Code Geass: Brand New World

Episode 1: The Two Emperors

Part 1

Author's Note: I have no connection to Sunrise, CLAMP, Bandai, and all those lovely people. As a fan of Code Geass, I am inexplicably drawn to the universe to write fanfiction in. Much like my Rivalz fanfiction (which I probably will return to much later) this world is non cannon and should only be used for non-profit entertainment purposes only. Please support the official release.

The date was August 10, 2015 of the Imperial Calendar. On the fifth anniversary of the subjugation of Japan and the incorporation of Area Eleven, all of Britannia was in celebration. Even the 98th Emperor Charles zi Britannia was forced to celebrate Britannia's acquisition of the world's single largest sakuradite source. But on that day, tragedy struck, as the Emperor was poisoned by his own son, eleventh prince Lelouch vi Britannia, last remaining vi Britannia. In the events to follow, the world was changed forever.


AREA ELEVEN, 2017 a.t.b

August 9, 2015

"This is Q-1 to N-1, report."

"No sign of any trouble, the package is en route to waypoint six."

"This is N-3, we have a suspicious group of Elevens along escape path Delta. Response?"

"Eliminate them, this operation is of the highest importance."

"Yes, my lord."

Earl Alan Lee leaned back in his command Sutherland as the three trucks and their knightmare escorts travelled the cleared street at the edge of the Settlement. No citizens stared out of windows, no pedestrians roamed the streets, not even regular police forces even glanced at the military forces rolling through their patrols. The operation, secret in purpose and path but not in action, caused any who accidentally witnessed it to turn back. None wished to find out what was happening for fear of being dragged away in the night under charges of treason.

The Imperial Guard was on the move.

The Earl smirked as he looked over his surroundings, projected on his HUD. Nary a soul could be seen. Everything was going far better than could be expected. There had been no delays at the warehouse, not even a hint of a rebel attack at such a fragile moment when the package was being loaded on the convoy. Now it was a straight shot to the docks. But he must not be complacent, the convoy was skirting uncomfortably close to the Shinjuku ghetto, and he did not intend to be caught off guard. As Commander of Emperor Lelouch's Imperial Guard, he was held to a higher standard than even the most elite of Britannian knights.

"Elevens at path Delta removed."

"Excellent, return to point seven, N-3. B-1, status report."

"All clear at waypoint seven, the package may continue."

The Earl smiled. Nothing would stop this poison gas from being shipped back to the homeland...


"This is Miname, the convoy is taking the first path, as you predicted."

"Excellent. Tamaki, the convoy is headed your way. Go ahead."

"You got it buddy!"

"Tamaki, this is important. Remember to do exactly what I told you."

"Don't worry, these guys are going down..."


On every TV in the Britannian settlement and beyond, on every radio, on every screen, normal broadcasting was interrupted. Instead, the cross of St. George that made up the Britannian flag looked down upon the settlers of Area Eleven.

"We interrupt this broadcast," said the calm female voice from every screen and radio in the settlement, "for an announcement from his imperial majesty Emperor Lelouch, 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. All rise for Emperor Lelouch."

The flag faded away as the young Emperor appeared in its stead. His black and gold robes swayed around him, making the tall but thin royal appear wider than he really was. He smiled, but cruelly, reminding everyone in the settlement of his power at their Emperor.

"To all my loyal subjects," he began, his royal drawl masking an even colder interior. "as well as the cooperative Elevens working for our glorious Empire: I have been paying close attention to the situation here in Area Eleven for some time now and I must say I am not impressed. My brother, Viceroy Clovis, has proven that he is unable to stop the rampant terrorism that exists within this country. The JLF continue to be a thorn in the side of the Empire, not to mention the smaller yet no less effective terrorist cells that are responsible for the deaths of eleven Britannian lives in the bombing of the Osaka hotel yesterday. Therefore I have decided that I personally will be overseeing efforts to incorporate this important Area as a productive member of the Empire, and to eliminate the scum that continues to defy my rule."

"For now, Clovis will remain as the civilian leader of the local government, along with his friend General Bartley retaining control over the local armed forces. But rest assured, my personal guard will be here to eliminate all threats to stability and safety. We will not allow terror to bring down this glorious Empire! All Hail Britannia!"

In the street below, citizens and Honorary Britannians, whether loyal or disloyal, all repeated the call.


In a dark alley, a dark-haired youth stared up at the screen, his white robes drenched with his own blood from a now nonexistent source. In shock and disbelief, he muttered to himself:

"Was that... me?"


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