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"Don't be naive. A Shinigami has to treat all spirits equally! You cannot just conveniently save those you can see, those you can reach...accept that you must save all spirits. To go anywhere for them... to even give your life to save them, make that kind of commitment!" Kuchiki Rukia, 13th division.

Chapter 1: Through the Looking glass

Seireitei - Soul Society Division 12 Grounds

Boredom was in Akon's opinion an underappreciated feeling, sure he understood there was times when you wish the world would come crashing down just to alleviate the endless nothing, But when the world literally did plop down into your lap and ask you to fix it, A little bit of boredom did not seem like such a bad thing he decided, As the chaos of alarms and sirens screamed into the night alerting all of Seireitei that all was not well in The Technology and Research department, Akon could not help but feel a sense of dread, Sitting in the Dimensional Monitoring Station (D-Stat) at the top of tower 3 in barracks 12 there was precious little he could do to escape the fury that was Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

"What is the meaning of this? Someone report at once!" Mayuri screeched as he stormed into the control centre, marching up to the raised control platform, his eyes expertly taking in everything from the rows of computer banks making up the centre floor, to the massive screens that lined the walls on all sides seemingly unaffected by the alarms and alert lights.

"Sir we have a situation in the Severing World!" Akon called out sharply.

"Well of course you do! You pathetic maggot! Why else would I be down here with you and the rest of your brainless trash! Honestly why someone of my intellect has to hold your hands is for every 'situation ' is beyond me." Mayuri lamented as he palmed his strangely painted face. "At least tell me what the situation is you dolt! Did one of the barbarians from the other divisions somehow blow up the living realm! What!"

"Sorry Sir!" Akon dutifully apologized "We have detected an unknown dimensional mass entering our local cluster. It appears to be a super-massive type, coming in high from outside our normal orbital path. It appr..."

"What do you mean Unknown?" Kurotsuchi interrupted sharply not bothering to keep the curiosity out of his voice "did one of you apes lose tracking on the kings realm?" he asked suspiciously, concerned that this might somehow just be an operator error, however unlikely.

Always one to have confidence in our ability Akon reflected sourly, before continuing his report. "Negative, we still have solid tracking on Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, the living realm, and the king's realm below them. We also have tentative readings on Hell orbiting below the king's realm tonight. This Space came out of nowhere, and is showing signs to be as big as the king's realm" he finished quickly.

"As big as the kings... What about our orbits? Have the other realms shown any anomalies? Anything to suggest our dimensional space might be affected by this or the cause of it. What about our surveillance in Hueco Mundo? "He fired off as he begun to manipulate the main console. Akon unfortunately, proving too slow to provide the desired information. Akon seeing his chance to get out of the sights of the eccentric genius bowed out respectfully and quickly began to direct his own staff to try and get a grip on the situation. "Hiro! Compile a pre-status report for everything that took place tonight up to the incident. Natsuki! Track down Inaba and get him recall all our severing world patrols and report on the status of the cleaner. Gendo..."

"Mayuri-Sama" called the soft spoken voice of the 12th squad lieutenant Kurotsuchi Nemu from the entrance. "Kyoraku Taicho of the 8th and Ukitake Taicho of the 13th are here and request an audience" she stated with as little emotion as possible allowing the two captains to flank her on either side as she entered.

"What now! Can't you two lumbering oafs see that I'm busy with an important situation?" Mayuri spat out while he rapidly typed the key bored into and early grave.

"Why else would we be here? If not for one of your 'important' situations" Kyoraku Shunsui pointedly questioned pulling a fan out of his pink kimono and gently fanning his face.

"What he means to say... is that we have learnt the value of vigilance when it comes to the alarms of the 12 division" Ukitake Jyuushiro finished simply, proving the more diplomatic of the two. "Unless you want to tell me you forgot that our divisions are neighbours?" Ukitake attempted to joke.

"Yes, yes 13 come's after 12 congratulations you can count now leave me in peace while I study this!" Mayuri hissed.

"Study what?" questioned Kyoraku "Surely you can explain to us as you go?" he followed unwilling to be brushed aside so easily. "I think the rest of Seireitei would like to know why it's awake at this hour at least."

"No no no far too busy to teach lesser minds go away!" the agitated scientist fired off rapidly.

"Now now don't be like that" once again the 8th squad Taicho stepped in "we really need an explanation for this alert. Surely you can imagine what old man Yama-jii is thinking right now" he reasoned, simply refusing to back down.

"Even more reason for the both of you to leave me in peace!" Kurotsuchi screeched his voice raising several octaves. "How else am I going to figure this out if I cannot study it without interruptions!

Shunsui looked like he was going to press the issue further when Akon felt himself take an unconsciously step forward not willing to risk the discussion devolving any further.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance? I can brief the both of you and allow my Taicho to continue his valuable research." he intoned softly.

"YES!" Kurotsuchi spoke up quickly, seeing an opportunity "that is an excellent suggestion! One of the best one's you had all night! Akon will explain it to you in terms you can follow, go with him!" Mayuri all but dismissed them. The two captains seemingly eager to be finished with their over excitable comrade quickly turned their attention to Akon.

"That would be most appreciated. Please Begin" the ever polite 13th captain stated.

Akon felt his mouth dry up seemingly just realising he was talking to two of the oldest captains in the Gotai 13 with nearly 2000 years of experience combined, quickly finding his voice he began "At approximately 0144 this morning an unknown Dimensional space was detected entering our local dimensional group, coming down from above us almost, it appears to be on a rogue path not part of any cluster and is reading as a super-massive space likely the same size as the kings realm." he finished.

"Will it 'hit' us?" spoke Jyuushiro asking the most obvious question.

"No" replied Kurotsuchi from his seat seemingly deeming the conversation worth some of his time, or he thought Akon was going to get it wrong, most likely the latter. "the unknown realm is not 'traveling' fast enough, more than likely it will be repelled by the kings realm own spiritual force and settle into a stable position at our dimensional north, becoming part of our local group, Akon can explain further" he finished once again withdrawing from the conversation.

The two senior captains turned their attention back to Akon expectantly, seemingly unaware how unconformable this was making him, Akon to a short breath and began again.

"First off how much do you know about our dimensional structure?" he asked politely, from the mildly sheepish expressions he guessed not as much as he was hoping.

"You will have to forgive us but our divisions are more front line units respectively, we don't make a habit to study dimensional theory, not really much use to us" Jyuushiro offered weakly with a smile.

"...O.K then, well if you would mind just a sec" Akon turned around a quickly re-purposed the nearest big screen to serve his needs. " if you look at this screen you can see our local group as it stood as of 1 hour ago, these three spaces in the centre circling each other represent Hueco Mundo, Soul Society and the Living World respectively, closer to the bottom forming something like a 'dinner plate' if you will forgive the term is the largest mass in our local group, the Kings Realm and though we can't detect it properly below that is the realm of Hell" He said indicating a fuzzy blur below the 'dinner plate'." quickly clicking a button on a nearby control panel the screen updated to the current status "the situation we have now is this" immediately obvious to the two captains was the presence of a second 'dinner plate' now sitting above 'them'. "As you can see the new space has travelled well into our local group, thankfully it has begun to settle already so hopefully it will not travel any further, the bad news is that if it settles too much it may become a permanent fixture"

"So we have roof now, besides that how does this really affect us?" questioned a seemingly oblivious Kyoraku, leaving Akon at a momentary loss for words fortunately he didn't need them.

"WHAT!" screeched Mayuri "surely you are capable of realising the implications of this!" extremely distressed by the apparent failure to grasp the obvious Mayuri once again joined the conversation. "It's a whole other realm! For Kami's sake! What if it has its own Soul Society? Or it's completely overrun by hollows or its own Spirit King? Or something else entirely? Don't tell me you need to have this explained to you? WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE IT! If it is to become a permanent fixture of our Super Structure, how will that affect the flow of spirit traffic? Will we start to lose souls to this new reality? Will we gain some? What will that do to the balance? What if..."

"Do we even know if this new space has spiritual activity?" again Kyoraku pressed "what if it's completely void"

"It isn't" spoke Kurotsuchi confidently "We can already detect its spiritual field as it interacts with our own, there's definite spirit activity taking place over there we just don't know what or ho..."

"OK" Ukitake interrupted smoothly "we will report this to Yamamoto-Sensei and see what course of action he wants us to take. I suggest you prepare a full report for the emergency captains meeting. The Sou-Taicho will want to send teams there as soon as possible I imagine".

"Of course I will! I would have had it half-done buy now if I did not have to suffer the likes of you two! Get out of my facility you weren't welcome in the first place!" snapped off a very irate Mayuri

"Fine fine were leaving no need to ruin your make up. Although I didn't see how that was a bad question to ask? Do you?" spoke all too innocently Kyoraku giving the unsuspecting Akon a look that let him know one thing. They deliberately baited Mayuri so they could get him to talk, if they had not no doubt he would have hoarded his research and findings till the meeting. Akon swallowed nervously and vowed never to play poker with these two. Ever.

"RUIN MY MAKEUP! Why..." sputtered the irate scientist "how dare..."

Whatever was to follow next was drowned out but the ringing of alarms. The ones that had turned off during their conversation once again began to wail.

"What is it now? What's happened?" shouted the angry voice of Mayuri across the D-stat. Kyoraku's insult seemingly forgotten.

"We have multiple breaches in our early warning field around Hueco Mundo large numbers of hollows are one the move, but nothing being detected by our tracking in the living world, we believe they are heading for the New space Mayuri-sama" the ever efficient Nemu spoke up.

"Well then this changes things a little" spoke Kyoraku "how long till we can travel there?"

"We can travel there right now if we really need to" replied Kurotsuchi mind deep in thought " but the trip will but most difficult till we can organise a proper route through the severing world."

"Doesn't matter" Ukitake stated "we can't let that many hollows move uncontested. Yamamoto-sensei would never allow it, best start making whatever preparations you can now Kurotsuchi Taicho. I have a feeling we are going sooner rather than later" he finished grimly staring at the screen, hope flashing through his mind that whatever that new world had it was enough to protect it till they could mobilise to deal with the hollow threat.

Neighwood Forrest, just on the outskirts of Trotington Village.

Best day ever. That is what today should have been, everypony knows when you get your cutie mark it's supposed to be the greatest moment in a young filly's life, but as Sunsnap sprinted through the underbrush of Neighwood, twigs and branches ripping at her light yellow coat, blood mating her orange mane and tears clouding her light blue eyes she knew this was the worst day to ever happen to her.

It all started with Mom taking her out to the Forrest for a picnic and flower picking, while searching around the edge of the Forrest for some pretty one's for Pa at the mill she found a bee hive, always fascinated by the industrious insects she snuck a little closer trying to get a good look at the hive completely ignoring her mums many warnings from before about not provoking the little creatures. They seemed friendly enough and didn't mind her at all; a couple even landed on her hoof and explored the flowers she had. remembering how much Pa loved sweet things she gently put down the flowers and pulled a jar out of her saddle bags, dumping it's flowers with the others she put the jar on the ground under the hive and gently began to coax some honey out of the hive with her horns magic (she was getting so good at it!) the bees didn't mind sharing at all(so nice of them) and the jar was almost full in no time, suddenly there was a flash of light and a ticklish feeling on her flank, quickly looking back she saw it! The cutie mark of a bumble bee sitting on a white flower! she couldn't help but think it looked so pretty on her yellow coat, barely able to contain her excitement she quickly but carefully she tied a cloth around the top of the jar and began to run back to mum, eager to show her the good news.

As she ran into the field towards their picnic site she couldn't see her mum anywhere, did she go looking for me? Sunsnap wondered as she slowed down, 'I wasn't gone that long' just as she was going to call out for mum a scream tore through the area, 'that was mum!' looking around trying to work out where the sound came from quickly she ran towards a nearby hill to get a better look, As she crested the hilltop she saw her mum Thistlesong at the nearby river but something was very wrong, her mother seemed to be hovering in the air but her body looked wrong, her bright blue unicorn form looked like it was squashed together somehow, her light yellow mane and tail pressed up against her body like she was being crushed.

"MUMMY" Sunsnap screamed as she ran down the other side "mummy what's wrong!"

"Stay Away!" her mother called back softly seemingly finding it hard to breath gagging and gasping, As Sunsnap got up close to where her mother was hovering she could see the air around her was fuzzy like when it gets on a hot day above the flagstone paths.

"No" her mother gasped weakly "get away sunny!" she said as best she could "go back to the village Ge...ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH" whatever she was going to say got cut off as she screamed out in pain and rose up even higher into the air, suddenly an intense feeling washed over her, like the air had somehow become thicker and heavier.

"Interesting conversation eh" spoke a polite voice from nowhere "you really can't see me can you?"

Sunsnap looked up trying to find the source of the speaking, it seemed to be coming from the fuzzy air up above her mother, "who said that?" she demanded.

"Why I did of course" spoke the urban almost sicking polite voice, the weird air seemed to slowly lower towards the ground bringing her mother with it, and Sunsnap could feel the air pushing back against her along with the sound of powerful wings beating.

"Look a little harder tiny thing, Are you sure you can't see me?"

Now that it was closer, Sunny could definitely make out the shape of the invisible creature. It was big, almost the size of a house, and had wings she was certain, she could hear them beating and see the distortion they made of the air, suddenly she heard a moaning noise come from her mother but whatever she wanted to tell her daughter she couldn't with more fuzzy air seemingly going inside her mouth. "W-w-who are...W-what ar-are you-u?" she asked timidly.

"Hehe" it laughed" What am I you ask? Death" it spoke voice dripping with malice.

Whatever might have followed that comment was swiftly cut off by a small blast of fire from her mother's horn, flash and colour suddenly filled her view, her mum had using one of her firework spells that she used at festivals filling the area with brightly coloured smoke, quickly she pulled back trying to get clear of the smoke when she heard the sound of laughter fill the air.

"Hehehe that was a nasty little trick" Spoke the creature "do it again". it couldn't keep the humour out of its voice, Sunsnap turned to face the creature as the sound of wings once again filled the area the smoke quickly being cleared away, and that's when she saw it!, suddenly wishing she hadn't.

The monster that was invisible before now filled her vision, Some kind of demonic moth was all she could think, white and teal wings extending down the length of its long white body which was covered in plates of white bone like skin with teal spikes coming from the top, it seemed to stand on tentacle's rather than legs, one of which was wrapped around her mother right now. And at the front of it just below its head, there was a hole going all the way through its body! while on its head it had some sort of mask covering its face, the mask had teal triangles all over it in a circle and a smoke wafting from a small scorch mark on it, it seemed to be broken at the mouth, with the bottom half not connected to the top, despite this she could not see any of its face, Sunsnap couldn't help but gasp out in fear at the site of the alien being, her mother's own muffled cries echoing her feelings.

"OH looks like you can see me now" it spoke amusement seemed to drip from every word "maybe that weird reiatsu blast mommy here just fired?" the creature though aloud while shaking her a little "What about you little thing? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?"

Sunsnap just stood there in terror unable to move, she had never heard of a creature like this in any book, story or song before, never in school never anywhere! What was she supposed to do! How could she save mummy! The thoughts raced through her brain and overwhelmed she collapsed, beginning to cry, her young filly mind to scared to operate.

"Ehhh? That's all you can do? Well that's disappointing" the creature spoke unable to keep said disappointment out of its voice "guess I'll just…"

Again, coloured smoke and light filled the area as Thistlesong fired off her spells one after another in desperation, each one growing in intensity fuelled by her desperation.


"Acck" the creature gasped out closing its eyes from the well-aimed shots, quick to try and take advantage of its momentary blindness she focused all her energy into a single firework and plunged it into the nearest joint right where the armour overlapped and its appendage came out.


The armour serving to contain and amplify the blast inside the monsters own armour, howling in pain the creatures limb was severed from its body seeming to disintegrate as it dropped. Releasing Thistlesong in the process.

"So you do have some power in that horn of yours!" shouted the monster as it lurched through the smoke, blood leaking down it's mask from one of its eye's "too bad it's not enough to save you or the little one though" it said with menace.

"SUNNY!" Shouted Thistlesong amplifying her voice to cut through the panic in her daughters head, looking up Sunsnap saw her mum was free and facing off against the demon monster, but in bad shape, blood was leaking from her mouth and one of her hind legs was standing at an odd angle "Sunny!" she called again "you need to run now!"

"Mom?" she called confusedly getting back to her feet wondering how they were going to escape.

"Focus Sunny! You need to start running now! Mummy will stay and make the bad things go away! But you need to run now!" she shouted never once looking away from the monster, her horn glowing more intensely every second.

"But what about yo..." Sunsnap tried to ask in tears


Distraught and terrified beyond reason Sunsnap turned on the spot and sprinted as fast as her little legs would take her into the Forrest.

"It' won't do any good you know" spoke the seemingly much calmer monster, "once us hollows get a scent we don't give it up without a fight, and correct me if I'm wrong but your just about done I'd say" the creature spoke with glee.

Thistle spat out a gob of blood sticking in her throat and looked up at the towering monster "hollow you say? well sorry to disappoint you but no mother gives up their child without a fight" she spoke softly "I still have one trick left" a small smile gracing her face "was going to be a surprise for my next show, but I guess you can have an early sneak peak, just remember I haven't perfected it yet"

"Hmmm?" the hollow muttered curiously "if you have anything else by all means use it, so far you've only managed to slightly wound me and our boss curious to see what this new world can offer in terms of resistance"

Thistle song was already focused drawing her magic out into the air she began to form a small fire in the air, beginning to pant from the effort as her horn lit up even brighter with a second layer of over-glow she began to weave the fire into shape all the while adding to its intensity, slowly the form begun to emerge, that of a Dragon made of fire near white hot. the dragon stood over top of thistle and starred down the hollow opening its mouth in a silent roar "sorry" she said all but collapsed, the heat from her own creation near baking her "I haven't got around to getting sound out of it, but it does its job"

"What is that" the hollow asked feeling slightly perturbed "some kinda familiar"

Looking down at her cutie mark, a multi-coloured smoke cloud she remarked "haven't you learned anything yet? I'm only good at fireworks" as she said this the dragon's shape began to bulge and warp, slowly looking up at the hollow through her light yellow mane, she said with a smirk "but they are really good fireworks"


"I love you sunny" was the last thought to cross Thistlesong's mind.

Sunsnap felt it before she heard it.

As she was running away an explosion ripped her off the ground and sent her forward into a large patch of undergrowth the spiny limbs cutting into her but saving her from a nasty break. the explosion had to be one of her mom's fireworks she was certain but far bigger then she had ever seen, looking back all she could see was a pillar of fire reaching up into the sky were her mom was fighting the monster.

"MOM!" Sunny screamed in fear, unable or unwilling to comprehend what just took place.

Pulling herself free from the underbrush she started to run back to the fire storm when she heard it, Screams, howls tore at the air and in the smoke and fire she could see more lumbering shapes and strange masks, whatever that monster was it was not alone, tears stinging her eyes she turned and ran further into the Forrest her mom's last words driving her on.

Sunsnap was not sure how long she had been running for, her mind too caught up in recent events to fully comprehend the passage of time in the woods, by the time she started to pull herself together she had travelled far deeper into the Forrest then she ever had before, panic and fear unable to push her any further she dropped exhausted next to a small stream to recover, gasping for breath she gingerly stretched her aching hooves out, she should have gone back to the village was all her mind could think about, if she had, Pa and the other villagers could have come and beaten the monster off...and even saved mommy. With grief giving way to guilt, she pushed her face into the soft dirt and screamed.

Why? Why did this have to happen? What was that monster? Why did it want to hurt them? Was mommy alright? Why couldn't she do something to stop it? Why? Why? WHY?, as these thoughts settled in her mind she became aware of the Forrest around her, the appearance of the monster had driven off all the animals, the smell of smoke and fire pervading even here, and the air had an intensity to it that only seemed to get thicker.

Exactly like when she first encountered the Demon creature came the horrifying realisation, as if to confirm her fears an unnatural howl filled the air, one of the demons had followed her! with an energy born out of desperation, Sunsnap quickly pulled herself up and started to run down stream, just like Uncle Whistler always told her to so she could hide her scent, it was hard work to keep running through the water, the stream was too deep for a young filly to easily run in not to mention her battered and punished body was already at her limits, she couldn't contain her despair when the scream of her hunter echoed much closer than before, this wasn't going to work!, her mother gave her one job and she couldn't even do that! She was going to die now because she wasn't good enough!

The sound of snapping branches and heavy hoof steps landing in water told her the creature was in the river behind her, not daring to look back she took a sharp turn back into the undergrowth in a vain effort to lose it. The sound of high pitched laughter filled the air.

"HAHAHA did ya really think ya could fool a hollow that easily? Pathetic baka, like I could be fooled by tha likes of you!"

Sparing a quick glance over her shoulder she got a good look at the so called Hollow, dimly in the back of her mind she thought that it's voice was far too high a pitch for such a large and cumbersome looking creature, only the speed and grace of its movement giving away to its role as a predator, it ran on 4 legs but the front two seemed to have claws which would on occasion use to pull it's red and black body through trees and rocks, a large tail could be seen moving in balance behind it studded with smooth heavy looking bone and a large beak like mask covered it's face two red strips travelling down both sides from front to back, the only thing that it had in common with the previous 'Hollow' was the hole going all the way through it, this one near centre of its body.

"That's right little one! The monsters gonna get ya!" the hollow shouted clearly enjoying the hunt. "I don't know how you guys took out one of us! All ya seem ta do is run and scream!" the beast taunted "All the ones at that town! You! It's all most not worth the effort either! You things don't taste THAT good after all" the malicious words hurting the poor filly's fragile mind 'Eat us? They're eating everypony?' Sunsnap quickly lost balance as the thought sent bile rising up her throat tumbling to a heap on the ground and throwing up on herself in the progress.

"Awww why did ya have ta go and do that" the hollow asked "you ruined all da fun and now with all that over ya you definitely won't be tasting good either!" Sunsnap lost control over her other body functions at that point unable to keep from crying out in fear, "really? That too? Are ya trying ta makes yourself taste bad? well it ain't gonna do ya any good, I reckon I can swallow ya whole and not even chew more than twice" taunted the hollow seemingly wanting to break its prey before it consumed it, all Sunsnap could do was cry, once again the situation proving to much for the young filly "ahh well this ain't fun anymore, guess it's time to finish it" it spoke as it reached for her actually managing to sound disappointed.

Shutting her eyes as tightly as possible Sunsnap lay there a broken, shivering wreck when a sound she did not expect filled the area, the screaming of her attacker! looking up startled she opened her eye's just in time to see the hollow arm float over her head and disintegrate, now separated from its owner, The hollow reared back once again and howled in anger and shock as it took in the sight of its attacker, likewise Sunsnap also turned her focus on her would be saviour.

The being standing before her was completely unknown 'like the hollow before' her mind couldn't help but think, It stood on two legs, about a foot or more taller than her Pa, back straight with two legs higher up its body which at each end had 5 small digits like the hollow but without claws, one was covered in blood she noticed grimly, a short black mane was on its head which came down it's back as two thin braids with rings in each end, other than that no fur or tail was visible, but that may have been because it was wearing clothes! like the princess and princes of Canterlot, the back of its long white robe was a symbol, a black sideways diamond empty save for two black lines inside, briefly she worried it might be hostile like the hollow or even some type she hadn't yet seen, but the hollows own reaction spoke for itself.

"SH-SH-SHINIGAMI!" the unmistakable sound of fear filling that one word completely, Sunsnap could not help but relish in it "IMPOSSIBLE! We were told that you could not get here in time! That it would be a safe hunting ground!"

"Ohhh?" spoke a harsh but unmistakable female voice "and who told you that? Do you have a name?"

"I'LL TALK! Just don't kill me! I'll talk and you can let me go!" Sunsnap felt sic that this creature could get away with what it did but she dared not speak up to interrupt the 'Hollow' or 'Shinigami'.

"Name!" the Shinigami demanded.

"Right... Name...Uhh" the Hollow stuttered.

A sigh escaped the Shinigami "you don't have one do you. You're just following the mob. You have nothing of value" it/she? Spoke softly.

"I KNOW THINGS! I DO! THESE ORDERS CAME FROM LAS NOCHES! OR IT"S RUINS SOMEONE TOOK OVER! AND IF YOU LET ME GO, I CAN FIND OUT MORE! MUCH MORE! I WON"T HUNT HERE AGAIN EITHER!" at rambled out as fast as possible seemingly desperately afraid the small female.

"Las Noches? That's interesting"

"YES IT IS!" the hollow sounded relieved and Sunsnap felt sic that they were going to do some sort of deal over the lives of the village. "S-so I c-can go now...right? That was enough"

"Hmm? Enough to point us in the right direction yes...now you can die"


"No" she said looking over her shoulder at Sunsnap, allowing her a quick look at her eyes, they were grey, pretty but...cold "you begged, I asked for information and you gave it, we never agreed to anything" looking back she took a short breath "I am Soi Fon the Nibantai Taicho of the Gotai 13, We do not make deals with trash" her voice harshly bit off, Sunsnap all but jumped for joy.

What followed next was simply too fast for Sunsnap's eyes to track, one moment she was standing in front of her the next she was giving the hollow a one legged buck to the face, shattering it's mask and disintegrate it in one blow, Sunsnap froze in place at the sight, the monster that had tormented her had just been killed in less time than it took to blink.

As soon as her feet touched ground the Shinigami turned around and marched straight up to Sunsnap, looking into her eyes she asked the suddenly much more frightened filly one question.


Sunsnap swallowed deeply and briefly wondered if she would disintegrate if she got bucked that hard, "S-Sunsnap Ma'am"

Soi Fon tilted her head her face showing no emotion that Sunsnap could tell. "Race, Location"

"Uhh I'm a Pony Miss Shinigami and this is Neighwood Forrest In Equestria just outside of Trotington Village" Sunsnaps voice quavering the whole time, despite this she felt brave enough to ask a question "A-are you go-g-going too save u-us?

"...I'll try to save who I can" she spoke softly, leaning down she gently brought her upper hoof forward and grasped the young filly on the back.

Once again she felt reality distort as her sense failed to operate fast enough, in a moment she found herself back on the outskirts the Forrest thankfully away from the burning area where her mother...was.

"Stay here, you should be safe, I'm am going to take care of the hollows now"

"H-how?" I think there might be a lot, and their so big!" Sunsnap spoke up leaning forward and placing her front hooves on the Shinigami's lap almost like she was trying to keep her in place.

A small smile escaped the Shinigami's lips one that made her a little scared "Simple, I'm going to kill them all"


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