstance, I could understand the awe, something in it was powerful enough to leave me breathless, it rendered me speechless and it could have given any defibrillator a run for its money.

As his eyelids fluttered closed, I was released from his gaze and blinked myself, feeling a little lightheaded before being hit by a wave of ingenuity, smacking head first into a wall of understanding. The trigger of the silence suddenly became so clear. He was not a man they recognized, he was a sharp contrast to everything they knew.

The man they knew was the burning man.

I made my way over to him and his mother armed with the realization of knowing her flustered state was not due to my being there, but his unexpected mood swing.

He introduced her as Mrs. Cullen and I promptly gave her my most winning smile, placing my hand in hers. She leaned into the handshake and kissed my cheek. Whispered a quiet "Thank you," for my ears only, following it up with a slightly tearful, "for bringing our boy home to us."

My emotions quickly began to overwhelm me and I immediately put some distance between the two of us, smiling back at her and excusing myself. This was the last thing I needed. I wasn't about to embarrass either of Edward or I by losing my grip. I made a beeline for the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. Carefully avoiding looking into the ornate mirror above the sink for fear of catching sight of the mask I was about to put back on.

In my hurry to cool the rise of emotions threatening to expose me, I'd forgotten to lock the door.

''I thought I might find you in here,'' he said from the doorway.

A shaky breath I'd unknowingly been holding onto left my body and a look of worry flitted across his features. Slowly he closed the short distance between us and wrapped his arms around me, reminding me of the way one might approach a frightened animal. The thought pushed a chuckle, slightly muffled by his shoulder, through my body. In answer to his quirked eyebrow, I explained my sudden outburst.

"I must look bad if even you are approaching me with caution."

"You have never looked more beautiful," he stated, lifting his hand to soothe the burning embarrassment staining my cheeks.

Our eyes locked again and I forgot where I was. I silently determined whether his compliment was an invitation for intimacy by pressing my lips to his in a chaste kiss to gage his reaction. He responded immediately with a quiet moan and deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding across mine in a request for entry. His unique taste mixed with the wine he'd been staring into when I'd arrived sent shivers through me, instantly firing desperation through my system.

I deepened the kiss, twining our tongues together. Reassuring and supportive and oh-so-sexy, reminding me I was his, only me, and that we would get through the evening together. He rocked his frame against mine with one steady thrust and my mind went blank again, forgetting everything but how much I needed him. Grasping at my last ounce of restraint, my hands shot between us, halting his movements and I gave him one last kiss, placing my forehead against his for a moment before moving completely out of his reach.

"This is not how one goes about charming their man's parents."

"No I don't suppose it is," he said with a sigh. I gasped slightly and he reached down to readjust the straining denim of his jeans.

Determined not to lose my resolve, I brushed the back of my hand over my kiss swollen lips, straightened my clothing out and took a deep breath before reaching for the door handle and willingly throwing myself back into the oncoming storm.

We headed back into the main room and set a course for the nearest drink table. Edward introduced to a few relatives along the way, but I knew his mother was the ultimate goal, the test I'd have to pass.

Procuring two drinks, one for myself and one as a peace offering for Mrs. Cullen, I finally made my way over to her. Pleased she was standing alone, I arrived neatly by her side, replaced her glass and spilled out a heartfelt apology.

"Mrs. Cullen, my manners are usually better, this is very new to me, I hope you can forgive my rudeness?"

She smiled kindly and replied, "Esme, you can call me Esme. We've all been there, I feigned illness on my first three visits to meet my husband's parents, I'm surprised we got you here on the first try."

Relieved she was going to let me off easy, I exhaled and ran my fingers through my disheveled hair, then began politely asking her questions about her family and work.

I felt a warm, reassuring hand land in the small of my back for a few seconds before disappearing completely and I finally relaxed into the conversation knowing he approved and was happy with how I was conducting myself.

In love with the idea of such a big family that I was so close to having a part of and being accepted into, I listened carefully to her, committing her family tree to memory. I never stopped watching Edward as he circled the room reacquainting himself with his surroundings.

"So Edward tells me that you…" She switched the conversation back to me and I braced myself for an interrogation, "have a daughter," she finished and I relaxed again, knowing there wasn't a person in the world who could feel negatively toward Valerie.

"I'm quite intrigued as to how that came about, is there a wife you're keeping hidden too?"

I openly laughed at the idea of me with a wife and went on to set her mind at ease.

"She's my niece, my sister passed shortly after her birth and she would have wanted her with family, so I adopted her." A moment of shock distorted her features at the less than traditional circumstances before a warm smile spread across them.

"That's very good of you, you have a very big heart to take on such a responsibility."

"She's no responsibility, ma'am, she's my family," I said nodding toward her son, hoping she would understand.

A knowing look lit her face before she asked, "Am I likely to be meeting her someday."

"I'd hoped so, you're the only set of willing grandparents she has." I held in another breath and looked at the floor, cursing myself internally for jumping so far ahead and saying something potentially offensive. Was grandparent an offensive thing to say? I really had no idea about women at all. I chanced a glance at her and was relieved to see she was positively beaming at the idea and her eyes had glazed over.

The warm hand returned to its place on my back, and when I was sure it was no momentary brush of reassurance I leaned into it, letting him support my weight. Resting my head back against his shoulder, I breathed in his scent. Exhaustion washed over me as I relaxed fully for the first time that evening and I glanced at him with panic in my eyes, knowing I needed sleep and I needed it right then.

"Were going to have to excuse ourselves shortly, Mum, it's been a very long day," Edward said, coming to my rescue.

"You know where the spare room is," she smiled at him before turning to me and adding, "Make yourself at home, Jasper."

Edward nodded and headed for the stairs while I stayed and expressed my happiness for having finally met her.


"That went well," Edward said as I closed the bedroom door behind me and began removing articles of clothing. He was already in bed pulling back the covers for me to join him. I climbed in, relaxing even more as I hit the pillow.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you back there with my impromptu disappearance," I apologized, shame enveloping me again as I recalled the evening.

"She told me to hold on to you," he whispered. "When you left, she told me to never let you go." As if to prove his point, he pulled me into his embrace and laid gentle kisses along my collarbone. "I love you," he said fiercely.

"I love you too," I barely managed to murmur before sleep overtook me.

Shakespeare once wrote 'There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves or loose the ventures before us'

I needed to stop hiding in bathrooms and enjoy the flood.


I woke in his arms feeling much more relaxed than when I'd fallen asleep, and lay as still as I could. Careful not to wake him, I turned my head to watch him, his face the picture of innocence, his impossibly long eyelashes splayed across his high cheekbones and breath flowed across my chest.

He moaned lightly in his sleep and thrust his hips against me, drawing my attention to his raging hard on pressing insistently against my thigh. I muffled a groan, and losing my will to let him sleep, my hand reached up to run the tips of my fingers along his brow, across to his ear and down his jaw. His eyes fluttered open and I slipped onto my side to face him.

"Hey, baby," he greeted, a lazy smile gracing his sleep refreshed features.

"Hey," I returned, brushing my lips over his when I spoke. "Good dream?" I gently rocked my hips into his to make my point. His easy smile disappeared, eyebrows furrowing in concentration as he tried to focus on my words and not the sensation of my hips grinding into his.

"Mhmm,'' he mumbled dreamily as I lightly trailed kisses along the underside of his jaw. "I was dreaming of you," he confirmed, rolling me onto my back and pressing open-mouthed kisses to my neck.

I went to respond but the realignment of our bodies caused the next thrust to slide his cock along mine and my mind once again went blank, throwing my line of thinking off track.

"Kiss me," I managed, already reduced to desperate two syllable commands. I pulled him closer, taking his bottom lip between my teeth and tugging on it. Immediately, his tongue flicked across my teeth, begging for entry. I released his lip and ran my tongue over the freshly bitten bright red skin to soothe it.

"Unless you've got something better to do?" I enquired, quirking my eyebrow inquisitively. His right hand shot up into my hair answering my question by pulling me toward him as he kissed me. I pressed myself back into him just as hard, deepening the kiss, tongues entwining and exploring each other. Instantly, I felt overheated from his attentions and needed more. Gasping for air, we broke apart and our foreheads found each other, green eyes meeting blue.

He slipped his knees between my parted legs and poised over me, running his lips down my neck and chest, kissing lightly as he went, bypassing my nipples and licking his way down the hard lines of my stomach. His mouth hovered only centimetres above my achingly hard cock and he planted a firm kiss on the tip and licked his lips enticingly. I reached down and grasped the base of my dick, steering it toward his mouth and rubbing it along his lips.

"Open" I demanded, desperate to slide my dick in between his beautiful, wet lips. When he smiled, but kept his lips closed, I unwillingly let my eyes travel up to meet his gaze.

"Beg me," he challenged and my body automatically responded to the authoritative tone in his voice, hips bucking and dick gliding along his cheek.

"Please, baby, suck me, I need this...I need you."

I flushed at my choice of words, but was more than a little relieved when his tongue licked from base to tip and his mouth eagerly enveloped my cock. My other hand found its way from his shoulder to his hair, massaging his scalp in circular motions. He moaned at my touch, sending vibrations through me. Speeding up, his tongue swirled around the head, rubbing the underside of my cock on every down stroke and lightly grazing me with his teeth on every other upstroke. He interrupted his own rhythm by letting my cock slide deeper into his mouth, burying me in the tight, wet confines of his throat. Throwing my head back, I fisted his copper hair tighter and closed my eyes, concentrating on not coming too soon. His mouth left me completely for a few seconds and I kept my eyes closed, my chest still rising and falling rapidly as I gasped for breath. Unexpected pain shot through me as he clamped his teeth down hard on my hip bone and my eyes flew open.

"Watch me," he commanded, a smile teasing at his lips before taking my length back into the warm cavern of his mouth. Not wasting any time, he continued his ministrations, occasionally taking me into the back of his throat, intensifying my pleasure every time he groaned in response to my own moans and thrusts. He looked up at me from under his eyelashes and my attention was caught by his other hand leaving my hip to smoothly run the length of his own cock in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure. I shook my head at him and held my hand out in a request for his.

"Wait, baby, it'll be worth it," I implored and he groaned at me in frustration.

He accepted the offered hand and placed his hand in mine, tangling our fingers while I brought them to my lips and kissed his palm. While his eyes held my gaze, his hand left mine and he grazed two fingers across my lips, tapping them when he reached the corner before I sucked them into my mouth, copying his movements on my cock almost exactly. His eyes drifting closed momentarily as I lavished his fingers with attention. His fingers soon left my mouth and skimmed my balls before he pushed my legs further apart with his other hand. He gently circled my entrance with his warm, saliva-covered forefinger, carefully applying pressure until my body allowed him inside. Once the tip of his finger made his way past the tight ring of muscle, he quickly slid it in the rest of the way without hesitation, settling into a steady motion that matched that of his mouth.

The tightly wound coil in my belly threatened to spring free and I tugged his hair in warning. He groaned at the feeling of his hair being pulled, the vibrations from his groans more intense with the head of my cock against the back of his throat. Skimming the tip of his finger across my sensitive prostate, he promptly pushed me over the edge. I came hard, thinking and seeing and hearing nothing, but feeling everything. Every muscle in my body tensed to capacity, relaxing and burning and screaming with pleasure. He ran his tongue back up my stomach and stopped when he reached my chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth and tugging with his teeth, prolonging my orgasm. I arched my back and he added a second finger, my body responding by bucking my hips as he tugged my nipple harder. Taking advantage of my position, he moved his hand under my hips and held them in midair, hitching a leg over his thighs, knowing I would copy with the other. He continued to thrust his fingers inside me at the same teasing pace.

He leaned over me and kissed the pulse in my neck before bringing his face up to just inches in front of mine. He added a third finger and licked my clenched teeth, twisting his tongue with mine the second they fell open. Gasping for breath, he tore his lips from mine and placed them back at my throat, nipping tenderly while he readied me. I ran my nose up and down his neck, breathing in his heady scent. Seconds later, all three of his fingers firmly grazed my prostate and I bit down hard on his collarbone, desperately rocking against his hand.

"Can I fuck you?" he pleaded, returning his gaze to mine and running his fingers through my sweat dampened curls.

The very idea that he thought I might not want to when I was groaning constantly and hard as rock mere minutes after my last orgasm while riding three of his fingers struck me as very amusing and I laughed. A look of understanding flashed in his eyes and he laughed along.

"I was just being polite," he chuckled, his lips still spread into his signature crooked smile as his fingers brushed against my prostate again. Moaning loudly, I impaled myself on his hand. His grin left his face and was replaced with hungry heavy lidded eyes as he removed his fingers and reached behind me for the lube on the bedside table.

"Roll over baby," he instructed and moved from between my legs to give me space to manoeuvre.

I settled on my hands and knees in front of him and smiled as he kissed the nape of my neck and ran his hand down the curve of my spine. I heard the distinct click of the lube opening and waited patiently while he generously coated his length before dripping some in between my spread cheeks and teasingly rubbing his cock across my entrance. As he had with his fingers, he pressed the head of his cock against me, applying pressure until the muscles gave way, the pain lasting only seconds before I was overwhelmed with pleasure and the feeling of him completing me. When I pushed back onto him, he took the hint and rocked forward inch by inch, filling me and moaning out my name like a prayer. After a few steady thrusts, his need took over and he started erratically slamming into me. One hand trailed up my back and tangled in my hair, pulling a little harder than usual, and I quickly caught on that he wanted me to sit up. He moved backwards with me, sitting on his heels but never leaving my ass's tight embrace. Wrapping his arms around me, his fingers firmly gripped my hips and lifted my upper body as we pulled apart, slamming back together with more power, the new position driving him further inside me. He grasped my hand in his and guided it to my cock, wordlessly instructing me to pleasure myself without pausing in his constant reverential mutterings. I matched his pace and every groan until he brushed my hair out of his way and twisted my neck slightly to lock lips with me, settling for biting and soothing my jaw when my neck inevitably veered back into a more natural position. Shifting his hips minutely, he forcefully rubbed along my prostate. I cried out loudly and he went onto hit it three more times before I threw my head back onto his shoulder.

"Baby, I'm co-"

My orgasm cut me off short and wiped the speech centre of my brain clean. For the second time that morning my body was ripped apart by crashing waves of pleasure, spurts landing on my chest and hand. I heard him mutter and tug my hair harder before releasing inside me filling me with warmth. He turned my head toward him and kissed me briefly before pushing me back on to all fours and pulling out. I whimpered at the loss and he leaned over me, burying his face between my shoulder blades and laughing softly. He was well aware of how romantically I viewed him inside me, as the completion of my soul and how lost I professed to be without it.

Winding his arms around me, he easily flipped me onto my side and then lay down and relaxed his body against mine, resting his chin on top of my shoulder. I practically purred as I started to drift back to sleep again.

"I love you, beautiful, above all else, I love you."

"Always," I murmured, falling back into the easy sleep I'd woken from.