Andre, like Tori, your name is on this list because you stole something of mine.

Well, you kind of stole it. See, I wrote it, and you took the credit.

Kind of like that jerk who took credit for the play Beck wrote.

Through my pain, I smile softly, remembering the whole deal with Dale Squires. God, this is making me miss Jade.

I came to your house late one night, because I wanted to show you the song I wrote for Beck.

I wanted your criticism, because you can write songs that will eventually become famous. Obviously.

But what did you do?

You took my song, changed some of the lyrics, put it in a contest, and won the contest.

Did you know it hurt?

Tell me, Andre.. what's one of the most valuable items in your possession?

How would you like it if I took it and sold it?

..Didn't think so.

A small tear escapes my eye. If only Jade could have told me these things. I would've helped her. I would've sworn my life away to help her in any possible way.

If you're following the map, go to C-25. The stadium where each song was being performed for a bunch of judges.

I came to that, and I sat where you couldn't see me, and I watched as you performed my song. I watched as you took the credit, got the money, hell, you even got a chance to record it.

And you did. Not too long after that, I heard it on the radio.

I never knew Andre was this much of a jerk. I couldn't even dream it up, even if I wanted to.

But I trusted Jade more than anyone else. Because I loved her. So, with a heavy heart, I continued on.

All these other songs you've "written"; have you actually written them? Or have you just stolen them from some innocent person who deserves all the credit?

Now that I think of it, Andre, you don't deserve any of it. You deserve to be kicked out of Hollywood Arts, that's what you deserve. They don't accept plagiarism.

I was even desperate enough to try to stop you.

She laughs, another cold, bitter laugh, very similar to the one I heard when she was first announcing her plans with these tapes.

Obviously, it didn't work. You let me, you never pushed me away. But you continued to take the credit.


My song gave you fame. Soon enough, you're going to be a famous songwriter.

But it's too bad they don't have a title like "songstealer."

This is your warning.. if you don't pass these tapes along, they will be released. And all your fame will slip out of your hands, because of one tiny decision.

Choose wisely.

The edge, the ice in her voice, it scares me. Yet, I feel as if she's right here with me, talking to me directly, instead of speaking through an old stereo.

What, does everyone want to know exactly how I tried to stop him?


Let's just say it involved a room at night with the lights turned off.

And alcohol.

And a black thong.

If I need to say any more, you're pretty dumb.

But it wasn't fun.

I'm not going to describe it, though. These tapes are PG, bordering on PG-13.

Except for Beck's.

But that one comes later.

I silently wonder exactly what mine is about, if it's not "PG" like she says.

Who's the next person to play in this game?

Let's see..

Cat Valentine.