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"Shut your mouth."

"Make me!"

"I'm warning you XII—"

"Oh please. What are you going to do to me? Whack me with a book? Oh, I'm simply shaking in my boots!"

Zexion glared at the younger Nobody; the girl who was supposed to be his subordinate. Yet here she was, throwing her weight around and throwing a tantrum at him for…

What was it they were arguing about?

"Really Zexion?" she laughed, a high pitched giggle that seemed to defy her true nature. If anything, it was like a tigress sounding like a harmless kitten.
"You really think you're stronger than me? If I had my way around here…you'd be on the bottom of the heap! You're a little weakling, a scared little boy who hides behind books and illusions!"

He chuckled quietly to himself. "It's impossible for a Nobody to feel fear. Don't you know that, Twelve?"

She seemed to take it as a challenge. "Oh I know that." Larxene rolled her eyes, waving her hand like she was swatting away a fly.
"But there's always a first time for everything." She said with her signature smile.

"And even if I don't make you fear me…I can always make you feel something even worse."

She began walking towards him, the sound of her boots clicking delicately on the marble floor echoing in the great space.

"You realize I am your superior in ranking?" Zexion asked, backing away in step with every advance the Nymph made.

"What do I care about ranking? You sound like Vexen." Larxene said disgustedly, taking easy steps forward. "Always talking about respecting higher ranks, but never actually taking his own advice. It's funny, isn't it?"

Zexion felt a wall press up against his back; he was trapped, unable to step backwards any further. The Nymph seemed to realize this, smiling as she cornered her prey.

"I beg your forgiveness, Twelve." Zexion said, bowing his head in true gentleman fashion.

Larxene's lips curled in satisfaction. "That's more like it." She praised, hooking a finger underneath the boy's chin and lifting his head up.
"See? That wasn't at all hard, was it?" the Nymph crooned.

"No it wasn't."
The vision of Zexion disappeared at once; Larxene found herself cornered against the wall with Zexion standing behind her, a triumphant smirk on his face.

"So, the little boy wants to play games?" Larxene asked, inwardly cursing herself for being so easily deceived by the illusionist. "Just to let you know, no one fools me and gets away with it." She laughed, trying to make up for the fact that she had lost the first round of their game of wit.

"Oh, I beg to differ."

Zexion disappeared once more, just as Larxene threw a few well aimed knives in his direction. They hit the wall across her, digging holes into the white marble with crackling electricity.

"Come out to play Zexion! You can't hide from me forever…"
The last part she muttered angrily, hell-bent on teaching this little bookworm a lesson.
How dare he underestimate her!

"Looks like I was right." Larxene said loudly, just to make sure Zexion would hear her clearly. "You're hiding behind your illusions, just like I said. Like a coward."

Her hands summoned her knives once more and she threw them all around her in a full revolution—they had to hit something, didn't they?

One caught her attention; it had bounced off something in mid-air and clattered to the ground.
"Found you." Larxene announced, sending a powerful jolt of lightning at where the knife had deflected.

Nothing was there.

"My my, Twelve. What a temper." A voice said from behind.

Larxene turned, sending another lightning jolt at Zexion—or not. The illusion disappeared as the lightning hit it and she let out a groan of frustration.

"You're no fun Zexion." Larxene grumbled. "Why don't you come out so we can play properly?" she asked sweetly. "What's a game if there's only one person playing?"

"I'm a little too old for games."
Another Zexion illusion, as the Nymph found after her knives pierced it right through and hit the wall behind.

"Please, you're younger than me." Larxene said dryly.

"Counting in Nobody years…I think not. I was 'born' much earlier than you."

More knives flew in the direction of the voice; yet another illusion.

"It's a shame; and yet you're still so much shorter than me." The Nymph laughed out loud.

Zexion's voice was silent, no doubt having taken the insult rather personally.

The Nymph laughed.

Larxene spread her arms out and shot out electric charges towards all the knives that had been stuck in the walls from her previous attacks, forming a giant, crackling field of lightning.

"Come out, come out Zexion!" she cackled, increasing the power of the charge in the field.

She heard screaming as the real figure of Zexion finally appeared. He sank to the ground clutching his body in pain as the powerful voltage ran through his being.

Taking her chance, the Nymph pounced on her prey, relishing in the boy's screams.
"How does it feel, to know fear after all these long years as a Nobody?" she asked, cruelly sending an even more powerful current through her fingers; lightning seemed to move around Larxene, strangely resembling wings that flashed and sizzled, like thunderstorms.

Whether they were the wings of an angel or the devil…Zexion was in too much pain to figure out. He couldn't move as she pinned him down with her legs and held him captive with her hands holding down his wrists.

"S-stop…!" he gasped, feeling his body tremble beyond his control.
Larxene looked down at him coldly, stopping the current in her body from flowing out.
"You men are all the same."

She leant in close to the boy with a smile that shouldn't have been there.
"If you apologize for disrespecting me…I'll take your pain away."
She leant in even closer. "All of it." She whispered, tracing Zexion's jawline with charged fingers.

"It shouldn't be too hard; you did it just a few moments ago."

She could feel him trembling, although not of his own accord; the charge sent through his body was playing around with his nerves. She could just use her imagination and pretend he was trembling from fear.

Zexion looked up at her balefully, obviously holding back a storm of insults. "I…"

"Yes?" Larxene asked gently, purposefully sending another charge (just a little one) through his lips, as if she could control the boy's words.

"I humbly apologize for my earlier misconduct." Zexion hissed, putting in every effort to show his displeasure in every syllable. He jerked his head away from Larxene's touch, waiting to be freed from her hold.

"Mm, there's a good boy." Larxene praised. She'd fix his attitude later; right now, she was satisfied with Zexion's conforming towards her.
"Now let me just…earth you. How does that sound?"

He did not reply.

"I said…"
Larxene dug her nails into the boy's neck with a threatening smile. "How does that sound?"

"It sounds wonderful."

"It's not hard to show some manners, Zexion." The Nymph said in a sing-song tone. "And with a mind like yours, I'm sure you'll learn fast."

She released the boy's wrists and earthed herself, letting her body become neutral again.
"Open up."

Without warning, her lips met his, calling forth whatever charge remained in the boy's body.

Zexion was too shocked to close his eyes; his steel-blue eyes met Larxene's own emerald as she deepened the kiss, gently caressing his lips with her own. He didn't bother to pull away.

The kiss itself wasn't what he was enjoying; the feeling of control over his own body came back to him, and the strange humming along his veins stopped as the charge left him.

If he had a heart, he was sure it would have been frantically beating for its life.

Larxene stood, satisfied that there was no charge left in Zexion's body. "I'll be seeing you around Zexion." she said, opening up a Corridor with a flick of her hand.

As the boy sat up to watch her go, he saw the Nymph waving to him, her back turned as she entered the darkness.

Had he really just been utterly humiliated by a junior member of the Organization?
He cursed himself for letting himself be so easily conquered—especially by a girl!

He found himself thinking back to that kiss; oddly enough, he hadn't entirely loathed the experience. If anything, it was a nice contrast to the pain he'd experienced.

He found himself wanting to kiss her again. Just to get a clearer picture of what it was that evoked such a "feeling" inside him; it made him feel…

As if he had the slightest sensation of a heart, frantically beating inside his empty chest.

Once more, he scolded himself for thinking such foolish thoughts.
Had he told Vexen, he would have had all of them kissing Larxene for the sake of research.
And he certainly didn't want her being tainted by others

"Blast!" he cursed out loud; the kiss had disorientated his thoughts.
I couldn't care less if Larxene was set upon by kiss-hungry Nobodies! He thought, determined to reset his mind.

Let her kiss them for all I care!

And yet, as he thought the last sentence, he thought he felt himself taking those words back.
Every last syllable.

Ok, just to clear things up;

To earth something is to let their electric charge go back into the earth; it's a term I learnt in Physics. Chyeah ;]
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