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"Shinigami do not kill for sport. But a Hollow will devour a child just to hear it's mother scream, they are worse than beasts, just a mass of human rage and sorrow, all the darkness of a man's soul with nothing but instinct to guide it" .Shigekuni Yamamoto, Spiritual Arts Academy lecture.

Chapter: 2 First Contact

Trotington village

Trotington village was a lovely place. Nestled in a quiet little valley in the Selene mountains it acts as the last stop before traders passing through Neighwood head into the mountains on their way to the Zebra kingdom, while it was only home to roughly 1200 pony's it did have a lot of travellers pass through on the old roads, particularly around festival time.

Today however it was quite, there was only a few traders passing through; the weather team was flying patrols because they had nothing on schedule and in the street a small light brown filly with glasses, a black pointy hat and blond mane was happily walking home with a shopping bag in her mouth.

Hopscotch was happy, walking home from the store where her mum worked with some old food that they were given by miss Plum (bread and Alfalfa sandwiches tonight!) she was almost finished with her chores, and once she got the food home she was allowed to go wait at the fireworks shop for her best friend Sunsnap to come home, today they were going to work on discovering what their cutie marks were!

Suddenly a strange roar echoed across the village cutting through the peaceful atmosphere like a knife through butter, Almost dropping her shopping bag on the spot hopscotch looked up in surprise, she had never heard an animal like that before, looking around at the startled villagers stoping in their tracks she guessed she wasn't the only one, the roar came again louder this time, tilting her head to listen to it she tried to imagine what animal it could be that could make such a loud sound when suddenly it was answered by another howl and another, and another. Coming from everywhere howls and screams filled the entire valley.

As fear ran through her the town bell started to ring its emergency chime, the villagers knowing what to do immediately started heading indoors, worried she wouldn't be able to make it home in time she ran into a nearby shop instead, it was a bakery, filled with many other ponies all unwilling to brave the outside while the strange noises continued, swallowing nervously at the sight of so many unknown ponies she tried to stay close to the door out of the way, even inside she could still hear those scary howls, and they were getting even louder almost like they were right outside even though she couldn't see anything out there.

The intensity of the howls continued to rise and just as she thought she would scream from the noise, it suddenly stopped. Silence filled the air and in the absence of noise from anypony it was almost deafening, the massive crashing sound as the front of the shop blew inwards shattering the glassware and blasting debris into everypony who was standing in the way was the last thing Hopscotch saw before everything went black.

Pain, Dull constant throbbing pain and freezing cold, were all that Hopscotch could feel as she rose from the blackness of her mind, it was so tempting to go to sleep to surrender to the darkness but the pain wouldn't let her, dimly she became aware of sounds nearby, it sounded like ponies talking and the feel of soft blankets beneath her, somepony was dabbing something wet against her head, unable to fight the intruding sensations any longer she felt herself stir against the pain.

"She's waking up!" spoke a soft voice.

"Too bad, where ever she just was has got to be a lot better than here" a second rougher voice spoke.

"Don't say that!" the first voice reprimanded.

Tiredly opening her eye's her vision was blurry but she saw two pony's looking down at her, dimly she recognised Candy Wrapper as the green mare with black mane that followed sheriff whistler around; but she couldn't identify the pink and blond pegasus mare who was gently holding her head.

"W-who? Where?"

"Shhhsss" the pink mare responded identifying herself as the first voice "Don't try to speak yo-you're going to be ok, you just got a little...hurt. But everything's going to be fine" she tried to sound reassuring "I'm Cottontop, and this "she said pointing to Candy "Is Candy Wrapper"

"I know who Candy Wrapper is" Hopscotch spoke up softly.

"And I know you, your Hopscotch right?" Candy said trying to smile "you just lay there and get better okay?, me and Cotton here are going to take care of you guys till everything's all sorted and safe"

"You guys?" Hopscotch looked around the dimly lit room to see some other kids sitting nearby, all looking quite dishevelled but resting in the dark "I wasn't dreaming was I?" she asked tiredly somehow numb to everything "something bad happened"

Looking down sadly at her Candy spoke softly "look it's all going to be alright, were not entirely sure what's happening, there seems to be...Animals of some kind in the valley. But some of the weather patrol was sent to get help when things got...unpleasant, helps on its way okay?"

"Kay" Hopscotch replied.

Looking around the dark area, she realized they were in somepony's cellar a large trap door and ramp for carting food stuffs was at the opposite end while they seemed clustered between some fruit barrel shelves.

"Where are we?

"The Prancing Pony" Cottontop spoke up "Candy brought you here on her last scout out"

"But Mum said I wasn't allowed to go here" Hopscotch replied "She is always saying it's for Tarts and Harlots and if she ever caught Dad here she would buck him into next week"

Candy Wrapper snickered "Yeah it has a reputation, it, and its dancers" she finished giving Cottontop a grin.

Cottontop coughed embarrassedly but smiled mischievously "I assure you those claims are exaggerated…just a little"

"Just a little?" Candy Wrapper said teasingly "and what would an innocent young mare like you know about those things?"

Just as the mood begun to lighten a large thumping was heard up top, something was in the ruins of the bar above, the three of them became deathly quiet afraid that even the barest whisper would alert whatever was above them to their presence, whatever was above them was big, the floor boards creaked with its weight, it's heavy breath could be heard even down in the cellar as it moved rubble and furniture around recklessly, suddenly without warning the creature above let loose a massive roar waking the other kids and eliciting startled screams from the lot of them Hopscotch included, gasping in fear Hopscotch covered her mouth quickly while the two mares desperately tried to quite the other children.

It was all for naught, within moments a large white boar like mask with yellow stripes punched through the floorboards and snarled at them, screaming the kids backed up against the wall the older mares putting them self between the two Cotton Top fanning her wings in a futile attempt to appear larger somehow. Another squeal sounded and the whole creature crashed through the floor proper, filling up the space with its bulk.

The large creature resembled a boar only in its mask, it's body instead looking something like a cats minus the tail, there seemed to be a whole in its middle but if it hurt the monster made no indication, instead focusing all its attention on the pony's in front of it, Candy Wrapper had a small bat in her mouth but it looked almost laughable compared to the size of the creature she was facing, Cottontop looked like she was about to collapse but shakily held her ground refusing to give in.

Neither of the two ponies could discern any type of intelligence from the alien creatures eyes only a cold animalistic hunger, snorting at them it begun to paw the ground ready to charge, and in the confined basement, there was precious little they could do to manoeuvrer and keep the children safe.

Suddenly it roared, reared back ready to charge and...stopped? the two mares braced for a second before blinking confusedly at the ever so still creature, the monster let out almost a whimper before suddenly splitting in half, length ways from mask to back!, gasping in shock the two would be guardians and their charges stared dumbly as the creature seemed to evaporate into thin air, as its form cleared the two mares saw some other creature on the ground behind it seemed to be sitting at least till it straightened up onto two legs and turned to face them.

The new creature didn't seem to have a mask and was lithely built, holding some type of blade in a set of 'claws' on one of its 'upper legs?' it also appeared to be wearing clothes of some kind, white slippers and stockings on its two standing legs with a short white and black lace skirt while its top half had a tight white lace top with a large black bow in the centre, it's two other "upper?' legs had white stockings running from the front claws to just past it's knee joint, a long blond mane on its head that seemed to sit in two tails down the side of its head and had eight white ceramic like clips along its brow, there only seemed to be one similarity between their would be saviour and the pig demon creature, A large whole in its lower torso that went all the way through it.

"Well, well, well looks like I made it in time" spoke the unknown with a feminine voice stepping forward it's blond mane swaying back and forth "any longer and that trash would have smeared all of you all over the walls" the light amusement coming from the new creature setting the two mares on edge, while the children crept forward eager to see what this hero of theirs was like.

"Who and What are you?" Candy spoke up first bat still held firmly in place.

"Is that anyway to address your apparent saviour?" it/she retorted "why should I tell you anything?"

"Well you did save us" Cottontop joined in "I assume that your here to...help...us" she trailed off as the creature brought the blade up to her mouth and slowly licked the blood of it, all the while not taking her eyes of the ponies in front of it.

"Not quite" she spoke amusedly "I just saved you from getting smeared all over the walls...I do after all hate to see a good meal go to waste"

Hopscotch felt her chest tighten at that last comment 'it wanted them for food too?' swallowing deeply she closed her eyes and tried to block out the world around her, hoping the two mares could drive of this new creature.

Candy Wrapper was pissed. Just when they thought help arrived, this...thing rocks up instead looking for an easy kill and it was playing with them! At least the other monster gave them the dignity of animal honesty in its intentions, this new creature seemed to enjoy drawing it out, she had to get the children out of there, no way in hell was she...

In the blink of an eye the demon was behind them it's blond mane swaying slightly, standing over top of little Hopscotch and putting herself between the mares and children in the process "Awww don't go to sleep little one...it's no fun if you're not awake" it purred before giving the little filly a small kick sending her into the other children with a cry of pain.

Seething in rage Candy wrapper launched herself at the demon biting hard on the bat trying to bring it around with as much force as her earth pony body could muster.

Only to be caught in mid-air, the she-demon reaching back behind her with one paw and grabbing Candy's jaw solid "Is that really all you can do? sorry but you're going to have to try better than that" pivoting on the spot she spun the green earth pony in a circle smashing her through some empty racks before sending her back across the room into the ramp.

Cottontop trembling in fear took a step back desperately trying to think of something to do. But with a burst of static noise, she quickly found herself kicked to the ground, her neck pinned under the white shoed hoof of the creature now standing behind her.

"What about you hmmm? I thought maybe since the horned ones could do some tricks you might have some. But it seems not. Kami I despise the living! No matter what realm, your all just trash in the end!"

That one statement somehow filled Cottontop with more terror then being pinned to the floor. By the living goddess! They really are demons! Was her only thought.

"What about these wings? how good are they?" she asked reaching down and giving one of them a sharp pull "are they strong?" slowly she begun to pull on the limb, Cotton letting out a small scream as she tore some of her primary feathers out in the process, she continued to pull eliciting more screams until finally the sound of snapping bone could be heard, Cottontop letting loose a shrill cry before sinking into pain induced unconsciousness "huh not that strong it seems" she spoke sounding disappointed "well you won't do at all"

"Let her go!" Candy wrapper shouted slowly getting to her feet, her battered and bruised body screaming at her.

Glancing over at the ramp, the she demon caste Cottontop to the side carelessly and questioned "oh? And what's with that nasty expression? Do you really think you can put up a decent fight against me? Let alone in that condition?"

"Heh. Don't underestimate us earth pony's! We're tougher then you think" Candy gasped out.

Raising an eyebrow; the creature gave Candy Wrapper a disbelieving look "If you say so, but do hurry up already" looking over her shoulder at Hopscotch and others she said "Any longer and I'm going to start dinner early" Sending a wave of fear through hopscotch and the children.

"Like hell you will!" once again Candy Wrapper threw herself at the demon charging it head on, building up as much speed as the short space would allow she looked ready to head-butt the demon, as the monster took a step forward ready to counter her, Candy veered sharply to the left at the last second, hearing a short gasp of shock escape the demon Candy grinned to herself, quickly Slamming her front hoofs down and tucking her back legs up she used her forward momentum to pivot on the spot and line up the creatures side, with a yell she brought her back legs down unleashing all her force right into the creatures knee joint.

Screaming in pain the demon slammed sideways into a shelf of barrels, snarling loudly she begun to scream out curses at the green earth pony "YOU LITTLE BITCH! YOU WHORE! IT HURTS! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? HOW DARE YOU!"

Not willing to pass up the chance Candy turned and attacked again, jumping forward she bucked the creature with her front hooves sending her all the way through the shelf into the other lane.


'Still not down?' Candy thought before taking a determined step back and giving the barrel rack in front of her a solid buck knocking it down on top of the startled monster.


Dust and the sound of breaking wood filled the immediate area. Breathing heavily, Candy walked through it to the debris pile.

"Not so tough are we now!" Candy gasped out "still think us earth ponies aren't much to sweat over?"

Looking back at Hopscotch and the others, Candy Wrapper gave them a reassuring smile and Hopscotch felt her heart soar "See kids? All safe now"

Candy Wrapper begun to walk over to the unconscious Cottontop, but when the sound of laughter filled the air, Hopscotch felt her heart drop into her hooves. "No way..."

Candy Wrapper turned and faced the pile with widening eyes watching as it slowly begun to shift and move, Almost leisurely the creature begun to pull herself out of the rubble, the dirt marking its white clothes the only evidence of it being attacked at all "Ha ha ha ha oh Wow, you honestly believed that you hurt me?" Shaking her head in apparent mirth "talk about pathetic, you couldn't kill the lowest grade of hollow, let alone hurt me!" standing up it casually stretched out its limbs, half lidded eye's focused on Candy Wrapper "anything else you want to try dear?"

Candy Wrapper stood there in shock 'faking it? But...what...how?' unable to contain herself she threw herself at the self-proclaimed 'Hollow' with a scream.

The sound of bone being crunched and a small body slamming into ground filled the air as candy wrapper was once again launched across the room "Really now stop it" spoke the 'hollow' creature almost like a mother scolding her child, while slowly walking over to candy "it was kinda funny at the start but now it just getting sad"

Hopscotch felt like her heart was going to burst from her chest, it was beating so fast. 'She had to do something! Anything! But what exactly? Candy Wrapper was Whistlers Deputy and couldn't do anything!' A little voice inside her head spoke up what could you possible do?

Desperately Candy tried to pull herself up, only to be kicked into a nearby wall by the vicious hollow.

"I thought I said stop that?" she said amusedly "you really aren't all that smart are you? Is that an earth pony trait or just a personal skill?" The creature mocked now standing over the abused pony. "Well? Anymore smart-ass comebacks? Witty retorts? Anything?" she asked the broken body in front of her.

Reaching down she grabbed Candy by her short black mane and hauled her up into the air, holding her body aloft hopscotch could see all the damage done to the poor earth pony. one of her front legs was hanging at an odd angle and her chest had some rather large impressions in it, she had cuts and bruises all over and a decent trickle of blood was making its way down her coat from her mouth, one of her eyes was also swollen shut but it didn't stop the other one looking back in defiance

"Well at least you still have that delicious expression of yours, even if it means nothing" the hollow spoke happily, grinning from ear to ear she brought back one of her upper hooves before slamming it viciously into Candy's body. Laughing out loud she begun to repeatedly beat the broken mare seeming to delight in each muffled scream and moan. "Come on Come on! Scream for me! Look at me with those eyes! God i love it! The hate in them! You want to kill me don't you?" the hollow spoke, her words coming faster and faster as she dropped the mare and begun to viciously kick her against the wall "where's the fight now? Don't tell me that's it, not while you still have those eye's, come on! Struggle for me! Beg me to leave the others alone! Threaten to kill me! Something!"

Candy Wrapper coughed up some blood and mumbled something that Hopscotch couldn't hear.

"What was that? The twisted creature asked, leaning down so she was face to face with her victim

Coughing and choking Candy relied "i said Goddess damn you demon... somepony like me is gonna take you down, I swear it on my cutie mark!" she finished spiting a wad of blood into the hollow's face.

"Cutie mark? You mean this?" she asked slowly circling a hoof on grey and black star that adorned her flank. Grinning widely she suddenly sunk her claws into Candy's flesh.

Candy's screaming filled the room as the hollow slowly and methodically ripped into her tender flesh, blood begun the coat Candy's entire flank while she wildly bucked and kicked against the creature holding her down, Hopscotch desperately shut her eyes and covered her ears in an effort to block out the morbid scene taking place the other children doing much the same.

With one final sickening tear the hollow pulled her prize free from Candy's flank, blood coating her hand and running down her arm as she held it up to her equally blood splattered face "This is it right?" she cooed looking it over in her hand innocently, "doesn't seem like much" looking down at Candy's pale and shaking body she said "And forgive me for saying this but i don't think it suits you either, the colour is all wrong" she said running a claw along Candy's face.

Candy Wrapper just laid there trembling, the pain and suffering proving too much, "Awww don't be like that" the hollow demon almost crooned "if it's important to you, I'll give it back!"

Candy slowly looked up at the hollow incredulously, mind desperately trying to work through the meaning of her last comment.

Relishing in the fear and confusion that played across the green mares face the hollow grinned down at her victim, Griping Candy Wrapper by the jaw she begun to force it open as wide as possible as Candy, kicking and screaming began trying to fight the hollows next violation.

As the Hollow slowly begun to force the torn bloody flesh down Candy's throat, She couldn't help but gasp in pleasure at the delicious sounds her victim was making, the squeals, the screams the crying it was almost too much! She was so close...

"OI AVINE-CHAN? ARE YOU IN HERE?" a Deep masculine voice called out from up above, rudely interrupting her moment of rapture.

"KUSO!" Avine cursed loudly, the outside intrusion all but ruining the mood she had setup. Roughly pulling her hand out of the green mare's throat, she left the flesh behind having no use for it anymore.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NOW KING!" she shouted up to her damnable companion.

Choking and gagging Candy weakly managed to disgorge the unwanted meal, before collapsing back against the ground, unable to keep her tears in check, looking down at her Avine was tempted to beat her to death right then and there out of pure frustration when a burst of Sonido heralded the arrival of her intrusive companion.

"Avine-Chan, I'm sorry to interrupt your game but we have a situation" Spoke the new arrival barely giving the situation more than a glance.

Avine gave her companion a withering stare as she unconsciously checked him over. he was a large dark skinned man standing more than 2 feet taller than her and powerfully built with slab like muscle covering his body, he would have been attractive with his short black dreads and brown eyes but a large bone like mask that covered the lower bottom of his face with a bear muzzle precluded that, bare footed his clothing consisted of loose baggy white pants with black belt, a tight white sleeveless top and a large white sleeveless coat that ran the full length of his body, some small white fingerless gloves and a small hole just below his neck rounded out his appearance.

"What possible situation could justify the massive cock-block you just pulled?" Avine whined "there hasn't been a single damn thing to happen since we rocked up in this forsaken realm"

"Well something's happened now. We lost some hollows at the forest; first, one at the edge, then the others we sent to investigate, it looks...

"THAT'S IT!" Avine furiously interrupted "we know that one of those unicorn creatures took out that first hollow, I heard it, it was quite LOUD" she emphasized crossing her arms in frustration "and th..."

"Exactly" King interrupted this time "when we lost the first one everyone in 5 sprit miles noticed. But when we lost the others, you know what happened? Nothing, no explosion, no reiatsu burst, nothing, they just died".

"So? Hollows die all the time it's not like we need them, their just cannon fodder, trash, hell I've killed half a dozen myself since we got here. She said while fuming at this apparent waste of a good time.

"Avine" King spoke tiredly "just how many things can you think of that can kill hollows, that can do it quickly, quietly, efficiently and have the dedication to hunt us across realms?"

The slow dawning of realization filled Avine's eyes as she began to understand what king was driving at "...Shinigami!" she all but hissed out the word. Her expression seeming to indicate it left a bad taste in her mouth "How? They weren't meant to be able to respond that fast it's barely been over an hour?"

"They must have upgraded their detection methods or means of transport, they've always been ahead of us with those types of things" Frustration of his own leaking into his voice "if there is one thing we can count on it's their dedication to killing us"

Avine seemed to growl tucking her arms in tighter "Well what does He want us to do? Has Victor finished his work?"

"No. it still needs more time. He is going to remain with Victor in case this is a distraction, his work is the most important thing here right now, without it this whole trip has been worthless" King paused a moment before continuing "We will investigate what happened at the forest, if it is indeed a Shinigami we have to kill it before it can realize what's going on. Hopefully they will not expect us"

"What if there is more than one?"

"A distraction has already been organised it might take a while but it will draw any potential Shinigami away from Him and victor"

Avine nodded her head in acquiescence "alright let's go" she said walking to the hole in the makeshift roof.

"Wait...what about these ones?" King spoke up for the first time seemingly acknowledging the natives existence

"What about them? Their trash, and I've gotten about as much fun as I'm going to get out of them" frustration creeping back into her voice.

King looked at the small creatures hiding at the back and at the two broken adults "Very well then"

Walking off to join its companion at the exit Candy felt hope stir within her blood starved mind, hopefully they were not worth killing. Maybe she could save them after all.

Candy Wrapper never saw the Hollow known as King turn around, she never saw the flicker of red form at the end of his muzzle, all she felt was heat and pain as the roof seemed to explode and darkness consumed everything.

Division One, Office of the Sou-Taicho, Seireitei (1 hour ago)

As Soi Fon marched through the first division corridors, she felt like a coiled spring wound far too tight. The alert from 12th division had put her on edge, when word reached her that both Kyoraku Taicho and Ukitake Taicho had already been and gone from the facility and the alert had been stood down, she was furious, Justifiable in her opinion since internal security was 2nd divisions responsibility, just as she stood down her militia and was preparing to head over to Kurotsuchi Mayuri and wring a report from the twisted little man an urgent summons arrived requesting her presence at first division for an emergency captains meeting. Upon arriving at first division however she was directed to the head captains' office rather than the meeting hall.

'No doubt wondering why 2nd division failed to respond in time' she thought bitterly. As soon as she got back to the barracks, the entire Division was going to redo its 'week of hell' training regime from basic.

Approaching her destination, she resisted the urge to use flash step, doing such a thing in the head captains own barracks would be an incredible impolite gesture and she didn't need him anymore unsatisfied with her. Arriving at his door, she was just about to announce her presence when a rough voice cut through from the other side.

"Come in"

Taking a quick breath, she pushed both doors open and marched inside. "Nibantai Taicho Reporting" Soi Fon spoke in a clear crisp voice as she took her position in the centre. Giving the room a quick glance she noticed that Kyoraku Taicho was present to the side of Yamamoto Genryusai, he smiled at her with a quick thumbs up gesture, an attempt to smooth over any hard feelings she thought to herself as her eyes narrowed at him.

"Do you know why you are here?" the Sou-Taicho spoke up.

"I can only assume the 12 divisions alert? I must apologize for 2nd squads failure to resolve the situation, it seems some other squad's decided to step in for us." she replied not once looking away from Kyoraku.

Wincing lightly Kyoraku made a calming gesture with both hands "now now Soi-Chan this has nothing to do with Second squad's performance"

Stirring slightly at the name she retorted "So it's my performance then? Perhaps i should have recklessly..."

"ENOUGH" Yamamoto spoke up taping his walking stick against the floor "There is a situation developing in the severing world, that is why you have been summoned"

Eyes flicking back to the Sou-Taicho Soi Fon felt her cheeks heat lightly in embarrassment, her temper once again getting the better of her and making her look like a fool. Bowing her head lightly she spoke "Apologies please continue"

Tilting his head to Yama-jii, Kyoraku stepped forward to explain. "A little over 20 mins ago a new space was detected in the Severing World, It seems to be settling near our own and has shown signs of spiritual activity"

Soi Fon was surprised "Is it the Valley of Screams?"


"Then the alert..."

"Was 12th division going overboard, there was no need to put all Seireitei on high alert. I was with Ukitake Taicho at the time on the grounds of the 13th, since we were next door we responded to the alert" he finished hopefully managing to smooth over some ruffled feathers with the high strung woman.

"Something else has happened since then" it was a statement not a question "I wouldn't be personally briefed because of this"

"Correct" Yamamoto said. Confirming her suspicions "Shortly after the new space was discovered, we begun to detect anomalies Hollow activity; it seems that a large amount has begun to make its way to this new realm, with so little known we can't afford not to respond. Consequently you will be deployed immediately to this new realm to scout it, ascertain the nature of the local spiritual activity, and suppress any hollow activity that you encounter"

"Immediately?" Soi Fon asked sharply "Has Kurotsuchi Taicho managed to open a path that quickly?"

"No. he can secure a temporary route for you to use but larger traffic is going to have to wait until he can properly make adjustments the severing world"

"How long until reinforcements will be available? Will I be operating in a sealed state?" she pressed "what about the spiritual activity in this realm? Do we have any more information on it?"

Holding up a hand to pause her questions Yamamoto replied "Until Kurotsuchi shares his findings we can't give you a number, there will not be any seals placed on your Reiatsu and as for the new world we have no other information. While we can confirm spiritual activity we are unable to tell anything about it"

"Very well then, am I leaving through the Senkaimon?" She asked.

"No, The 12th have already begun to work on it, The Kuchiki Senkaimon has been turned over to our use Kurotsuchi Taicho has finished his preliminary modifications to it"

"Understood" Bowing to both Kyoraku and the Sou-Taicho Soi Fon quickly made her way over to the open air balcony "I will depart immediately" Casually jumping to the top of the rail she prepared to flash step away when The Sou-Taicho's voice cut her off.

"Soi Fon Taicho. Be careful this new realm is unknown to us. You will represent the will of Soul Society, don't do anything reckless" he intoned softly.

Blushing slightly at the unexpected show of concern Soi Fon nodded her head slightly "Hai Sou-Taicho" she replied before flickering out of sight.

Tilting his hat down, slightly Kyoraku began walking out "Be careful Soi Fon Taicho? I think your finally starting to go soft on us Yama-jii" Kyoraku gently prodded his ancient mentor.

As Yamamoto followed Kyoraku out he was asking himself the same question.

Quickly arriving at the Kuchiki Compound Soi Fon was surprised to find Kurotsuchi Taicho there with Kuchiki Taicho. Bowing politely to the Stoic Noble Byakuya Kuchiki she made her way over to the Senkaimon and the erratic Kurotsuchi Taicho bustling around it and a large projector like device situated in front of it.

"Why are you here Kurotsuchi? Shouldn't you be done with this and already on your way to the captains meeting?" She demanded in a harsh voice.

"Ahh the barbarians are Impatient as always I see. For your information Soi Fon TAICHO" he replied emphasizing her rank "I would be done here already if not for Kuchiki Taicho's interference" Pointing at the other Taicho accusingly "He insisted I wait until his Fukutaicho, Abarai Renji and that irritating Rukia Kuchiki left first. Apparently the Sou-Taicho would like our allies in the living realm to be informed of the current situation, although i can't see why?" he finished confusedly while scratching his chin.

"Perhaps he felt it was best that we inform Kisuke Urahara immediately. No doubt his expertise will be most valuable in any areas we may be...lacking" Kuchiki interjected all too politely.

"Lacking? And just what do you mean by that hmmm?" Kurotsuchi replied with a hint of venom.

"Enough!" Soi Fon Spoke up cutting off the developing argument before it started. "How long until it is ready?"

"I'm just making final adjustments now" he said turning back to his work.

Soi Fon turned her attention to Kuchiki Taicho curiously "Why did your sister and Lieutenant Abarai both go? Surely Abarai can handle this task alone?"

"I do believe you already know the answer to that question Soi Fon Taicho" Kuchiki replied smoothly.

Narrowing her eyes in thought, she spoke "Kurosaki Ichigo". Taking the nobleman's silence as an affirmative she continued to press "It's been 3 weeks since Aizen was defeated, whatever Reiatsu he has left will soon be running out. The last thing we need to do is drag him into our business"

"Oh? I am surprised to hear you show concern for his well-being. Considering the approach the Onmitsukido take towards battle and its allies" Kuchiki replied

A month ago, Soi Fon would have Vigorously Denied claims that she had any concern for the Shinigami Daikou at all, but now... "He sacrificed everything for us... He deserves to be left in peace"

Byakuya titled his head towards her, his face expressionless, after a few moments he looked away replying quietly "Agreed. We have taken enough from him. Seireitei needs to stand on its own feet"

Nothing left to be said they stood there silently for a few minutes while Kurotsuchi finished.

Letting out a sigh Kurotsuchi stood up and stepped back from his device. "All preparations are complete. Kuchiki Taicho if you could please activate your Senkaimon we can begin" turning around he begun to address Soi Fon while Kuchiki completed his short ritual.

"This will not be a normal transit through to severing world like your used to for obvious reasons, since this is the first time a route has been opened up to this realm we have to be a little rough about it, Thankfully i have developed a way to do this that only presents a 60-65 precent risk to the traveller" his excitement becoming more apparent with every word.

Soi Fon raised an eyebrow at the apparent 'Low' risk but listened intently.

"I have targeted an area in the new realm that has shown signs of weakness. More than likely Hollow activity in the immediate area has weakened it's dimensional fabric" Kurotsuchi explained condescendingly "After the Spirit Arc projector fires" he said while gesturing to the device behind him aimed at the now opened Senkaimon "it will force a small channel through the severing world to the next realm, now due to...

"How small are we talking here?" Soi Fon interrupted.

Snorting at the interruption, Kurotsuchi nevertheless quickly answered "roughly 3 meters by 3 meters, but it will be collapsing behind you so that will change..."

"What do you mean collapsing behind me?" Soi Fon was becoming uncomfortable with the nature of the mad scientist 'low risk transit'

"Stop interrupting! How can I explain it if i can't finish!" pausing to take a breath, he continued "It will be collapsing behind the crest roughly 10 to 15 meters as it moves. But you can't get closer than 5 meters to the crest or..."



"...Sorry please continue"

"...As i was saying the CREST has roughly a 5 meter tail behind it that will cause serious injury if you expose yourself to it..."

"It's a slipstream." Byakuya interrupted this time.


"...Sorry please continue"

"...as i was saying the slipstream only has a..."

"Byakuya said slipstream"


"...Sorry please continue"

"...AS I was saying. The slipstream is roughly a 5 meter window between the tail of the crest and the Capturing Flow..."

"So she just has..."

"SHUT UP!" Kurotsuchi shouted throwing his fist up and down in rage. "HOW CAN I EXPLAIN IT, IF I CAN'T FINISH!" panting deeply Kurotsuchi's eyes darted back and forth between the two stoic captains.

"IT'S A BUBBLE! don't get to close to the crest or you will burn, fall to far back and the Capturing Flow will consume you, it will be moving quite fast so try to keep up...ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ASK?"

"No that covers it" Soi Fon said simply.

"Simple enough to follow" Byakuya added smoothly.

One eye twitching madly, Kurotsuchi turned back to his device "Take your position Soi Fon Taicho you must be ready if you want to keep up with the crest" he spoke in a tightly controlled voice.

Nodding politely to Byakuya, Soi Fon took her stance next to the projector. "Ready"

Kurotsuchi placed his hand on the control panel uttering one word "Now"

At the first flash of light, she was gone.

Soi Fon swore she would kill Kurotsuchi when she got back, Or put him back into his hole where he belonged she wasn't sure.

The 5 meter burn zone behind the crest was closer to 10 meters it seemed, and the Capturing Flow seemed to be closer to 10 meters too, leading her to have to run inside the tail of the crest almost just to keep out of Flow behind her, the ground too was unstable, since it was actually incinerated Flow that was regenerating just slow enough not to capture her.

All in all, it wasn't looking good for Kurotsuchi. She had been running for close to 30 mins or so by her reckoning which meant she was getting close to the other realm. Thankfully, the path was at least a straight line; if she had to turn then maintaining this spee...

Everything shifted.

One moment she was running through the precipice world the next she was falling through the air upside down. Soi Fon blinked in surprise at the jarring shift in lighting as the eerie darkness of the severing world was shattered an idyllic sunny afternoon, wind whipping past her Soi Fon relaxed and took a moment to observe her location.

Freefalling from roughly 2400 meters the new realm looked almost like soul society. Looking down/up at the ground, she could see a large valley heavily forested at one end and a small town at the other, grimly she noted small pillars of smoke and dust rising from the village, and she could sense the reiatsu of hollows inside it.

Frowning darkly at the thought of hollows being able to hunt with such organisation, she briefly hoped that maybe the local mortals may have some sort of defence, but judging from the condition of the town, she doubted it. although the local Reiatsu 'tasted' strange for lack of a better description all most 'sweet' she could still make out the tell tail signatures of living souls inside the town, precious few for a village that size.

Quickly she begun to run through infiltration methods to enter the town proper and engage the hollows when she felt an small concentration of hollows outside the village fixing her attention to their coppery aura she noted they were gathered around a reasonable sized blast crater, 'Maybe the locals aren't so defenceless after all?' she thought.

Adjusting her free-fall, she pushed off the air with a foot setting herself in the direction of the hollow cluster. Thoughts coming together she quickly formulated a plan 'Kill all but one of the stragglers, interrogate it for any information, move into the village' nodding satisfied to herself she waited till she was coming down practically on top of the hollows before giving one final push-off against the air.

The Crunch of the Hollows mask as it was slammed down through its own body by a tiny black and white blur stunned the unprepared Predators. But even as they dimly tried to comprehend the presence of the diminutive Shinigami in their midst Soi Fon was already moving. Before her first kill could even begin to disintegrate, she was attacking her second target on the opposite side of the circle drawing her Zanpakutou she became a flicker of steel and blood as she appeared behind the hollow shredding it so fast it evaporated the same time as her first victim.

Turning around she watched a serpent like hollow launch its self between its two remaining comrades at her coming low for an attack, Even as the other two survivors spun around on her to assist Soi Fon once again became a blur this time appearing directly beneath the serpentine hollow she jumped upwards giving it a solid kick to the jaw rupturing it's skull and mask the hollow disintegrated in an instance, as she fell back down to the earth she twisted in mid-air, dodging a quartet of closely aimed spikes launched by a peacock like hollow on her right, flicking out two fingers from her sword hand she spoke for the first time since the attack

"Bakudo no4: Hainawa (Crawling Rope)"

A Thin bolt of yellow lightning flickered out from her hand and slammed into the bird like hollow constricting it and sealing it on the spot, while she was seemingly distracted with this a large ape like hollow threw his fist forward in an attempt to crush the fragile Shinigami. The ape creature barely had time to register surprise as its large fist was stoped solid by the comically small woman's left hand. She didn't even look at him as she raised her palm up.

"Hado no1: Sho (thrust)"

The last hollows brain seemed to explode out the back of its skull and it swiftly evaporated. Staring in mute shock the bound hollow couldn't even struggle as the terrifying women walked over to it.

Soi Fon glanced over to the centre of the empty crater as she walked up to her captive. "seems like i wasn't the first problem you creatures ran into" leaning down she dispelled the kido from around the hollows face "I want information and you're going to provide it" she paused as she brought her Zanpakutou forward releasing it into its Shikai form of a gold and black gauntlet on her wrist with a chain linked stinger on her middle finger "if you lie to me or try to escape you get one warning. Do it a second time and you die"

Trembling in fear, the smaller peacock hollow begun to blabber "I-I-I don-don't know anything, I-i jus-just fo-follwed the-the others, SHRIEKER! Shrieker m-might know some-something! He-he's st-still around, hunt-hunting in the-in the forest!"

"Hunting? Hunting what?" Soi Fon asked a little malice slipping into her voice.

"uhh-uhh well food..." the hollow spoke up unwilling to go into detail.


"...uh...yeah w-w-well yo-you see the-there was a-a sur-sur-survivor" the hollow squeaked out, Looking back over to the crater.

"Go on" Soi Fon replied deceptively calm.

"W-well the-there was or-orders t-to in-inves-in-investigate..."

"Investigate what? What Happened Here?" she growled out.

"uhh-well-uhh" the hollow looked around desperately.

"Spit it out!"

"AN ATTACK!" gasping the hollow seemed to resolve that it wasn't getting away from its captor "O-o-one of the-the natives. It kill-killed one of us, W-we sec-secured the are-area w-while the L-left-overs were b-brought back to-to the town"

"And who is in town that's giving these orders? What do they want with the 'left-overs'?

"I-i don-don't know"

Narrowing her eyes, she looked like she didn't believe him for a second but moved on. "What about the survivor? Did it help kill the first one of you?"

"N-no it's a-It's a kid. We-we th-think it-it's a kid-it's smal-smaller the-then the ot-others"

Soi Fon's eyes widened at the hollows admission and in a flash, she appeared at the edge of the forest kneeling down looking at the small tracks of a creature in the underbrush. Concentrating lightly she picked up the last remaining hollows aura closing in on the weak living spirit; with a quick nod to herself she began her pursuit vanishing in an instant.

For a moment the hollow stared confusedly at the after image of the Shinigami before the burning sensation in its chest became apparent, looking down it saw some sort of tattoo on its chest begin to glow red. 'How?...When?...Bitch!' was the last thought to pass through the hollows mind before it evaporated.

The forest was a blur of green and brown as Soi Fon speed through it. Cursing to herself at her self-induced delay, she could feel the hollow closing on the child's soul. 'I wasted too much time' she thought grimly 'I should have killed the first one sooner and gone after this Shrieker straight away, now one of the living is going to pay for my failure' unable to contain her anger at her lack of attention she used her rage to fuel her speed pouring everything she had into her legs trying to make up the distance in time 'Faster!, Faster!, Faster!'

Focusing her attention on the two spirits, she nearly screamed in frustration when the small one seemed to tumble 'Not now! I'm so close!' giving one last burst of speed she saw the two spirits come into eye sight at the last second.

'It's a Unicorn for Yoruichi's sake! A small bright yellow unicorn!'

Barely having time to take in the sight of the two beings she immediately intercepted the hollows arm as i reached out for the tiny yellow form literally tearing it off with her gauntleted hand and though she would later deny it, the pleasure she felt as she managed the last second save left her feeling pretty heady.

Screaming in shock and rage, the red and black hollow reared back. "SH-SH-SHINIGAMI!" It shouted, unable to contain its fear "IMPOSSIBLE! We were told that you could not get here in time! That this would be a safe hunting ground!"

"Oh?" she replied feeling her interest perk "and who told you that? Do you have a name?"

"I'LL TALK! Just don't kill me! I'll talk and you can let me go!" The hollow desperately tried to reason, apparently unable to comprehend that its fate was already decided.

She nearly laughed in disbelief but played along anyway "Name!"

"Right... Name... Uhh" The hollow stuttered and Soi Fon felt frustration course through her veins, she knew it was wise to withhold information just to prevent this type of situation, But since when did Hollows ever give a damn about such concepts as military intelligence?

Letting loose a sigh she spoke "you don't have one do you. You're just following the mob. You have nothing of value"

Desperation taking hold the hollow begun to babble whatever it could to save itself "I KNOW THINGS! I DO! THESE ORDERS CAME FROM LAS NOCHES! OR IT"S RUINS SOMEONE TOOK OVER!" Soi Fon raised an eye at that particular tid bit

"AND IF YOU LET ME GO I CAN FIND OUT MORE! MUCH MORE! I WON"T HUNT HERE AGAIN EITHER!" clearly this one wasn't here to provide high level intellect Soi Fon thought as she mussed over the information provided.

"Las Noches? That's interesting"

"YES IT IS!" the hollow took a breath seeming to believe it had managed to save its hide "S-so I c-can go now...right? That was enough?"

"Hmm?" she felt herself raise an eyebrow curiously "Enough to point us in the right direction yes" Deciding that the charade was over she replied "now you can die"

"BUT WE HAD A DEAL!" the hollow squealed in its painfully high voice.

"No" she corrected looking over her shoulder at the unusual looking creature, It's fear contrasting with hope in its large almost pretty blue eyes "You begged, I asked for information and you gave it, we never agreed to anything!" turning her attention back to her prey she spoke up "I am Soi Fon the Nibantai Taicho of the Gotai 13!, We do not make deals with trash"

Not willing to wait for the hollow to make some last ditch attempt at freedom she darted forward and gave the hollow a simple Fly kick to its mask, shattering the brittle bone and killing it instantly. As she landed, she immediately turned around and walked up to the shivering native, truly taking in its appearance for the first time.

It was definitely a unicorn, only a couple of feet tall. It had short, light yellow fur and an orange mane that was tied back into a ponytail, on its flank was some sort of marking of a small bee sitting on a white flower. On its head, a small yellow horn poked through the front of its fringe while it stared up at Soi Fon with impossible large blue eyes.

"Name?" she demanded pushing down her pity at the sight of the terror in the creatures eyes.

Swallowing its fear the tiny unicorn whispered up "S-Sunsnap Ma'am"

Soi Fon found herself coming to the same conclusion as the Hollow. 'Sunsnap' was definitely a child of some kind. "Race? Location?"

"Uhh I'm a Pony Miss Shinigami and this is Neighwood Forrest in Equestria just outside of Trotington Village" the small 'Pony' answered in quietly. While Soi Fon filed the names away for later reference, she was impressed that Sunsnap was able to remember what she was from the hollows ramblings

"Are you go-g-going to save u-us?" Sunsnap spoke up unexpectedly

Soi Fon felt her heart melt looking into those damnable innocent eyes 'It must be some sort of evolutionary defence. Don't eat me I'm cute' she thought darkly. Leaning down she grasped the little pony by the back of its neck and spoke softly "I'll try, to save who I can".

In a single Flash step she brought them both to the nearest edge of the forest thankfully, it was a distance away from the previous battle sight. She had no desire to bring the child there especially if it what she suspected happened there was true. "Stay here, you should be safe, I'm am going to take care of the hollows now"

"H-how? I think there might be a lot! And they're so big!" Sunsnap spoke up placing her two front legs against Soi Fon.

Soi Fon couldn't help but feel a little touched at the amount of concern the small pony was willing to show a stranger 'Is their whole race like this? How do they survive?' Forcing a smirk she said as nonchalantly as possible "Simple, I'm going to kill them all"

"Oh is that so?"

Soi Fon hissed out loud, as she spun around into a defensive stance unconsciously shielding Sunsnap in the process to see a large black man dressed in white wearing a white bear mask casually strolling up to them. Kuso! Arrancar! How did he sneak up on me!

"Yo! The names king. You look surprised to see me"


Authors note:

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