Code Geass: Brand New World

Episode 1: The Two Emperors

Part 5

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The date was August 10, 2015 of the Imperial Calendar. On the fifth anniversary of the subjugation of Japan and the incorporation of Area Eleven, Charles zi Britannia, the 98th Emperor of Britannia, was poisoned by his own son, eleventh prince Lelouch vi Britannia, last remaining of the vi Britannia. In the following coup, he executed princes Odysseus and Schneizel, his main opponents to his rule, and transferred his militaristic siblings away from the palaces at Pendragon. Taking upon the title of 99th Emperor, Lelouch is determined to keep his Empire under an iron grasp...


"Kallen, help me with CC" Lelouch grunted, lifting the bound green-haired prisoner from the ground. The witch was deceptively heavy for her slight frame, but Lelouch managed to haul her into a sitting position. Meanwhile Kallen bent over CC's legs, fiddling with the large straps that bound them together.

"CC, can you hear me?" Lelouch spoke to the witch, turning her head to face him. There was a pause where there was no response, but she eventually opened her eyes, gazing lazily into Lelouch's purple eyes.

"CC..." Lelouch whispered, but before he could continue, the witch closed her eyes again and defiantly slumped against him.

"Erg, CC, we don't have time for this!" Lelouch growled at the witch to no avail. He let one of his hands slip from under her head and rub his forehead in thought. Damn, of course she's being so stubborn, he thought. I'm the Emperor who likely imprisoned her in there in the first place. And even if Clovis was responsible for catching her in the first place, I would have found out eventually. What can I do to convince her that I'm not...

A stirring in the cabin of the truck caused both Lelouch and Kallen to looks up suddenly in shock.

"Did you check the...?"

Kallen shook her head in dawning realization, and leapt to her feet. In an instant she dashed over to the cabin, disregarding stealth or her surroundings, and looked in through the side window. Inside, lying across the front seats, was a familiar face, his clothes stained in blood but his head slowly moving from side to side.

"Nagata!" Kallen called out, pressing her face to the window. The terrorist blinked, looking up to the window. His eyes were unfocused and seemed clouded over, but they still looked into Kallen's. He held his gaze for several moments, both Kallen and Nagata silent. By this time, Lelouch had arrived next to the door, peering in.

Eventually Nagata worked up the strength to lift his left hand, and raised it to the dashboard. He never took his eyes off of Kallen, pain and sorrow in both of their faces. Nagata gasped harshly, trying to take in breath even as tears poured from his eyes. Finally, his lips started to form words. His hands moved over to a device attached to the dashboard itself.

In Japanese, Nagata muttered, "Long live..."

Lelouch started, realizing what was happening next. In an instant, he grabbed Kallen by the shoulder and pulled her to the ground.

Inside the cabin, Nagata activated the bomb.

"Long live... Japan..."


In the G-1, Clovis, Bartley and the rest of the present officers gasped as a flare of white appeared out of nowhere on the tactical map, disappearing as suddenly as it had appeared.

"Bartley, what was that?" Clovis called out to his general.

"Ah... Commander Stanley!" He shouted into the communication channels after a brief pause. "Status report! What was that?"

"Explosion, sir." The staticy voice replied. "The terrorists must have set off a charge in the underground. We've lost contact with Honorary Britannian groups 3 and 4."

"Any other casualties?" Bartley called out as his Prince leaned back in his command chair.

"No sir, Britannian or Eleven." Commander Stanley replied. There was a pause before he continued. "General Bartley, do you think that...?"

But Bartley cut him off, replying, "Continue your search Commander." Shutting off the communicator, he turned to Clovis, who leaned back in deep thought. "Sir, if the terrorists destroyed the package then..."

"It's not destroyed." Clovis replied matter-of-factly, "It can't be. But this has gone out of hand now." He sighed, his voice becoming dark and brooding. "Bartley, If knowledge of hit gets out, the Emperor will destroy me. The Plan must therefore be moved to the next stage..."

Bartley stepped back in shock. "Ah... Your Highness..."

"What is the status of our Knightmare force?" Clovis asked almost airily, but with an undertone of determination.

"Your Highness..." Bartley started, but stopped and answered, "Roughly half of our forces and what remains of Emperor Lelouch's soldiers are tied up dealing with the terrorist forces. We have inflicted unknown casualties..."

But Clovis cut him off, saying, "That means we still have half of our force remaining to deal with the next phase..." Slowly, he rose to his feet, all eyes in the G-1 on him. He looked up and in a commanding voice proclaimed, "Knowledge of the package must not be released! We cannot allow anyone to escape the Ghetto alive!"

Raising his hand, he shouted, "As Clovis, third prince of the Empire, I command you..." He dramatically swept his arm across his body, "destroy Shinjuku Ghetto... leave none alive!"


In the dark of the tunnels, Lelouch and Kallen dragged the still form of CC away from the smoldering ruins of the truck. Under Lelouch's panting, Kallen sobbed silently, thinking back to Nagata's broken face as he pressed the self-destruct button. In the distance, the sounds of explosions could be heard, muffled by layers of concrete. Other than the three in the hallway, there wasn't a sign of life in the tunnels.

Finally exhaustion overtook Lelouch, and he slumped against the wall, throwing CC to the side as he did before. Panting, he raised his hand to his eyes and tried to clear his mind. Kallen also stopped and sank to her knees, sobbing.

"Dammit, CC!" Lelouch cried at the unresponsive immortal. "I'm not the same Lelouch that you know! Can't you see that?" Lelouch glared at her. Still, the immortal's eyes remained closed, feigning unconsciousness. Lelouch growled in anger and punched the wall. "Great! The one tool I'm going to need... the one thing I have to have to be even remotely successful..!"

"Nagata..." Kallen sobbed. "He's dead... again... and there's nothing I could have..."

"There was nothing you could do before either!" Lelouch snapped, causing Kallen to glare up at him. Sighing, Lelouch buried his eyes in his hands again and continued more calmly, "I'm sorry Kallen, I just... we can't focus on the past right now. All we know is that once more, we are up against the Britannian Empire. Just this time, you and I have fought it before... together... And we know about Geass... and everything that happened before." Lelouch looked up at his once most loyal subordinate. "Kallen, this may be a different Britannia than before, one lead my myself... but together, and when CC finally comes to her senses, you and I can fight against it again." Lelouch stretched his arm out to her. "We just need to focus."

Silently, Kallen looked up at Lelouch, and took his hand.

"You there! Stop!"

Lelouch hissed as several figures emerged from around a corner, holding pistols and flashlights pointed at the two terrorists and their cargo.

"Run!" He called out, pulling both CC and Kallen to their feet and dashing down a perpendicular hallway.


In the streets above, Lord Jeremiah launched a harken into the building next to him, hopefully taking out one of the terrorists firing down on his position. Both K-8 and K-9 had been eliminated by the terrorists, leaving him and two more knightmares to fight back.

"My lord!" One of the knightmares called over the radio, "We should retreat to Point Seven!"

"Impossible!" Jeremiah shouted back. "If we give up this cross-section, we cut ourselves off from ever regaining the package! We're holding this area until reinforcements arrive, is that understood!"

But the soldier did not respond, as more gunfire rained down on them from the rooftops. Scowling, Jerimiah fired another volley of covering fire up at the building he had sprayed several times already. The terrorists were will organized; they had managed to force the knightmares into cover, preventing them from using their armaments to their full capabilities. Even now, ammunition was just beginning to run low amongst the Imperial Guardsmen remaining.

A light flashed on his HUD. "Could it be...?" He muttered. Before he could tell the good news to his comrades, they arrived. Five Sutherlands swept down the street, flanking the terrorist position and laughing rockets of their own into the building. The fire ceased as the terrorists fell back, lest they be torn apart by these fresh machines. The column of reinforcements circled around Jerimiah and the other knightmares.

"Who is currently commanding this unit?" The commander of the reinforcements, a female, asked Jeremiah over the radio.

"Margrave Jerimiah Gottwald," He replied, "Third officer of the Imperial Guard. Who might you be?"

"Major Viletta Nu of Clovis' Royal Guard." The commander replied. "We have been sent to assist your operations in any way we can."

Jeremiah chuckled. "It appears Clovis has finally started putting troops on the ground..." But his chuckling was cut off at the sound of explosions. In the air, VTOLs were launching missiles indiscriminately into the ghetto itself.

"Prince Clovis has decided to expand the operation." Viletta answered the unasked question. "He also recommends that you attack anyone who may be a terrorist among the Eleven population, my lord."

Silently, Jeremiah watched as clouds of fire were flung into the air my Clovis' campaign of slaughter. He thought of the knightmares gunning down innocent Elevens in the street. Infantry men going door to door and blasting apart Elevens that cowered in their homes. Tanks leveling entire city blocks as Elevens scream and fall to their deaths.

This will make things easier He thought, and organized his men to join in the operations.


Panting heavily, Lelouch pulled the limp CC behind a support column, the soldiers hot on their trail. Kallen, having fired a few pointless shots during the pursuit, dodged behind a nearby column.

"Dead end." She pointed out.

"I know!" Lelouch hissed, still trying to regain his breath. The sounds of the soldiers' jackboots echoed down the hall, their owner's voices growing louder and louder.

"They went this way!"

"There's no way out for you!"

"Drop the girl and we can talk about this..."

Finally the hammering of boots stopped, the soldiers coming to only three yards from their position. Light from their flashlights flew across the room, searching for Lelouch and Kallen's hiding spot. Gritting his teeth, Lelouch felt himself slide down the column and into a sitting position, cradling the still form of CC.

Dammit CC, can't you see I'm not the Emperor? Lelouch thought as he started at the witch. I'm not the same man. Stop being so stubborn and help me!

He heard a soft intake of breath as one of the soldiers began slowly approaching their position. Kallen stood stock still in the shadows praying for a miracle. Lelouch glanced over to her hiding spot. If she had any ammunition left, she would of started firing by now. We're out of ammunition, out of time, out of luck, and this absurd witch holds the only chance for us to succeed. He clenched his eyes shut, praying for a miracle.

And he called out her name.

The soldier approaching them backed up.

Kallen glanced over in shock and confusion.

And CC reached over and touched Lelouch's hand.

In the mystical void, Lelouch found himself helplessly floating in the face of a cosmic power far too great for him to understand. In front of him, ghostly and floating, was the spirit of CC. The green-haired goddess stared at Lelouch's ethereal form.

You have a lot of explaining to do.


"What was that?"

"I don't know, something like..."

"It doesn't matter, they're behind those columns. Shoot them!"


While Clovis' Royal Guard argued amongst themselves, one of the terrorists came out from behind the column. Surprised, they raised their pistols in response. Their leader was on the verge of pulling the trigger before catching sight of the youth's face.

Dazed, he and his men looked into the face of their Emperor, their sworn liege, aiding and abetting terrorists.

"Your... majesty?"

In the light of the flashlights, all of the men could see Lelouch grin cruelly. A flash of purple covered his eye. Dramatically Lelouch raised his hand over his eye and threw it aside, as though dismissing the confused soldiers.

"Lelouch vi Britannia commands you..."


"Tell me again..."

Kannon backed up against the computer panel as the Emperor closed in on him, fury in his eyes. The Emperor griped his book tightly, his knuckles white and shaking. His eyes seemed to pierce into Kannon's mind, tearing it apart and leaving him weak.

"The package..." He stuttered. "The package... has disappeared from the screens. Either it was opened or..."

But the Emperor cut him off, violently pushing the cowering butler away from the panel. Immediately he leaned over it, scanning the screen for any sign of the missing witch's container. With his eyes glued to the screen, he opened the book, flipping through pages of hand-written notes.

"They most likely haven't found a way to open it." The Emperor muttered to himself. "Mostly likely they destroyed it." He stopped flipping through the book and glanced at a page of figures. "According to Clovis' notes, it will be approximately an hour before she reforms and they figure out what she is." He slammed the book shut and turned to Kannon, who had composed himself only to cower under his Emperor's gaze.

"Battlefield report, now."

"According to communications, Clovis' forces have begun a systematic cleansing of Shinjuku ghetto. All Elevens in the area are being destroyed, along with the terrorists. The few terrorist outposts are crumbling under the assault."

The Emperor nodded. "A good plan, but whoever was responsible for ambushing my Imperial Guard will be prepared for such a response." His brows furrowed in thought momentarily. "Begin accessing the military computers, I'm going to take control of the battle."

"Yes, your majesty." Kannon bowed and turned back to his computer.

"And Kannon?"

He looked up. The Emperor was standing at the window, but the butler could see his reflection in the glass. He smiled wickedly, darkly, like a demon unleashing his power against a cowering mortal.

"Contact my knight..."


In the Britannian Military HQ, a lone figure leaned against a chair, flipping a knife. Coldly, calmly, the figure watched as the knife danced across the five fingers in cold precision. Suddenly the door opened, a military officer stepping in and bowing to the figure.

"My..." But the figure cut him off, rising and striding towards the soldier.

"What does my Emperor wish of me?" The Knight of One asked.


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